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Valued Opinions Review 2022: Is It Legit?

Is Valued Opinions legit or a scam? How much money can you make through the platform? With our comprehensive Valued Opinions review, you’ll have all the answers you seek.

Participating in surveys for money is quite an easy way to make some extra cash. I know sometimes it sounds too good to be true, but several sites can be worth your while. This Valued Opinions review will help us determine whether the Valued Opinions platform is one of the good ones.

With a membership that surpasses 3 million, what glues all these people to the site? Are the returns here that attractive?

Since the main purpose of joining such a platform is to make money while giving out your views, it’s prudent to know how much you can earn upfront.

A detailed Valued Opinions review is what you need to get the perfect picture of the platform. So, what is Valued Opinions? Let’s start there.

About Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions logo

Valued Opinions is a website where you can take free online surveys and receive revenue for it in return. They are a groundbreaking website that is always trying to find out your true opinion.

Most of their surveys revolve around subjects such as food, personal interests, media and entertainment, travel, and healthcare, among others. Thanks to Valued Opinions, people can easily say whatever’s on their mind about a specific product, topic, or subject and get paid for it.

This survey site has over 3 million members in its community, all full of opinions that they voice willingly, just for the sake of having the truth let out. Founded in 2004, the platform, which operates under Dynata, is available in over 20 countries and more than 15 languages.

If you’re looking for a place to voice your opinion, Valued Opinions is the place to be. Although it might not become your main income source, especially because they pay in vouchers, you can still earn a lot of “cash” with it.

Valued Opinions pays per survey completed, which ranges between a buck and five bucks.

Is Valued Opinions a Scam?

No, Valued Opinions is, fortunately, one of the many paying survey websites that won’t scam you. They even offer a “Valued Opinions charter” to secure the promise that they are a whole-heartedly honest website intent on bringing only the most truthful surveys to light.

The charter dictates that if you sign up with them and allow them to send you emails with survey invitations, that is, literally, the only thing they will send you – no marketing schemes, no spam mail.

The charter also promises that your information will stay with Valued Opinions; it will never travel over to third parties so that you can keep your privacy.

They ensure that they compensate for every opinion you give and that your views reach the people, brands, or companies that need them.

Why is Valued Opinions Legitimate?

The main purpose of this Valued Opinion review is to set the record straight about the platform’s legitimacy – how do you know that Valued Opinion is legit?

Firstly, Valued Opinions is a member of two prominent business bodies, namely:

  • The Council of American Survey Research Organization (CASRO),
  • The American Marketing Association (AMA)

Secondly, it is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a private, nonprofit body aiming to advance marketplace trust since 1912. BBB helps consumers to identify trustworthy businesses and organizations.

With the prestigious memberships and legal assurances of these bodies, it’s obvious that Valued Opinions is a completely legitimate surveying website.

They offer you a no-hassle, completely obligation-free sign-up process allowing you access to revenue through their surveys.

Being a legit survey company helps us answer the next crucial question:

Is Valued Opinions safe to register? With the above assurances, you can rest knowing that your data is safe as you make money.

Who Can Sign Up for Valued Opinions?

valued opinions sign up

Anyone sixteen years or older is eligible to sign up for Valued Opinions. However, in some countries like New Zealand, fourteen years is the minimum age limit.

Unlike some surveying websites, Valued Opinions stretches its website not only across the United States but internationally – anyone around the globe can sign up, so long as they meet the age requirement.

One thing to note, however, is that even after signing up, you won’t qualify for every survey. The clients who need these opinions determine the necessary demography for the surveys, as well as how many participants will take part.

This means that your demography will determine which survey fits you.

For instance, if your age is under or beyond a certain survey’s demographics, you will not be able to access that survey. Several other factors that also affect who get to take a survey and who doesn’t include:

  • Country/geographic location
  • Gender
  • Education level
  • Race
  • Political views
  • Work experience, etc.

That’s why you must complete your profile questions to ensure that you receive more invites to surveys that match.

Getting Started: How to Sign Up for Valued Opinions

To start earning with Valued Opinions, the first step is creating an account or signing up. This Valued Opinions review will show you all the exact steps necessary.

Firstly, you must be a resident of a qualifying country to participate. Also, you need to be above the minimum age limit, 16 years in most countries, and 14 years in some.

From here, the rest of the process is straightforward. All you need to do is to visit their official website or follow this link and fill in your details as prompted. The sign-up process will follow the following steps:

  • First, visit the Valued Opinions website and fill out the application form. You’ll be prompted to offer details such as your name, birth date, gender, and email address. Note that the platform will never request sensitive details such as the social security number. If this happens, know that you are on the wrong site.
  • After completing the first step, Valued Opinions will send a verification link to the email you provided earlier. For this reason, you must ensure that you provide a valid email to that you have easy access. Click on the link to verify your member account.
  • Once that is done, you’ll start getting email invites to surveys that match your profile. You can also log in to your account, where you can also access various surveys.

Each survey will have a set payout amount and time for completion. Complete as many surveys as you can, or as your time permits, and you can see your earnings start to accumulate.


How Do Valued Opinions Work

Valued Opinion is not much different from most other paid survey sites. This means that panelists’ main source of income here is surveys, with each survey completed paying a certain amount.

Making money here is also as straightforward as it can be. Firstly, you need to sign up and complete your account profile. Once that is done, you are ready to receive survey invitations from Valued Opinions and start making money by completing these surveys.

Generally, surveys here take between 20 and 30 minutes to complete. And for each survey you take successfully, you get between $2 and $5.

The minimum credit you can cash out with Valued Opinions is $10, meaning that even as few as five surveys can get you there. The best thing here is that you can complete all the surveys that Valued Opinion sends your way.

For every survey invite you to get, Valued Opinions indicate the expected finish time, as well as the expected earnings after completion. So, before you even begin the survey, you are aware of how much the survey costs.

Valued Opinions categorizes its surveyors into various levels. These include:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond

The first level after you sign up for Valued Opinions is the bronze level. After completing your profile, your level rises to silver and subsequently to the other levels as you complete more surveys.

To reach the highest level, diamond, you must have fully completed your profile, have been completing surveys for at least four weeks, and have successfully taken more than 50 surveys.

Making Money with Valued Opinions

Although surveys are the main way of making money with Valued Opinions, it’s not the only ones. You can also earn some dollars through product testing. Let stake a look at both options.

  • General Surveys

Here you can take part in surveys in almost any subject and field. The surveys usually include short or long questionnaires that require your answers/opinions. These questions can handle anything and everything, including various brands, products, or services.

All you need is to answer the questions truthfully, and you receive your reward as indicated for each survey.

  • Product Testing

Product tests in Valued Opinions are not as frequent, and you might take quite a long time before participating in one. However, they are there, and you might be lucky if your profile meets the desired requirements for participation.

If you get this chance, you will enjoy using free product samples or services before we even know about them.

How Do Valued Opinions Make Payments?

Valued Opinions Rewards

Valued Opinions makes payments through gift certificates from major retailers, including Amazon,, Macy’s, Blockbuster,, and Marriott. The minimum balance before redemption is ten dollars, according to the platform.

However, some brands that offer these gift cards, like Amazon, don’t offer gift vouchers for less than $20. You might, therefore, need to wait until you accumulate $20 before cashing out your reward.

Each survey you take is worth approximately $2.00 to $5.00, though some specialty surveys can earn you up to $50.00. This is awesome cash if you complete enough surveys.

I’m sure that you can receive gift vouchers that are worth your effort with Valued Opinions.

The processing time to receive mailed vouchers can take several weeks, though electronic awards – like the Amazon gift cards – can take less than an hour.

Valued Opinions is an honest surveying website intent on giving you the value your opinion is truly worth. They offer excellent service, immediate responses, and survey invitations through your email as frequently as you prefer. Based on your interests, Valued Opinions can find multiple surveys that are right for you.

If you want a way to earn through voicing your own opinions, Valued Opinions are an obvious way to go.

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Valued Opinions Review: Pros and Cons

What are the main benefits of Valued Opinions, and what are some of their downsides?

Let us dive deeper into this Valued Opinions review to understand what differentiates it from the rest.

Pros of Valued Opinions

Some of the things that set Valued Opinions apart from other survey sites include:

  • Global presence: Valued Opinions platform is not limited to a few countries. It is present in more than 20 countries and over 15 languages.
  • A high number of available surveys: The platform is known for its high frequency of surveys each month, which means that its panelists have more than enough.
  • Surveys available for almost every age: As long as you are above 14 years of age, based on your country, you can make money through surveys with Valued Opinions.
  • Average-sized surveys, between 15 to 30 minutes long
  • Responsive customer support: you don’t have to wait for days before they sort out your issue. The team responds quickly to queries and customer concerns.
  • Available via desktop and mobile applications (Android and iOS). You can, therefore, complete surveys even while on the go.

Cons of Valued Opinions

Our Valued Opinions review is incomplete without a glimpse of the platform’s downsides. Here are the main ones:

  • Not ideal for people looking for survey sites that pay cash. This is because the platform only allows for reward withdrawal via gift cards.
  • Inability to quickly redeem your rewards after survey completion. Some panelists have noted through online reviews that it’s not easy to withdraw your rewards, even after hitting the withdrawal threshold.
  • Demographics might limit you to fewer surveys.


Valued Opinions Surveys Review: Is it the Right Platform for You?

If you need a paid surveys platform that can guarantee a good flow of surveys, Valued Opinions is the platform.

If you want a legit site that will take care of your data and reward you well for each survey taken, Valued Opinions has got your back.

But, if you are looking for a survey site that will pay you in cash, this might not be what you need. The platform only pays through gift vouchers, although most of these are almost as good as that cash – you can shop with them in numerous retail stores.

I hope our Valued Opinions market research review has cleared any doubts or concerns you might have about the platform.

Register today and enjoy shopping with gift cards from popular stores and brands like Amazon, Macy’s, Marriott, etc.

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  • Available via Desktop and Mobile Applications
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Surveys Available for Every Age


  • Not Ideal for People Looking for Survey Sites that Pay Cash
  • Inability to Quickly Redeem Your Rewards
  • Demographics Limitation