Is Tecademics a Scam or a Legit Program for Learning Online Marketing? (Review)

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, and are thinking about joining Tecademics, you've come to the right place. We will try our level best to answer questions you may have.

Tecademics was launched in Q3 2016, but a lot has changed since then including the departure of Chris Record - their founder and the appointment of a new CEO - Jim Piccolo.

What Is Tecademics?

Before Tecademics was launched in August 2016, they were known as the 'Internet Marketing College'.

They provide courses and offer training for a a wide range of topics related to Internet Marketing. They even have a campus in Scottsdale, Arizona which is like a traditional school.

Tecademics Reviews

On their website, you can even find photos and videos of students in the rooms. Their goal is to be the best 'college' for developing your skills in internet marketing.

We like the concept, schools are all about learning theoretical concepts and they hardly teach real world skills to the students. The Tecademics founder even collaborated with some popular names in the industry for realizing his dream.

Here's a video which shares the vision of the company.

Outdated Information

With Tecademics, a lot has changed over the years. A lot of Tecademics reviews you'll find online are pretty much outdated. Some might even give you a wrong impression of the company. Here's what you need to know.

Tecademics' Products

They had four core products in the beginning named TEC, Impact, Masters, and Elite.

These products are no longer in existence. They are now replaced with '16 individual success paths' instead.

Tecademics Affiliate Program

They used to sport an MLM structure back when the company was launched. 

With the multi-tier affiliate program, the members get compensated for the people they refer and receive various rewards as a result.

Lately, they've gotten rid of the MLM side of things which is a good move considering the troubles MLM companies face because of FTC crackdowns.

Course Structure

For attending the lessons, one had to visit Arizona. If not, online courses were available for those who couldn't attend. Lately, they've discontinued those.

Only the course-related information is available on the main website, you can no longer place an online order or view pricing.

If you're interested in enrolling, you will have to send them an email expressing your interest.

Tecademics Chief Executive Officer

Unfortunately, the founder Chris Record has left the company, and has been replaced as the CEO by Jim Piccolo. It's rather sad news since Chris was the soul of Tecademics.

tecademics ceo jim piccolo

Jim, current Tecademics CEO

Chris is a successful Internet Marketer, and the students tend to like him.

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Courses They Offer

Instead of having four main products like they used to, they now have 16 individual career paths from which one can choose. They include:

  • Drone Pilot
  • Agency Startup
  • Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Asset Brokering
  • Ecom Mastery
  • Ecom Management
  • Ecom Foundations
  • Email Marketing
  • Lead Gen Specialist
  • FB Ad Specialist
  • Video Marketing Specialist
  • Pay Per Click/PPC
  • SEO Strategist
  • Print on Demand
  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Ad Specialist

Every career path is broken down into three courses - Foundational, Core, and Tactical.

Is Tecademics a Scam?

No, Tecademics is not a scam. They have a great vision, and they offer a variety of courses, and help people make money online. The fact that they have a physical school in Arizona alone is enough proof proving their legitimacy. However, they do have pros & cons like with any other program. Let's throw some light on the pros first.

  • Great concept - not many schools offer what Tecademics offers. It's a very unique idea. Got to love what they have in store for us.
  • The Founder - Chris Record has a pretty solid 'record' in Internet Marketing. He has left the company but his mission has stayed which is a good thing.
  • Wide Range of Courses - They don't just specialize in one topic, there are 16 career paths to choose from, with a whopping total of 71 classes!
  • Physical School - It's unlike other programs which hide behind a computer screen. It's a real school in Scottsdale, AZ where you can learn new skills.

Now, the cons:

  • Must Travel To AZ - The online courses are no longer available, you must travel to Arizona if you wish to enroll. Not everyone has fat wallets or is willing to travel for a course.
  • Expensive - Since it's like a real school expect to pay in excess of $10,000 to join the courses. You'll be learning from experts in their respective fields and not from professors. Expect it to cost an arm and a leg.
  • Not For Everyone - If you're still on the fences on what you should learn, it's better for you to not join and save those $$ instead. What if you spend thousands and later realize it's not what you want?

Final Words On Tecademics

Tecademics is a good choice for those who are willing to visit Arizona and have a clear direction like what they want to do in life.

Tecademics scam

It's definitely not for everyone and it can get quite expensive if you're not a Scottsdale resident considering the steep tuition fee and the cost of living. That's one reason some say you should stay away from the Tecademics scam even though it isn't one.

But there are better online training programs out there. You just have to learn the right skills, and get to work. It's not hard to get results if you're willing to take action for the better.

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