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SurveySay Review – Legitimate Survey Site or a Scam?

Another paid survey website, ha? You might be wondering what SurveySay is all about and do they actually pay. In this SurveySay review, we will discuss the platform and share what you need to know before joining.

SurveySay Review

Without wasting much time, let’s get right to the meat of the subject right away. SurveySay is not a survey site at all. It’s merely an affiliate website run by a marketer who acts as a middleman. Simply put, you’re simply signing up for random offers and completing surveys, and he gets the credit for referring you.

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There’s nothing wrong with this, but you can instead save time and go to the real survey websites directly. Survey Site acts as a middleman, and if you join the companies directly, they lose their commissions. Other than this, no one is affected.

Since it’s run by a marketer, it’s possible he’s promoting products that benefit him because of the commissions and not because they can actually help you out. This is one reason why we doubt the legitimacy of the website.

Unless you’ve done some due research on a survey site, it’s best not to join them. They can collect your personal data (email, name, phone number) and potentially sell it to companies without your consent. This is why a middleman survey site is often not the best idea.

The Platform

The platform claims you can make money online by taking surveys. It’s a middleman like we mentioned and the only person who benefits from this is the website owner.

We’re not saying his website promotes scams, but we just never know. He’s simply referring you to other companies. If a company goes down in the future, he will probably replace the link with a new survey website and promote it as an affiliate.

The onboarding process with SurveySay is free and straightforward. You will be asked for the following data should you decide to join.

Surveysay Join Now Pop Up

You might have noticed they didn’t ask you to create a new password. This is because they are simply a referral website and all they need is your email to send you offers from time to time (which will be required in the next step).

You opt into their mailing list, and once it’s done, you will receive promo emails regularly. Once you get past this stage, you will be shown a handful of links (all affiliate links). So to earn with surveys, you will have to follow individual networks’ rules instead.

Following are the reasons why we don’t really recommend completing surveys for money (even if the site is legitimate):

  • Payouts are insignificant – who even wants to work for an hour or two and make 30-40 cents out of it? You’re better off with some part-time job instead.
  • High payment thresholds – most survey websites have a payment threshold of $50, sometimes even $100. At $0.5/survey (sometimes even lesser), it will take you forever to breach the threshold level.
  • Risky – some survey websites can ban/lock your account without notice, which can be expensive. What if you’re at $49 and the payment threshold is $50 (and your account gets terminated)? That won’t feel good for sure. Not only did you receive nothing, but you also wasted a lot of time which you will never get back.

If you want to complete surveys anyway, you may want to consider legit companies like Radial Insight instead. The payouts are little but significantly higher than other similar survey websites.

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  • Free to join – no hidden fees whatsoever
  • Maybe promoting legit sites – can help you save time in finding the best websites for taking paid surveys.


  • Since Survey Say has your email and other personal data, they may send you promotional emails (aka spam) all the time. They may even rent or sell your information. Not saying they will, but it’s still a possibility that can’t be counted out.
  • Little payouts – a second part-time job will serve you better. Unless you’re struggling to make a few cents per hour currently, surveys are not for you.
  • A mixed bag of reviews – most people who’ve used the website aren’t fans and believe you should stay away from the SurveySay scam. The number of negative reviews far outnumbers the number of positive ones.

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Is SurveySay a scam?

Shocked Man With Glasses Surrounded By Bitcoin Coins, Concept For Cryptocurrency Scams.

No, SurveySay is not a scam. It’s merely a referral website that is referring you to other survey websites (those may be legit or scams). The website owner is the only person who makes money here, and it doesn’t benefit you one bit.

Thumbs Down Icon

If you’re looking to join this website to make the dough, better don’t. You will only waste your precious time which you’ll never get back. For the reasons mentioned above (even though it’s not a scam), we can’t recommend the company.

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