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Slots Rush App Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

This Slots Rush App review will explore the pros and cons of using this free slot game to earn cash rewards. We’ll look at all its features and payment methods available and uncover any truth behind its claims concerning making money through playing a simple mobile phone-based slot game. We’ll offer alternative possibilities for those who want to make real money while gaming on their phones.

Key Takeaways

  • Slots Rush is a mobile slot game app with questionable legitimacy.
  • Caution should be taken when considering Slots Rush as a main source of income due to lack of payment proofs and high withdrawal threshold.
  • Alternatives like Mistplay and Swagbucks offer more secure gaming experiences for those looking to win real money.

What Is Slots Rush?

Slots Rush Logo

The Slots Rush app, available on the Google Play Store for Android users to try winning cash rewards, has been under scrutiny in this review. Developed by Mersumtapo, it claims that players can participate in slot games with prizes gained through its built-in currency system.

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There is concern about whether these promises of high rewards are true and legitimate. Since ratings or reviews aren’t accepted due to being classified as early access on Google’s platform.

Only permanent citizens of the United States, UK, and Canada aged 16+ can play the five-reel slot machine Slots Rush offers. As more information arises, we’ll discover whether what’s stated will materialize into real payments from playing this game app -or, like many other fraudulent money-based applications, will fail regarding payouts.

How Does Slot Rush Work?

Slots Rush Spin Game
Slots Rush / Google Play

Slots Rush is a free download available on Android devices, offering players the opportunity to enjoy slot games and get rewarded by viewing ads or inviting friends. As you play this game, your in-game currency will be gold coins, which can be used to place bets and spin the slot machine for rewards such as cash prizes or lucky bags full of bubbles that lead up to real money.

The UI/UX aspect of Slots Rush has received positive reviews due to its vibrant colors and smooth animations. There are some issues with its payment system where users report not receiving promised rewards even after extensive playing time.

This could make one question if their winnings would come true regardless of how much they invest using fever spin progress points earned from various incentives like extra gold coins for chances at victory.

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To play Slots Rush, you must first install the app on your Android device. Go onto the Google Play Store and use its search bar to find ‘Slots Rush.’ Choose it from the results and tap ‘Install’ to download & install this rush app.

Once completed, open up Slots Rush so you can start playing a five-reel slot machine game immediately! Note: You have to be an inhabitant of either the United States, UK, or Canada to get a user account as well as enjoy games on this virtual slot machine powered by Google Play.

How to Play Slots Rush?

Sample Game In Slots Rush
Slots Rush / Google Play

Playing Slots Rush involves making bets using free gold coins of 10,000 to 45,000. Pressing the spin button on a five-reel slot machine, obtaining reward bubbles, and filling up lucky bags with cash rewards and puzzle pieces or Amazon puzzles.

Also featured in this slot game is the Fever Spin mini-game, which allows players to win large amounts of gold coins when the bar beneath it becomes full. Unfortunately for some gamers, they have experienced issues where no prize was rewarded despite their efforts during gameplay, resulting in suspicions about whether, indeed, Slots Rush’s advertised prizes are legitimate.

Bonus Dollars

Slots Rush Casino Slot Games
Slots Rush / Google Play

Slots Rush is offering bonus dollars to users who refer friends and watch sponsored videos, but the reliability of this method has come into question. Some people report not receiving payment for their referrals or viewing ads as promised.

Thus, it might be unwise to depend on these funds as your primary source of income through mobile gaming. Caution should be taken before investing time in earning such bonus money. Exploring other options that may better ensure a steady return from playing online games would benefit you more.

How do You Get Paid?

Slots Rush Grand Jackpot
Slots Rush / Google Play

Slots Rush provides many payment options, such as Cash App, Paytm, Tez, Coinbase, and more. Despite having a minimum withdrawal amount of £240, it may take up to 15 business days for the money to reach your bank account.

Slots Rush rewards users with puzzle pieces that can be exchanged for prizes like Amazon Gift Cards or PlayStation 5s/Macbooks. Still, unfortunately, there is no proof that any payments have been successfully made yet, which creates doubts about its legitimacy when considering its high cashout threshold.

Discussions on Support Google’s website show many complaints from unhappy players who haven’t received payment evidence from Slots Rush, resulting in an unhealthy atmosphere surrounding them; due diligence should still be taken before investing too much time into the game itself if you are trying to make real money through mobile gaming apps.

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Is Slots Rush Legit? Does it Pay?

Slots Rush Rating And Reviews
Slots Rush / Google Play

Given the lack of evidence for payments, substantial payout limits, and unfavorable user feedback, it is likely that Slots Rush does not provide what it advertises. Despite having a UK Gambling Commission license and offering customer service options, these elements are inadequate indicators that users will benefit financially from this app.

Overall, based on available information, there is little assurance in playing Slots Rush to gain an income. Individuals should take due caution before investing time or resources into this platform.

Considering alternative methods that offer higher chances of earning real money while maintaining enjoyment when gaming through mobile devices would appear to be wiser than relying solely upon gambling at Slots Rush, where a guarantee can not yet be provided its legitimacy.

Best Alternatives To Slots Rush?

Swagbucks Landing Page
Swagbucks / Swagbucks

For a reliable substitute to Slots Rush, consider Mistplay and Swagbucks. Both these platforms are excellent choices for users who want to have fun while at the same time earning cash rewards by playing games or completing activities such as surveys or watching videos.

While similar to Slots Rush, these two alternatives guarantee better safety measures along with successful winning of prizes when you take part in their services. Thus, players seeking real money through gaming on mobile devices will find both options rewarding and pleasurable experiences!

Final Verdict

Slots Rush is not recommended for those seeking real money, as it appears to be a fraudulent platform that takes up valuable time. Payment records, the high threshold of payouts, and dissatisfied user reviews all doubt its validity.

As an alternative suggestion, gaming apps like Mistplay and Swagbucks should be explored instead; they give users more opportunities to gain actual rewards while having fun on their phones. These choices guarantee secure entertainment with better chances of winning tangible benefits to the risks involved when using the Slots Rush app or similar services.


Regarding Slots Rush, we explored its features, payment methods, and reliability. Despite the app stating that money rewards can be achieved through in-game currency usage, there is no evidence of successful withdrawals or people who can withdraw their prizes. User reviews are not promising either due to high payout thresholds being difficult for many players and negative feedback from other users.

We recommend exploring alternative options such as Mistplay and Swagbucks, which allow you to have fun while earning real rewards simultaneously – providing a far more secure gaming experience than what’s offered by Slots Rush itself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Slots Rush app pay real money?

Slots Rush, though entertaining, does not provide a real income source as it cannot pay out actual money.

Is the Rush app safe?

Rush App is one of India’s most popular and secure gaming platforms. With a large base of 5 Crore+ users, this platform allows people to participate in real money games where they can win up to 70 Lacs daily! The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone wanting to play cash games on Rush App while their payment options are secured. This combination has made Rush App highly trusted among players who like betting with real money online.

Does JustPlay pay real money?

JustPlay is a legitimate app that truly rewards its users with real money, verifying its authenticity.

Is Money Well legit?

Money Well has a 4.3-star rating in the Google Play Store and is a legitimate and popular app with many users cashing out quickly – just like Cash Alarm’s loyal players. The user-friendly interface allows you to take advantage of different games such as slots, puzzles, and trivia for an opportunity to get PayPal money or gift cards through it. Reviews are quite positive from customers who were able to cash out easily using this mobile game on the Google Play store platform.

What is Slots Rush?

Slots Rush is an app that has users competing for cash prizes and rewards through virtual currency. There have been no satisfactory reviews or evidence of successful payment to prove its validity.

Thus, it cannot be certain if the platform holds up to their claims. Before dedicating time and money to this application, we urge you to research thoroughly regarding customer feedback as well as other aspects related to Slots Rush.

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Slots Rush


Ease of Use







  • Offers free gold coins of 10,000 to 45,000
  • The Fever Spin mini-game, which allows players to win large amounts of gold coins when the bar beneath it becomes full
  • Slots Rush provides many payment options, such as Cash App, Paytm, Tez, Coinbase, and more.


  • Some people report not receiving payment for their referrals or viewing ads as promised.
  • Despite having a minimum withdrawal amount of £240, it may take up to 15 business days for the money to reach your bank account