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18 Best Paid Surveys for iTunes Gift Cards

If you’re a loyal iOS user and looking for surveys for Apple gift cards or free iTunes gift cards, survey sites can help. Find out how to earn free iTunes credit by signing up for the best iTunes gift card survey sites from this list.

Let’s face it: no matter how much time one spends taking surveys online, one cannot earn more than a few dollars a day. That doesn’t sound like much, considering most websites have a high payout threshold for cash withdrawals. Instead of redeeming your rewards in cash, you can use survey app codes to buy something online or get discounts on your favorite stuff.

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Speaking of online stuff, who doesn’t love movies, music, and books? That’s where iTunes rewards come in. You can make your online rewards count by using your favorite apps to earn iTunes money.

Want to learn how to earn gift cards for iTunes? Get your email ready, as most survey sites send the codes via email. Here’s a list of my favorite iTunes gift card survey sites for you to choose from and get your first free $5 iTunes gift card today.

Best iTunes Gift Card Survey Sites

Currently, more than 1.8 billion Apple devices are operating worldwide. With those statistics, there’s no doubt that Apple rewards are one of the most popular options online.

Most of your favorite survey sites offer free iTunes gift card surveys that you can use to avail of exceptional discounts and free downloads. However, choosing a legit site to get started might be challenging if you’re a beginner.

Here are the best iTunes gift card survey sites to pick a legit and profitable option for yourself.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo

Survey Junkie is an accessible and easy-to-use survey site that lets you take short surveys in exchange for exciting prizes and gift cards. All you have to do is sign up for the platform and choose from the long list of surveys available. Most of their online surveys are short, so you don’t need extra time to get free iTunes gift cards.

For each survey, you can earn around $1-$5, depending on its length and genre. After accumulating at least 1000 points on the website worth $10, you can withdraw your rewards from Survey Junkie by different payout methods.

You can get amazing discounts on iTunes products using a $10 gift card. You can also earn cash and other gift cards! Just check your Survey Dashboard often so you can complete surveys more often. And remember: longer surveys pay more.

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2. LifePoints

Lifepoints Logo

If you’re looking for easy surveys for iTunes, LifePoints is the ultimate website for you. This platform is a merger between two popular survey sites and has more than 5 million users.

They offer easy surveys that usually take 10-15 minutes to complete. However, if you go for lengthy, high-paying surveys, they can take an hour or so to complete.

What we love about LifePoints are its multiple redemption options and smooth payouts. Whether you choose cash or gift cards, you can redeem them once you reach their $20 limit.

The limit initially seems high, but you can use the money to get a free iTunes gift card quickly.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Logo

Swagbucks is one of the best apps to earn iTunes money. What sets Swagbucks apart from other survey sites is its multiple earning opportunities. Swagbucks is accessible through its website and mobile app, which is available in the App Store and Google Play.

Apart from taking online surveys and opinion polls, you can earn iTunes gift cards by watching videos and playing games. Besides, other options include redeeming cashback offers and participating in sweepstakes and giveaways. This way, you’ll never get bored while earning money on the site.

To redeem an iTunes gift card, you must earn at least 500 points from Swagbucks. While other gift card options are worth around 100-300 points, iTunes gift cards are usually more expensive. However, with the multiple opportunities available, you’ll probably earn iTunes credit within a week of signing up.

Other reward options exist besides free gift cards for iTunes and Apple. You can turn your Swagbucks points into prepaid Visa cards, gift cards to other stores, PayPal cash, or checks. Not bad for completing surveys!

4. Toluna

Toluna Logo

Toluna is another popular iTunes gift card survey site. The platform partners with well-known brands like Amazon, Expedia, and Coca-Cola and conducts market research for them through their surveys.

That’s why most of their surveys are relatable for consumers, which makes them easy to take. Although their surveys are longer, each can get you about 1000 points, while highly extensive surveys are worth 3000-5000 points.

Toluna pays you $30 for every 95,000 points you earn on the platform. You can easily redeem this money with an iTunes gift card and free stuff from the App Store.

5. PrizeRebel

Prizerebel Logo

PrizeRebel is an innovative survey site that gives a competitive edge to typical survey-taking. Here, the points you earn depend on the number of surveys you take per day.

It takes only seconds to sign up and get started on the app. You can maximize your earnings by watching videos, playing games, and referring your friends.

On the other hand, you can even become an influencer on the platform and create a passive income for yourself.

Although you can quickly redeem cash prizes on the platform, they have options for Amazon and Visa gift cards and free iTunes credit.

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6. Vindale Research

Vindale Research Logo

If you’re wondering how to get free AppStore money to download an appealing game or service from the App Store, Vindale Research is one of the best iTunes gift card survey sites.

You can easily become a member and start taking surveys about any topic you choose.

This platform’s highlight is that it has multiple topics ranging from fashion and luxury products to political science and technology.

The more complex your topic, the more you will get paid for each survey. For example, you can earn about $20 for a political survey while only $2 for a fashion survey of the same length.

Especially if you’re a professional in your field, you can get free iTunes money quickly using your credibility for the topic.

7. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Reseach Logo

Pinecone Research is not a typical iTunes gift card survey site. It’s different from other platforms because it allows users to test products and provide legit reviews for money.

Besides that, there’s a fixed rate on Pinecone Research for each survey. You don’t have to wait until the end of the survey before you find out how much you’ll get paid.

For any survey you take, you will get $3, which you can redeem immediately for iTunes credit or gift cards.

However, the platform is strictly invitation-based. You cannot become a member unless another member invites you.

Similarly, you can only take the surveys that the website suggests for you according to your profile.

Read more in this Pinecone Research review.

8. MyPoints

Mypoints Logo

Believe it or not, MyPoints can get you free iTunes money with no surveys required! That’s because they offer a staggering $10 sign-up bonus, which is more than any other survey platform in the market.

You can easily use the money as soon as you become a member and get an iTunes gift card at once. Besides that, you can increase your earnings on the website by taking surveys, watching videos, referring your friends, and completing daily bonus tasks.

Moreover, the minimum withdrawal limit for MyPoints is only $3, so you can redeem your points for iTunes credit whenever you need it.

Read this full MyPoints review for more details.

9. Opinion Outpost

Opinionoutpost Logo

Opinion Outpost is a popular survey site known for its short polls and questionnaires that help you earn money on the go. Besides surveys, you can complete many tasks on their site, like watching videos, playing games, and referring your friends.

You will receive a $1 bonus from the site as soon as your sign-up, and you can further participate in giveaways and bonus tasks to maximize your earnings. 100 points are worth $1 on the platform.

Although the minimum payout threshold for cash prizes is $10, you can get a gift card when you reach $5. This means you’ll be able to afford your first iTunes gift card within a week of signing up.

Read more in this Opinion Outpost review.

10. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a survey site where you can increase your earnings by taking surveys regularly. All members start at the Bronze level and progress further to the Silver and Gold levels by collecting points.

The higher your level, the more surveys will be recommended for you. Similarly, your level determines the money-making opportunities you’ll get on the platform. You can easily earn around 300 points for a 15-minute survey. Besides that, you’ll get 100 points for signing up.

When you reach their minimum payout threshold, you can redeem your points for iTunes gift cards and download your favorite content for free. Read this full Branded Surveys review for more information.

11. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos I-Say Logo

Ipsos i-Say is a legit survey platform backed by a well-known market research company. The site offers long surveys, short opinion polls, and survey contests to help its users earn money.

Additionally, this iTunes gift card survey site has a loyalty program that rewards regular survey-takers.

Meaning if you reach certain milestones, you will receive bonus points. For example, for completing your first 25 surveys, you will receive additional 100 points.

While the minimum payout threshold for PayPal is $15, you can get an iTunes gift card for $10.

The more active you are on the platform, the more chances you’ll get to unlock surveys for iTunes credit.

Read more in our Ipsos i-Say review.

12. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinion Logo

As the name suggests, this is an accessible survey site that gives you the right value for your opinions. On average, you can earn anywhere from $1-$5 for each survey on Valued Opinions. This means if you’re looking for a free iTunes gift card survey, you can find one right here.

The platform has many partner brands you can choose from when redeeming your points. However, iTunes gift cards are the most popular and profitable option. They offer gift cards starting from $5-$15, and you can get them as soon as you garner $20 in your account.

You can use the money to get multiple free iTunes gift cards or choose from the various options available to optimize your earnings.

13. PointClub

Pointclub Logo

PointClub is a legit website where you can take surveys for iTunes rewards. You can sign-up for free and even receive 2000 bonus points as soon as you become a member.

While the primary earning opportunity on the platform is taking surveys, you can watch videos on their Media Lab and avail of bonuses through their Offer Board.

Each survey on PointClub will pay you around 500-2,000 points, depending on its length and complexity.

1,000 points are worth $1 on the platform, so you can easily earn enough to afford your first free iTunes gift card in a few days.

A significant drawback with PointClub is that they don’t process your rewards until the survey has completed the number of responses it needs.

Similarly, when you take a survey for an Apple gift card, they will take at least 3 days to process your request.

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14. YouGov

Yougov Logo

YouGov is an iTunes survey site popular for fun and engaging surveys. Unlike other sites offering long, dull, boring questionnaires, YouGov is like a breath of fresh air.

Here, the surveys are short and require no particular skillset to complete. You won’t get bored even after spending hours on the platform.

The sign-up process is easy and completely free. You’ll have to fill in your details so that the site can recommend relevant surveys for you.

YouGov gives you a 100-point reward when you become a member. After that, you can earn about 500-1000 points for every survey you complete.

Furthermore, you can earn around 2000 points for referring the platform to your friends.

Once you reach their minimum redemption limit, you can exchange your points for PayPal cash or free iTunes credit.

Like what you are hearing? Read more in this YouGov review.

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15. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online Logo

Harris Poll Online is a company that does market research for businesses, nonprofits, and governments. Users of Harris Poll Online receive compensation from these businesses for their opinions, which are used to shape the development of new products and services.

Online surveys and focus groups in chat rooms are only two of the research tools this firm use. Mailings, interviews, and focus groups conducted in person are other options.

Depending on the gift card you choose, you can cash out as few as 1,250 points at Harris Poll. iTunes, Walmart, Amazon, and Starbucks are among the choices. In most cases, you’ll get your reward instantly, but sometimes it may take up to 24 hours.

A wide variety of gifts are available for redemption of accumulated points in an outstanding online Reward Catalog. Harris Poll allows you to choose stuff and gives tracking information once it has been shipped via USPS.

16. i-Poll

Ipoll Logo

i-Poll is a reliable survey panel that offers iTunes gift cards for taking surveys to get your favorite content from the App Store. All you have to do is complete a short sign-up process and give your opinions for some straightforward questions.

The best part about i-Poll is that it doesn’t have many lengthy surveys. Most surveys are short and easy to complete, so you can effectively use the small pockets of time you get.

Besides that, with its web portal, i-Poll offers a handy app you can download on your mobile device. You can take their short opinion polls anywhere and earn points for a free $5 iTunes gift card.

17. QuickThoughts

Quickthoughts Logo

If you’re thinking about earning iTunes gift cards for free without doing any extra work, QuickThoughts is the solution for you. This survey platform is easy to use and provides short opinion polls in exchange for rewards, which can be redeemed for iTunes gift cards.

Most importantly, you can download the QuickThoughts app on your mobile phone and cash your screen time from anywhere you like.

Whether in the elevator or waiting for your order at a restaurant, you can answer surveys and make money for free iTunes content.

You’ll get about $0.5-$2 for each survey, and once you reach $10, you can redeem the money for promo codes, gift cards to your favorite stores, and cash.

Like what you are hearing? Please read our full QuickThoughts review.

18. ZoomBucks

Zoombucks Logo

ZoomBucks is another platform where you can win a free iTunes code; no surveys are required. Although the primary earning method is by taking surveys, you can complete other tasks such as watching ads and videos, playing games, and participating in bonus offers.

You’ll get 500 points as a bonus just for becoming a member. After that, you can earn 500 points for every survey you take and about 800 points for every task you complete on the site.

To get your first iTunes gift card, you must collect at least 15000 points. That sounds like a lot, but you can easily reach your goal if you spend an hour on the website daily.

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Final Words

Wrapping up my iTunes gift card survey sites list, I hope you’ve found the platform you sought. There is plenty here you can choose from.

Most of the time, the rewards we receive from online survey sites are not substantial and are only enough to put some extra change in our pockets. Some people consider their survey earnings to be private savings accounts. But, if you’re an Apple user, you can use these rewards and points by buying free iTunes credit. You will surely enjoy these gift card rewards.

Remember, check the user reviews and ratings for the site you sign up for to avoid falling prey to online scams and malicious practices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now that you’ve been through my list of best iTunes gift card survey sites, you probably know which one you want. However, I am sure there are a few questions in your mind if you’re a beginner.

I’ve answered some of these questions right here, so you can refer to them if you face a problem while starting.

How Can I Get Free iTunes Money?

You can get free iTunes money by signing up for online rewards sites. These sites have lots of tasks that you can take up to collect points. They offer iTunes gift cards for you to redeem.
After accumulating enough points, you can redeem them in exchange for a gift card. Remember, check the redemption options for your chosen platform if you want iTunes credit. That’s because not every site has the option to redeem your money via iTunes.

How Can I Get a Free $5 iTunes Card?

Many online platforms let you complete tasks in exchange for a $5 iTunes gift card. Sites like Swagbucks allow you to complete specific tasks to get iTunes gift cards. Besides, if you earn $5 worth of points on any reward site, you can easily redeem them for an Apple gift card if they provide the option.

How do I Purchase iTunes Credit?

Like iTunes gift cards, you can get iTunes credit as payment on online reward sites. Firstly, you’ll need to check if the site has listed Apple as a reward redemption option. If there is an option, you can easily convert the points you earn into iTunes credit and get an online promo code for discounts on your favorite Apple products.

How Can I Get a Free $10 iTunes Card?

Unlike $5 iTunes gift cards, free $10 iTunes gift cards are difficult to come by. These gift cards are mostly kept as exclusive prizes on rewards sites for high achievers. The best way to win a $10 iTunes card is by participating in sweepstakes and giveaways online or redeeming your survey rewards.

How Can I Get Cheap iTunes Gift Cards?

To get iTunes gift cards cheap, make sure you don’t buy them at a physical store with cash. Instead, buy your cards online using your credit card and link them to a cashback site.
You can even sign up on survey sites for free and earn points to get free iTunes gift cards. That’s the cheapest you can get.

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