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Virtual Vocations Review: A Comprehensive Analysis

Virtual Vocations is a popular job board focusing on telecommuting jobs and remote work opportunities. As the demand for work-from-home positions grows, many job seekers turn to platforms like Virtual Vocations to find legitimate remote job opportunities. But is Virtual Vocation worth the investment, and can it help you land your dream remote job?

As we delve into this adventure, we will provide an in-depth review of Virtual Vocations, discussing its features, web design, pricing, and effectiveness in helping users find quality remote job opportunities. We’ll also explore user reviews to understand better the experience of other job sites and seekers who have previously used the platform to find remote jobs. This information will help you determine whether Virtual Vocations is the right choice for your remote job search.

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Overview of Virtual Vocations

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History and Background

Virtual Vocations is a reputable job board founded in 2007 that connects job seekers with remote work opportunities. The company aims to provide an efficient, reliable, and user-friendly platform for job seekers and employers to find and post remote jobs in the United States.

Mission and Values

Virtual Vocations aims to help job seekers find legitimate, high-quality remote job opportunities and promote a healthy work-life balance. They focus on providing a curated list of remote jobs across a range of industries and experience levels, ensuring a diverse range of opportunities for candidates.

The company upholds the values of integrity, trust, and professionalism in its services while maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 4.86/5 average review score.

Comparing Virtual Vocations to Other Job Boards


Flexjobs Logo

Virtual Vocations and FlexJobs both specialize in remote job listings. They have paid subscription plans, offering more premium membership options and access to screened job postings.

Virtual Vocations has an excellent membership cost of $15.99/month for the monthly project, with the price going down if committing longer (3-month subscription for $39.99 and 6-month subscription for $59.99). FlexJobs, on the other hand, offers a monthly plan for $14.95/month, a 3-month program for $29.95, and an annual plan for $49.95.

While Virtual Vocations hosts over 460,000 remote job openings as of 2020, FlexJobs claims to add over 30,000 new listings each month. Both platforms emphasize quality control of jobs posted job alerts and screening job postings to exclude scams and low-quality listings.


Indeed Logo

Unlike Virtual Vocations or FlexJobs, Indeed is a more general job search website with remote and in-person job opportunities.

Indeed is completely free to use and offers a more extensive job listing selection but requires more time and effort to sift through and identify relevant remote work openings. In contrast, Virtual Vocations and FlexJobs screen and filter, saving job seekers time.

Remote. co

Remote Logo

Similar to Virtual Vocations, Remote.Co focuses on finding remote jobs only. Remote. Co is free and does not require a full subscription fee, making it an affordable alternative for those seeking remote opportunities and more jobs. But, Virtual Vocations may be smaller than their offerings.

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Remote Career Opportunities


Other job boards regular job seekers may want to consider for remote work opportunities include:


Primarily focused on the startup community, AngelList offers a mix of remote and on-site jobs.


Caters to digital nomads, offering a curated list of remote jobs from various industries, and it’s free to use.


It offers a range of curated remote jobs and requires an email subscription to access job listings.

We Work Remotely

It focuses on listing remote jobs from reputable companies and is free to use.

When exploring remote career opportunities, knowing which job search website fits your needs, budget, and preferences is crucial. Virtual Vocations has a paid membership plan to provide access to screened job postings.

In contrast, other platforms like Remote. Co and Indeed have free membership options for both remote workers and job seekers.

Creating an Account and Pricing

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Free Account Versus Paid Subscription

Virtual Vocations is free to join, allowing users to search for jobs using a free account. But, the free version has limited access to view full job descriptions for most positions listed.

Users must upgrade their free membership to full access to a paid subscription to gain complete access to job listings.

Membership and Pricing Options

Virtual Vocations offers a range of premium subscription options for users looking to unlock all the features. The default pricing for premium subscriptions is as follows:

  • $15.99/month on a monthly plan
  • $39.99 for three months
  • $59.99 for six months

Subscriptions can be paid with a credit card or a PayPal account, and users can cancel paid subscriptions anytime. Premium subscriptions grant access to full listings, job listings, and additional resources for job seekers.

Discounts and Job-Seeker Testimonials

Occasionally, Virtual Vocations may offer discounts on their subscription plans on other sites. It’s worth watching for any promotions or special offers, as they can provide savings on membership costs.

Users have provided positive feedback and testimonials regarding Virtual Vocations, with the company holding an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and an average rating of 4.86/5 based on 58 reviews.

Users appreciate the service’s efficiency in consolidating remote job opportunities in one place, making the job search process less time-consuming and more accessible.

Job Listings and Filters

Virtual Assistant

Experience and Requirements

Virtual Vocations is a job board focusing on remote and telecommuting job opportunities. The platform offers a range of job category categories and listings in various industries and experience levels. Users can find entry-level positions and roles requiring more advanced experience and expertise.

When browsing the job listings, users can apply filters to narrow their search based on their desired experience level and specific requirements. This makes the job search process much more efficient and effective for job seekers. Some examples of available filters include:

  • Remote work level (100% remote, partially remote, etc.)
  • Employment status (full-time, part-time, freelance, etc.)
  • Career level (entry-level, experienced, management, etc.)

Job Descriptions

Virtual Vocations provides thorough job descriptions for the job listings on their platform. These descriptions typically include job description details such as responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements needed for each role.

Having access to extensive job descriptions allows job seekers to clearly understand whether they would be a good fit for a particular position and what would be expected of them in that role.

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Company Profiles

Along with job descriptions, Virtual Vocations also includes company profiles for the businesses posting job listings on their platform. This enables job seekers to gain insight into the company’s values, culture, and work environment before applying for a position.

Company profiles may include information such as:

  • Company background and history
  • Company size (number of employees)
  • Industry/sector
  • Company website and social media links
  • Company awards and recognition

This valuable information can help job seekers make more informed decisions about which roles most jobs and companies they want to apply for, ultimately increasing their chances of finding the perfect remote job.

Remote Work Benefits and Job Types

Work From Home Laptop Set Up

Remote work is rapidly growing as a viable employment option for many professionals, with legitimate jobs offering a range of benefits and job types. Virtual Vocations is one of the best remote jobs, career services, and job boards that cater specifically to remote work, providing opportunities for job seekers to find work-from-home positions and flexible careers.

Company Size and Industry

Remote job listings on Virtual Vocations span different industries and company sizes, from startups to big corporations. This diversity also allows job seekers to find jobs that match their career goals and preferences. Possible employment opportunities include:

Entry-level jobs

Entry-level jobs are perfect for those just starting their careers or switching to a new industry.

Small companies and startups

These organizations often offer a more intimate work environment and a chance to grow with the company.

Big corporations

Larger companies typically provide more stable employment, better benefits, and opportunities for career advancement.

Work-Life Balance and Digital Nomad Lifestyle

One of the primary benefits of remote work is the potential for an improved work-life balance. Job seekers can find positions offering project pay, flexible hours, and part-time, flexible jobs or full-time, fully remote work arrangements catering to their needs and preferences.

The digital nomad lifestyle is another appealing aspect of the home world of remote work, enabling professionals to work from anywhere across the globe as long as they have an internet connection. This lifestyle can provide access to new experiences, cultures, and personal growth opportunities.

Virtual Vacation is a valuable resource for job seekers interested in remote work. By offering a range of job types across various industries, professionals can find the perfect fit for their career goals, work-life balance preferences, and lifestyle aspirations.

Are Virtual Vocations Legitimate?

Working Home Indoor Computer Concept / Shutterstock

Ratings and Reviews

Virtual Vocations has gained recognition from a range of sources for its legitimate remote job opportunities. Users on review platforms have shared their experiences, shedding light on the platform’s credibility:

  • 4.86/5 rating based on 58 reviews on Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • 4-star average rating on Trustpilot

These ratings demonstrate that many job-seekers have found success and satisfaction in finding remote jobs using Virtual Vocations.

Glassdoor and Better Business Bureau

Virtual Vocations is well-rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. This signifies that the platform meets BBB’s high standards for trust and performance.

While Glassdoor is often used for reviews of specific companies and job categories, the feedback seen in other review platforms like Trustpilot and BBB showcases the platform’s legitimacy and effectiveness for remote job seekers.

Scams and Legitimate Remote Job Opportunities

One key advantage of using a platform like Virtual Vocations is job leads and the ability to find hand-screened, legitimate remote and telecommuting jobs. The platform categorizes job leads and offers into more than 50 career opportunities, making it easier for job-seekers to both job hunt and find roles that fit their skills and preferences.

Subscribing to the premium monthly plan (around $15.99/month) allows users to access the full job description and other features, further assuring the legitimacy of the perfect job offers. Professionals seeking nationwide work-from-home jobs can benefit from the resources Virtual Vocations provides.

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Additional Virtual Vocations Resources

Indian Human Resource Manager Holding Cv Having Virtual Job Interview Conversation With Remote Female Candidate During Distant Business Video Call On Laptop Computer
Ground Picture / Shutterstock

Interview and Job Search Tips

Virtual Vocations work provides helpful resources for job seekers beyond their job aggregator features. They offer comprehensive interview and job search tips tailored for those seeking remote and work-from-home new jobs.

Some practical advice available to job seekers includes:

  • How to craft a compelling resume for remote work
  • Tips on acing video interviews
  • Techniques for optimizing your LinkedIn Profile
  • Deciding if a remote job is right for you
  • Strategies for managing work-from-home distractions

These resources are valuable for anyone looking to improve their job search success in the remote job market, regardless if you have a Virtual Vocations premium membership.

Partnerships with Companies

Virtual Vocations partners with reputable companies to have job listing sites that offer exclusive remote job postings to their users. These partnerships help job seekers access legitimate work-from-home jobs on their search engines.

The companies featured on Virtual Vocations job boards are pre-screened and vetted for legitimacy, ensuring users find quality remote positions from trustworthy employers.

Below is an example of how the job search process works:

  1. Job seekers create a free account on Virtual Vocations.
  2. They search for jobs using various filters (location, industry, job type, etc.)
  3. Virtual Vocations premium members can view full job descriptions and apply
  4. Users can access interview and job search tips, along with other resources

Building relationships with businesses interested in hiring remote employees allows Virtual Vocations to give job seekers an advantage in finding authentic and exclusive work-from-home opportunities. The good is that virtual vocations free account has a premium membership fee which is what attracts to have many virtual vocations employees.

They can see priority job alerts on the website. For assurance, they can check the virtual vocations review to see if it is a great website. The job seeker will receive alerts about new e courses and other details of jobs listed.

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