10 Best Thrive Themes Templates for WordPress

Looking to learn more about the various Thrive themes templates out there? You're at the right place.

Thrive Themes is among the leading theme & plugin developers for WordPress today. Their products are conversion focused out of the box, with a goal to get your visitors to turn into subscribers and paying customers.

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As a part of the Thrive package, you get access to over a dozen themes and plugins.

The membership plan offers an excellent value for money for what it provides. With it, you can use the products on up to 25 of your own websites without any limitations. You also get unlimited support in case you run into issues.

Product Update:

Thrive Themes no longer support the various WordPress theme templates mentioned in this article. Although, no longer in active development, they are still offered as a part of the Thrive Membership.

However, if needed, you can still install any of these themes on your WordPress website from the 'Legacy Themes' section from the Product Manager. Just know the support for them may be lacking at times.

Thrive has instead replaced the set of themes with a new product called Theme Builder. Using it, you can have more control of what you'll be building - same old front-end visual editor, of course!

Following are our favorite (and the best) WordPress themes from Thrive:

Best Thrive Theme Templates

#1 Ignition

Ignition happens to be our favorite theme from Thrive. It's a minimalist yet fully functional WordPress theme.

If you sell a product, this theme can be a joy to work with. You can create amazing sales pages and full-width pages to help you sell your product/services online. In case you wondered, this blog uses Ignition theme as well.

#2 Luxe

Luxe is a luxurious theme from the house of Thrive Themes.

It also offers a range of gorgeous opt-in forms, unique typography and call to action buttons like nothing else. Yet, it is minimalistic at the same time and looks perfect across the range of devices.

#3 Minus

Minus is another one of our favorite themes and for many reasons.

It offers a super sleek interface, with a clean menu layout and white space dominating everything else. When your goal is to max out readability of your blog/sales page, you cannot go wrong with Minus.

#4 Rise

Rise is a high-quality theme best used for a business website.

It's also commonly used by people to build sales pages and affiliate marketing blogs. With clear call-to-action sections and text which is easy on the eye, watch your conversions go through the roof with Rise.

#5 FocusBlog

If you're looking to build a clean-looking business website, consider FocusBlog.

It's also popular among bloggers since it puts the focus on the blog, and cuts out distractions. If you sell products, or are involved in network marketing/MLM, it can again be a good fit. 

#6 Squared

Square theme uses a flat-design and a bold style.

Thanks to the bold color scheme and unique layouts, all your content - be it pages or blog posts will look attractive. Best used with local business and services websites.

#7 Voice

If you want your content to do all the talking, switch to Voice.

It uses a unique left-side sidebar layout which is often useful with podcasts and personal portfolio sites. Whether or not the layout is a good fit for your needs, depends on your taste of course.

#8 Pressive

If you own a marketing agency, you cannot go wrong with Pressive.

It's a theme very popular among search engine optimization and web design agencies, and for a good reason. With it, you can pump out sales pages with a lot of eye candy yet simplicity in no time.

#9 Storied

Storied is best suited for blogging as the name suggests.

If you use a wide range of content (images, videos, and other media files), it won't disappoint you. Pair that with the useful plugins you get as a part of the Thrive membership, and you have a cherry on the cake!

#10 Performag

Performag is an option if you run a magazine/comic website.

If that's your current business model, you will want to maximize user engagement, social shares and advertising revenue. Also useful with newspaper sites, Performag will not be a bottleneck at any stage.

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Thrive Themes Membership

As a part of the membership, you get unlimited access to all the above themes and conversion-optimized plugins.

The membership starts at $19/month for individuals with which you get access to all the Thrive products. You will also get lifetime free updates to the existing products (and new product launches) for free.

Unlimited support and full access to knowledge-base articles and forum is also available to all Thrive members.

There's also an Agency membership option in case you want to use Thrive products on your clients' sites as well.

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