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Toptal Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

The digital economy has led to an explosion in the freelance industry, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to connect with talented professionals worldwide. One of the leading freelancing platforms is Toptal, which promises to connect you with “the top 3% of freelance talent”.

But is Toptal legit or just another scam? In this review, we examine what Toptal offers and whether it’s worth your time. Toptal has gained significant attention as a platform that connects businesses with top-tier freelance talent, from developers to designers and finance experts.

With an extensive vetting process aimed at finding the best freelancers, Toptal has positioned itself as an elite solution for hiring on-demand experts. In this article, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of using Toptal for your business needs and what you can expect when working with the platform.

The rise of the gig economy has paved the way for numerous platforms claiming to offer access to skilled professionals; however, the quality of talent can vary significantly from platform to platform. Offering a rigorous freelancer acceptance process, Toptal is often seen as more selective than its competitors, ensuring that only those freelancers with the technical expertise, strong communication skills, and passion for their craft are included.

As opportunities for remote work expand, so does the need for dependable hires with proven track records.

What Is Toptal?

Toptal Logo

Toptal is an online platform that matches businesses with pre-vetted freelance professionals, including software developers, designers, project managers, financial analysts, and more. It was founded in 2010 and has become one of the leading sites for finding high-quality freelancers across various industries.

Toptal, derived from the term “top talent,” is a platform that connects organizations with pre-vetted freelancers. Founded by Taso Du Val, its CEO, the company has a business model that emphasizes quality by employing a rigorous acceptance process for its freelancers, ensuring only the best candidates are available for hire.

The platform’s reputation has grown significantly due to its commitment to understanding clients’ hiring needs and providing relevant, high-quality freelancers. Toptal’s strict 5-step screening process includes testing areas such as language proficiency, technical skills, and problem-solving capabilities, which significantly reduces the risk of hiring an unqualified freelancer.

Toptal’s unique business model relies on matchmaking clients with freelancers, focusing on various industries that require specialized skills. Clients range from small startups to well-known corporations such as Shopify, Duolingo, and Gucci. By serving a wide range of industries, Toptal has established itself as a reliable source for high-quality freelance talent.

In addition to its quality commitment, Toptal offers unparalleled transparency from the start. Clients can review the profiles of potential freelancers to gain insight into their expertise, reviews, and related experience. This allows organizations to make more informed decisions when hiring these professionals.

As a trusted platform in the freelance world, Toptal’s innovative approach to sourcing and providing top talent has made it a preferred choice for businesses seeking reliable and skillful freelancers. The company continuously demonstrates its commitment to maintaining high standards in the quality of its freelancers, ultimately ensuring that organizations can efficiently find the right freelance professional for their needs.

The Talent on Toptal

Toptal is a well-known freelance platform that connects businesses with a global network of top talent. In this section, we will explore the different types of professionals available for hire on Toptal, including developers, designers, finance experts, and business analysts.


Toptal Developers For Hire
Toptal / Toptal

Toptal’s pool of developers includes experienced professionals specializing in various programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. These developers come from diverse backgrounds and are thoroughly vetted through Toptal’s rigorous screening process, ensuring that only the top 3% of candidates join the platform. With full-stack development, mobile app development, and data engineering expertise, businesses can find the right talent for their specific development needs.


Toptal  Designers For Hire
Toptal / Toptal

Designers on Toptal hold a wealth of experience and knowledge in creating visually appealing and functional designs that cater to the needs of various industries. Toptal’s designers specialize in graphic design, UI/UX, and product design. Through the platform’s stringent onboarding process, businesses can identify and engage with talented designers who possess technical skills, the creativity and foresight necessary to effectively deliver impactful designs.

Finance Experts

Toptal Finance Experts For Hire
Toptal / Toptal

Toptal’s finance experts are seasoned professionals offering their services in financial modeling, accounting, and investments. They possess a solid understanding of financial markets and can provide valuable insights for businesses seeking expert guidance on financial matters. Through Toptal’s careful selection process, clients can access finance experts with relevant industry experience, ensuring that the right professional meets their specific financial needs.

Business Analysts

Toptal  Business Analysts Hiring Page
Toptal / Toptal

Businesses seeking a thorough analysis of their operations, market dynamics, or competitive landscape can rely on Toptal’s pool of skilled business analysts. These professionals are well-versed in data-driven decision-making, process improvement, and strategy development. By hiring business analysts from Toptal, companies can gain vital insights and recommendations, enabling them to unlock their full potential and optimize their operations for success.

The Screening Process

How Toptal Works Page
Toptal / Toptal

Initial Screening

The screening process at Toptal begins with an initial screening stage, which encompasses a comprehensive evaluation of the applicant’s English language proficiency and communication skills.

Applicants must demonstrate their fluency in written and spoken English, which is crucial for effective collaboration with clients and team members. Moreover, during this stage, the applicant’s technical knowledge and skillset are reviewed to ensure that they possess the expertise required to provide high-quality services to Toptal’s clients.

Live Screening

After the initial screening, candidates proceed to the live screening phase, consisting of interviews conducted by Toptal’s experienced professionals. This phase aims to assess the applicant’s technical knowledge in depth, as well as their problem-solving and analytical capabilities.

Furthermore, the live screening process also delves into the candidate’s personality, ensuring they can fit seamlessly into diverse teams and work environments.

Test Projects

Once applicants have successfully navigated the live screening phase, they are required to complete a test project that challenges their specific domain expertise. These projects are designed to mimic real-world tasks and situations that freelancers may encounter while working with Toptal’s clients. By evaluating the candidate’s performance on these test projects, Toptal can further ensure that only the top 3% of talent enters their network, upholding the platform’s commitment to providing its clients with exceptional freelancers who possess the necessary skills, technical knowledge, and professionalism to meet their needs.

Quality of Projects and Professionals

Freelancer Quality Review

Toptal stands out for the quality of professionals within its network. It focuses primarily on financial experts, software developers, software engineers, software architects, UI, and UX work. The rigorous screening process ensures that only the top 3% of applicants become available for matching with clients. This guarantees a high standard of professionalism and excellent work quality when hiring through Toptal.

The top-tier freelancers include skilled product managers and project managers, combining industry-standard practices and knowledge to deliver seamless project handling and problem-solving. Clients can expect a high level of dedication and expertise from Toptal freelancers, who are committed to providing the best possible outcomes.

Project Handling and Delivery

Toptal handles project delivery with utmost attention ensuring that all aspects of a project are taken into account from start to finish. Projects are managed by experienced product managers and project managers, who are well-versed in coordinating various types of projects in different industries.

Freelancers at Toptal have a proven track record for delivering exceptional results. With their diverse backgrounds in various fields, clients can expect:

  • Effective communication throughout the project cycle
  • Efficient project management and execution
  • Dedication to completing projects on time and within budget
  • Adherence to project guidelines and requirements

This results in a seamless experience for both clients and freelancers, with projects being completed efficiently and to a high standard. The quality of work and commitment to excellence are what set Toptal apart from other platforms, ensuring a positive experience for all parties involved.

Customer Experiences

Toptal Client Reviews And Experience
Toptal / Toptal

Toptal’s customer experiences have received high praise, reflecting their focus on customer satisfaction, service, and personalization. Customers consistently rate Toptal’s services as smooth and professional. They appreciate the emphasis on communication throughout the entire process, from initial contact to project completion.

First-time users often commend Toptal’s professional yet friendly approach. This balance reassures clients and makes them feel comfortable and confident in their choice of service provider. The ease of the onboarding process, paired with rapid response times, distinguishes Toptal from its competitors. This attentiveness contributes significantly to overall customer satisfaction.

Clients are consistently impressed by Toptal’s commitment to personalizing their experience. By addressing individual needs and tailoring solutions, Toptal creates lasting relationships with its clientele. This approach to customer service empowers clients, as they feel heard and understood throughout the duration of their projects.

Toptal’s customer service goes beyond just meeting the client’s expectations. The integration and deployment of their solutions receive top marks, showcasing their expertise and dedication. Their support team is widely praised for being available, knowledgeable, and proactive in finding creative resolutions to any challenges that may arise during a project.

The diverse selection of freelancers, specialized skills, and advanced expertise available within the Toptal network contributes to the high levels of customer satisfaction. They strive to match the perfect talent to each client’s unique requirements, ensuring optimum results. This attention to detail strengthens client relationships and fosters brand loyalty.

Overall, Toptal excels in providing clients with exceptional experiences. Their commitment to delivering outstanding customer service, maintaining high satisfaction levels, and personalizing each interaction sets them apart in their industry.

Pricing and Budgets

Why Choose Toptal
Toptal / Toptal

Cost Breakdown

Toptal has a unique pricing model when it comes to hiring top-notch freelancers. Freelancer charges start at $60 per hour, but the final cost varies depending on skill level, project complexity, and the number of hours worked. For clients, it is essential to clearly understand their budget and how much they are willing to invest in hiring freelancers through Toptal.

To further elucidate, here is a simple cost breakdown example:

  • Deposit: Clients pay an initial deposit of $500, which is later credited toward their first invoice or refunded if they are not satisfied with the freelance talent.
  • Hourly Rates: Freelancers’ rates vary from $60 to over $200 per hour, depending on their expertise.
  • Negotiable Rates: Clients can discuss project requirements, deadlines, and budgets with freelancers to find a price that works for both parties.

Trial Period Benefits

One of Toptal’s key features is the risk-free trial period, which allows clients to minimize financial risks when working with freelancers. During this trial period, clients can assess freelancers’ skills and ensure they fit their projects well. If a client is unsatisfied, they can either work with another freelancer or receive a full refund of the initial deposit.

The risk-free trial period offers several advantages for clients:

  • Minimal Risk: By allowing clients to evaluate freelancers’ performance, this trial period minimizes the risk of investing in freelancers that may not meet their expectations.
  • Flexible Engagement: Clients can choose a trial period duration according to their specific needs. This flexibility allows them to determine the best length to adequately assess freelancer performance.
  • Cost-Effective: If a client decides not to proceed with a freelancer, the full deposit is refunded, ensuring minimal financial losses.

Comparison with Competitors


Fiverr Website Landing Page
Fiverr / Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform that primarily focuses on smaller projects or tasks. It offers a wide variety of services, from graphic design to content creation. While Toptal is known for its selective onboarding of freelancers, Fiverr has a more open approach. This means clients can potentially find a broader range of talent on Fiverr, but may face challenges in identifying the most qualified professionals.


Upwork Website
Upwork / Upwork

Upwork is another well-established competitor in the freelancing industry. It boasts a large number of freelancers offering diverse skills and expertise. Unlike Toptal’s more rigid vetting process, Upwork relies on a user rating system to help clients identify suitable freelancers. Because of the different approaches to vetting talent, clients may have a better chance of finding a match on Upwork. However, the quality of work delivered may vary significantly, whereas Toptal focuses on maintaining a high-quality talent pool.

Freelancer Marketplaces

Peopleperhour Website
PeoplePerHour / PeoplePerHour

Freelancer marketplaces like Guru and PeoplePerHour are alternative options for clients seeking remote talent. These marketplaces generally have a lower entry barrier for freelancers and offer a broader range of services. Additionally, clients can benefit from competitive bidding in these marketplaces. The downside is that the vetting process may not be as thorough as that of Toptal, resulting in possible quality variations.

Job Boards Webpage
Indeed / Indeed

Job boards such as Indeed and Glassdoor provide a platform for companies to post job openings and attract potential hires. While job boards are great for recruiting permanent or long-term employees, they may not be the best choice for short-term or specialized projects, which is where Toptal shines. Clients seeking project-based or short-term freelancers might find Toptal to be a better option. Webpage / is a niche competitor to Toptal, specifically focusing on technical and development talent. Like Toptal, meticulously vets its freelancers before allowing them onto their platform. The advantage of is its concentrated pool of highly skilled tech talent. However, Toptal offers a wider range of professional services, making it a more versatile option for clients looking for talent in areas other than development.

By providing a comprehensive comparison of Toptal’s competitors, clients can make an informed decision on which platform best suits their needs. Whether a client needs specialized high-end talent or a quick, budget-friendly solution, the options are available and cater to varying requirements.

Pros and Cons of Toptal

Toptal Highlights

The biggest advantage of using Toptal is that it ensures you’re only connected with highly qualified candidates who meet your criteria for experience and skillset. Additionally, since all transactions are handled through the platform (payment processing, contracts, etc.), it streamlines the process and makes managing remote teams much easier than other methods.

On the downside, while Toptal claims its services are cost-effective compared to traditional staffing options, some people find its fees quite high. Additionally, because all work must be done within their system (time tracking and invoicing), it may not fit certain business models and other options.

Toptal has become a popular platform for companies seeking talented freelancers for various projects. To understand the platform’s value, it’s essential to examine its pros and cons.


  • Rigorous Selection Process: Toptal’s freelancer acceptance process is known to be stringent. The platform boasts a top-tier talent pool, making it easier for clients to find quality freelancers for their projects.
  • Flexible Engagement Models: Clients can choose between hourly, part-time, or full-time freelancers based on their needs. This flexibility allows for better project planning and budget management.
  • Direct Billing: Toptal invoices clients directly for the freelancer’s engagement duration and takes care of commissions, ensuring a seamless payment process.
  • Fast Matching: Toptal takes pride in their quick talent matching process. Clients can expect to be connected with potential freelancers within a few days, enabling speedy project initiation.


  • Higher Pricing: Due to its elite network of freelancers, Toptal’s services can be pricier compared to platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. This factor may not be suitable for smaller projects or clients with limited budgets.
  • Limited Freelancer Categories: Although Toptal has a range of professionals, the platform primarily focuses on software developers, designers, finance experts, and project managers. Clients looking for niche skill sets may not find it as useful.
  • Less Control over Freelancer Choice: While Toptal vets its freelancers rigorously, clients may sometimes feel they have less control over the selection process than on platforms that provide more visibility into freelancer profiles.

Is Toptal Legit?

Toptal World Class Talents

The short answer is yes – Toptal is a legitimate platform, and there are plenty of happy customers who have used it to find great freelancers. The company puts prospective freelancers through an extensive vetting process before allowing them on the site – only 3% make it through – so you can be sure you’re getting quality candidates when you search for workers on Toptal.

Final Verdict

Toptal provides an exclusive network of freelancers in various industries, offering top-notch software developers, designers, finance specialists, project managers, and more. Connecting clients with key talents within 48 hours, Toptal ensures convenience and flexibility for all parties involved.

As the future of work shifts towards remote models, Toptal’s rigorous multi-level screening process sets them apart from competitors like Upwork and Fiverr. Their ability to offer the cream of the crop regarding talent enables organizations to more confidently tackle projects involving cutting-edge technologies, such as AI, blockchain, and marketing strategies.

Companies relying on Toptal’s expertise find additional benefits, such as access to Google-certified professionals and consultants with experience in various fields, like interim CFOs.

The platform’s emphasis on flexibility allows clients to scale services up or down as needed, providing the right amount of support for various project scopes. This also benefits freelancers who can find opportunities to grow and expand their expertise while collaborating with clients from different backgrounds.

Ultimately, Toptal’s platform enables remote work possibilities for clients and freelancers, allowing them to collaborate to contribute to innovative solutions in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Toptal a good platform for freelancers?

Yes, Toptal is a highly regarded platform for freelancers, particularly for those who are skilled in development, design, finance, and project management. The platform emphasizes providing clients with the top 3% of talent, ensuring that selected freelancers are among the best in their respective fields.

How does Toptal compare to its alternatives?

Toptal stands out among its alternatives due to its rigorous selection process and focus on quality. While other platforms offer a wider range of freelance job opportunities, Toptal prides itself on providing clients with the most skilled and experienced professionals. This can mean less competition and higher-paying jobs for freelancers who meet Toptal’s stringent requirements.

What is the average salary on Toptal?

The average salary on Toptal varies depending on the type of job and the experts’ experience and skill set. Since Toptal focuses on the top 3% of talent, freelancers can typically expect to earn higher salaries than other platforms. However, specific salary numbers will differ based on factors such as the nature of the project, its duration, and the client’s budget.

Are there work-from-home opportunities at Toptal?

Yes, there are numerous work-from-home opportunities available at Toptal. One of the platform’s key selling points is its commitment to promoting remote work and offering freelancers the flexibility to choose their work environment.

What is the selection process like for Toptal jobs?

Toptal has a stringent selection process to ensure that only the top 3% of applicants become part of their talent pool. This process typically involves multiple stages: an application review, technical skill evaluations, a live screening, and a test project. The exact steps and sequence may vary depending on the specific field, but the goal remains the same: ensuring that Toptal offers its clients the highest quality talent.

How secure is the Toptal platform?

Toptal is a legitimate and well-established platform that takes the security of its users seriously. The platform has implemented various measures to ensure that both freelancers and clients can trust the platform, such as a secure payment system, strict vetting procedures for clients, and a comprehensive review process for freelancers.

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