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Swapnex Review – Can You Make 2% Daily Returns With Cryptocurrency Arbitrage?

Arbitrage trading is one way to profit from cryptocurrencies. Essentially, you buy low and sell high and sort of earn the spread.

Swapnex is one such platform that helps automate the otherwise tedious  manual process. You don’t have to keep a track of several cryptocurrency tokens and exchanges to profit from the market.

All you need to do is make a deposit and let the automated bot do the heavy lifting. To most people, that sounds too good to be true.

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In this Swapnex review, we take a closer look into the platform and reveal everything you need to know before you get started. Is it legitimate or a scam? Read on and you’ll have your answers.

What Is Swapnex? is an arbitrage trading platform that aims to profit from cryptocurrency arbitrage. It will help find the difference in prices of a token between two or more exchanges and offer a profitable trade opportunity.

You can either take the suggestion and do it manually with the crypto of your choice or use the platform’s popular ‘auto mode’ to do the work for you.

Swapnex Review

Taking the manual approach is for those who’d prefer to do it the old school way and have more control. This is not very scalable for obvious reasons as there’s an upper limit on how much you can manage.

The auto mode makes it all look too easy but there’s a catch (more on it later).

Swapnex Pricing Plans

The platform offers several plans. The higher you go up, the more options/exchanges are made available, however, the auto mode is available even with the free plan (recommended if you want to test it out).

Swapnex Plans

The paid plans offer some perks to people doing arbitrage trading manually but not much to those using the automated mode. For test purpose, it’s best to stick to the free plan as most arbitraging opportunities are available.

If you feel like upgrading, you do get access to more cryptocurrency exchanges and access to a personal manager (on the flagship plan). This makes little sense because apart from manual trading upgrades, there isn’t much on offer.

How Arbitrage Trading Works

Arbitraging in layman’s terms is buying low and selling high.

You go to an exchange and buy a token for cheap and sell it at a slightly higher price on another exchange. This way you make back your initial amount and then some profit (the difference in pricing between the two exchanges).

Swapnex Crypto Arbitrage

This is cryptocurrency arbitrage. As you can see in the above image, I’m trading USDT for several tokens on exchange 1 (Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB and Tron), and selling them at a slightly higher on exchange 2 for a profit.

This is made possible with Swapnex’s built-in auto mode which manages the trades 24/7 automatically. This can all be done manually but it can get overwhelming as you’ll need to stare at your computer all day long.

Swapnex IO does it in stages. This is how the 8-step process works:

  1. Order verification
  2. Send your token(s) to the first exchange. In my case, the tokens are BNB, ETH, BTC, and TRX as I have 4 auto trades set up (image below).
  3. Exchange token into USDT (or other coin that you have selected).
  4. Withdraw USDT from the first exchange.
  5. Send USDT to the second exchange.
  6. Exchange USDT to token at a profitable rate.
  7. Withdraw token from the second exchange.
  8. Distribute profits.

Things however are a lot more sketchy than you would think. Swapnex tries to make things look legitimate but they falter at times.

The slider moves simultaneously for several open trades and it looks like it really isn’t doing any arbitrage trades but rather shuffling the exchange icons.

At no point are you involved in any of the above steps. It does look at times the platform is trying to make it all up just so they don’t look like a ponzi scheme.

If it has 30+ exchanges ‘integrated’, how are they letting you withdraw at the same time? (Often with these crypto exchanges there’s ongoing wallet maintenance and sometimes deposit/withdrawal delays because of tokens).

Also, how are the returns always around 2% considering markets are not static.

Swapnex Tutorial – Manual vs Auto Trades

In the manual mode, you’re supposed to select a pair from the orderbook, a network of your choice and two exchanges where you’ll do your arbitrage.

As of this writing, three networks are available – Ethereum (ERC20), TRON (TRC20), and Binance Smart Chain/BNB Smart Chain (BEP20).

Manual Trading

The minimum amount that you can use in the trader is 50 dollars. You can deposit various tokens using an appropriate network – your options include BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE, USDT, TRX, BCH, XRP, DASH, BNB, ZEC and XLM.

Keeping a track of the prices between two or more exchanges and finding something that’s profitable can be a chore at times. This is where the auto mode of the platform comes to the rescue.

All you need to do is select a pair from the orderbook, input your amount, check/uncheck compound interest button and select the trading duration.

The more days you select in the auto mode, the more trades the bot will run for you in a day. More daily trades means a better ROI but there’s a catch. Your deposit stays locked for the duration as the bots can’t be stopped midway.

As per the platform, your daily profits can be withdrawn/compounded and once the term/period is over, you get your original deposit back.

You can’t change your mind later so if you’re not comfortable locking in your funds, it’s best to pick a shorter duration instead for testing. With the 60 days plan, you get roughly 2% returns a day.

It makes no sense and the exorbitantly high returns look like a lure to get people to sign up and make a deposit. Cryptocurrency arbitrage can be done but it isn’t that easy to consistently generate a daily return of over 2%.

What makes it look even more shady is the fact that you get roughly 4% returns on the 120 days plan. If the trading opportunities are similar and the market is fair to everyone, how in the world can the platform double the returns?

Swapnex Io Auto Trading

Swapnex Withdrawals/Payment Proof

I’m always skeptical of these programs so I tried making a withdrawal after testing out the auto mode for two days.

It never hurts to do that as you’re not married to a program. Also if you intend to scale it/put more money in, you need to have a little more confidence.

In two days, I made $41 on a $1,000 test deposit, and within minutes my withdrawal request was approved.

Swapnex Io Withdrawal

The USDT made it to my wallet in a jiffy. Following you can find the payment proof. The process barely took 10 minutes from the time I made a request.

Swapnex Payment Proof

An Update After 10 Days (From a Real User)

The program has been consistently yielding 2% returns on a daily basis. I made a withdrawal after 2 days (check above section) and it was successful.

The third day the arbitrage trading platform exceeded my expectations and made even better trades, and as a result, my ROI for the day approached 2.5%.

The returns got better and better and this makes you want to put in more funds. Here’s how the Swapnex dashboard looked like after 10 days (for my active orders):

Swapnex After 10 Days

As I had expected from the first day, something was up with the platform.

It’s not honoring my withdrawal requests anymore. It’s coming up with lame excuses to back it up (issues with exchanges, market sentiment etc).

My previous withdrawal request took nearly 38 hours to get approved and the last one has been pending for over 48 hours as of right now. Since you’re not an active investor, getting in and out of trades should be instant.

So should be withdrawals for obvious reasons.

I did a test deposit just for the sake of this review. Unlike some websites, we don’t just come up with reviews without actually using the product/service!

If you’re going for high returns, there’s a very good chance it could be a scam or a ponzi scheme. The MLM aspect of Swapnex doesn’t make much sense either as you supposedly get paid for up to 5 levels (for your downlines).

If it’s just arbitrage, how does the system even manage to pay users for this?

Final Words On Swapnex – Legit or Scam?

This brings us to the end of this Swapnex review.

Swapnex makes the process look legitimate and if you’re new to cryptocurrencies or to the concept of cryptocurrency arbitrage, it’s easy to fall into the trap.

The platform lures users by offering higher returns the higher you go up (the more you deposit), and it will lock the money for the duration of the bot.

It makes zero sense as no real crypto exchange will ‘lock’ your funds for your daily arbitraging. It looks clear the platform is only interested in more deposits.

There’s no reason for you to sign up for Swapnex unless you’re willing to take a risk (and a huge one). It’s clearly not arbitraging but if it lasts for a few weeks and lets you withdraw, you could perhaps break even.

The chances of you breaking even are slim though. The more you invest, the more the platform ‘seems’ to make money for you. It in fact, doubles it.

There’s no way a platform can easily generate in an excess of 2% daily returns.

It does everything that a scam or a ponzi scheme will do. Withdrawals are getting delayed for over 48 hours but this shouldn’t be the case as you’re just getting in and out of trades (if it’s really doing arbitrage which it clearly is not).

However, the company does show a license (Australia-based) and their office address in a PDF format which is not that hard to obtain.

This helps a little but it isn’t enough proof to prove the platform is making money with arbitrage trading. From considering the above factors, we can’t recommend Swapnex to anyone as the risks involved are a bit too high.

Is it a scam? It looks like it. The first few withdrawals are quick just so it gains your trust and then goes dark once you make a bigger deposit.

There are real arbitrage bots in the market but they cost a fortune and they don’t guarantee returns. This is because the markets are ever changing.

You should always bear in mind that investing is a risky business and you should only invest what you can afford to lose. If you’re not comfortable, it’s best to consult a financial advisor before making a financial decision.

Is There a Better Way?

Well, there is. If you’re interested in earning decent yields (at a manageable risk), you should consider Yieldnodes.

The platform has been going strong for over 3 years and has been consistently yielding 7-10% returns on a monthly basis.

Check out our full Yieldnodes review here.

Yieldnodes shares their past performances and regular reports in the user dashboard. They aim to make a profit from masternoding and not trading. Compared to trading, this makes it less risky.

The lone fact that Yield Nodes has lasted the entire bear market (over the last 3 years) and have profited during this time speaks a lot.

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Swapnex Platform Update:

As expected, turned out to be a scam.

There was another so-called arbitrage trading platform called Cryptos OTC (COTPS). Turns out both Swapnex and COTPS were run by the same con artist.

It was just a matter of time. From the numerous red flags that were already a clear indication, the website finally shut down in May and scammed investors.

The platform smartly took investors in, seemed like the real deal in the beginning, and honored the withdrawal requests on time.

Once the user base grew large enough, the website started coming up with lame excuses for delays in payments, and as expected, they have gone dark.

Even though it’s sad, it reforces the idea you should never fall for something that’s offering/promising unreal results. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

You just can’t make 2% returns a day. At least, not for long! Even these scams share an oppotunity to profit, that’s if you make an early entry and an early exit.

As bad as it is, it’s best if we learn from our mistakes and move on. Mistakes are a part of being human and you can’t avoid them.

I have personally invested into the Swapnex platform just to test the waters and for the sake of writing this honest Swapnex review for the visitors.

If you’re looking for a solid platform to invest in, you should consider Yield Nodes. Our in-depth review can be found here.

The platform has been providing exceptional results for over 3 years and it has proven to be sustainable time and time again. Definitely give it a shot if you’re looking to generate a passive income with cryptocurrency.

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. These are strictly my personal opinions and should be treated as such. The information that you see on this website is for educational purpose only. Investing is risky and it can often result in a loss of capital so you should only invest what you can afford to lose. If you intend to make an investment anytime soon, it’s best to consult a licensed financial advisor/consultant first.



Ease of Use




Value for money



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  • The platform is a scam
  • You can't make 2% returns a day