Is Steal My System a Legit Money Maker or a Scam?

Can you really make money with Steal My System? If you're one of those unfortunate peeps (like us) who found this system, you'll soon discover the real truth behind this so-called money maker.

We discovered this via an e-mail we received and it talked about a secret cash loophole. It said you can make $3,000 per week by exploiting this hack. That's a bold claim right there, and instantly gave us a signal to be wary of the program.

If you wondered if it's a scam or a legitimate program to earn some dough, this review will aim to answer all your questions. It's a good thing you're doing your own research before you join. That's a surefire way to avoid scams and find legit business opportunities.

Steal My System Review

The sales video on the main website ( makes some exaggerated income claims and says making money is simple. It says once you purchase the system, you will literally have a money plant by your side.

In the speaker's words - you can use this simple to use WordPress plugin to make thousands of dollars with little effort. When you watch the video, it's quite clear the claims are ridiculous and solely based on false hype.

The sales page has no mention of how the process works or what you'll be learning in the training. It just talks about how you can 'steal' a system and start raking in cash on autopilot. That's a big red flag right there, and looks like something you may want to avoid.

The product is sold on ClickBetter which is a marketplace where you can purchase other products which teach internet marketing/make money online strategies. They offer a 60-day money back guarantee, but the platform is also infamous for housing several other scams.

How It Works?

It kicks things off by sending you a typical 'get rich quick' spam e-mail. It includes a link to the salespage which again focuses on deceiving the visitors. The way it works is nearly identical to Fast Cash App which we recently reviewed. Their lone goal is to get you to enter your card info and steal 30 bucks.

Just so you know, you won't be getting access to some guru-level cash machine, it will barely be a generic coaching on how to make money online. We have reviewed hundreds of these, and these are anything but actionable. They lack the bits and pieces you need to make it online.

You will have a hard time making $50 with this, let alone $1,000 plus. It's worth noting you continue to receive spam emails which encourage you to get the upsells. These not only share generic information but are also astronomically expensive.

These are just a bait so they get you to pay even more money so the program creator gets richer at your expense. Not to forget, he prefers to remain anonymous which is another red flag against Steal My System.

Final Words - Is Steal My System a Scam?

It definitely is a scam. There's no real product which you'll be buying, you'll only be getting some junk information which is available out there for free. Not only will it be a total waste of money and time, the content will be anything but actionable.

If you spend your time in learning generic information which doesn't work anymore, you will only lose time and your efforts will go in vain. Thanks to the bunk programs out there, things are now harder than ever. To succeed online, you need to learn the right skills and take consistent action.

If you want to make a living working from home, you should check out affiliate marketing. It is our favorite business model for a good reason, it can truly provide you with location and time freedom. It definitely requires some work and efforts, but if you're ready to put in the work, give it a go.

Our top recommended training for making money teaches just that and can help you live on your own terms. Definitely check it out if you're willing to make a change for the better, and want to finally fire your boss. To get results, you'll have to commit to it and will have to treat it like a real business though.

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