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TaskRabbit Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

TaskRabbit is a website and app that connects people who need to get things done with people looking for work. You can use it to find someone to help you move, assemble furniture, or wait in line for you. You can also use it to earn money if you complete tasks. But is TaskRabbit safe and legit? Let’s take a closer look.

So, you’re thinking about signing up for TaskRabbit. Maybe you need help moving furniture or waiting in line for a new iPhone. Or maybe you’re looking for some extra cash and willing to help other people get things done. Either way, you probably have some questions. Is TaskRabbit safe? How does it work? And is it really worth your time? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This TaskRabbit review has everything you need to know.

What is TaskRabbit?

Taskrabbit Logo New

TaskRabbit is an app and website that connects people who need to get things done with people looking for work. You can use it to find someone to help you move, assemble furniture, or wait in line for you. Basically, if there’s something you need to be done and you don’t have the time or ability to do it yourself, TaskRabbit is a great option.

How Does TaskRabbit Work?

TaskRabbit is a place to find trusted people for errands, pickups, deliveries, and more. Hire a Tasker to get things done or contribute yourself and earn extra money with a Task.

TaskRabbit for Hirers

Taskrabbit Review: How Taskrabbit Works

TaskRabbit is a service that connects you with skilled people who can help you with whatever you need—from small jobs like assembling furniture to large projects like building a deck. TaskRabbit does all the vetting for you to connect you with an independent contractor, so all you have to do is post your job and pay for it. If you prioritize your work-life balance, TaskRabbit is for you!

If you need help with something, the first thing you’ll do is create a task on the TaskRabbit app or website. Then, nearby taskers who are available and have the skills necessary to complete your task will submit offers letting you know how much they’re willing to charge and when they’re available. Once you receive offers from interested taskers, you can read their reviews and ratings from past customers, as well as check out their profiles, to help you choose the right person for the job.

Taskrabbit List Of Services

Once you’ve selected a tasker, they’ll come to your location and complete the task while being monitored by the TaskRabbit website or app. After the task is completed, both you and the Tasker will have an opportunity to rate each other. These ratings are important because they help ensure that only high-quality taskers are allowed to keep using the platform.

We want you to get a complete glimpse of what it is like to hire people using TaskRabbit. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

#1 Create a task

Taskrabbit Homepage. Get Help. Gain Happiness.
TaskRabbit Homepage

On the homepage of the TaskRabbit site, you will see an empty field/search field beside a call-to-action button. Type the task you desire to get done. While doing this, some jobs or tasks will start to show up on the suggestions. Select the task you’re offering or simply click “Get help today.”

#2 Describe the task you need to get done

Taskrabbit Describe Your Task

This step is made for you to find the best people fit for the task and also for the people to know what needs to be done. This is quite simple, though the questions or required fields in this step depend on what kind of task you’re offering.

In this example, I made a “Help Moving” task. Since this task requires moving objects from one place to another, TaskRabbit will ask the addresses of where you’re moving from and where you’re moving to, how big the task is (how long it takes to get done), vehicle requirements, and the details of your task.

#3 Browse Taskers and prices

Taskrabbit - Browse Taskers

After finishing the previous step, you will now proceed to a page with a list of Taskers, a.k.a. the people for hire in TaskRabbit. You’ll see a summary of their profiles, which include their photo, name, number of completed tasks, the tools they use, and their hourly rate (which includes TaskRabbit’s service fee). Click “Select & Continue” underneath the picture of the Tasker you think is most fit for the work you offer.

Choose the date & time of the task and confirm the details of your job offer

Taskrabbit - Choose Date Time

A little pop-up will show on the page. You’ll see your selected Tasker’s availability on a calendar where you can also select the date you need to get your task. Select the time you want and click “Select and Continue.” Finally, confirm the details of the job you offer and, voila, you’re done!

TaskRabbit for Taskers

Taskrabbit - Become A Tasker

TaskRabbit is a great place to find tasks, run errands, complete odd jobs and earn extra money for doing them. From cleaning houses to running errands and picking up groceries, there are thousands of tasks in TaskRabbit to help you make some extra cash.

When you’re looking for work on TaskRabbit, the best way to get started is by browsing their list of available gigs. Click on one that catches your eye, and you’ll be able to see more details about what the task entails and who posted it. You can then get in touch with them directly via email or phone if you’re interested in applying! TaskRabbit offers are available in most major cities in the United States.

You decide on your own rates for different services, and all the money you earn is yours! To become a Tasker, you need to be at least 18 years old, have a bank account (you’ll get paid by direct deposit), a smartphone, and a valid Social Security number. You will also be subjected to an identity check. No worries, though, as these are done for your own good to ensure that your business is legit and you are absolutely real.

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Create your Taskrabbit Tasker account

Taskrabbit - Create Your Account

Once this page loads, you have to select your area, choose the category of the task you’d like to do, and click “Get started.” Then, a pop-up on the window will show where you’ll have to fill out details to create an account.

After successfully creating an account, you will build your profile. Here, you will select the services you offer and where you’ll offer them.

Next up, verify your eligibility for the task. You’ll do this by confirming your identity and submitting business verifications.

After verification, you need to pay a registration fee. I know what you’re thinking, a registration fee? We know you don’t want to pay, but the company claims this $25 fee will be worth it once you find odd jobs. You must be pondering whether or not to take money out of your pocket. We don’t blame you.

If you decide to pay the $25 fee, the next step is to set your schedule and work area. Set your availability per week and choose to receive same-day jobs (only if you want to). After this, you can start getting jobs.

TaskRabbit Review: Pros and Cons


  • You don’t need to physically look for a side gig. You just wait for bookings for your services.
  • You can attract more tasks if you have many good reviews. If you do your jobs well and former clients leave positive reviews, there’s a high chance for you to get selected by other clients.
  • You set your pay per hour, so you get what you want and what you deserve for completing tasks! TaskRabbit is also known to be one of the best-paying companies because of this.
  • You choose your hours! I don’t know about you, but it seems like a good idea to work whenever you want.
  • The company site is simple and easy to use! It also looks good and attractive.
  • They have good customer service.
  • If you happen to have different skills, definitely try this platform because you can work in different fields here! If you know furniture assembly, moving, or plumbing, you can do them all!


  • There aren’t always enough jobs for Taskers. There are many people in the gig economy, so this is not surprising. We recommend you to make accounts on other platforms too so you can get more opportunities and hence more money.
  • Work availability is sometimes inconsistent.
  • Clients are charged a fee for TaskRabbit services and a Trust and Support fee.
  • If you’re looking for a part-time job, this is not the right company for you. These are odd jobs, not part-time jobs, so work is gone after the task is finished.

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Is TaskRabbit Safe?

Yes! TaskRabbit takes safety very seriously. All taskers must pass a background check before they’re allowed to start working, and tasks are always monitored by the TaskRabbit team via GPS tracking and video verification. In addition, payments are only released after both parties have confirmed that the task was completed satisfactorily. If there’s ever a problem with a tasker, TaskRabbit has a Money Back Guarantee in place to protect customers.

How Much Does TaskRabbit Cost?

Task Rabbit pricing varies depending on the task being performed, the hours needed, and the location where it will be performed. For example, tasks like waiting in line or grocery delivery tend to be less expensive than tasks like moving furniture or handyman work. In general, prices start at around $15 per hour but can go up significantly for more difficult or time-consuming tasks.


In conclusion, TaskRabbit is a safe and legit platform connecting those who need assistance with those who are seeking gig work opportunities. It is perfect for simple errands or deliveries but can become pricey for more difficult tasks such as IKEA furniture assembly or moving services. With careful selection of your rabbit and political price haggling, you can find affordable services without skimping on quality or safety guarantees provided by TaskRabbit themselves!

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