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Surveysavvy Review: An In-Depth Look at Earning Potential and User Experience

SurveySavvy is an old player in the game of online survey sites. You might have heard various experiences, from casual earners bragging about the nifty little check that hits their mailbox to those groaning about how SurveySavvy seems to test their patience. Some survey platforms leave you scratching your head as you try to translate points to dollars. SurveySavvy does the math for you, offering cash rewards for their surveys. And if you’re curious about legitimacy, it’s been over two decades, and they’re still standing strong.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. The platform does have its own set of quirks and some minor nuisances that might make you roll your eyes every now and then. Getting a tangible check at any amount is pretty good. However, winding your way through to actually holding that check in your hand might just earn you a grey hair or two—it seems they’re in no rush to part with their cash.

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I know you’ve got options. In the bustling world of online surveys, you might be wondering why give SurveySavvy a shot at all, right? Well, they’ve got this savvy connect thing that supposedly makes earning a bit more of a breeze, adding a touch of passive to the hustle. But just like any side gig, it has its ups and downs. You’ll find folks out there who’ll side-eye SurveySavvy because payment isn’t as snappy as some other sites. And hey, in the hustle for pocket change, time is indeed gold.

How SurveySavvy Works

Surveysavvy Homepage

SurveySavvy is free to join. Just head on over and join SurveySavvy; punch in a bit of info about yourself, and bam, you’re in the club.

Now, once you’re in, you’re gonna see this thing called a dashboard. Think of it as your mission control where you’ll find available surveys. And speaking of surveys, SurveySavvy has got a couple of types up their sleeve. You might be chipping in your two cents on consumer products or giving the scoop on services you use.

But here’s the deal: the cash you make isn’t all about answering questions. You can up your game by downloading their SavvyConnect application. This app is designed to collect data (all with your permission, of course) that SurveySavvy uses for their market research magic. And yes, it can mean more moolah for you.

You’ve got a friend who’s all about this stuff? Send them an invite through the referrals program. It’s like saying “Hey pal, help yourself to some extra cash” and snagging a bonus for yourself at the same time—not too shabby, huh?

Earning money with SurveySavvy isn’t like hitting the jackpot in Vegas, but if you’ve got a little time, it can add up to a tidy sum. Remember, patience is key here. Don’t expect to get loaded overnight.

Now, since none of us likes to work for free, you’ll be glad to know SurveySavvy rewards you for your effort. We’re talkin’ real cash, not points or virtual currency. The payout might not set the world on fire, but hey, who doesn’t like a little extra cash in their pocket, right?

SurveySavvy Payment System

Cash On Table

Let’s talk turkey when it comes to how you get paid with SurveySavvy. Now, I don’t know about you, but waiting for a check in the mail isn’t exactly my idea of convenience in today’s digital age. But some folks love it, and that’s just fine.

Payment Method:
First off, SurveySavvy sticks to the classics – we’re talking paper checks. Yeah, you won’t find any PayPal transfer or digital currency options here. No sir, just the good old United States Postal Service delivering your hard-earned moolah.

  • Cash Rewards: You get cold hard cash for every survey, no confusing points or virtual currency.
  • Minimum Payout: What’s nifty is that the minimum payout is just $1. A single buckaroo and you can request your money.

Payment Process:
Here’s how it goes down. You rack up some cash by answering surveys, then you hit up SurveySavvy for a payout. But keep in mind, that the payment process can be slower than molasses in January. You might have to wait 4 to 12 weeks to get your check.

  • Check by Mail: Remember, you’ll get an actual check mailed to you. For our international friends, that check will also be in US dollars.

Now, being old-school with payment methods might feel a tad outdated. But for some folks, that’s just part and parcel of the deal – they might prefer it that way. And when you think about it, there’s something kinda exciting about getting an actual check in the mail. Gives you that little thrill, doesn’t it?

Just between you and me, the payment system they’ve got going on isn’t going to win any races. But at the end of the day, if you’re not in a rush and you dig that tangible feel of a check in your hands, then you’ve got yourself a match with SurveySavvy.

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SurveySavvy Community Feedback

You know, anytime you’re diving into the world of online surveys, you’re naturally gonna be a bit skeptical. I mean, who wouldn’t? With so many options, it’s like trying to pick the best apple in a fruit market—you’ve gotta look for the shiny ones without any bruises. Now, SurveySavvy’s been in the game since 1999, and from what folks are saying out there, it’s one of the shinier apples.

And let’s talk reviews. On Trustpilot, people have had a mixed bag of experiences. It’s quite the spectrum, from those saying it’s “not bad” for a survey site, offering payouts even for as little as $0.25, to others grumbling about surveys that kick ’em out after they’ve already dived in. I mean, could you imagine? You’re answering away, and suddenly, bam—nope, not what we’re lookin’ for. Frustrating, right?

Now, the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? They’re like that tough-to-please uncle who finally gives you a nod of approval. SurveySavvy’s parent company, Luth Research, has an A+ rating with them. That’s no small feat, lemme tell ya. An A+ rating from the BBB is like that gold star your teacher gave you back in third grade—it means something.

Here’s what’s up with their app, though—on sites like SiteJabber, the feedback is a little sparse. But hey, the true tales from the trenches are in the testimonials. Most people seem to find SurveySavvy reliable, and some even call it one of the more reputable sites. Isn’t that a breath of fresh air in this sometimes-questionable online survey world?

Bullet points for the real talk? Here you go:

  • Payouts: Small amounts are welcomed, even if it’s just for changing your pocket lint into cold, hard cash.
  • BBB Rating: Solid as a rock—which in the world of business and trust, is pretty darn solid.
  • The App: Less chatter out there, but it’s not raising any major red flags.
  • Testimonials: Most users would tip their hats to SurveySavvy, calling it a decent player in the market.

But as you know, no company’s without its quirks, and SurveySavvy ain’t no exception. Some users have cried “scam” after being disqualified mid-survey. I get it, it’s like being picked for the team and then told to sit the game out. Not cool. But then again, that’s an issue you’ll find across most survey sites, honestly.

SurveySavvy Privacy and Security

How Surveysavvy Work

Now, let’s chat about how SurveySavvy handles your data. When you sign up for SurveySavvy, your data’s treated like a precious secret—kept under lock and key. They’re big on privacy, so don’t fret; they won’t spill your beans without your say-so.

Data Protection:
SurveySavvy’s got SSL encryption. That’s tech talk for “super secure connection.” Think of it as a burly bouncer protecting your online scrawls.

Privacy Concerns:
No one likes their personal stuff being aired like dirty laundry, right? SurveySavvy gets that. They’re transparent with privacy policies, so you know what’s what. They’ll tell you straight up how your info’s used.

  • Support: In case you’re feeling antsy about privacy, they have a support system.
  • Transparency: Their transparent approach means you can see through their plans—no smoke and mirrors.

A tidbit from yours truly—I’ve seen my fair share of security promises, and SurveySavvy’s do seem solid. However, guarantees are only as good as the actions backing them up, so always read the fine print, yeah?

Remember, no matter how secure a site is, it’s on you to keep your details close to your chest. Never plaster sensitive info where it doesn’t belong. Stay savvy—pun intended—with SurveySavvy and surf the survey seas with a bit more peace of mind.

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Pros and Cons of SurveySavvy

Pros And Cons

Okay, let’s get into the nitty-gritty with SurveySavvy. You’re eyeing this platform because, hey, who doesn’t like a bit of extra cash, right? But before you dive in, let’s talk turkey.


  • Earn Money: Firstly, yes, you can pocket some dollars here. It’s legit. You’ll get real money for your efforts, not points or virtual coins.
  • Referral Program: Now, this can be a sweet deal. You refer pals, they earn, you earn—everyone’s happy.
  • Passive Income: If you’re all about that ‘earn while you snooze’ life, installing their software means passive income, which is always nice.
  • Market Research: You’re contributing to something bigger, buddy. Your opinions help shape market research. Feel important yet?


  • Disqualification: Imagine this. You’re in the middle of a survey, dreaming about your reward, and bam! Disqualified. Happens more than you’d hope.
  • Payout Process: The cash might trickle in slower than molasses. Patience is key.
  • Limited Opportunities: If you’re not in the U.S., chances are the pickings might be slim.
  • Time for Money Balance: Okay, not every survey’s a gold mine. Some pay less for more of your time.

Alternative Platforms

Survey Banner

So, you’re eyeballing SurveySavvy for some extra cash? Solid choice, but why put all your eggs in one basket when there’s a whole coop of survey sites out there? Let’s check out a few hotspots where you might wanna spend your coffee breaks (and hey, maybe even your lunch hour).

Branded Surveys – This one’s a real crowd-pleaser. You could snag anywhere from $0.50 to $5 per survey, and they throw in a welcome bonus too. Don’t you love a good welcome wagon?

InboxDollars – And here’s a name that’s been buzzing around the market research platform. They’ll dish out cash for browsing the web, watching videos, and hitting up surveys. It’s like your regular internet rabbit hole, but you actually get paid for it! How about that?

But wait, have you heard of Swagbucks? This one’s like the jack-of-all-trades in the world of survey sites. Get points for shopping online, surfing the web, and – you guessed it – surveys. Exchange those points for gift cards or, better yet, cold hard cash through PayPal.

What if I told you there’s a way to get in on the game of market research itself? Luth Research would be the name to remember. They’re part of the crew that offers a variety of research studies, which could mean more diversity (and maybe even a bit more fun) in your side hustle repertoire.

Now, I know you’re savvy (no pun intended), so always glance over the details. Some places might take a leisurely stroll with the payouts, while others are quick on the draw. And about the rewards? They can be as varied as your breakfast choices. Think PayPal, direct deposit, or gift cards galore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When exploring new ways to make a bit of extra cash, it’s totally normal to have a bunch of questions. You want to ensure that the effort you’re putting in is worth the reward, and it’s only logical to want to dive into the nitty-gritty before getting started. Here are some of the FAQs you might have about SurveySavvy:

Is SurveySavvy a legitimate platform for making money?

Absolutely, SurveySavvy’s been on the scene since 1999. Luth Research, LLC, a hefty name in market research, backs it. They know their stuff – been doing it for over 30 years! Now, I gotta tell ya, don’t expect to buy a yacht with what you earn here, but it’s a genuine site that will pay you for sharing your opinions in surveys.

What types of rewards are offered by SurveySavvy for participating in surveys?

Cash – plain and simple. In a world where points and gift cards are thrown around like confetti, SurveySavvy sticks to money. And hey, they keep things straightforward with one of the lowest cash-out thresholds out there. It means you can actually get your hands on your earnings without having to wait an eon.

What are users’ common experiences with SurveySavvy’s customer service?

Some folks rave about how user-friendly it is, like chatting with a neighbor over the fence. Then you’ve got others griping over how they don’t get enough survey invites, which is like waiting for a bus that never comes. They deal with hiccups pretty decently though, so don’t be shy to reach out if you hit a bump.

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