Udimi Gift Code – How to Get a $5 Discount on Solo Ads (2021)

Looking to invest in solo ads? Udimi is a popular marketplace for both solo ad sellers and buyers. For a limited-time, you can get an instant $5 discount on your first order.

Place an order, and the system will automatically apply the discount using an exclusive Udimi gift code.

Get a $5 discount on your first solo ad order

Is There a Udimi Gift Code or a Coupon?

Internally, yes. Externally, no. If you're new to the Udimi platform, regardless of your first order's size, you will get $5 off on the original solo ad pricing.

Udimi Gift Code

If you purchase 100 clicks for let's say $49 from a solo ad provider on Udimi, you will only pay $44. It will be an automatic process, and you're not required to enter a gift code during the checkout.

Is the Udimi Discount for Everyone?

The discount is available only to the new users. If you're an existing user, you're not eligible to receive a gift code.

However, if you decide to ditch your old account at some stage, and perhaps, create a new one (with a new email address), it may work. Definitely try it out and let us know in the comments down below if this works for you.

Get a $5 discount on your first solo ad order