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9 Ways to Take Surveys for Miles & Airline Points

Are you a frequent traveler or just want to save some money for your next air travel? In both cases, surveys for miles can help you get free miles. In this article, we have covered some easy options.

Back in the day, the only way for you to earn miles was through credit cards. However, with time, we’ve seen banks make policies to lower credit card churning.

Luckily, there are other ways to get money off your flights, such as taking surveys for miles.

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However, there are so many types of surveys that it can be hard to keep up.

What kind of survey do you need to take to earn miles? Are these miles legit, and can they be gifted to someone? All these questions come to mind when we talk about surveys for airline miles.

Below, we will discuss the value of surveys for miles and whether popular survey sites like YouGov, Vindale, and Pine Cone are suitable for earning miles.

Benefits and Value Of Airline Miles

If you’re a frequent flyer, you must be a part of your preferred airlines’ loyalty program. However, not everyone has to fly out of the station for business meetings every month.

Surveys for miles

For instance, if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a college student, you won’t get many opportunities for travel. So, your best bet would be to take surveys for miles. However, there’s a lot to demystify when it comes to airline miles.

Value Of Airline Miles

On average, one mile is worth 1.3 cents across the major US airlines. But a mile’s value also depends on the airline(whether it’s an international flight) and the day of the week. Plus, a mile has a different worth for domestic, business, and economy seats.

Here’s a breakdown of what one mile means for major US airlines.

  • American Airlines: 1 cent
  • Delta: 1.3 cents
  • JetBlue: 1.6 cents
  • Southwest Airlines: 1.5 cents
  • United Airlines: 1.1 cents

If you’re traveling internationally, you’re better off using your miles to save some money since most airlines give better value for their miles on these flights. On average, American Airlines and United Airlines gave one cent higher value for each mile.

Meanwhile, Delta Airlines offers 1.5 cents additional value per mile for international flights.

However, keep in mind that these miles will not cover the taxes, such as airport security fees, passenger service, air passenger duty, and facilities charges for different locations.

Moreover, if you want to redeem the highest value of your miles, make sure to book a weekday flight. Weekend flights tend to offer a 10% lower redemption value for the miles.

Can You Transfer Miles Across Accounts?

Often, frequent flyers have a ton of miles in their account that they’re unable to use before expiration. Now, isn’t that a shame? Of course, you might want to share these miles with someone or transfer them to a friend or family.

While airlines allow you to transfer miles, they charge a certain fee, and there are some limitations you must keep in mind.

Most airlines have a cap on the mile amount that you can transfer to a different account.

For instance, United Airlines lets you transfer only 15000 miles annually to someone else. Plus, you are charged 1.5 cents for each mile transferred. Additionally, there’s a $35 fee.

You have to keep within these limitations even if you are sending miles to your children or spouse.

Here’s a table to put this into perspective. As you can see, most airlines’ transfer cost is lower than the value of their miles. However, with United Airlines, it’s the opposite, so you’re doing the other person no favor by transferring them your miles.

Airline Maximum Limit Transfer Cost Miles Value Fixed Service Fee 
American Airlines200,0001 cent per mile1.3 cents $30 
Delta 150,0001 cent per mile 1.3 cents $30 
United Airlines 100,0001.5 cents per mile 1.4 cents $30 

Since transferring miles is not always helpful in the overall scheme of things, it’s better just to buy a ticket for someone else. Most airlines let you purchase someone else a ticket using your miles without an additional cost.

What Type of Surveys Can You Take To Earn Airline Miles?

Nowadays, you can take surveys for pretty much everything, from free food to electronic accessories. But what kind of surveys will give you airline miles? Do sites like Toluna, Life Points, and Zen Surveys have such surveys?

LifePoints logo

Survey sites are paid by companies to host their surveys that are then taken by the target audiences of those organizations.

So, it only makes sense for airlines to put together surveys that can help you earn miles.

Major airlines, like American, United, and JetBlue, have surveys that you can take to earn miles or rewards. Basically, you give the airlines opinions about a new service they might have launched or a change in their policy. In return, you get free miles.

However, you should only go down this route if you’re bored or have a lot of free time on your hands. In most cases, you’ll have to answer a number of questions to receive a meager amount of miles at the end.

9 Ways to Take Surveys for Miles

Here are some ways you can take surveys for airline miles and earn money without betting or spending anything.

    1. Flying Blue Opinion Rewards Club

Before you even start taking surveys for airline miles, you earn 300 miles for simply joining the program. After that, you get 10 miles for each survey you take.

Opinion Rewards Club

The principle is pretty generic. You have to give your opinion on the airline’s new services. In return, you will earn miles that can be spent on experiences, flights, and hotels.

Currently, the Opinion Rewards Club program is only available in France, Germany, Netherlands, the UK, and the US.

    2. American Airlines: Miles For Opinions

Being an American Airlines survey for miles, Miles For Opinions lets you win AAdvantage – the unique name for the airlines’ miles – in return for sharing your opinions.

Once you set up your account, you can go to the dashboard and do a survey whenever you want to. Or, you can take surveys in response to the email notifications inviting you to partake in surveys.

All surveys have different durations, and some may be more extensive than others, depending on what the company wants your opinion on. You will see the duration on the introduction page.

You will get 200 miles for doing each survey. Since Miles for Opinions follows a voluntary approach, you can take as many surveys as you like.

Once you complete the American Airlines survey for miles, your reward will be transferred to your account in four to six weeks.

The surveys begin with personal questions – that the company does not share with any third party – to determine if you qualify for the survey or not.

Therefore, it’s important to respond to each question if you want to be selected. If the company feels that you don’t meet the requirements for the target group, you will be disqualified from the survey.

You will see one of the two messages on your screen: quota full or screened out. You get two miles for the former and three miles for the latter as a reward for attempting the survey.

    3. United Opinion Miles Club

Opinion Miles Club is an exclusive survey platform to earn miles for United Airlines. It’s only available to the existing members of the airline’s program, called MileagePlus. If you’re already a member, you can share your opinion by doing United Airlines surveys for miles.

United Opinion Miles Club

Here’s how the process goes:

  • When you join the Miles Club, you’ll have to enter a MileagePlus number to register.
  • After that, you will be asked for personal information, such as gender, email address, name, etc.
  • The survey site uses this information to determine which surveys will be suitable for you. You will receive notifications via email for any new surveys you can take.
  • Additionally, you can also log in whenever you want and complete any available United Airline surveys for miles.

Moreover, you can take surveys for United Airlines miles on MyPoints as well. You get 350 miles for signing up and doing your first survey. If you shop for $50 in the first month of joining, you also get an additional bonus of 1250 miles.

MyPoints Logo

When you purchase something through your My Points miles, you get 25 points for each dollar spent.

Thus, there’s a wide scope for earning Mileage Plus miles. Pro tip: you can also redeem the points for gift cards through MyPoints.

    4. JetBlue Points For Surveys

If you want to earn miles for surveys, Points For Surveys is a reliable platform for earning JetBlue miles. When you join the platform and do the first survey, you will get 400 miles as a bonus.

After that, you can simply complete surveys as they come your way and earn miles for doing them. Besides saving money on flights, you also get to make a difference.

Since the airline uses your opinions to better itself, you help them improve their services.

    5. Spirit Points For Thought

If you have a Free Spirit account, you can take Spirit Airlines surveys for miles through Points For Thought. The principle for this survey program is similar to that for American and United Airlines.

You have to fill in some initial information to give the program insight into your personal preferences and flying history. Then, the program will decide which Spirit Airlines surveys for miles you’re qualified for.

You earn 400 miles upon completion of your first survey after joining the program.

The points you earn through these surveys are automatically transferred to your Free Spirit account. You can also share them with others according to the Spirit Airlines miles transferring policies.

    6. Southwest Rapid Rewards

Southwest Airlines lets you do surveys for miles through their Rapid Rewards program. You share your opinion with the airline, and in return, they give you miles and other rewards.

The e-Reward currency you earn from this program can be redeemed for the airline’s reward system, called Rapid Reward Points. Here’s how the conversion works:

  • $15 e-Rewards: 300 Rapid Reward Points
  • $25 e-Rewards: 600 Rapid Rewards Points
  • $50 e-Rewards: 1,200 Rapid Rewards Points
  • $100 e-Rewards: 2,400 Rapid Rewards Points

After you complete the surveys, the rewards are credited to your account in six weeks. If you’re not a member, you can enroll in the program to be eligible for any future surveys.

The first survey you take after signing up earns you 500 Rapid Rewards points as a bonus. After that, you will get surveys based on the information you have provided. Since it’s voluntary, you can participate as you like.

A notable feature of this program is that you will also benefit from these points on the ground. The airline has partnered with some of the finest names in car rental, hotels, retail, and dining to ensure that you can use your points to make purchases, dine out, or cover a hotel stay.

    7. Alaska Airlines The Opinion Terminal

The Opinion Terminal is an ideal place to earn miles for surveys if you travel by Alaska Airlines often. Since it’s a free community, you only need your Mileage Plan’s details to register for the program.

When you complete your first survey, you will earn 400 Mileage Plan miles.

The subsequent surveys will earn you lesser miles, but they’re still a great way to save some money on your next flight.

All your miles are credited to your Mileage Plan account automatically.

    8. E-Rewards

Although not exclusively made to earn miles for surveys, E-Rewards is a platform to earn rewards for your opinions. It was formed in 1999 and has two million users all over the world.

E-Rewards Logo

You can complete surveys for upcoming products or services. In return, you get e-Rewards currency, which can be traded for miles. Apart from them, you can also redeem the currency for dining and tickets to certain events.

While most other surveys only focus on airline industry-related topics, E-Rewards lets you take surveys about a wide range of subjects, from retail brands to TV shows. The platform solely shares your responses with the company that’s sponsoring the survey.

Moreover, you have free control over participation, so you can only take surveys you like.

You can use the rewards for miles on Frontier Airlines, British Airways, Etihad Airways, and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club. Furthermore, the rewards can be redeemed at Starbucks, Golf Now, Hertz, Best Buy, Olive Garden, and many other places.

As for US airlines, you can earn miles for Virgin America and Southwest Airlines through E-rewards as these airlines have partnered with this survey-based reward program.

Head over to the E-rewards website to learn more about redemptions.

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    9. HawaiinMiles Opinions Take Flight

While sites like Mobile Expression and PrizeRebel let you earn money, Opinions Take Flight is a site for earning Hawaiin Airline miles.

PrizeRebel Logo

All you have to do is share your opinion, and you’ll get miles that can be redeemed during your next vacation. You get 350 miles for your first survey on the platform. After that, you can take a survey whenever you feel like it or when you get an email invite for a new survey.

How Many Miles Can You Earn Per Survey?

Whether you’re taking Delta surveys for miles or a more regional airline like Hawaiin, the miles for each survey taken are minimal. You’ll get a huge bonus of 300 to 500 miles for your first survey.

However, after that, the miles earned will be under a hundred per survey. So, if you plan on spending your time on earning miles this way, make sure it’s worth it.

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