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ViralMoolah Review: Is It Legit or a Scam?

In this ViralMoolah Review, we shall take a deep look into the app that can help generate buyer traffic for any niche. Read on to learn the real truth.

ViralMoolah is an app that can generate leads (email addresses) based on the keywords/search terms that you have in mind.

Results? You get targeted buyer traffic that buys your recommendations.

Viralmoolah Review
ViralMoolah Review

ViralMoolah Review – An Introduction

With ViralMoolah software, you can legally highjack desperate buyer traffic and get them to buy products through your affiliate links (regardless of the niche).

Buyer traffic works, here are a few reasons for it:

  • It’s warmed up, the people understand what they want and why – when someone understands why they may need something, it’s a lot easier to convince them to buy.
  • These people have already done the research and are now ready
  • These have the required purchasing power. You don’t want to promote your products to tire kickers as it will only waste your time.

Regardless of your experience in internet marketing, you can profit from ViralMoolah simply because it uses a proven business model.

It can get you targeted leads for any niche and then you can use the built-in mailing feature to send promotional emails to these people. It works similarly to solo ads except that you’re not paying thousands for it.

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ViralMoolah Review – How It Works

ViralMoolah lets you hijack buyer traffic in minutes. Since the application is cloud-based, you can expect 100% uptime which is a great thing.

The app uses AI to build a viral post that is sure to get engagement on social media platforms. Simply add the post, put in your affiliate links and done.

Thanks to the setup, you can get results in as less as 24 hours. Simply set up the app and watch the traffic and commissions come in.

Viralmoolah Review - How It Works
ViralMoolah Review – How It Works

ViralMoolah is an easy to use application. It works in two steps:

  1. Set up the app (takes 15-20 seconds) and generate buyers traffic. Just input a keyword and you’re good to go.
  2. Add payment details (PayPal, Payoneer etc) and receive affiliate commissions straight to your bank account.

ViralMoolah offers a few upgrades that can help multiply your traffic fast.

OTO1 of ViralMoolah can get you up to 300% more targeted traffic

OTO2 of ViralMoolah gets you maximum traffic 24 hours a day – 7 days a week

OTO3 of ViralMoolah will get you 5000-7000 extra visitors straight from the product creator’s sources that can help you make an additional 5-6k a month.

The vendor (Venkata Ramana) has a huge email list and that should come in handy. This should easily bring in a flood of visitors that buy from you.

OTO4 of ViralMoolah will get you a reseller license. If you sell the product, you get to keep 100% of the commissions.

OTO5 of ViralMoolah takes it one step further. Since you now have the traffic that’s needed to get sales as an affiliate, the 1k payday monetization upgrade will help you convert your traffic to $1,000 commissions.

Getting affiliate sales with the platform is a breeze provided you follow the simple process. These OTOs are not required to make the system work but these sure will enhance your overall results.

Is ViralMoolah Useful?

It sure is. Not only can the platform help you generate buyer traffic that buys from you, it can also help you connect with the prospects via a mailing system.

The built-in mailer can connect to platforms like Getresponse so you won’t have to jump between platforms as everything is available under the hood.

All you need to do is get targeted traffic from the system and then use the inbuilt mailing feature. You can also use the app to build viral posts that you can later post to your favorite social media platforms.

The software has a lot to offer making it a great little all-in-one addition.

That brings us to the end of this ViralMoolah review. The app can bring in a lot of targeted high-quality traffic and then you don’t want to miss out on the bonuses that come with the marketing software.

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ViralMoolah Demo – A Sneak Peek

This ViralMoolah review will be incomplete without taking a sneak peek into the dashboard. Once you’ve logged into the system, this is how it looks like:

Viralmoolah Review - Dashboard
ViralMoolah Review – Dashboard

From within the app dashboard, you can create posts and do a lot within the system. It’s recommended you go through the ViralMoolah training first.

The system is easy to use even if you have no prior marketing experience.

The application lets you add as many websites as you want. Similar to a platform called Canva, it also lets you edit images on the go.

Viralmoolah Review - Image Editor
ViralMoolah Review – Image Editor

Don’t Get ViralMoolah Without These Juicy Bonuses!

The following bonuses will improve your overall experience with ViralMoolah and make the process even better.

You don’t want to get the app without these bonuses as these will help a ton.

  • WP Auto Poster – will automatically post to various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and more.
  • Aff Pro – the ultimate affiliate marketing campaign management WP plugin
  • WP Review – the best review plugin for WordPress
  • FB Viral – this will help your posts on Facebook go viral. Once someone clicks on your links, the software will automatically collect their names and emails.
  • SEO Pack – this will optimize your website for SEO/search engine optimization. What better way to optimize your site and get more free traffic from the search engines, all without paying a dime?!
  • WP Spin – this plugin will show a fortune wheel to your website visitors helping them turn into subscribers and eventually customers. Got to love a wheel!
  • WP Pop – show amazing popups to visitors on your WordPress-based site
  • and many more..

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ViralMoolah Review


Ease of Use




Value for Money



  • Beginner-friendly, it works even if you have little experience
  • Works in any niche, you can use it to generate buyer traffic


  • We put the best BONUSES for ViralMoolah, buy through our exclusive link to get them all!