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11 Best Survey Sites For College Students

College life is difficult for most people, as you have to meet tough challenges, both in terms of study and finances. However, with the best survey sites listed in our article, you can make the most out of your idle time.

College students have it worst when it comes to managing finances. They don’t have a real income, but they still have to pay for numerous stuff, especially if they’re living independently.

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Moreover, they can seldom take up high-paying jobs because of their tight schedules and career goals. If you’re a student facing the same problem, I have the solution you need.

You can sign up for the best survey sites online and earn money without investing much time or effort.

Although it won’t pay enough to cover all your expenses, it lets you use your time effectively and get some discounts and spare change.

Without further ado, let’s get on with my list of best survey sites for college students.

Best Survey Sites for College Students

Survey sites are the easiest ways to earn money online. These sites collect information and crucial data for market research companies and share their revenue with their users.

However, with the increasing demand for consumer feedback in multiple industries, many survey sites pop up online. That’s why, if you’re a newbie, you’ll find it challenging to pick out the ideal site.

Besides that, as a student, you should target survey websites with an accessible user interface and a flexible working schedule so you can work anytime, anywhere.

But, the biggest struggle of all is to find a site that doesn’t waste your time. If you fall for a scam site, it’ll take you hours to complete the sign-up process and a couple of surveys before you find out you don’t qualify for the job.

Don’t worry. I’ve rounded up the best survey sites that are

  • Easy to use
  • Accessible from multiple devices.
  • Provide lots of earning options
  • Give instant payouts

Here are the top 11 survey sites I feel are ideal for college students like you.

   1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is the ultimate survey site for people of all ages, especially college students. That’s because it has an easy sign-up process that takes no time to complete and an intuitive interface to help you find your way around.

Survey Junkie Logo

What makes it one of the best survey sites for students is its survey availability. Unlike other survey sites that only have available surveys at specific times throughout the week, Survey Junkie always offers polls to complete.

Furthermore, it has an accessible mobile app to log into your account anytime you want and start taking paid surveys. You should be at least 13 years or older to join the platform.

You can earn around $1-$5 for every 10-15 minute survey on Survey Junkie. Once you reach their minimum payout threshold of $10, you can cash your rewards out through PayPal or get a gift card from your favorite brand.

Additionally, you can increase your income by referring the site to your friends, joining focus groups during holidays, or signing up for product reviews.

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   2. InboxDollars

For students at least 18 years or older, InboxDollars is one of the best survey sites that pay cash. The site has an easy sign-up process and an accessible mobile app to take surveys on the go.

Inboxdollars Logo

What’s more, the site pays you $5 as soon as you become a member. If you get bored taking surveys, you can indulge in other exciting tasks to earn money. These include playing games, watching videos, and writing reviews for free stuff.

Another significant aspect of InboxDollars is that it offers rewards in hard cash. You don’t have to go through the hassle of converting points into dollars before every payout.

On the downside, their minimum payout threshold of $30 is relatively higher than other survey sites. However, when you redeem your cash prize, you can easily use the money to pay for something substantial rather than using it as a spare change. Like what you are hearing? Check out our full InboxDollars review for more information on how you can make money with this platform.

   3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular survey site, especially among college students. Who wouldn’t love a web portal where you can earn money for fun tasks like playing games and watching ads?

Besides that, college students love to voice their opinions. Swagbucks actually pays you to do that through their surveys and opinion polls.

Swagbucks Logo

Moreover, the platform has an accessible mobile app that you can use to earn money whenever you want. Students as young as 13 years old can join the site and get a $5 bonus when they become members.

Similarly, the site pays you for conducting web searches and shopping through their platform. You can also maximize your earnings by participating in sweepstakes and referring the site to your friends.

Once you reach their minimum payout threshold, you can redeem your rewards through PayPal or get a gift card of your choice.

   4. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is one of the best survey sites for students who want some instant cash. The platform provides multiple earning options and only has a $2 minimum payout threshold.

Prizerebel Logo

This means you can easily earn enough in one day to get your first Amazon gift card. However, if you want to redeem your rewards for hard cash, you’ll need to wait until to save at least $5 to get PayPal credit or Direct Deposit.

Each survey pays around 50-100 points on the side, depending on its length and complexity. Most of their surveys take only 10-20 minutes to complete, so you can easily take them while waiting in line at the cafeteria or between classes.

You can also use their app to play games and watch exciting videos to earn for the activities you usually do on your phone.

   5. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is one of the best survey sites for students who are also responsible consumers. The platform lets you voice your opinions and influence the marketing strategies of well-known brands.

Pinecone Research Logo

Backed by a prominent market research company, Pinecone Research presents surveys intended for targeted audiences. That’s why it’s not that easy to become a member of the platform.

If you’re atleast 18 years or older, you can fill out a sign-up form on their website and wait for an email invitation. Once you become a member, you can access the highly-paid surveys on their website and through their mobile app as well.

Remember, Pinecone Research only displays the surveys you qualify for on your user dashboard. So, it’s a good idea to keep checking the mobile app now and then for new invitations.

The best part is, the minimum payout threshold is only $3. This means, after you receive an invitation, you can redeem your rewards within a week of becoming a member.

   6. MyPoints

MyPoints is another online rewards site ideal for students who want to indulge in multiple money-making tasks online. You can earn on their website or mobile app by playing games, watching ads, participating in offers, shopping, and conducting web searches.

Mypoints Logo

The platform is also one of the best survey sites, with many new surveys available every day. The sign-up process is easy, so if you’re 18 or older, you can become a member in no time.

Besides that, it only has a $3 minimum payout threshold. This means you can redeem your rewards in PayPal cash in one or two days after using the app.

Similarly, MyPoints partners with a plethora of famous brands and retailers. So you can get amazing discounts, and cashback offers on all your shopping sprees and get gift cards from your favorite brands.

   7. Neilsen Computer and Mobile Panel

If you’re a busy student who prefers to spend his free time staring at textbooks rather than his mobile screen, I’ve got a fantastic money-making platform for you. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is one of the best survey apps to make a passive income without any extra effort.

Images 5

All you have to do is download the app on your phone and your computer and earn money. Although it seems quite shady, Nielsen is one of the best free survey sites that’s safe and reliable.

You see, the app is backed by a mobile research company. Nielsen collects information about your internet behavior and mobile habits and sells it to this company. Further, it shares the revenue it receives with users like you.

Occasionally, you can find high-paying surveys and short opinion polls to complete on the site whenever you’re free. Also, Nielsen holds weekly sweepstakes that offer more than $10000 cash prizes, so if you get lucky, you can earn a jackpot that’ll change your life.

   8. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is one of the best survey sites with high-paying surveys for students. You can access their surveys through their website or mobile app according to your convenience.

Valued Opinions Logo

However, the app only displays surveys that match your personal and demographic profile. You should take some time to complete your profile when you sign-up. This way, the platform will easily suggest relevant surveys for you.

You can earn anywhere from $1-$5 on Valued Opinions for 15-30 minute long surveys. After that, you can redeem your rewards when you save at least $20 on the app.

Unfortunately, the platform does not offer cash prizes. Nevertheless, they give you ample rewards, which you can redeem in the form of gift cards and get free stuff.

The platform partners with some luxury brands where you can get discounts on items you couldn’t afford as a college student.

   9. Mobile Xpression

Mobile Xpression is another passive income mobile app that students can download on their phones. If you don’t want to take surveys regularly but still earn some rewards every day, Mobile Xpression is one of the best survey sites for you.

Mobilexpression Logo

All you have to do is download the app on your mobile phone and let it work in the background. The app records your mobile activity, such as the number of calls and text messages you receive every day.

Further, they sell this information to mobile research companies and share the commission with you. Occasionally, you can also find high-paying surveys on the app regarding your mobile habits, behavior, and preferences. This way, you can easily make around $5-$10 for letting the app run on your smartphone.

Unfortunately, Mobile Xpression does not offer cash prizes. You can only redeem your earnings through gift cards. Nevertheless, it is a profitable option considering you don’t have to compromise your studies or career goals.

   10. InboxPays

InboxPays is one of the highest-paying survey sites for students. It has an engaging interface with exciting tasks to complete for money.

Inbox Pays Logo

The sign-up process takes only a few minutes to complete; after that, you can take up various tasks like playing games, watching ads, and participating in short opinion polls.

For every task you complete on the platform, you can easily earn around $1-$3, depending on the time you spend. Moreover, InboxPays has many other money-making opportunities like spin-and-wins, sweepstakes, and jackpot offers.

To make the most out of the platform, you should download their mobile app. This way, you’ll easily avail yourself of any opportunities as soon as they come by.

The best part is, there’s no hassle of gift cards or other rewards. You get paid in hard cash through PayPal. Also, they process their payments twice a week, so you can withdraw your money frequently.

   11. YouGov

YouGov is one of the best survey sites for students who’re opinionated about current affairs, politics, and technology. Unlike other survey sites that usually offer surveys related to brands and products, YouGov provides a diverse activity for college students.

Yougov Logo

You should be at least 18 years or older to join the platform. The sign-up process takes no time and is completely free. Once you’re a member, you can access their long list of surveys about exciting topics. This means apart from earning extra money, you’ll enjoy taking surveys on this website.

Furthermore, the platform offers an accessible app with a user-friendly interface. You can easily navigate your way around the app and find various money-making opportunities, even if you’re a beginner.

Additionally, YouGov is available in many countries worldwide, so it has multiple redemption options for every location. However, if you’re a US citizen, you can redeem your cash rewards through PayPal and Visa or receive gift cards from popular brands like Amazon.

Final Words

That concludes my list of the best survey sites for college students. If you’re a busy student, you should choose a survey site right away and start earning without any extra effort or investment.

However, you should know that survey sites cannot become your primary source of income. If you want to live independently and pay for your tuition, lodgings, food, and amenities, you should consider getting a real job that pays well.

On the other hand, if you want a side hustle that lets you use your screen time productively and puts some extra change in your pocket to meet small expenses, survey sites are the ultimate option for you.

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