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Team National Review – Scam or a Legit Way To Save Money Online?

Are you looking to get started with Team National? It often pays to research before you join a program, and TN is no exception. Is the membership any good, or is it a scam? This article that discovers the Team National review will provide the answers you’re seeking.

If you like spoilers, here’s one before we discuss things in detail. Team National is not a scam or a pyramid scheme, as some of the reviews on the internet say. The multi-level marketing company is legit, but the pricing is ridiculous.

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So, is Team National legit? Yes, it is. With that said, let’s explore this further.

What is Team National?

The network marketing firm specializes in selling savings memberships. If you join the club, you’re instantly eligible to receive discounts on a wide range of products & services in the states. These offers span multiple industries – insurance, travel, and household goods, to name a few.

The Florida-based organization was founded in 1997 by Dick Loehr. Angela Loehr Chrysler is the current president of TN and is also the founder’s daughter. The company has had a solid track record and has won many accolades.

Angela assumed the presidency of Team National in 2006. And she took control of Team National after the death of her father, Dick Loehr, in 2008.

Team National Logo

Best Place To Work and Top Workplaces are a few popular ones. Their savings club membership is legit, and the fact that they’re still in business after nearly two decades of operation is proof enough. FTC regularly conducts audits and takes down scams.

They belong to the US Chamber of Commerce, Dun, Bradstreet, the Direct Selling Association, and DSA.

Although these affiliations and their 20 years in the company increase Team National’s reliability, there are several issues you should consider before joining.

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Who created Team National?


Dick Loehr established Team National in 1996 with the goal of offering his clients a range of advantages and services, which we will explore later.

He sold his benefits package to a little direct selling organization that had been operating since 1992 in 1997. Dick and his staff improved the benefits package over the next two years, and in 1999, Dick acquired the marketing strategy and associate group from that direct selling business.

He reorganized the business by establishing field committees and moving the corporate offices.

In 2001, he created Team National, a new name, logo, and brand for the business. When Dick Loehr passed away from cancer in 2008, his daughter Angela took over as Team National’s president and has held the position ever since.

How does Team National Work?

With Team National, you can join the ‘club’ and get discounts on various products across the United States. If not, you can promote the business opportunity and earn commissions on your sales.

With the exclusive club membership, you will purchase from partners affiliated with the company. Since TN and the vendor(s) are partners, they would be willing to get you a discount. Here’s a sample of their Team National Lifetime Membership Brochure:

Team National Membership Brochure

If you’re interested in making money, you may be more interested in the business side of things. You can promote the TN membership as a distributor and get referral credit when people join under you. It operates as an MLM; you can earn referrals and direct sales.

You can make money in other ways as well, including by hiring new Independent Marketing Directors. The further your downline expands, the more money you can earn.

According to the Team National strategy, your downline can have a limitless depth. It implies that you can profit from the IMD’s sales regardless of who recruited them. Here’s how you can start as an Independent marketing director for Team National’s MLM Program:

Independent Marketing Director Brochure

What Products Does Team National Sell?

Team National Products

The simplest way to define this business is as a membership discount provider of a range of goods and services.

You will have the ability to purchase in bulk the following goods and services:

  • Vehicles
  • Plans for Discounted Healthcare
  • Communication Services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Monetary Services
  • Automobile Rentals
  • Commercial Savings
  • Team National brand of goods

You may purchase all of these direct manufacturer items for 65% less.

Team National Product Line

Team National Membership Products

Although Team National focuses on selling discounts, you won’t discover much information regarding the savings they are offering.

However, there are positive team national reviews, while others complain that they aren’t earning something out of it.

Here’s the Team’s National Business Opportunity:

1. Factory Direct

Team National Factory Direct

You can purchase furniture at up to 65% discounts through Team National’s furniture branch, which avoids retailers and distributors in favor of dealing directly with the manufacturer. It covers indoor and outdoor furniture, including amenities like flooring, spas, and saunas.

2. Group Buying Power

With several merchants, producers, and distributors that Team National has partnered with so their members can receive special prices, members will save money.

Cars, financial services, health discount insurance benefits, rental trucks and communications networks, corporate savings, travel, and insurance are a few of these.

Thus, you can save money on various expenses when you join team national, including high-speed connection, financial management, vision and dental insurance, and the purchase of a new or used car. We don’t really know how much. There is nowhere to locate a specific discount on high-priced or sticker-priced items.

3. Business Exchange

Although it’s wonderful to receive discounts from big box stores and well-known companies, the business exchange is only open to small businesses in your neighborhood. Examples given by Team National USA include those related to building, house upkeep, real estate, care products, automobiles, insurance, travel, and more.

Again, not everyone will profit equally from this, so it may be worthwhile to do some research to see if nearby shops in your area participate if you’re thinking about purchasing a membership for this purpose.

4. E-Commerce

Team National Products - Tn Essentials

Team National gives its members the opportunity to make 30% commissions by reselling more than 100 well-known brands together with their own private label products.

Products that fit the nutrition, children, and automotive care department niches are available. Team National also offers its own private-label line of consumables, including nutrition essentials and child care items.

The claim is that they are 50% less expensive than products considered the industry standards. However, I was unable to locate any specific products to compare. I can’t say I’m confident that assertion is accurate without evidence, given that they are in direct competition with online retail powerhouses like Amazon.

In many cases, 50% accuracy is possible.

5. Big-N Marketplace

It is a collection of online shops where you may buy products and earn commissions. The commissions range from 0% to 35%, while the commission payment system varies depending on the store.

After your purchase, Team National receives a report from the merchant with the commission you are entitled to. The commissions are paid to each qualified IMD. You receive the full amount of what you have earned; they do not retain any of it as payment for their services.

Additionally, you can encourage your loved ones to make purchases from your personal website so that you can profit from their sales.

Team Nationals Membership Program

Team National Banner

Here’s a closer look at the different Team National membership options offer, features, and pricing. The pricing, as we discussed is ridiculous. The standard membership costs $795 for two years, and the premium costs $2,195 one-time for lifetime access.

Standard Membership

Team National Standard Membership

$795/renews after 2 years

  • Savings for one person
  • TN Group buying power
  • Factory Direct
  • Business exchange
  • Rebate program
  • TN e-commerce

Premium Membership

Team National Premium Membership


  • Savings for an entire family and up to 5 business employees
  • TN Group buying power
  • Factory Direct
  • Business exchange
  • Rebate program
  • TN e-commerce

If you’d like to learn more about the compensation plans, here’s a PDF file for you to review. To be eligible, you must register at least two sales per year as a distributor.

The pricing is ridiculous, as we mentioned earlier, and the results will also vary from person to person. Unless you’re comfortable with direct selling, MLMs are not for you. It’s a fact most people struggle with opportunities that ask for ‘recruitment.’

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Team National Compensation Plan

With Team National, there are two alternative methods to profit. Team National isn’t like other businesses. They sell an unusual kind of merchandise.

However, the method of earning money is essentially the same in almost every MLM and network marketing company.  By promoting the service and creating a downline, you can make money.

Let’s examine the two in more detail. 

Profiting from Product Sales

The Team National Companies doesn’t offer any products. With this, the organization can be a little complicated. They offer memberships that allow customers to purchase goods at a reduced price.

Some of these are well-known, prestigious brands and goods. However, Team National only mentions the large savings without revealing what they are.

So there are four categories where discounts are offered, which are the following:

  • Team National Factory Direct: It includes savings on tangible products.
  • Group Buying Power: Savings for various services for both individuals and organizations.
  • Business Services: Special prices for nearby companies.
  • Rebate Program: These are deals that allow customers to receive cashback on purchases made at various stores.

Membership Sales Revenue

Consequently, you can earn money by selling Team National memberships.

Selling a basic 2-year membership will net the members $50 while selling a lifetime membership will net them $100. The typical commission rate for most MLM companies ranges between 20 and 30%. Team National’s commissions appear to be relatively modest.

Additionally, you will receive $25 for the basic membership and $50 for the premium membership if your consumer pays for their subscription using a credit card.

There are also numerous rewards for Independent Marketing Directors or IMDs. Let’s look at the rewards packages:

Commission and Bonus Qualification

You must refer two additional persons each year as an affiliate to be eligible for commission and bonuses.

Remember that renewing your membership will not count as a new sale. The good news is that this quota is unaffected by membership cancellation.

Direct Discount Membership Commissions

The following compensation is paid by TN if you sell Premium or Standard Discount Membership:

  • Premium Membership (cash) = $100
  • Premium Membership (credit card) = $50
  • Standard Membership (cash) = $50
  • Standard Membership (credit card) = $25

The company offers a $25 or $50 commission if a member chooses to finance their membership costs through TN.

Until an affiliate has sold two membership packages, commissions are not paid out. Commissions begin to accrue on the third sale.

Residual Discount Membership Commissions

By using a binary compensation scheme, you can make a residual commission. Your affiliates are positioned beneath you in binary, in two legs. 

Each time a discounted membership package is purchased, a point is awarded.

An affiliate’s or their downline’s personal sales are eligible for points. Note that at the conclusion of each weekly pay cycle, points are flushed out and do not carry over.

  • These points are totaled each week, and an affiliate gets rewarded $500 if his right and left sides have five matching points.
  • The affiliate receives $1500 if 10 points are matched on the left and right leg.

A “hosting bonus” of $1000 has been added, given if 10 points are matched.

However, an additional prerequisite for this is that an affiliate must have two eligible downlines to get commissions (two new membership sales every 12 months).

Presidential Bonuses

A distributor also qualifies for a Presidential bonus if they have attained and maintained hosting qualifications.

With five levels of Presidential membership ranks available after achieving this rank, the distributor can earn extra points for each membership sold.

  • Presidential Director (generate three 10:10 matching bonuses in your binary) – earn an extra point for each membership purchased
  • Bronze Presidential Director (have two recruits having Presidential rank) – earn two extra points for each membership sold
  • Silver Presidential Director (have four recruits having Presidential rank) – earn three extra points for each membership sold
  • Gold Presidential Director (have six recruits having Presidential rank) – earn four more points for each membership sold
  • Platinum Presidential Director (have ten recruits having Presidential rank) – earn five extra points for each membership sold

Remember that the preceding qualification requirements only apply to those who were hired by you.

Additionally, on the sale of a discounted membership made by themselves or their subordinates, Presidential Directors and affiliates with higher rankings receive the following bonuses:

  • Presidential Director – $10 Standard Membership discount and $20 Platinum Membership discount.
  • Bronze Presidential – $20 Standard Membership discount and $40 Platinum Membership discount.
  • Silver Presidential – $30 Standard Membership discount and $50 Platinum Membership discount.
  • Gold Presidential – $40 Standard Membership discount and $80 Platinum Membership discount.
  • Platinum Presidential – $50 Standard Membership discount and $100 Platinum Membership discount.

For sales generated by an affiliate’s downline, the override commission is $5 for Standard Membership and $10 for Platinum Membership.

Product Bonus Points Commissions

Similar to the discount membership binary points system, there appears to be a commission for product bonus points as well.

It amounts to a $150 commission paid-out on matching 10 product points in affiliates’ left and right binary teams, though this was badly explained in the reward plan documentation.

Additionally, if the affiliate qualifies for hosting, a $100 hosting bonus is given out, either to them directly or to the first hosting-qualified affiliates in their upline.

A minimum of $50 worth of merchandise must be purchased by an affiliate from TN to be eligible for bonus point commissions.

Is it possible to profit from Team National?

The income disclosure demonstrates it is exceedingly difficult, but not impossible, to generate money via Team National.

The few individuals who succeed at the organization and earn more than $14k annually will regard this more as a full-time “sales manager” position than a supplement to another career.

Successful MLM participants typically have an outgoing personalities, spend a lot of time on social media, and excel at “selling the promise of becoming your own boss.”

Therefore, to earn a substantial income and share in the bonuses and sales generated by their team, they must build a sizable “downline.”

Most of the time will be spent on Zoom conversations where they will be urging their “team” to sell and find new recruits in order to increase their earnings!

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Do You Fit To Join Team National?

Making money as an IMD is demonstrated by the income disclosure agreement, but the chances are not in your favor.

You face challenges with any business opportunity. Whether we’re talking about MLMs or online income, Team National isn’t necessarily any worse than other businesses. You need to look for the best opportunity for you.

A mismatch between a person’s personality type, abilities, and strengths to the business they are trying to develop is the fundamental issue and the main cause of failure for most people.

It will be difficult to sell anything if you lack sales skills. Even for seasoned professionals who enjoy their work, it can be challenging. What are the chances that you will stick with something if you are bad at it and dislike doing it?

Network marketing success necessitates a special skill set. And let’s face it, some personalities are more suited to it than others. In particular, some people lack the confidence and comfort to recruit their family and friends.

You also need to have a thick skin and take rejection well.

Having said that, I would unquestionably advise giving Team National a go if you’re a good fit and thinking about starting a network marketing firm. Despite my reservations about the membership’s actual worth, it is impossible to ignore the absence of tangible goods.

Is Team National BBB Accredited?

Although they are listed on the BBB website, Team National is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

It can indicate that the business has received some complaints on the BBB website that haven’t been resolved.

It might also imply that they aren’t in conformity with the BBB’s assessment.

But the company does have an A+ rating on the BBB website despite not being accredited.

What Ratings Does Other Company Provide For Team National Review?

You should research the company to learn what other people say about it, just like you would with any opportunity or thing you plan to spend money on.

And Team National can attest to this. Is there a chance Team National is a scam?

You may read reviews of Team National on numerous websites, which can provide useful information about the people who have experiences with the opportunity.

The top websites to visit are listed below:

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau Bbb Banner

Team National is not recognized or accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As the Team National evaluation was written, they had 25 customer ratings and an overall rating of A+.

Six complaints were resolved within the past year, and twelve within the previous three years. The products and services were the subjects of the majority of complaints.

Some complaints said that the company didn’t handle the rebates as promised. Team National responded to these accusations by saying that reimbursement processing takes a maximum of 90 days.

Ripoff Report

Ripoff Report Banner

Team National is the subject of numerous complaints on the RipOff Report. Some consumers claim that they believe this business exploited them by making promises they were unable to keep.

According to one complaint, Team National is a scam because it was difficult for them to contact anyone.

Indeed Logo

With Indeed, Team National has received 4.1 out of 5 ratings and 22 evaluations from corporate employees. The majority of these ratings express satisfaction with management.

The Best Places to Work and Top Places to Work awards were given to Team National in 2020.

Those are some really outstanding achievements.


Green Glassdoor Logo

With a total of ten reviews, Team National received 4.4 out of 5 stars on Glassdoor.

Two of the reviews appear to be from IMDs. And the remaining reviews were written by corporate office employees. Most of them are positive reviews, especially those from independent marketing directors.

Blog Comments Team National

The hot topic on several blogs recently has been Team National. They discuss how to join Team National as Independent Marketing Directors. Favorable and negative comments can be found in the comments section.

While many of the favorable reviews appear to be from members looking to recruit, the unfavorable comments appear to be about not making enough money and the company’s lack of transparency with regard to costs.

Is Team National A Pyramid Scheme?

They are not part of a pyramid scheme. And no, they are not doing something illegal. 

A pyramid scam is a business strategy that recruits individuals to work for money without giving them anything in return. They try to offer you the idea that you can get wealthy quickly.

It is how a pyramid scheme entails:

  • Pyramid schemes don’t have a product to sell, though they pretend to conceal their structure.
  • They only recruit as their goal. And if you get money from anything other than selling to the general public, it’s a pyramid scheme.

Team National does not operate like a pyramid scheme, unlike many MLMs.

Although Team National does not present itself as a get-rich-quick scam and does not make any unrealistic claims to get rich, you will need to acquire individuals to join your downline as IMDs in order to earn money.

The business is not promising team national members that doing this will make them rich soon or gradually. They claim that is how an IMD can generate money.

Things We Liked

  • There is a wide range of products to choose from – with the Team National membership Sales, you can avail discounts on products.
  • The membership doesn’t involve managing an inventory or dealing with physical products.
  • Team National offers a support and mentoring system.
  • Many people have had the opportunity to join Team National in more than 24 years of existence, but most MLM businesses fail after ten years. Although you can argue with the ratings, it was named one of the top employers for 2020. And it’s not a bad sign.
  • The membership may result in substantial savings. You will get even more from the membership if you’re making a large buy or travel frequently, for example.
  • To keep your membership, many MLMs demand you meet sales objectives monthly. People acquire things to make money because they are anxious to meet the quotas and become active as distributors. When you sign up for Team National, all you have to do is sell two memberships a year. There is no quota for monthly sales to meet.

Things We Didn’t Like

Most Team National reviews are overly positive; let’s throw some light on the cons to be fair:

  • Too Expensive – the standard and premium memberships cost an arm and a leg. We didn’t even consider the $55 starter kit fee, one-time $25 membership fee, and $35.95 success club membership if that gives you an idea.
  • Income potential – 90% plus people struggle with promoting network marketing opportunities for a reason. It involves networking, aka recruiting people under you. It’s also harder to market MLMs since you’re sort of ‘married’ to a product. With affiliate marketing, one of our favorite business models, you are free to select what you promote. You get commissions on your sales, but there’s no tiered structure which sometimes screams Ponzi from a distance.
  • Hidden Expenses – There are unforeseen monthly costs you will pay even though they don’t have a sales quota. These extra monthly costs consist of the hosting costs for websites, success club costs of $39.95 per month, and a subscription to TN All-Access of $10 per month.
  • Not BBB Accredited – I’m surprised by this. It is not approved by the BBB, despite having a rating of A+ and having a profile. Additionally, if you examine their profile, you will discover 29 complaints filed in the previous three years. Despite being closed, they are still adequate to see what the complaints are.
  • Incomplete information on the main website – there isn’t enough information on the product line on the website, which a potential customer expects to know when they land on the website.
  • Transparency issues – The website provides very little information on membership, sales training, products, etc. Specifics are hard to find, even after reading what seemed like a hundred or more comments and testimonies.
  • Only available for United States residents

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Is Team National a Scam?

No, Team National is not a scam. The company is legit and offers a legitimate membership. It may not be the best decision you will make. The pricing is steep, and the discounts/offers are only available on select providers (the ones affiliated with TN).

Thumbs Down Icon

The product is decent and would’ve been something we could have recommended all day if it had been competitively priced. If you want to earn commissions promoting the program, you may be interested in their business opportunity.

There are people who recommend you stay away from the Team National scam, but it’s possibly more because of a bad experience with the multi-level marketing program.

It utilizes an MLM structure – if you don’t fancy network marketing/direct selling, it’s not for you. If that weren’t enough, the membership would be expensive and take a lot to sell to prospects. Thankfully, recruiting isn’t the only way to earn a living online.

There’s nothing wrong with MLMs, but the income potential is low. Some people kill with them, and most never make a dime. It’s also never a good idea to ‘stick’ to one product forever and have to pay money to promote something.

However, the hype surrounding Team National is not positive. The company’s website is difficult to navigate and omits essential information. Finding out precisely what they offer and how much clients must pay requires extensive research.

I wish you luck in locating their compensation structure. There are a few videos available, but that’s it. They don’t offer all the crucial details either.

This behavior is never helpful. There is no justifiable reason for businesses to conceal their compensation strategy, if it is intended to be effective.

There is also so little data available on memberships. The website should make clear what memberships are and how much they cost.

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What products does Team National sell?

Team National is a membership-based business that offers deeply discounted goods for our daily needs. They currently have products in more than 20 industries.

What are the best-selling items from Team National?

The members of Team National Factory Direct can save up to 65% on tangible goods. Internet access, satellite TV, vacation, business savings, financial services, automobiles, jewelry, and furniture are the best-selling products.

What is the cost of joining Team National?

Information on how to sign up has not been made available by Team National. After claiming to be a fantastic opportunity, they direct you to a form where you can contact a distributor. However, discussions on forums indicate that joining costs roughly $2,000.

Is Team National a scam?

No, Team National is a legitimate company. They have rigorous rules prohibiting inflating earnings or the amount of time spent working the business, which sets them apart from other MLM firms in their commitment to honesty.

They were listed among the Top 100 Direct Selling Companies in the World and were selected as one of the 2018 Direct Selling News Best Places to Work. Additionally, they were inducted into the BGCB Hall of Fame and featured in the Success From Home magazine.

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