Team National Review – Scam or a Legit Way To Save Money Online?

Looking to get started with Team National? It often pays to do your own research before you join a program, and TN is no exception. Is the membership any good, or is it a scam? This review will provide the answers you're seeking.

If you like spoilers, here's one before we discuss things in detail. Team National is not a scam or a pyramid scheme as some of the reviews on the internet say. The multi-level marketing company is legit, but the pricing is ridiculous.

So, is Team National legit? Yes, it is. With that said, let's explore further.

What is Team National

The network marketing firm specializes in selling savings memberships. If you join the club, you're instantly eligible to receive discounts on a wide range of products & services in the states. These offers span across multiple industries - insurance, travel and household goods to name a few.

The Florida based organization was founded in 1997 by Dick Loehr. Angela Loehr Chrysler is the current president of TN, who is also the founder's daughter. The company has had a solid track record, and has won many accolades.

Team National Reviews

Best Place To Work, Top Workplaces being a few popular ones. Their savings club membership is legit, and the fact that they're still in business after nearly two decades of operation, is proof enough. FTC regularly conducts audits and takes down scams.

If the company shared attributes of a ponzi scheme, it would probably be gone by now.

How It Works?

With Team National, you can join the 'club' and get discounts on various products across the United States. If not, you can promote the business opportunity, and earn commissions on your sales.

With the exclusive club membership, you will be making purchases from partners affiliated with the company. Since TN and the vendor(s) are partners, they would be willing to get you a discount.

If you're interested in making money, you may be more interested in the biz op side of things. Simply promote the TN membership as a distributor, and you'll get referral credit when people join under you. It operates as an MLM, you can earn on both referrals' sales and direct sales.

The Membership

Here's a closer look at the different Team National membership options the company has to offer, features and pricing. The pricing, as we discussed earlier is ridiculous. The standard membership costs $795 for 2 years, and the premium costs $2,195 one-time for lifetime access.




/renews after 2 y

  • Savings for one person
  • TN Group buying power
  • Factory direct
  • Business exchange
  • Rebate program
  • TN e-commerce

If you'd like to learn more about the compensation plans, here's a PDF file for you to review. To be eligible, you need to register at least 2 sales per year as a distributor.

The pricing is ridiculous as we mentioned earlier, and the results will also vary from person to person. Unless you're comfortable with direct selling, MLMs are not for you. It's a fact most people struggle with opportunities that ask for 'recruitment'.

Things We Liked

  • Wide range of products to choose from - with the Team National membership, you can avail discounts on a lot of products.
  • The membership doesn't involve managing an inventory or dealing with physical products.

Things We Didn't Like

Most Team National reviews are overly positive, let's throw some light on the cons just to be fair:

  • Too Expensive - both the standard and premium memberships cost an arm and a leg. We didn't even consider the $55 starter kit fee, one-time $25 membership fee, and $35.95 success club membership if that gives you an idea.
  • Income potential - 90% plus people struggle with promoting network marketing opportunities for a reason. It involves networking aka recruiting people under you. It's also harder to market MLMs since you're sort of 'married' to a product. With affiliate marketing, which is among our favorite business models, you are free to select what you promote. You get commissions on your sales, but there's no tiered structure which sometimes screams ponzi from a distance.
  • Incomplete information on the main website - there isn't enough info on the product line on the website which a potential customer expects to know when they land on the website.
  • Only available for United States residents

Is Team National a Scam?

No, Team National is not a scam. The company is legit, and offers a legitimate membership. It however may not be the best decision you will make. The pricing is steep, and the discounts/offers are only available on select providers (the ones affiliated with TN).

Team National Scam

The product is decent, and would've been something we could have recommended all day if it was competitively priced. If you're looking to earn commissions promoting the program, you may be interested in their business opportunity.

There are a few people who rather recommend you stay away from the Team National scam, but it's possibly more because of a bad experience with the multi level marketing program.

It utilizes an MLM structure - if you don't fancy network marketing/direct selling, it's not for you. If that wasn't enough, the membership is expensive, and it would take a lot to sell it to prospects. Thankfully, recruiting isn't the only way to make a living working online.

There's nothing wrong in MLMs, but the income potential is low. Some people make a killing with them, and most never make a dime. It's also never a good idea to 'stick' to one product forever and having to pay money in an order to promote something.

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