Survey Voices Review – Scam or a Legit Survey Site No Less Than a Dream?

There are a handful survey websites out there which claim you can work from home and get paid handsomely. Survey Voices is one of them, in this review we shall explore the platform and share if it's legit or a scam you should be wary of.

Doing some research of your own often pays in the long run as it can help you stay away from shady programs/pyramid schemes, and help find legitimate ones that simply don't disappoint.

What Is Survey Voices?

Survey Voices is a survey website that claims to pay users up to $300 for their opinions/voices as the name suggests. At a glance, it doesn't look legit because of the ridiculous income claims which is merely a bait (more on that soon).

survey voices

Technically, you can complete surveys and get paid but it will take forever to hit the $100 threshold. At a rate of $2-3 per successful survey, withdrawals shouldn't be on your mind when you begin. Upon some digging, we also found out they are a middleman service who offer third-party surveys.

The website would link to a lot of other websites which offer surveys (as a referrer), and earn commissions on the sales/visitors they send over.

Getting Started

It's free to get started with the platform and the on-boarding process is a breeze. Once you're on the website, answer a few questions and you're ready to roll.

You will be shown random surveys (third-party) which may take you to other real survey platforms. If you happen to complete them, Survey Voices shall receive a referral commission for sending you over.

Whether or not you make money doing surveys, Survey Voices will definitely make some since they get an affiliate credit regardless of how you do. This isn't necessarily a bad tactic, there are legit affiliate marketing websites out there, and there are some scams who make a living duping people.

How It Works?

Like we mentioned earlier, it's free to sign up with the website since they don't have any surveys of their own. They make money by referring people to other websites as an affiliate, which again is not a bad thing.

However, there are con artists out there who misuse this and refer people over to random websites just to make a quick buck. These shady websites may also rent/sell your information to other companies in return for a monetary compensation or send you occasional spam promotional emails.

It may be a wise decision to join the website, but only opt for the ones which look legit. It's best not to have high hopes from the company and complete everything thrown at you.

Things We Liked

  • Free to sign up, there's no hidden fees.
  • Dozens of surveys under one roof. This can be good/bad depending on the choices you make. It's never a good idea to complete every single survey out there just because they promise big bucks. However, if you select carefully, this can save you a lot of time which you'd otherwise use to find surveys.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Since it's a referral website, they are likely to promote everything there is because it makes them a few bucks. Whether or not you encounter a scam, they make money regardless. At times, the website owner may get rich at your expense for the same reasons.
  • Earning potential with survey websites is measly at best. You shouldn't expect to make more than $2-3 per survey which could take 15-25 minutes of your time.
  • Website relies on making false claims for the most part. Making $300 with them won't be an easy feat, consider yourself lucky if you make $30 within a reasonable span of time.

Conclusion: Is Survey Voices a Scam?

No, Survey Voices can't be considered a scam or a pyramid scheme. It's merely an affiliate website which brings together dozens of surveys for you to complete. The website is partnered with a bunch of providers, which can be a good or a bad thing.

The good? You can find a lot of real/legit survey sites in a jiffy. This should help save your time. The bad? Since this is a referral business, the website is unaffected if you run into something that doesn't pay or worse sell/rent your private information (email/phone number etc). Survey Voices, being an affiliate will make money regardless of how you do with any of their partner sites.

That being said, we still can't recommend the website to our readers for the above-mentioned reasons. There are a lot better ways to build a profitable online business, provided you're willing to put in the work and give it some time to blossom.

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