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SurveyTime Review 2024: Is It Worth It?

Making money through SurveyTime can be an excellent idea. But is it the perfect site for you? This SurveyTime review will help you figure it out.

Surveys are a great way to make money online as they do not require a lot of investment, and you are paid for your honest opinions and feedback.

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You probably have heard of SurveyTime and wondered whether what they sell is what you get. Please stick with us as you learn about the platform from our SurveyTime review.

Making money online may not be as easy as it looks or is painted to be. There are a lot of hurdles as well as scammers on the internet, more so on survey gigs.

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It is okay to have your doubts about any online venture, and also prudent to always have all the facts before signing up.

You need all your questions answered to ensure that what you are signing up for is what you expected.

It is for this reason that we have compiled this SurveyTime review to help you decide whether it is worth your time or not.

Surveytime Review: Making Money Online

What Is SurveyTime?

SurveyTime is a popular platform for taking paid surveys. It is well known for its catchy marketing phrase, “Get instantly rewarded for completing online surveys.” The phrase, although catchy, has also made some people doubt the platform claiming that the deal is too good to be true.

Well, let’s do some detective work and try to understand the company that runs it and its business operations.

SurveyTime is a product of, a global company specializing in ad tech. The platform, founded in 2018, is relatively new in the market but has made enormous strides to seize its place in the world of paid surveys. works with various global market research companies that offer direct campaigns. Some of these research companies include Nielsen, Toluna, and SSI, the industry’s bigwigs.

SurveyTime site provides its users with surveys based on demographics or location, and it’s reputed for its instant payments – once a user completes a survey. All surveys have a flat rate of $1 each, which can be paid through various channels.

More about the payments will be discussed later in this SurveyTime review.

How Does SurveyTime Work?

How Surveytime Works

SurveyTime is almost similar to most survey sites regarding how they issue and conduct their surveys. In most cases, the surveys ask questions that will be used to conduct market research for various brands. Based on various demographics such as annual income, age, and sex, they can create data sets to determine which survey will be most suitable for a particular group.

Besides, any time you complete a survey, they also get to understand you better as they gain insight into your habits and preferences.

This helps the algorithms to pick the most suitable candidate for given market research.

When SurveyTime collects data and opinions from thousands of users, they assist companies in gaining valuable market insights. Companies will then use these insights to better their production, marketing, or advertising operations.

These companies pay the site for the data and insights they receive, while SurveyTime shares its revenues with its users.

Surveys on this platform might vary in estimated duration, but all have a potential reward of $1. Some may be short surveys that might take 3 minutes, while some might even take 25 minutes.

However, the average time of most surveys ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. So, to start earning from the site is quite simple as it only involves three steps.

  • You start by signing in or, rather, registering your account.
  • Afterward, you will be required to fill out a profile survey that helps SurveyTime to understand your demographics and interests. This is quite a crucial step, as the submitted data will be used to match you with the available surveys.
  • Finally, all you need to do is take a survey and add that dollar to your account.

The interesting bit about this site is there’s no need to keep checking out the site for available surveys.

Once the algorithm matches you to a survey, you will get notified through an email or text.

How to Sign Up SurveyTime

  • Provide Your Name and Email Address

The signup process for SurveyTime is pretty easy. To get started, visit the site and fill in your details (name and email addresses).

Once you have keyed in your email address, you will wait for a confirmation email to verify your account.

The platform offers other sign-up options, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google accounts. This makes the whole process much easier.

  • Verify Your Account

After providing your name and email address, head to your email inbox and check for any verification email from SurveyTime. Once you receive it, open and click on the verification link to confirm that the email address provided is yours.

In some instances, some people claim that the verification email went to their spam folders instead of their inboxes. For this reason, if you miss yours, check it out in your e-mail spam folder.

The site has a unique authentication system that is different than in most of the survey sites regarding passwords. Rather than providing your password, the site generates a strong password for you.

This is given upon account verification, and you’ll be using that to log in to your account.

  • Take a Personal Profile Survey

Another unique feature of SurveyTime is that it requires you to complete a profile survey as part of the signup process. In most cases, online survey sites will ask you to complete your profile details after signing up. However, SurveyTime requires your details at the very first stage to assign you relevant surveys upon signing up.

To some, this is a huge turn-off since it takes around 15 minutes to complete the survey. This is considered to be quite lengthy.

We can all agree that answering questions about you for 15 minutes without being paid can be discouraging. But it’s important if you are to secure any surveys in the future.


How to Make Money with SurveyTime

Making Money With Surveytime-Surveys

Just like any other survey site, you get paid by giving honest opinions/answers through completing surveys. After signing up and becoming a member, you can access several surveys available in the member’s section.

The site also allows you to search for available surveys. You should, however, note that you might not qualify for all the results that pop up on the result page. The two main ways to check for the available surveys for you are:

  • Checking out for surveys notifications sent via texts or emails,
  • Signing in to your account and view what is in your member’s area.

Since you won’t be invited to participate in every survey, it is advisable to check up on the member’s area regularly. SurveyTime only sends notifications for some specific surveys. It never sends email invites for surveys tailored to a wider demographic.

If by any chance you don’t find available surveys in the member’s area, you can always come back later to check. It’s highly unlikely for you to miss even a single survey for a whole day.

How Much Money Can You Make with SurveyTime?

This SurveyTime review may not exactly calculate how much you may make in a month, but it will try to conduct a rough estimate. Let us assume it is on a ‘good day’ and you land four available surveys in your member’s area, each taking around 15 minutes.

Therefore, completing the four surveys would take an hour and earn a total of $4.

On average, most survey takers from other sites only earn $1 per hour. SurveyTime’s rewarding program is better than most online survey sites.

Well, if we would calculate the monthly estimates and assume you take two surveys per day, it would translate to around $60. This may not be a lot, but if you view it as some extra cash from just giving out your feedback, it is a cool amount.

SurveyTime Redemption

Once you complete a survey, you are directed to a rewards page where you can see your earnings. Here, you also have a chance to select how you would like to receive your payments.

For every successful survey, SurveyTime adds a $1 reward to your account, which you can withdraw at any time.  At the time of compiling this SurveyTime review, every survey is rewarded equally but there are plans to roll out another program. This new SurveyTime payout program will differentiate between short and lengthy surveys.

According to the proposition, the short surveys might receive a reward of $0.5 while the lengthy ones maintain the $1 reward.

When it comes to payment of rewards, the site offers multiple options. You can receive your reward through platforms like PayPal, bitcoin, e-gifts, or even Amazon e-vouchers. The best thing about SurveyTime is that they do not have a minimum threshold.

You can withdraw your $1 immediately after completing a survey.


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SurveyTime Review: Pros and Cons of SurveyTime

Writing a review of SurveyTime would be incomplete if I failed to mention some of its pros and cons.

Here are ten pros and cons to consider before joining SurveyTime:

Becoming An Ambassador

Pros of SurveyTime

  1. It Is Accessible in Most Countries

SurveyTime has no geographical restrictions. It can be accessed globally, thus allowing individuals all around to make some extra cash. Some survey sites are only accessible within the United States, limiting individuals from other regions beyond the USA.

  1. Instant Payouts

Once you have completed a survey, you are rewarded instantly without the need to wait for reviews or approvals. This reduces the waiting time and enhances the transparency of your earnings.

  1. PayPal Is One of the Payment Options

PayPal is one of the most accessible and widespread money transfer options globally. It is available in most countries, which means SurveyTime users from various countries can peacefully withdraw their earnings.

  1. Has Several Payment Options

Rather than sticking to only one payment option, SurveyTime has diversified its options by incorporating other alternatives.

If you prefer gift cards, you can convert your earnings into e-gifts which can be used in Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Decathlon.

There are vouchers, but the cards might differ depending on the region or country.

  1. A Flat Rate of $1

A flat of $1 may not appear to be much or fair for the lengthy surveys compared to the short ones. However, if you consider other sites with similar lengthy surveys, they pay in cents.

Besides, most surveys range between 10 to 15 minutes with an assurance of banking a dollar at the end.

  1. Ensures Eligibility Before Taking the Survey

If you have ever taken online surveys, there is a high probability that you’ve ever been kicked out of a survey due to eligibility issues. That won’t happen with SurveyTime.

While most surveys will start by asking questions that determine your eligibility for a particular survey SurveyTime doesn’t.

Here you start with a screener survey during the signup process, which means you will be eligible for every survey available.

  1. The Site Is Device Responsive

This means that the site is easily accessible on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. It is, therefore, easier to take surveys even when on the move.

Cons of SurveyTime

  1. Inability to Save Up

While it’s a good thing to have instant cash out, some people prefer to let their earnings accumulate as they save for future use.

With SurveyTime, once you are done with your survey, you have to withdraw your reward.

  1. Inability to Provide Your Password

Understandably, the site developers did so to tighten their security, but it is not convenient. Some users find it hard to memorize their bank account numbers, leave alone those strong passwords.

  1. Hard to Get in Touch with Their Support Team

It is hard to find their contact information online, and most of its users have complained about this as well. And although they’ve provided an email, online reviews shared by some members indicate that they take quite a long time to reply.

  1. Account Deactivation

Several users have complained about their SurveyTime accounts being deactivated without any prior notice or communication.

In the terms and conditions, the company states that accounts that try to provide dishonest information will be deactivated.

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So, Is SurveyTime Legit or a Scam?

After reading through the SurveyTime review, I am sure that you have an answer already. It is a legitimate site with users across the globe.

According to online reviews, it seems that the platform is considerably embraced by users. For instance, Trustpilot rates SurveyTime at 4.5 stars from over 4,123 user feedback. This is way above average and proof that the site offers what they promise.

If you wish to make some passive income without much of a hustle, feel free to check the site out if you are okay with the platform’s downsides.





User Friendly




Survey Options





  • It Is Accessible in Most Countries
  • Instant Payouts
  • PayPal Is One of the Payment Options
  • Has Several Payment Options
  • The Site Is Device Responsive


  • Inability to Save Up
  • Inability to Provide Your Password
  • Hard to Get in Touch with Their Support Team
  • Account Deactivation