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8 Sites Like Fiverr: Alternatives for Freelancers & Businesses

Fiverr is one of the most popular online platforms for freelancers and businesses. But what if you are looking for other sites like Fiverr to expand your reach? Are there any good options? Well, yes, and here is the list.

 While Fiverr was once a go-to place for people to find work in all niches, it has become challenging to penetrate now due to the influx of freelancers from all over the world.

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But worry not: there are several Fiverr alternatives that are just as good and much less competitive. Since every freelance platform has a distinctive working model and audience, not all of them are cut out to be suitable for general freelancers. While some are better suited for designers, others provide employment opportunities to programmers or writers.

The trick to guaranteeing to score a gig is finding the right platform for yourself. As a designer, waiting to get work from Writer Access (even though they have design categories) isn’t entirely wise. On the contrary, writers would be wasting their potential on tech-inclined sites like Toptal.

In this guide, that’s precisely what we focus on. We help you find the designated freelance platform for your skills rather than pushing you into an all-in-one freelance site where you’ll have to wait for months to get a gig.

Best Sites Like Fiverr

If you’ve tried your luck at Fiverr, but to no use, there’s no need to lose hope. With an increasing trend of freelancing, there isn’t a shortage of freelance sites like Fiverr today.

While writers can make a consistent income from Writer Access, designers will find themselves spoilt for choice on 99designs. To describe these online freelance platforms further, here are some other sites like Fiverr.

Flex Jobs 

Speaking of sites like Fiverr, Flex Jobs always comes to mind since the platform self-claims to be the ‘biggest hand-screened database’ for businesses.


Freelancers can find full-time, part-time, or flexible on-site jobs through the platform in several categories.

The listings on the freelance platform are not from your ordinary clients. Instead, you’ll get an opportunity to work at the leading businesses in the world.

Think of Apple, Pearson, Xerox, United Healthcare, Dell, and more of the sort.

However, that also means FlexJobs isn’t the right place for beginners or intermediate freelancers. Instead, it’s a goldmine for experts who’d rather work from home than bear the daily commute expenses and fatigue.

Although the platform has many categories, the hottest ones include project management, data entry, education and training, computer and IT, customer service, business consulting, and administration.

As a freelancer, you can select a job based on different parameters. These include specific keywords, US locations, international locations, work schedules, job types, and categories.

Currently, the platform has opportunities for freelancers at the following career levels: experienced, manager, and senior-level manager.

Moreover, Flex Jobs is also a reliable place for employers to find the right person for the task. You’ll get to choose from hundreds of job postings and resumes.

The freelance platform is particularly useful for businesses that are on the hunt for diverse freelancers. FlexJobs houses a comprehensive range of freelancers, from working moms and millennials to digital nomads and rural workers.

Owing to the platform’s geographic parameters, businesses can easily target remote candidates as per their needs. Plus, if you engage with the platform’s Applicant Tracking System, you can conveniently sync applicant information.

Overall, it’s the perfect hiring pool for businesses who’re looking for the very best and freelancers who only give their very best.

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Solid Gigs

While other sites like Fiverr are titled towards client satisfaction, Solid Gigs bags the win for creating a balance between perks for employers and freelancers.

Solidgigs Logo

Many freelancers hail it as one of the best freelance platforms since it eliminates the need for mindless job hunting. All you have to do is register on the freelance platform, and they’ll refresh gigs suited to your skills multiple times a week.

Solid Gigs is among the non-traditional freelance platforms, doing for freelancers what most freelance sites like Fiverr do for businesses. Once you update your skills and expertise level on Solid Gigs, their team scours the online space for jobs that fit your needs.

Therefore, you’ll see the top 1% of jobs from about 100 sites that have been hand-picked for you.

As you successfully pitch to clients, your workflow will get more streamlined, allowing you to get rid of your bothersome clients and replace them with high-paying companies. If you’re struggling to determine the hourly rate for your preferred job, use an online Hourly Rate Calculator.

You can sign up for $2 for the trial month and then pay $19 every month after that. Even if the rates change for new customers, you pay the same price you signed up for.

Although we list it under similar sites like Fiverr, Solid Gigs is better for freelancers in a few ways. First, it saves you the time that you’d otherwise spend hunched on your laptop looking for jobs. Second, it shows you the freshest and most authentic work opportunities on the web.

Third, it allows you to expand your work, getting in touch with notable global companies. However, keep in mind that Solid Gigs doesn’t free you of all the effort. You still have to pitch to the clients yourself. Thus, you must amp up your proposal-making skills and have an impressive portfolio to score a job.

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Hiring a quality freelancer isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it’s definitely essential for your business’ success.


What if someone did it for you, saving you the hassle? That’s Toptal right there. Toptal does the heavy lifting, helping you choose from the top 3% of talent in the relevant field. Among all other online freelance platforms, this is where you have a higher likelihood of finding the perfect person for the job.

To ensure that, the site claims to offer an ‘exclusive network’ of freelancers, allowing you to leverage top-notch talent without spending time on the search.

Toptal definitely seems to pick up the cream from the top since the on-site freelancers have experience working at giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Goldman Sachs, and Shopify.

Businesses can talk to one of Toptal’s experts who will ask about your technical needs and goals.

Then, they’ll help you find a relevant talent in under 48 hours, getting your project initiated instantly.

As for freelancers, Toptal is the right place to try your luck if you have years of industry experience and matchless expertise under your belt.

It’s the best place for developers, product managers, project managers, and finance experts.

Basically, if you’ve worked in the field and have the know-how of large-scale projects, you can follow the successful Toptal tips to conquer the platform.

Toptal also allows designers to join. However, don’t expect to be selected with your basic graphic design skills as the platform is more suited for animators, interaction designers, UX or UI experts, and visual artists.

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99 Designs

Being a designer, if you’re looking for sites like Upwork and Fiverr – but more customized to your needs – 99 designs is the right place.

99Designs Logo

Designers will get to learn plenty of new things and engage with renowned businesses on this freelance platform.

With multi-niche categories, including web page design, website building, landing page design, app design, flyer prints, product label design, and book covers, there’s a lot to do on the site.

Since there are more than 90 design categories, you’ll surely find a place to showcase your skills.

However, the site seems to be more inclined towards design projects that are involved in branding and advertisement.

Therefore, if your design process is more basic or intermediate, you might want to hone your skills before joining the freelance platform.

On the other hand, businesses will have a remarkable experience finding the right designer for their projects. All designs you get from the site are ready for digital display or to be printed. Furthermore, you own the copyright to the designs.

Businesses can find designers in one of the two ways.

One, you can directly hire talent and collaborate with them one-on-one. Before choosing someone, you can request quotes or review their portfolios to determine if they’re the right match.

On the other hand, if you’d like to experiment or explore different ideas, start a contest.

Designers in the 99designs community will submit their work, allowing you to choose your favorite. The platform recommends this, particularly for Logo Design.

However, businesses should keep in mind that 99designs is not as cheap as Fiverr. If you’re going with a $200 budget for landing page design, it’s better to stick to Fiverr.

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Writer Access

Writer Access is one of the sites like Fiverr that cater to freelance writers and businesses who’re looking for content.

Writer Access Logo

Here’s a heads up, though: as a writer, you may have a tough time getting onto the platform as they hand-review your portfolio, experience, and application.

Following that, the platform only approves the best writers to join its liberated workforce. With time, Writer Access has expanded its categories, taking in new writers from all fields of work.

However, blog, copy, comedy, journalism, legal, and technical writers are more likely to get lucky on the freelance platform.

If you’re an expert in your particular niche and are confident that you’ll make it through the rigorous testing and screening process, Write Access guarantees you a constant flow of income and work.

Unlike Fiverr, Writer Access lays a greater emphasis on who they allow working on the platform. That’s why businesses will have an easier time finding the perfect talent for the job.

At the moment, more than 40,000 brands, including Microsoft, are leveraging the platform’s services.

You can search for the writers by industry niche, project type, or expertise.

Some notable writing categories on the platform include beauty, business, cannabis, cooking, construction, artificial intelligence, gaming, green living, and finance.

Likewise, you can find the right person according to the project type. Some common options include blog posts, case studies, datasheets, eBooks, landing pages, newsletter content, press releases, etc.

As for the budget, Writer Access lets you find writers according to the star rating system. Thus, you can find a talent working at 2 cents or $1, depending on your budget range.

Alternatively, you can price the project as per the platform’s Casting Calls feature.

People Per Hour

People Per Hour is possibly the best alternative to Fiverr for businesses who need freelancers urgently.

People Per Hour Logo

The platform lets you get in touch with the relevant talent in just minutes. Plus, if you have a concern, the 24/7 customer service team has all the answers for you.

At the moment, it’s among the best sites like Fiverr, with more than three million freelancers having over eight thousand skills. According to the platform’s statistics, the top freelancers on their site earn more than $7000 every month.

It’s easy to say that People Per Hour is among the non-traditional freelance platforms since it doesn’t push basic skills.

Instead, the platform includes specialized categories, such as iOS development, mobile app design, PPC consultancy, videography, and songwriting.

When you apply to be a part of the platform, a moderation team reviews your application to ensure they’re only picking the best lot. Once your application is approved, you can get access to thousands of projects from all over the world.

Businesses can get in touch with freelancers by posting a project. The more detailed your project is, the better fit you’ll get for the task at hand.

People Per Hour’s artificial intelligence system matches you to the best freelancer judging from your description.

After that, each freelancer sends you a tailored proposal, making it straightforward for you to pick one. Since the platform has a secure payment system and anti-fraud features, both businesses and freelancers can work without a worry.

Although it’s ranked among similar sites like Fiverr, People Per Hour’s rates are a bit higher. That’s something employers should keep in mind.


When mentioning other sites like Fiverr, Guru pops up in the list of the best freelance platforms. It’s similar to Fiverr in many ways.

Gure LogoFirst off, it has an audience of thousands, spread all across the world, just like Fiverr. Secondly, there are multiple categories as the platform is not customized to meet the needs of a particular business niche or freelancer skill.

Some popular categories on Guru include writing and translation, programming and development, administrative and secretariat, design and art, legal, sales and marketing, business and finance, etc.

Businesses will find it easy to find freelancers on the platform. Once you post a job (for free), you’ll start getting proposals and quotes from relevant freelancers.

Then, you can review the portfolios and quotes to choose the freelancers for your preference and budget range.

More importantly, Guru is a remarkable platform for people who prefer different payment methods rather than a standardized option.

The four payment types are hourly, fixed price, task-based, recurring payment.

Therefore, you can hire freelancers for a one-time project or a long-term campaign. Guru also has an Enterprise package with custom solutions for businesses.

Besides security benefits and custom-built features, Guru also offers the lowest fees among all other freelance sites like Fiverr.

On the other hand, freelancers can find relevant job postings by writing specific keywords in the search bar.

Filter the results according to location, the number of quotes already received by the listing, payment terms, and employer spend to land the best job for your skills and preferences.

Gig Bucks

Not everyone wants to turn freelancing into a full-time source of income. That’s why most people search for the best alternative to Fiverr so that they can work only when they want to.

Fiverr Logo

Among one of the best freelance platforms, Gig Bucks is suitable for the kind of people mentioned above.

What makes Gig Bucks one of the non-traditional freelance platforms is the categories available on the site. The ‘regular’ ones include business, advertising, photography, social marketing, translation, graphics, music, and art.

However, unlike other online freelance platforms, Gig Bucks also has unconventional categories, such as Silly Stuff. Another notable category is Fun & Bizarre.

Needless to say, these categories live up to the name.

For instance, a job posting in the Fun & Bizarre section wants the applicant to make a video of themselves eating hot chili and reading a script for $20.

Judging from these listings, one can say that beginners can also try their luck on GigBucks.

As for businesses, they should look for employers in the Business, Technology, and Social Marketing categories. You can post your wants under one or more categories with the budget range, and interested freelancers will contact you.

The results can be filtered by price, verified accounts, date, and popularity.

Compared to all other sites like Fiverr in this list, this has to be the best alternative to Fiverr because you can literally get anything done.

Plus, it’s a suitable place for low-budget jobs, starting from $5, just like Fiverr.

Which One is the Best?

If you’re planning to start or expand your freelancing radar, most people will suggest you sign up on Fiverr or Upwork. However, why wait for months to get a gig when there are so many sites like Upwork and Fiverr where you can find work quickly?

In this guide, we’ve discussed the best sites like Fiverr for people with different skill sets. If you are a programmer, the best option is Toptal. For designers, 99designs make better sense.

Moreover, these Fiverr alternatives are also suitable for businesses to create a remote team or outsource one-time jobs.

There are also freelance business ideas that you can try as a self-employed, and great for working from home peeps.

Hopefully, you’ll find the best alternative to Fiverr and kickstart or continue your freelance journey on a successful note.

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