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Univox Community Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

Who doesn’t love earning some easy money? Nowadays, it is common to find websites and social media pages offering rewards for minor tasks.

Unfortunately, most of these turn out to be scams that ultimately waste your time and effort.

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Amidst such opportunities, money taking online surveys are truly one of the most popular and highly-paid tasks on the internet. Most survey sites have no restrictions to join and provide great ways to make money online.

Univox Community Review

But is Univox Community legit or a scam compared to well-known survey websites?

Read through this Univox Community review to find out.

Univox Community Review

If you’ve taken online surveys for money, you’re probably familiar with Univox Community surveys as well. This website works like other popular survey platforms, including Survey Junkie, InboxDollars, or Swagbucks.

All you have to do is sign up, complete the tasks available, and avail your reward points through various modes of payment. However, with the increasing number of shady platforms circulating on the internet, it is okay to be skeptical about joining a new site.

That’s where this Univox Community review comes in. Instead of wasting your time working on the site without any profit, you can learn about all its features and downsides before diving in.

This review covers points including the origin, basic workings, sign-up details, and key platform features, brewing down towards an honest conclusion. Using this information, you can gauge whether Univox Community is worth the time or not. So let’s dive right in.

What is Univox Community?

For those new to the survey-taking community, here’s a brief introduction to the platform before I begin my Univox Community review. Mainly, it is a website that lets you make money from home by providing honest answers to their questionnaires.

What Is Univox Community

Owned by a renowned market research company called Market Cube, the website has been running as a passive income portal since 2011.

Market Cube is a well-established company operating since 2009 and owns various other market research platforms. This credibility provides the reliability you need to decide is Univox Community legit or a scam.

Currently, the website has around 3 million working members worldwide, making it one of the largest platforms in the industry.

Intending to generate organic data for its retail partners and brands, the website provides great value for honest opinions from its users.

So, if you’re ready to find out how to make money with Univox Community, check out the sections below in my Univox Community review.

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How Does Univox Community Work?

I know what you’re thinking. But, how can you expect to make money from home by taking online surveys without any initial investment or effort? The answer is simple. You might not know the value your opinion holds for brands and companies in the retail sector, but these website owners do.

They are mainly the middle persons between you, the consumers, and their brand partners. Generating organic data and information regarding product utility and customer preferences, help these brands devise profitable strategies.

In turn, the brands pay the online market research companies for this valuable data and eventually share the revenue with users like you.

While that’s how most survey websites work in a nutshell, there’s one aspect that makes Univox Community stand out among its counterparts. Along with the basic features and offers, Univox Community lets its members interact and conduct discussions on its online forum.

This gives its users access to an online community of survey takers to exchange tips and participate in trending discussions from across the globe.

Univox Community

If you’re ready to get started on the website right away, the next section will explain the sign-up details.

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How to Sign Up for Univox Community?

As mentioned, Univox Community allows members from all over the world to make money online through surveys. That’s why new members have to specify their demographic details and personal information to get started on the platform.

This helps the website classify each member into different groups and offer relevant surveys to each category. Keeping that in mind, the sign-up process for Univox Community is quite simple.

While the website has no minimal demographic restrictions compared to other survey websites, you have to be at least 18 years old to become a member.

If you fit the age criteria, you have to click the sign-up button and fill out a short form to become a member. The form includes questions regarding your region, gender, personal interests, and habits.

Similarly, you’ll have to provide your email and contact details so that the website can suggest relevant money-making opportunities for you.

The form might seem quite lengthy and tedious initially, but make sure to provide honest answers to get the right offers in the future. Otherwise, you will get screened out of surveys without any remuneration.

The good news is, Univox Community rewards you with points worth $5 just for signing up. After that, you can increase your earnings by taking online surveys and redeeming your points upon reaching the cash-out threshold.

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Pros of Univox Community

Now that you’ve been through the basic information, you are probably wondering whether to join Univox Community or not. To help you decide on getting to further details, here’s a list of benefits of the platform to give you further insight.

Free Registration

Most survey sites charge a nominal fee upon registration before providing passive income opportunities for their users.

However, Univox Community is completely free to sign-up and even gives you a $5 bonus upon becoming a member.

Multiple Earning Opportunities

The platform provides a plethora of earning opportunities to choose from. Apart from surveys, you can participate in short opinion polls, weekly contests, and referral programs to increase your income.

How To Make Money With Univox Community

Bonus Reward Options

Besides these minor tasks, the platform has multiple bonus award systems in place so you can maximize your income as an active user.

Good Survey Influx

If you’re an active user with a high membership level on Univox Community, you will never run out of surveys to take on the platform.

Unique Online Survey Community

The website gives you a chance to interact with the online survey-taking community and participate in trending discussions. You can even get in touch with the high-earning participants on their wall of fame to learn valuable strategies and tips.

Various Payout Options

The platform rewards you in points for every survey you take. Eventually, you can redeem these points through various modes of payment which is quite convenient for users worldwide.

Value for Time and Effort

Most importantly, Univox Community provides value for your time and effort. That’s why you’ll receive at least 5 points for participating even if you get screened out of a survey.

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Cons of Univox Community

The long list of positive aspects must be enough to make you join the website right away. But, before you do, check out this simple list of downsides to make an informed decision.

Low Survey Influx in Some Countries

Depending on your demographic location, you might get lesser work opportunities on the site. Make sure to check out user reviews from your region before joining to rule this problem out.

High Disqualification Rate

Univox Community holds data quality at the highest priority. Meaning, it is quite common to get disqualified from a survey if you provide unsatisfactory or false information.

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Higher Minimum Cashout Threshold Than Other Survey Sites

Although you can accumulate many reward points from various tasks on the website, you cannot redeem them immediately.

You’ll have to wait until your points reach the total worth of $25 before you can request your preferred cashout. This minimum cashout threshold is quite high compared to other websites from its league.

Customer Support Needs Improvement

If you have any queries or face problems during operation, you can reach their customer support through the website’s contact page. Similarly, they have a live chat option where you can get an immediate response as well.

However, user reviews show that the email system does not provide prompt replies and the live chat option is seldom helpful for specific queries.

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Key Features

Now that you’ve briefly checked out the basic details of Univox Community, it is time to take a detailed look at the website. In this section of my Univox Community review, I have included an in-depth discourse regarding its features and offerings to help new users.

Earning Opportunities

If you’re thinking about joining a paid survey site, making money is your priority. So, to decide whether Univox Community is worth the time, you’ll have to know the money-making opportunities on the website.

Luckily, Univox Community is a multi-faceted rewards platform that lets you make money from many minor tasks besides surveys. Here are the options you can try out on the website.

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are the most prominent and lucrative ways to make money on Univox Community. Apart from the remuneration, you receive for completing each survey; you get the chance to influence brand strategies with your opinion.

The survey topics range from products, services, and local goods available in your region. You share feedback or provide your personal experience regarding the topic and get points.

Most surveys pay around 100-500 points depending on their length and complexity. One hundred points on the website are equal to a dollar.

Meaning, you can easily earn some extra change by taking surveys in your free time. However, your earning potential depends on your demographic location. For example, in some countries, users can get several surveys per day, while highly-paid surveys might be hard to come by in others.

Survey Site Contests

Apart from paid surveys, you can participate in free contests on Univox Community. You can check out these contests on the website forum or their Facebook page.

These contests include quizzes and challenges offering surprise rewards for the winning participants. Besides that, Univox Community also offers ‘Surprise me’ contests.

In this category, the site itself chooses premium users and ambassador users to participate and receive exciting rewards. The more active you are on the website, the higher your chances of getting chosen for the contest.

Wheel of Fortune

Every member of the Univox Community gets one chance every day to spin the wheel of fortune. If you’re lucky, you can win cash prizes up to $10 for free.

Univox Community Membership Levels

The membership levels on Univox Community set it apart from other platforms. Here, members are divided into four different levels. These include ambassador, premium, verified, and basic users.

The higher your level, the more survey opportunities you will receive. Similarly, you can enjoy lower payout thresholds and direct entry into contests.

However, the directions to move to higher levels are unclear; all you have to do is remain active on the site and wait for an upgrade.

Payment Modes

Another attractive feature of Univox Community is the plethora of payment modes available.

Payment Methods

Once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them through Virtual Mastercard, Tango card, or PayPal credit. This means you can receive your rewards easily regardless of your region.

Besides that, you can exchange your points for an Amazon E-gift card and get discounts on your favorite products.

Customer Support

When there is money involved, it is always nice to have someone to reach out to if you face a problem or have a query. Univox Community pays thorough attention to this aspect and provides customer support through several modes.

Univox Contact Form

Firstly, you can email their support team by filling out a detailed contact form on their contact page. They’ll take anywhere from 3-4 working days to respond and resolve your query.

Similarly, if you want a prompt solution to your problem, you can use the live chat option on the website or call the toll-free number mentioned on the home page.

While their customer service is responsive in most countries, some users report inefficient services and unsatisfactory answers.

Check the user reviews from your location regarding this issue before signing up.

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Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use – 4/5
  • Features – 4/5
  • Customer Support – 3/5

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Is Univox Community Legit?

Univox Community is a unique survey site that lets you join a worldwide community of survey takers. You can participate in paid surveys, but you can also earn money by referring friends and participating in contests on the website.

Moreover, the website also has a functional mobile app for both iOS and Android users. This means you can take surveys and earn money on the go.

In a nutshell, these features and offers show that Univox Community is a legit website where you can use your free time productively to earn passive income.

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