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13 Best Survey Junkie Hacks to Make More Money

Are you searching for tips on how to hack Survey Junkie? Your search then ends here. These Survey Junkie hacks are all you need to make more money with the platform.

When it comes to paid surveys, Survey Junkie tops the list of best sites.

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This means that if you’ve ever tried to look for ways to earn through paid surveys, you certainly have come across the name Survey Junkie.

Right from its sign-up process, the earning of points, to finally receiving your rewards, this platform offers the best experience – compared to most other sites.

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But how can you maximize your earnings on this platform? Is there a Survey Junkie hack that can work?

Well, there is. Not one, but several Survey Junkie hacks that will make your experience on this site even better.

The platform, whose operations started in 2013, and is owned by DISQO (an online market research firm), has earned tremendous user trust. It has proven to be among the best survey sites around.

So, to help you make the most out of it, we’ve compiled these Survey Junkie hacks just for you.

Survey Junkie Rewards

Top Hacks on Survey Junkie to Earn Money Online

If you want to make money with Survey Junkie, there are unique ways to do it. Like most other online platforms, several Survey Junkie hacks will keep you at the top.

Today we’ll explore some of these unique tips that will make online surveys for you more exciting.

Join other Legit Survey Sites

If you want more money, joining more survey sites can be the best thing to do. Relying on one single platform might not generate the much money you want.

However, make sure you do your research for genuine, best-paying sites.

While you need more sites, finding the right ones will also play a big role in getting you the income you want. Some sites pay meager rewards that are not worth your time, while others are not genuine.

Some of the other great sites you can check out include:

And for a more comprehensive list, you can check out our blog on the 25+ best survey sites to make money.

Several sites mean that when one site is short in surveys, you can always check the other site for some. This way, you’ll always have some surveys to fill out.

Define Your Goals

This is the first and most important Survey Junkie hack. Before you start searching for online hustles, clearly define your end goal.

Why do you need that side hustle? What do you intend to do with the money you get?

This is what gives you the morale to keep going. It’s what motivates you.

For instance, the desire to hit a certain income level makes you want to do anything to see that happen.

If, on the other hand, you want to make extra money for that longed-for vacation, it motivates you to work even harder.

At the end of it all, what you want to accomplish, is the main driving force in achieving the most out of any side hustle.

And, although it might seem obvious, clearly defined goals are not only a crucial Survey Junkie hack but, rather, one that works with almost any task.

Join Survey Junkie’s Affiliate Program

With surveys paying between $1 and $3 each, they might not make you enough money alone.

For this reason, joining the Survey Junkie affiliate program might be the next thing you need and is probably the best Survey Junkie hack to earn more points.

This will not only help to increase your earnings with Survey Junkie but also help others join the platform and earn money.

Through the program, you get paid for every new member that joins the platform using your affiliate link.

Like most other affiliate programs, this one is also designed to compensate you for attracting more traffic to the site.

This is one of the main Survey Junkie hacks that make it easier for you to garner more points and rewards with the platform. Remember, these are not Survey Junkie cheats to help you trick the system.

They are genuine tips that show you how to make money with Survey Junkie without breaking a sweat.

Create a Separate Email Account for It

Although not a must, it’s highly recommended for Survey Junkie and all other survey sites that you join.

If you want to sign up for these online money-making platforms, a separate email will serve best.

This will not only help keep your main email account clean but also make sure that you get each survey notification once it comes.

And since creating a new email is easy, you should certainly do that.

Although Survey Junkie is known for not cluttering your inbox with unnecessary emails or spamming it, some other sites are not all that good.

Use Survey Junkie Pulse

Survey Junkie Pulse is a survey-taking platform that allows users to take surveys and get paid for their opinions.

Survey Junkie Pulse offers other ways to make money, such as watching videos and completing offers. Survey Junkie Pulse is available on desktop and mobile devices.

Survey Junkie Pulse also pays directly to your PayPal account. SJ Pulse allows users to take up to five surveys a day.

Complete the User Profile Exhaustively

Whether it’s for Survey Junkie or any other survey platform, your profile determines how much work you receive. The more complete your profile appears, the more survey invites you’re likely to receive.

This is because paid survey sites use demographics to allocate surveys, and your profile shows where you fall.

In other words, your profile is what sells you.

With Survey Junkie, completing a profile survey is the first thing you should do after the signup.

Ensure that you provide every necessary detail as requested to make it easy for the panel to match you with surveys.

You’ll need to fill in personal details, including:

  • Your names
  • Zip Code
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Country of residence, etc.

These details help the site to have a clear picture of what surveys best fit you to avoid offering irrelevant ones.

But, to make it even more customized, you will also have to provide more information – for instance: your preferences, things you own like pets, or even your ambitions.

The good thing here is that you get paid to answer these questions. This means you can treat the profile survey like any other paid survey and not let the questions discourage you.

All these are meant to fit you better with available surveys.

So, take your time, answer all the questions truthfully, and wait for those surveys. This is one of the most effective Survey Junkie hacks to help maximize your earnings.

Be Consistent and Swift

These are two Survey Junkie hacks that go hand in hand. If you want to make good money with paid surveys, consistency is a must.

You must continually complete the surveys without taking too long breaks.

Since surveys don’t pay all that well, answering almost every survey your way will help accumulate more bucks in your account.

Also, it would help if you were swift – complete the surveys as soon as they appear.

Don’t wait for a whole week before completing a single survey.

The faster you can complete the available surveys, the quicker you can pick another one or get an invitation.

Remember, these surveys are meant to be used by companies and other organizations to help in their decision-making.

This means the quicker the turnaround time, the better for them.

Besides helping you make more money, these traits also ensure that the companies that need your opinion get it on time.

In other survey sites like Branded Surveys, consistency is rewarded with more points.

For instance, you receive up to 19% on approved points if you can complete 30 surveys weekly.

Best Survey Junkie Hacks

Have Realistic Ambitions

While earning extra money is the main goal of joining these online paid surveys, you shouldn’t be too ambitious. Remember that these platforms are just meant to offer supplementary income and can make you only too much.

Therefore, when signing up for Survey Junkie, remember that this isn’t a get-rich-fast scheme. It should only be a side hustle to add to your daily or monthly income. This way, you won’t dive in expecting to make millions of dollars in a few weeks.

It’s the same story for under-the-table-type jobs.

But that, again, shouldn’t be a reason for you not to join the platforms. If you find the right survey site and have the right tactics, you will make substantial money.

These survey sites pay millions of dollars to their users each year, meaning that despite the low pay per survey, some people are still reaping handsomely from them.

Some people even claim to use these platforms as their main source of income. But however true this might be, always have some realistic expectations.

This is a simple Survey Junkie hack, but one that is quite vital.

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Take Your Time with Each Survey and Answer them Correctly

When it comes to hacking Survey Junkie, this is one tip that must be featured. If you want to earn money for every survey you complete, you must answer them correctly.

Although we mentioned earlier that you must be swift, you must also ensure that your answers are correct and reliable – at least, you get no pay.

When filling in those questions, don’t be hasty. Go through your answers to ensure that every question has an appropriate response.

Make sure that you understand each question and that you give answers that fit. This will raise your credibility, which might, in return, lead to more survey invites.

On the other hand, if you don’t take care of your responses, you might be lowering your credibility without knowing. This can be detrimental to your account in the future.

Avoid Registering Multiple Accounts

This might seem petty, but it’s one of the most crucial Survey Junkie hacks. Signing up with multiple accounts on one platform can easily lead to your account being closed.

With Survey Junkie, more than one account displays dishonesty and will eventually lead to disqualification from taking surveys.

I know the temptation to make more money might be too strong, but you should always avoid this. It’s better to earn a few honest dollars than to lose your account and earn nothing.

And don’t try to cheat the system. Survey Junkie’s system is designed to allow a single account per person – and trying to open another will only get you blocked.

There’s no need to be all too crafty. Open one account, follow all our Survey Junkie hacks, and you’ll earn what you desire.

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Regularly Check Your Email for Survey Invites

Survey Junkie sends survey invitations through your email. This means that you have to visit that email inbox as frequently as possible. That way, you won’t miss out on great surveys that would have earned you some good points.

If you don’t keep checking, you might find out that there were several surveys you qualified for, but their due date has already passed. You should note that each Survey Junkie’s survey has a due date.

And sometimes, the online surveys close even before that date once it receives enough responses.

Don’t take days before opening that email – that is, if you want to keep accumulating those points.

Download the Survey Junkie App

Survey Junkie has a mobile app that allows users to complete surveys and receive rewards. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices, and it has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

One of the great things about Survey Junkie is that it offers various surveys. You can select the surveys that interest you, and you can also filter them by category.

This makes it easy to find the surveys that are relevant to you.

Use multiple devices for faster response.

Most people who use more than one device respond faster because they don’t have to switch from their current experience to the next survey app.

This can help you earn more on Survey Junkie by completing surveys faster and quicker. Multiple devices mean more surveys which means more points.

Final Thoughts: What Are Your Favorite Survey Junkie Hacks to Earn More Points?

Making money with paid surveys isn’t all that hard. Especially when you are using one of the largest survey sites out there.

But you have to know the tricks. With these Survey Junkie hacks, you can maximize your earnings with the platform.

Every Survey Junkie hack here plays a major role in ensuring that you not only earn more points but continue doing so in the long term. Employ each of these tips and see that difference in your earnings.


What is the fastest way to get Survey Junkie points?

One way to get Survey Junkie points quickly is by completing surveys promptly. If you can answer surveys quickly, you will receive bonus points. In addition, you can receive bonus points by inviting friends to join Survey Junkie and complete surveys.

How do you get more points on Survey Junkie?

By conducting a survey every week or daily, be mindful of how much time it takes to complete a given task. The surveys will be the same payout, but one will take seven minutes, and another will require 19 minutes. In addition, use multiple devices for faster responding and look up unfamiliar terms to get more points.

Can I trust Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is an authentic survey site with many positive reviews and is one of the leading survey sites. If you take surveys using the site, you will be given the reward that was promised for your participation.

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