Software Secrets Review – Read This First (2020)

Software Secrets is a free training by Russell Brunson who also happens to be the CEO of ClickFunnels.

It is based around creating your own software or a mobile app from scratch. Even if the idea sounds daunting, with the step-by-step system, you can have your own successful software/app company up and running in no time.


What Is Software Secrets?

It's a step by step guide that can help you launch your own successful software or mobile app products. There's more to it though, it's more than just a guide.

It's comprised of a few parts:

  1. A free book (just help cover the shipping, get a digital and audiobook version for FREE)
  2. Online training to supplement what you'll learn from the book
  3. Software Funnels + bonuses

What's Included

With Software Secrets, like mentioned before, the product is a lot more than just a book.

From a webinar covering how to create and launch your own software products to a complete masterclass, it has a lot in store for us. You can get the following as a part of the bundle:

Software Secrets Webclass

The FREE webinar teaches how you can build/launch your own software or app within 90 days. Moreover, it doesn't require you to write code or have any tech skills either.

Software Secrets Book

The physical copy of the book costs $27 but you can get it for FREE for a limited-time. You will be asked to cover the shipping though, but you'll get a digital and an audio-book variant for FREE.

Get a digital and audio book version for FREE with a physical copy

The book covers the entire software development process from a budding idea to hiring developers in detail.

Software Secrets Masterclass

It covers a lot more ground when fared against the webinar and the book. If you're looking for a step-by-step implementation of everything, this should help.

The complete Software Secrets bundle costs $1,997. With it, you'll not only receive the complete package including all the training content, but also the following bonuses:

  • FREE unlimited access to Software Funnels for 6 months ($4,997 value)
  • Software Secrets Masterclass ($2,997 value)
  • Over-the-shoulder live coaching ($1,497 value)
  • The Software Incubator ($997 value)
  • Access to Scott and Garrett's programmers/designers ($1,997 value)
  • The 3 Secret SAAS funnels, and a complete how-to guide ($2,997 value)


Software Secrets Pricing

Just to recap, here's a quick information on the costs of various products in the Software Secrets sales funnel:

  • Software Secrets Webclass Webinar - FREE
  • Software Secrets Book - FREE (just help cover the shipping expenses)
  • Complete SS bundle - $1,997

You can always watch the free webinar and read Russell's free book in the beginning. Upgrading to the full bundle is always an open down the road. If you're just starting out, definitely check out the book.