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Is The Conversion Pros Any Good For Internet Marketers?

Everyone is looking for a way to make their businesses more profitable. Check out the Conversion Pros review below and see if it might help you do just that.

How would you like to have an all-in-one software suite? One which comes feature-packed with tools to simplify your marketing campaigns and help you make more money? The Conversion Pros claims to be a platform that comes to the rescue.

With its tools, you can drive traffic to your marketing funnels and, ultimately, your MLM businesses. It looks like a good software suite, right? But every system has its benefits and flaws.

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So, is the Conversion Pros platform right for your online business? Or do you need even more elaborate internet marketing tools? This Conversion Pros review sheds more light on that.

What is The Conversion Pros Platform?

The Conversion Pros
  • Name: The Conversion Pros/TCP
  • Web:
  • Created By: David Dubbs
  • Price: Free trial, followed by $50 per month

You might have heard of the cliche – money is on the list. That’s true, and if you build a list of people/build a following, it will serve you for times to come. To do so, you can get started by creating a marketing funnel.

Once you have a funnel in place, all that’s left is to drive traffic to it using organic methods and paid methods and collect visitors’ data (name, email, phone number, etc.). Soon after, you will want to follow up with your subscribers and build trust using an autoresponder/email marketing service.

Generally, the Conversion Pros platform allows you to do this and more. That’s according to their website.

The platform claims to offer the right tools to enable you to grow your business or make it profitable. For instance, instead of just helping you get leads, they ensure that you get leads that matter or those with a high probability of conversion.

A lead becomes a conversion when the visitor to your website takes action. This can be filling out an inquiry form, booking an appointment, or buying something. Therefore, your business’ conversion rate is the percentage of the total visitors that become paying customers.

The Conversion Pros promises to give you leads that increase your conversion rate. But does it? And how does it achieve that?

The Conversion Pros Review: How Does it Work?

This Conversion Pros review will help us understand what is so unique about the Conversion Pros website. Why should you choose it?

Well, the platform employs two effective tactics to help your business grow. The first is leads generation, and the other is building relationships with the generated leads.

The platform helps your business generate valuable leads by designing great landing pages. Also, through landing page builders, broadcast text messages, CRM software, and other tools, it helps you go beyond lead generation. It helps you establish direct communication and connection with your leads.

Therefore, while other online businesses worry about qualified leads, you don’t need to. The platform offers a structure that allows you to follow up on pre-qualified leads.

Usually, this platform is ideal for various businesses, including online recruiters, MLMs, affiliate marketers, and other online businesses.

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Main Tools that The Conversion Pros Platform Offers

The Conversion Pros Features

1. Landing Page Builder

If you want to grow a profitable business today, creating an effective landing page for your website is essential. The Conversion Pros landing page builder allows you to do just that, or so they claim.

With this tool, you can create high-converting, pre-tested landing pages that lead to more quality leads and conversions. And it’s easy. You only need to pick your preferred template, then drag and drop anything that makes it better, including images and videos.

The platform has a huge library of stock images you can use to customize your landing page. It also enables you to customize color schemes, text, and font. In other words, you get lead capture pages that help you generate leads that easily turn into customers.

2. Email Autoresponder

Email Autoresponder

After potential customers visit your capture page, you’ll need a tool that helps collect their details. That’s where the email autoresponder comes in.

It is an essential part of your business’ marketing system, enabling you to email visitors automatically after signing in. This way, you can provide more information about your offering, which might make the visitors more inclined to make a purchase.

With this tool, all you have to do is to create targeted emails, then leave the rest to your system. You can pick an existing email list or attach your email autoresponder to a landing page to start sending those automated emails. Either way, this tool allows you to keep the conversation going.

3. CRM (Contact Relationship Manager)

Contact Relationship Manager

Generating leads is not enough to grow a business. Growing solid relationships with these leads is what matters.

With CRM tools, you can do more than just generate leads. Plus, it works with both your landing pages and your phone. For instance, you can view the caller information for both the inbound and outbound calls for contacts in your CRM.

Also, every time a new contact is added to your landing page, you get a push notification. As such, you can contact them as soon as possible and increase your chances of closing the sale. So, even when you are out of the office or not near your desk, you never miss that important lead.

4. SMS Broadcaster

Sms Broadcaster

When considering the best tools on Conversion Pros, the SMA broadcaster is one tool we cannot ignore. It complements the email autoresponder, creating an even better chance to convert that lead into a sale.

Usually, 95% of recipients will read text messages within a few minutes of receiving them. This means that texts can be quite an effective way of passing your marketing messages to the intended persons.

Through this tool, all you need to do is pick an appropriate date and time and draft a message. The texts will be sent automatically without further effort from you.

However, you should note that many people might not read your text messages after receiving them – especially if they look spammy!

Therefore, ensure that your texts are straight to the point and look legit. Also, avoid sending too frequent texts.

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5. Marketing Videos

Sometimes, high costs prevent people from using quality videos in their sales funnels. This is one of the Conversion Pros tools that help you deal with that.

The platform offers pre-made videos that you can integrate into your capture pages to help generate more leads. You can also send these videos to the generated leads via the SMS Text Broadcaster or Email Autoresponder tools.

It’s simple! First, browse through the videos, and pick your favorite video which also matches your online business. From here, add the video’s code to the video editor, and you are good to go.

6. Purchased Leads

Pre-Qualified Leads

Besides helping you attract leads through your landing pages, this all-in-one marketing suite also sells general and pre-interviewed leads. And as they’ve put it on their website, they don’t fetch their leads from just anywhere.

Mostly, their leads come from people who have filled out an online inquiry form and are just waiting for your response and follow-up. And when TCP gives you leads, they are yours only – they are not given to anyone else.

Even better, the pre-interviewed leads help you avoid the small talk. These leads have already passed the interview phase about what they are looking for. Therefore, all you need to do is follow up and close that sale. Plus, their answers during the interview will guide you in effectively following up.

The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program

The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are an excellent way of making money online. And the Conversion Pros also has a great one.

Usually, the Conversion Pro package goes for $50. And when a person registers through your link, you get half of this – that’s $25.

Now, this isn’t a bad deal if you earn $25 free cash for every referral you bring on board. With just ten referrals a month, you can easily take home $250.

Even better, you’ll have covered your monthly subscription fee with only two referrals. This way, you can enjoy all the tools on the platform to grow your business for free. It’s a double-win situation.

You can make good money here if you are good at affiliate marketing. The potential is infinite.

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The Conversion Pros Plans

The Conversion Pros Free Trial Version

The founder, David Dubbs, hosts a webinar once a week and offers live training to the members. Also, you can access a dozen easy-to-digest video training modules in the back office.

The platform will set you back by $50/month, and the other tools, which you’ll need, will cost another 40-50 bucks a month. If you’re up for it, you can give it a shot.

The best part here is that you will have a 14-day free trial to determine whether this is the best platform for your business. The trial period is obligation-free and doesn’t require any credit card information.

In addition, you will have access to all the platform’s features and tools, including;

  • Landing pages builder
  • A/B Testing
  • URL shortener
  • Marketing videos
  • Invoice creator
  • Email Autoresponder
  • CRM App
  • SMS broadcaster

With these tools, you can easily tell whether the platform offers genuine leads, even before subscribing to the paid version.

Benefits of the Conversion Pros Platform

  • It has an obligation-free 14 days trial period: This allows you to experiment and decide whether the platform’s tools fit your needs.
  • All-in-one Suite: The platform has all the features you need to grow your sales in one package. This means you don’t need to buy different products to complete it.
  • An attractive affiliate program: With a 50% referral commission, it means you are earning half of what you bring on onboard. Not many affiliate programs can offer this – although there are still better affiliate programs like the Wealthy Affiliate.

Main Cons of The Conversion Pros Platform

  • With the $50 price for the package, you can get better platforms with more quality tools. So, while it might not be too expensive, it might not give you the best value for your money.
  • You don’t get full control of your landing pages since it’s all hosted on the platform’s site. This is something many people will dislike
  • Their training and products are a bit low-quality compared to other internet marketing tools.

TCP Alternatives

There are many platforms that provide lead generation and email services. Some of them include AWeber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, and ClickFunnels. If you can’t decide what to choose, check out our recommended tools & resources.

For creating landing pages, you can use LeadPages, Power Lead System, Online Sales Pro, or ClickFunnels. There are a lot of decent platforms available. People who fell for the MOBE scam were recommended to use a combination of AWeber+LeadPages.

To make some dough with this setup, you must promote a product as an affiliate. Either signup for the affiliate program and promote the system and make commissions on sales you bring, or promote any other product of your choice.

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Is the Conversion Pros a Scam or Legit?

The Conversion Pros review above shows this is a legitimate platform, not a pyramid scheme/scam. However, it’s still not something we can recommend to our readers. For starters, it costs $50/month after the free trial; there are several better (and cheaper) tools and training options if you’re interested in learning affiliate marketing.

The main reason behind our conclusion is the hidden costs you’ll discover when joining the system. Considering you’re spending that kind of money, it’s simply not the best option that you can have.

There are systems that are FREE/half as expensive and do a lot better job overall and get you real results. Whether you want to grow your business or expand your income streams through affiliate programs while working at home, there are better options.

For instance, you can try out ClickFunnels, Getresponse, or HubSpot Marketing Hub. And while some are a bit expensive, their results can be quantified and proven.

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