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Survey Club Review – Scam or Legitimate?

There’s this survey website called Survey Club – which claims to be paying people since 2005 for complete online surveys.

Doing some research of your own can often be fruitful since, with it, you can find legit products that work and also avoid scams at the same time. It can take you far and help you not lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

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Can you really make $5 within 5 minutes with it or is it a scam? In this review, we take a closer look and reveal the real truth behind the website. Without beating around the bush, let’s dive right in.

What Is Survey Club?

The website has been around for more than a decade now (established in 2005). They say they have registered almost 20 million members from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Survey Club Logo

Survey Club says you can get paid for taking online surveys and completing them (minimum payout threshold $20). You can also be asked to test products, conduct research, and/or use coupon codes.

Often companies need feedback for their products from real people around the world before they launch it publicly. They use this feedback to improve their product and make it more desirable.

This is the main reason why the companies are willing to pay you for your opinions (through the market research companies). It helps them gather useful data that they can use to understand their customers better and thus improve their offerings over time.

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The On-boarding Process

Survey Club is not a survey website; they are merely a directory that acts as a middleman between you and the real survey sites which pay.

You create an account and enter demographic-related data. Once done, you will be prompted to take relevant surveys which are a good fit. Here’s what the demographic profile looks like:

Survey Club Personal Information Form

Once you fill it out, you will be shown a list of survey websites with which you get started. In general, the more websites you join, the more income potential you have because you’ll be completing more surveys.

Since it’s just a middleman like American Income Jobs, they only redirect you to survey sites, and the earning potential is quite limited (with surveys in general).

Things To Consider

If you want to complete surveys and get paid, you should understand what ensues. If you’re considering joining Survey Club, take note of these things:

#1 Merely a ‘Middleman.’

It’s merely a middleman platform, and it doesn’t even have its own surveys. All it will do is take you from one site to another and then to another in loops.

There are a lot of mediator platforms; here are a few popular ones:

These operate similarly and are directories that link out to actual survey websites. The only place where Survey Club stands out is that unlike most of the middleman sites, it’s free.

That’s still not doing you any good, though except that it doesn’t take away anything from your pocket. If you try other sites, you may eventually find one that asks for your credit card details. It would be best not to enter it under any circumstances.

#2 Measly Income Potential

With most survey websites, even if they’re as legit as it gets, you won’t be making a lot of money.

Legit sites pay between $2-3 an hour for your opinions. No matter what time you spend daily, you can never earn a healthy amount with these. It doesn’t help Survey Club has a minimum payout threshold of $20, which you’ll probably never hit if you make pennies daily.

If you’re serious about bringing home the bacon, you’re better off without this ‘ pay for your opinion’ sites. It would be better to learn a real business model, then put it to the test via implementation and consistent action.

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#3 You Risk Losing Privacy

If you sign up with dozens of survey platforms, your information will spread like wildfire.

Moreover, most of these sites are sort of interlinked to an extent. They will (time and time) ask you to sign up to other sites, and complete surveys and this cycle will continue. There’s a good chance these middleman websites also store a database containing their visitors’ personal info.

Since these sites don’t have their own surveys, they could even make a quick buck by selling your personal details to another company/person in exchange for a fee.

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Final Words – Is Survey Club a Scam?

No, survey club is not a scam; they are more like a referral website through which you would join paid survey websites. They send people from their site to websites they’re affiliated with and receive commissions for referrals they bring.

Thumbs Down Icon

With survey websites, the earning potential is very limited. If you still want to do surveys to make money, you may want to check out Radial Insight. It is one of the very few sites that actually pay and are legitimate.

Unless you could really use an extra $2-3 an hour, or sometimes up to $4, surveys are not for you.

There are a lot better ways if you’re interested in making some dough including working as a part-time employee or as a freelancer. If it’s passive income you’re interested in (hands-free residual income), you should instead acquire the right skills from the right training and get to work.

Starting your own business is simple but not easy. Find your true calling, obtain the relevant knowledge, and get to work. With some time and effort, you will eventually reap the rewards.

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