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Super Affiliate Network Review – Is Misha Wilson’s Program a Scam? (Review)

Welcome to this Super Affiliate Network Review. There’s a lot of hype surrounding a product named Super Affiliate Network. SAN was launched by an internet marketer named Misha Wilson in 2015.

What is this system all about? Is this affiliate marketing training any good? We will try to address all these questions in this review.

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The program relies heavily on recruiting people which is similar to the pyramid schemes we have addressed in the past. However, it’s too early to judge the program based on that so for now, let’s give the benefit of the doubt to SAN.

What is Super Affiliate Network?

Super Affiliate Network is a video training program for affiliate marketing beginners and people looking to make money working from home. They also have an active online community on Facebook.

Super Affiliate Network Logo

Back when the product was launched in 2015, it quickly became the topic of the town because it was created by Misha Wilson. He earned quite some fame thanks to his internet marketing skills and gained recognition at a young age.

It’s only natural for one to have high hopes for a program backed by Misha considering his past results and background. Keep reading to discover the truth you need to know before you make a decision to join hands with them.

The SAN Product Line

They have different membership levels from which one can choose. Each level comes with its own perks.

Super Affiliate Network Products

1. Super Affiliate Network Basic Membership ($47 per month)

As a part of the basic membership, you get access to a three-week training boot camp that covers the basics of affiliate marketing. It also throws some light on mindset and email marketing.

The training will be made available to you in a drip-feed manner, and you won’t get instant access to the whole video training immediately. Watch the video, and complete the tasks for the day.

Once everything is done for the day, you will be given a quiz that will ask you questions that you must clear with a satisfactory result to proceed to the next module.

This plan costs $47/month after a $1 trial (for 30-days) or $37/month if you choose to skip the trial. If you’ve purchased the basic membership, you also get an option to grab the SAN newsletter and solo ads success formula, with the former costing $47 one-time and the latter coming in at $97 one-time.

The newsletter covers strategies that Misha is currently using and finding great success with, and the solo ad success formula throws some light on email marketing strategies. The basic plan is limited, and you only get commissions on basic membership sales. If your referral upgrades to pro, you’re not eligible for commissions.

2. Super Affiliate Network Pro Membership ($2,497 one-time)

You will be encouraged to jump onto a sales call with your allotted coach, who will try to sell you the pro membership. They claim this option is for those who need further training, support, and additional help with their marketing efforts.

With the pro membership, you also get weekly/monthly coaching and dedicated support. It also makes you eligible to receive commissions on your Pro Membership sales.

3. Super Affiliate Network MAUI Intensive ($12,497 one-time)

This option is for those who want to take the game to the next level. You are personally invited to attend a four-day mastermind at Maui where you can work directly with Misha Wilson’s team and get help with your marketing funnels, traffic, and sales strategies.

You do get access to decent training material, but the pricing here is a little too steep.

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What We Liked

  • $1 Trial – Everyone’s requirements and goals are different. You can test drive the system for just a dollar and see if it’s a good fit.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee – There’s a 30-day risk-free period during which you can test the system, and if you don’t like it, you get a 100% refund. However, there’s a set criterion for this; you must complete the training and have at least 3 calls with your allotted SAN coach.
  • Step-by-step Video Training – The step-by-step training is beginner-friendly and easy to follow. There are also action steps involved that you must complete to proceed in the Bootcamp.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Heavily Focused on Recruiting – The system focuses heavily on bringing others onto the platform through you. Your commission levels also vary depending on your membership level with the company. You can only receive commissions till your membership level. This is how some scams operate; to get paid on a membership level, you must purchase that first. Most legitimate programs will allow you to promote as an affiliate for free. My Online Business Empire operated in a similar fashion which is now shut down by FTC.
  • Locked Content – The training is locked when you become a member. You must complete the current steps to unlock the next modules. This is more of a personal preference, and it can be an advantage for some.
  • Too many upsell – Instead of packing one quality product, the company relies heavily on upsell. The pricing is steep, you’re locked into the SAN environment, and you are dependent on their training & resources.

Super Affiliate Network Review – Is It a Scam?

No, Super Affiliate Network is not a scam; the training & resources they have in store is pretty good. If you consider that, the program is definitely not a bad choice.

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However, they focus too much on recruiting like with pyramid schemes. Solo ads and direct outreach are the only traffic methods they cover (as of now) that may not appeal to some. No one will want to shell out a couple of thousand dollars just to be able to ‘promote’ a product.

In this Super Affiliate Network review, we covered everything you need to know. Considering everything, we cannot recommend the platform to our readers.

If you want to get started online and make a living working from home, you should instead acquire a real skill for making money online and getting to work.

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