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Swagbucks Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

I earned extra cash by doing activities online when I registered at Swagbucks. I also gained gift cards while shopping online, watching videos, searching the web, taking surveys, playing games, and finding fantastic deals. If you want to learn more about how to earn money on Swagbucks, keep reading through this Swagbucks review.

Swagbucks offers countless possibilities to earn extra money. It is simple to use, offers excellent payout options, and is one of the biggest Get-Paid-To sites now, so it is worth checking out.

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But the question is, is Swagbucks legit to make money online, or is it a scam to avoid? I have used the website for a few weeks now and can confirm that it is legitimate and that I have been paid more than once.

However, it is not a site for everyone, and this Swagbucks review will be different from other reviews about Swagbucks. I will go over everything the platform offers. From what you can get and what you should be aware of, you have all the knowledge you need to evaluate whether it is the perfect site for you or not.

What Is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks Website

Swagbucks is an online rewards platform that allows members to earn rewards and cashback by performing online activities. Swagbucks is owned by Prodege – a digital service provider to earn money online. 

Swagbucks is one of the internet’s most popular and free rewards programs. Users that sign up receive digital points for completing basic activities, including the following:

  • Answer surveys
  • Watch Videos
  • Shop Online
  • Play Games
  • Search The Web
  • Discover Deals
  • Refer Friends

The rewards are called Swagbucks points or SB. You can exchange them for gift cards to well-known merchants such as Amazon and Walmart or for PayPal cash. The equation is simple and clear: 100 SB = $1.

Swagbucks Cashback

Swagbucks has gained popularity for a good reason. They are a reputable venture that has given its members over $700 million in rewards. According to the website, they send out an average of 7,000 free gift cards to subscribers each month.

Signing up is simple and, best of all, free. You can earn instantly using either the desktop site or the mobile app. When you have a few minutes to spare, whether at home or on the go – use Swagbucks to earn extra cash.

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Is Swagbucks Legit, And How Does Swagbucks Work?

App Store Swagbucks Review

Yes, Swagbucks is legit and proven tested. Swagbucks is not a scam. It is a legitimate online rewards network.

The easiest method to determine whether Swagbucks is legit is to read what others who have used Swagbucks say. Here are some user ratings from popular customer review sites:

Swagbucks has overall positive reviews. Most users are satisfied with how Swagbucks operates and compensate them for earning points. As long as you don’t expect to make hundreds of dollars per month, you will be happy with the extra cash you can make by participating in a few random online activities.

But you might be wondering how it works. Why would Swagbucks pay you through answering surveys, watching videos, or searching the web?

The answer is because of market research. Swagbucks collaborates with third-party companies who want to learn about your preferences and habits – and are willing to pay for it.

However, it is essential to keep your expectations in check. Swagbucks is fantastic for making extra money for gifts or adding to your vacation fund, but it won’t help you retire early. You can do it in your leisure time, that is both enjoyable and profitable. It is not part-time work.

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How To Register In Swagbucks

How To Join Swagbucks

It’s simple to create a Swagbucks account. You have to complete the registration form. It’s quick and easy, and you’ll be on your way to collecting SB points in no time!

How To Earn Money Online With Swagbucks

Are you ready to begin earning money with Swagbucks? Here are various methods to earn money as a Swagbucks member.

1. Swagbucks Paid Surveys

Swagbucks Paid Surveys

Swagbucks legitimately pays you to give your ideas via online surveys and polls. You can determine your rewards by the length of each survey.

Paid surveys are a great opportunity to make extra money while having your opinion heard, and Swagbucks has a selection of these.

Typically, there will be a lot of daily chances. Because Swagbucks has so many users, it is also a popular platform for business, resulting in several survey chances.

When you first log on to the site, it may not be obvious where to find the surveys. Unlike most other sites that provide paid surveys, Swagbucks does not have a section labeled “surveys.” The tab containing the surveys is labeled “Answer.

You can also find the daily poll on this page. It is a simple inquiry that will only take a few seconds to answer, and you will have a reward for your time.

You should be aware that for every survey they offer, you will not be able to qualify for all of them. That is the nature of survey sites, but it is essential to be reminded not to give up after attempting a couple of surveys. There will be several that you qualify for after a while, and you can focus on trying out those.

The beauty of online surveys is that you can complete them anywhere. And you can choose the shorter ones to finish quickly, allowing you to take advantage of your spare time.

However, don’t answer randomly if you want to finish in record time. Many survey questions are designed to ensure that you are paying attention. 

The Daily Poll is a single question with a daily payout of 1 SB. Even if you can’t fit in a survey, you should open the app every day and vote in the daily poll to earn points.

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2. Shopping Online Through Swagbucks and Get Cash Back

Shop Online Through Swagbucks

Swagbucks has a lengthy list of partners where you can earn Swagbucks rewards when you shop online. It applies to thousands of online businesses, like Gap, Nike, Amazon, and Walmart. It also includes cash back for services and various local activities based on where you live.

How many rewards you make varies on the retailer because they all have their own Swagbucks agreements. Each merchant has its regular cash back rate. However, keep an eye out for special bonus deals from time to time; you may earn from 1% to 11% or more on these offers!

So, if you do part of your shopping online, using the Swagbucks shopping gateway is a wonderful way to earn rewards and make good online purchases.

The stores above are a few selections, and the offers are constantly changed. And the exact deals displayed may not be available when you visit the website, but there will be plenty of others.

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3. Swagbucks Search Engine

Swagbucks Search Engine

Swagbucks has a search engine you can use every time you search the web. If you use this, you will have the opportunity to win rewards every time you search.

You can make Swagbucks Search your default search engine by installing Chrome or Swagbucks browser extensions. By automating this process, you make earning Swagbucks points easier. 

So, if you’re already surfing the web (as we all are), it might be worth a shot.

4. Swagbucks Watch

Swagbucks allows you to earn rewards by watching videos. There isn’t much money to be made from this, but there are different ways to view videos. For example, you can receive a particular number of points for watching a playlist within a category.

Swagbucks Watch Videos

The image above shows the topic, the overall duration of the playlist, and the points you will receive. As a result, you should only use this option if you find the videos fascinating in general, not just for the money. And there’s a decent possibility you’ll come across some interesting videos. Categories such as sports, entertainment, fitness, politics, fashion, and business are available.

So, if you find videos you want to watch, why not get paid to do it?

5. Swagbucks Online Playing Games

Swagbucks Play Games

There are several ways to get rewards when playing games. The first is playing free games on the Swagbucks website, and the second is playing a game on another site.

Swagbucks provides a few games you may play on their website to earn up to 10 SB. It might be a memory game or other entertaining short games.

The games on external sites are free, but you can also choose to play for money. It includes games such as slots, poker, the Wheel of Fortune, and Angry Birds. However, you will only earn SB if you make in-game purchases while playing, so you get more of a cash back option here.

However, if you enjoy playing these games, it might be a terrific way to get money back for purchases you would have bought anyway.

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6. Discover Deals and Offers

Swagbucks Discover Deals

Swagbucks provides offers and discounts, and you can find them on the “Discover” tab. Swagbucks collaborates with various shops and service providers to reward users with extra bonus points for trying out their products and services.

It is an offer in which you will receive points for performing a specific action. It can mean signing up for a website or service, visiting a website, downloading an app, signing up for a free product sample, signing up for a newsletter, and so on.

Swagbucks has a far better assortment of offers than other GPT sites with promotion segments. The image above is an example of earning up to 15000 SB points when you deposit and trade on the crypto website. Be mindful that new offers come and go all the time. And the example I showed is the deals available at that moment. 

It’s a terrific opportunity to try out a service for free while still earning some benefits. All the better if you end up liking it. The specific offers may differ for you, but there are good chances and simple ways to make money by taking advantage of these deals.

7. Referring Friends To Become Swagbucks Members

Swagbucks Referral

You can earn 300 SB with Swagbucks’ referral program when someone you mention signs up and earn 300 SB in their first month. Furthermore, you will receive 10% of their earnings for the lifetime of their membership.

You can earn 100 more SB when a referrer adds the SwagButton to their browser. Because you receive 10% of your referral earnings, referring friends you think will be active on the site pays off.

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8. Daily Goal Bonus

Swagbucks Daily Goal Bonus

You can earn an additional bonus by participating in Swagbucks activities. Once logged in, you may see the daily earnings objective to meet the daily goal for that day.

If you accomplish these multiple days in a row, you will receive a bonus based on how long your streak is. 7 days will net you 25 SB, 14 days you will earn 100 SB, and the list goes on. So if you use Swagbucks every day, that can be a nice little extra bonus.

Swagbutton – Swagbucks Chrome Extension


Swagbucks also provides the Swagbutton, which is Swagbucks’ Chrome extension. It can be beneficial if you want to make big savings when shopping online and have access to discount codes that can save you a lot of money.

When you install the Swagbutton, you will receive an alert in your Chrome browser whenever a new discount code and cash-back offer is available on Swagbucks. The Swagbutton also allows you to see if you’re browsing a site with coupons or deals.

You will receive a $10 incentive with your first purchase and receive cash back through the Swagbutton. So, if you enjoy shopping online, install this Chrome Swagbucks browser extension to earn bonus SB points.

The Swagbutton is simple to set up and activate. After registering for Swagbucks on the website, go to the Chrome store and search for the Swagbucks extension. You may also grab the Swagbutton by clicking here.

It is free to install, and once installed, activate the Swagbutton in your browser to begin using it and earn Swagbucks points.

How To Redeem Points On Swagbucks?

Redeem Points On Swagbucks Through Amazon

The process of redeeming Swagbucks points is simple. Click “redeem SB” and select one of the gift cards. You can redeem your points on PayPal or gift cards. For gift cards, shop in stores like Amazon, Walmart, and many others. The gift cards come in various amounts (small and large) and make it easy for you to redeem points frequently.

What’s amazing is that gift cards often go on sale, allowing your SB to spend even more. For example, the image above shows on-sale rewards on Amazon, which offers deals with as low as 33% discounts! I recommend keeping a lookout for sales to optimize the worth of your SB.

If you wish to get paid through your Paypal account, the payout barrier varies by country. But it is around $5, depending on where you live, which is a decent low threshold.

Another way to spend your SB is to enter sweepstakes (also known as Swagstakes). For a small number of points, purchase entry into several sweepstakes, giving you a chance to win a larger prize.

Some are time-limited, while others have limited entries, so keep an eye on the sweepstakes section for some nice chances to earn extra gifts.

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How Much Money Can You Make On Swagbucks?

This is the big question, as it is with other surveys or online rewards sites. However, it is also one to which no exact response can be given. It is dependent on various factors. How much time are you willing to invest, how many prospects are you interested in pursuing, where do you live, and other criteria must be considered.

But one thing about survey sites like Swagbucks is that they will not make you rich. And as a result, you should not join with that as your goal. On the other hand, Swagbucks provides excellent options to earn extra cash or receive additional prizes based on your preferences.

Overall, Swagbucks has excellent earning potential compared to similar sites, and it is one of the world’s largest and most popular sites due to its earning options.

Pro Tips To Maximize Your Earnings On Swagbucks

The following are some strategies to get the most money on Swagbucks:

  • Set aside time each day: Make it a habit to spend some time earning points before breakfast or before bed.
  • Install all of the features: Including the SwagButton, and allowing Swagbucks to function as your search engine could help you earn money while doing other online activities.
  • Sign up for free trials: Swagbucks Discover area contains offers that pay out big sums of up to 10,000 points.

Swagbucks Is Best For?

1. For those looking to earn extra spending money online

Swagbucks is a simple method to earn money by performing simple online tasks. It’s not a passive income, but it’s almost close. The activities are either things you would do (like shopping online) or things you can accomplish while relaxing on your couch (like watching videos or taking surveys).

2. For those who don’t have much free time for a side hustle

If you’re dedicated to earning extra money in your spare time, there are ways to earn more than you will through Swagbucks. But if you only have a few minutes to spare, Swagbucks’ fast online tasks might help you make the most of them.

3. For people who love answering surveys

Some people love the chance to share their opinions. And Swagbucks is a good way to earn additional money if you enjoy taking surveys.

4. For people who spend most of their time online

If you do online shopping, spend a lot of time on the internet, and enjoy gaming and watching movies, you might as well get paid for it through Swagbucks!

How Does Swagbucks Compare To Other Rewards Sites?

There are numerous opportunities to earn extra money if you are looking for a means to supplement your income. But how does Swagbucks compare to other online rewards sites?

Swagbucks vs. InboxDollars

Inboxdollars Logo

InboxDollars, like Swagbucks, allows you to earn money by taking surveys. You can also shop, watch videos, read emails, and cash out coupons.

Swagbucks offers more opportunities to earn money and more ways to redeem points. At the same time, InboxDollars pays users via PayPal or gift cards rather than points, making it a better alternative for those looking for a simpler system.

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Swagbucks vs. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo

Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are excellent options for earning money in your spare time. Swagbucks provides more methods to earn, and new members who satisfy the eligibility requirements receive a $10 incentive.  While there is no sign-up incentive at Survey Junkie, new members get extra points after building their profile.

Both Survey Junkie and Swagbucks provide various options to cash out, including gift cards and PayPal. Members of Survey Junkie may also be able to set up direct bank transactions in various countries.

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Pros About Swagbucks

  • The website is trustworthy.
  • It has excellent joining bonus points.
  • There are numerous ways to redeem your points.
  • The payout was made quite quickly.
  • A great strategy to earn extra income
  • It provides a good amount of interesting surveys.
  • Discounts on gift cards and prizes are available.
  • The Chrome extension makes it simple to earn money while browsing the web.

Cons About Swagbucks

  • It has limited opportunities in some countries.
  • It takes time to find surveys that you are qualified
  • Not being able to participate in many surveys
  • Failure to receive an extra gift card
  • Customer assistance is slow.
  • Account termination for no apparent reason

Swagbucks Ratings

  • Ease-of-Use – 4/5
  • Features – 4/5
  • Customer Service – 3/5
  • Value for Money – 4/5

Final Verdict – Is Swagbucks Worth It?

Absolutely! If you want to make extra money in your leisure time, Swagbucks is a great place to start. It’s completely free to join, and the rewards are legitimate.

Swagbucks is ideal if you enjoy taking surveys, watching videos, and playing games. It’s also one of the finest cash-back applications for online shopping, and you can earn rewards just by browsing the web!

This is a reminder that some surveys are troublesome, and not all offers will pique your interest. However, take what you want and leave what you don’t. It’s as simple as that; you really have nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Keep your expectations in check, and you won’t be disappointed.

FAQs About Swagbucks

Here are the answers to some frequently asked Swagbucks questions.

How old do you have to be to join Swagbucks?

You’ll need to be 13 years or older to sign up and earn cash on Swagbucks.

Does Swagbucks pay real money?

Swagbucks rewards your time and effort with points, which may be redeemed via PayPal if you prefer cash over a gift card. So, while you won’t get paid in cash every time you take a survey or view a video, you can get real money through Swagbucks.

How do I get 1000 Swagbucks in a day?

When you sign up with a legitimate Swagbucks referral link, you receive 500-1000 Swagbucks after completing the eligibility conditions. If your welcome incentive is $5, you can complete one or two surveys to earn 1000 Swagbucks.

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Ease of Use




Customer Service



  • Trustworthy website
  • Offers joining bonus points
  • Numerous ways to redeem points


  • Limited opportunities in some countries
  • Takes time to find surveys that you are qualified
  • Slow customer service