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SurveyHead Review: Is It a Scam or Legitimate?

Surveys can be a great way to make money, and SurveyHead is one of the best. They are not just looking for your opinion; they want you to let your voice be heard. And yes, even if you’re no smarter than most people, you still have creative potential that could help shape world decisions and strategies through surveys.

But there are bad habits people learn as they grow up that crush the creative pathways in the brain. And like all bad habits, these can be broken if we’re willing to work at it – SurveyHead wants us to break those bad habits so that our voices will finally be heard!

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SurveyHead is a legit site that pays you for completing surveys.

It’s not as easy to make money on Survey Head, but the rewards are greater than on other sites. You can also earn points by referring friends and family members to Survey Head.

This company has been in business for over 10 years and pays out millions of dollars each year! Survey Head is one of the best survey sites available today!

Here are some reasons why people enjoy using this website (that you should know before signing up):

  • Surveys take less time
  • They have more surveys than most websites
  • It’s very easy to use
  • There are no fake or scam offers.

This site doesn’t require downloads or upgrades, so it’s safe and can be used on multiple devices. – The rewards are higher than other sites

The only thing that might turn people away from this site is the payout threshold…the more points you earn, the larger your payment will be.

Survey Head does not pay for every survey, so it takes longer to reach that threshold! If you’re willing to wait a little longer for better pay, then you might enjoy using Survey Head.

SurveyHead is a legit site that pays you for completing surveys, and if you are interested in getting started with SurveyHead I will include my link below:

What is SurveyHead?

SurveyHead is a survey website established in 2008 with a history of only five years as one of the market’s newest entities.

SurveyHead is a part of the United Sample Network and has been around in some form since 2006. They’re committed to finding honest survey opportunities; when you sign up for SurveyHead’s services, they even provide you with $5 just for trying them out.

They’ve got a great reputation for their professionalism and their integrity, being available at any time of day or night to answer your questions.

SurveyHead offers an extensive FAQ section that covers almost anything you could ask about.  They also have a very friendly customer support department ready to help you with whatever issues arise most frequently.

How Does SurveyHead Make Payments?

SurveyHead makes payments through cash, PayPal, or gift cards that can be used online. The only complaint in almost all other reviews about SurveyHead is the processing time.

Though it’s easy to make money through SurveyHead, it can take up to four weeks for a request to be processed and sent to your PayPal account. It can take a while to receive your money, but it is possible and very rewarding in the long run.

When you want to make a difference in the world, there is no better place to start than SurveyHead. Their website contains all of the tools and guidance that you need to be successful with surveys.

How Much Does SurveyHead Pay?

SurveyHead pays about $0.05 per each completed survey in addition to points you can redeem for gift cards (through PointsPrizes). SurveyHead’s rewards are based on your current point balance as opposed to a percentage of the surveys you complete; this means that it takes longer to hit payout tiers, but it also guarantees that you’ll always get paid what you earn.

SurveyHead’s rewards program has two levels: Survey Head Green and Survey Head Silver. The Green level is available to everyone, whereas the Silver level requires you to be a member for at least 30 days before qualifying for it.  The highest payout is $5, which can only be achieved through the Silver level.

Points can be redeemed at a rate of $0.01 per 100 points that you earn through completing surveys and bonuses.

The highest payout tier is 155,000 points earned over the span of 30 days; this earns you about $115 in gift cards or PayPal cash. If you don’t have enough points to meet the minimum threshold, SurveyHead will hold onto your points and accumulate them towards the next payout threshold.

Points are earned by completing surveys and can also be earned through bonuses after you complete your first survey.

Each time you redeem a SurveyHead gift card, you lose the money from your account; it’s added back once you earn enough points to purchase another one.  

Who Can Sign Up for Surveyhead?

Anyone 18 or older can sign up for SurveyHead. You can be a citizen of any country so long as you are legally above the age requirement (i.e., over 17 years old).

The minimum balance for withdrawal is $25.00, though that is simple and easy to make with an efficient number of surveys that pay well.

How Are Surveys Assigned?

Surveys are assigned to members based on their geographic and demographic information, which is collected when you sign up for SurveyHead. This ensures that the results of your survey will be more accurate than those of someone who lives across the country or even further away from where the study is taking place.

If you don’t like a survey assigned to you, SurveyHead allows you to skip it and be given another one on the next occasion.

This can be done as often as necessary for each survey, but if you abuse this function or ask for more surveys than are normally allowed (once per hour), your access will be limited until you return to a normal rate.

Rating the surveys that you receive can help others with your demographic or geographic information find more relevant and interesting studies as well.

This will give you better odds of getting a survey that makes you happy, so it’s best to be as honest and fair in your ratings as possible!

How Long Do Surveys Take?

Surveys can take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or more (up to four hours). Usually, they will require you to spend 15 or 20 minutes on average, while the long ones tend to be tailored towards spending an hour answering questions.

Surveying is flexible and convenient for any lifestyle that, allows you time each day to complete surveys wherever you are.

How Do I Start Surveying for SurveyHead?

Signing up for SurveyHead is a simple and straightforward process. Just click the link below to sign up or visit their website by clicking here. You can create an account in just a few minutes, even if you’re in a hurry!

Sign Up For SurveyHead Today

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Pros and Cons of SurveyHead

SurveyHead has several key features that you should be aware of.

Pros of SurveyHead

Here are several pros of using SurveyHead to take paid surveys online:

  • SurveyHead has some of the largest and highest-paying surveys available.
  • Payment is guaranteed through PayPal.  Points are also accepted as a form of payment, with 90% of your points being exchanged for cash.
  • You can redeem points towards gift cards such as Amazon, iTunes, or Steam.

Cons of SurveyHead

Here are several cons of using SurveyHead to take paid surveys online:

  • SurveyHead does not have many surveys available
  • SurveyHead often has vague or ambiguous questions
  • Surveys are usually too short for the time it takes to complete them

Is SurveyHead a Scam?

The short answer to that is no – SurveyHead is not a scam. And here on SurveyHead review, it is concluded that it is legit. They offer you an obligation-free service so that you can provide them with honest surveys in exchange for cash rewards. One of their goals is not only to let your voice be heard but help shape the decisions of world executives and leaders through analyses of survey data.

SurveyHead is not a member of any marketing research associations or businesses outside of their network. Still, they do gain competitive intelligence through paid surveys online by working with corporations and market research firms around the world.

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Why is SurveyHead Legitimate?

SurveyHead is legitimate simply because they truly care. They’re not looking to trick you into anything, waste your time by spamming your inbox or send out your private information to third parties. 

Rather, SurveyHead looks for the best possible surveys that match your needs and preferences and send them straight to your email. 

They don’t send anything other than survey invitations to your email and will never give your personal information away. They prefer to see your honest opinions and thank you with a wallet full of cash.

If discovering whether SurveyHead is legitimate or not still hasn’t swayed you to start making money on this website, the fact that you can earn $5.00 by just signing up might.

By just filling out your preferences and asking for survey invitations to be delivered to your email, you’re already on your way to earning the revenue you deserve. If taking surveys is your idea of a good time, all you have to do now is complete the surveys and be rewarded with cash.

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Is SurveyHead Worth It?

SurveyHead is legit, and it offers several enticing features for those who are interested in making money online.

SurveyHead has an intuitive interface where you can easily create an account and browse through surveys that are available to you.

Full transparency is offered for each survey, with FAQs and features such as a “Contact Us” section on the website so that inquiries can be answered quickly.

SurveyHead offers unique opportunities for those looking to make some extra money from home by taking online surveys.

Whether it’s the amount of money you can earn, the interactive surveys offered, or simply your curiosity to learn more about SurveyHead itself and how it works, there is something within this website for everyone.

SurveyHead is a legitimate survey site that provides users with a way to make money. SurveyHead offers surveys, polls, and focus groups as ways for people to earn cash.

Users can also use the points they earn on other popular sites like Fandango or Amazon to get rewards! To find out more about this exciting opportunity, click here now:

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  • Guaranteed Payment Through PayPal
  • Option Available for Redeeming Points Towards Gift Cards


  • Not have Many Surveys Available
  • It has Vague or Ambiguous Questions
  • Too Short Surveys