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Is Wake Up To Cash a Scam or Can You Make $15k a Month With It?

Can you bank $400 a day with little effort almost on autopilot? On top, what would you do if the system says the odds are in your favor and success is guaranteed? That’s what Wake Up To Cash claims.

The website ( says it’s stupidly simple to rake in tons of cash daily. James Wendell’s so-called money maker makes many exaggerated income claims, but we doubt its legitimacy. Is it a scam or a legitimate system to make money online? Read on to find out.

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Wake Up To Cash – What Is It?

The program claims you can make $397 a day without doing any work exploiting a lesser-known ‘secret.’ Just get along with the program, and you’re all set to make your first (thousand) dollars online.

Upon some investigation, we discovered James Wendell isn’t the actual owner of this system; it’s in fact owned by an internet marketer named Cory Lewis. He is infamous for creating similar programs. According to Warrior Forum, he created Copy Paste Traffic which wasn’t well received by many. Some even called it a scam in their reviews.

Following is the unlisted sales video which was found on Corey’s YouTube channel. It’s apparent Wake Up To Cash has been heavily promoted as the video is approaching 7,000 views.

Cash From Home YouTube Views

The video went live in 2017

There’s a fair chance you won’t make anything with this. The only person that gets rich is the program creator at your expense. If you don’t believe us yet, keep reading and find out how this product works.

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How does It work?

The website has no actual product behind the scenes; it’s not even a real system. This website is merely a bridge page/funnel to get you to enter your e-mail and act as a forwarder to other programs. These other programs could be the ones that Cory is affiliated with.

You will notice the video on the sales page is very generic – it talks about how you can make a living online but doesn’t talk about how. The goal is to get you hyped up, so you’re more likely to sign up for a ‘real’ system using Cory’s affiliate links. (Also see affiliate marketing).

We found an instance in the past when this website was used as a tool for promoting My Online Business Empire/MOBE. It was a well-known scam and was shut down in 2018 by the FTC for obvious reasons.

After MOBE was taken down, the website switched the business opportunity with another system called Automated Daily Income. If you’re from the future (which you probably are), don’t be surprised if you see an entirely different system. If the website stays alive, that is.

It looks like Corey Lewis is only selecting the programs which pay him the highest commissions and he’s hardly interested in promoting the ones which are legit and share actual value with you (aka the customers). We don’t see anything wrong with promoting a biz op, but if it’s a scam, that’s pretty unethical on your part.

We don’t and can’t recommend you promote something just because handsome affiliate commissions are associated with it. If you can truly help someone out and make a change for the better, you should be happy with something that has smaller payouts but is legitimate.

The same goes for our website too, we do promote products at times, but we only recommend the ones which we actually use ourselves.

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Fake Testimonials (Yep)

By now you already know what the website is all about. It should be obvious at this stage the testimonials are anything but legit/real. There’s no such system in existence, and the testimonials are made up too.

Following are a few of them for your reference:

Wake Up To Cash  Promotional Video

She’s just an actor hired off Fiverr, and the testimonial is obviously fake. Here’s another one for you to see:

Wake Up To Cash Fake Testimonials From Paid Actors

It’s a very deceiving strategy for promoting a product, which is hardly something legitimate marketers would do. It’s best to stay safe out there and only make critical purchase decisions after you’ve done some research (which you have in this case).

Final Words – Is Wake Up To Cash a Scam?

We can’t call the Wake Up To Cash website a scam simply because it isn’t even a product. It’s simply a deceiving website that makes money for the owner by sending people to random products. As we mentioned before, the website keeps switching from product to product, and it may promote something totally different in the future.

Since the owner is hardly interested in helping you out (by promoting healthy products), it’s safe to say you may eventually get scammed through this (notice we didn’t say ‘by’) on this website. We suggest you stay away from this site to avoid getting scammed.

Making money is not easy. That’s because of the existence of countless bunk programs, bogus cash-from-home reviews, and shady pyramid schemes which are all set to scam you. Thankfully, there’s a legitimate way to work from home with which you can eventually quit your day jobs.

Granted it’s not easy and requires you to put in the work and effort but if you’re up for the challenge, definitely check out our top recommended training program. The same exact program is the reason behind hundreds of like-minded entrepreneurs just like you and can provide you the financial freedom like no other online program.

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  2. Avatar of Deano_Bambino Deano_Bambino says:

    Your article states, in pertinent part, the following:

    “We can’t call the wakeuptocash website a scam simply because it isn’t even a product. It’s simply a deceiving website which makes money for the owner by sending people to random products. Like we mentioned before, the website keeps switching from a product to product and it may promote something totally different in the future.”

    Actually you can call it a scam. It seems like a classic bait & switch. I agree Corey is being deceptive which is the premise behind bait & switch. Its unlawful advertising. The redirections are the evidence.

  3. Avatar of Lucy Lucy says:

    Are there any TRUE, LEGIT work-from-home jobs that do not require up front money? Heck, we are LOOKING for work, not looking for another bill. If anyone knows of any HONEST work-at-home positions, PLEASE let me know. It would be GREATLY appreciated.

    • Avatar of Deano_Bambino Deano_Bambino says:

      Yes there are legitimate work from hone jobs. My sibling has been working as a travel agent for the last 20 years. Seventeen & 1/2 of those years she has been working from home. She works for a well known world-wide agency.

      Now if you meant legitimate “get rich quick” schemes then the answer is more likely than not “No”.

    • Avatar of WFHR Editor WFHR Editor says:

      Hi Lucy, you should check out My Lead Gen Secret – one of the best programs without a question!

  4. Avatar of Alex Alex says:

    I bought the system last week and decided to try it out. I invested the $47.00 plus another $5 dollars for the domain registration because they give you like an 80% discount for signing up with MTB. I also invested about $500.00 in paid traffic. I had 3 campaigns, 1 the day before yesterday and 2 today and I already have 2 sales. That’s $100.00 but I also have a mailing list of about 174 addresses from people that opted in my 3 campaigns. It can make you money but it takes hard work it’s not like they say earn money by sending emails.

    • Avatar of WFHR Editor WFHR Editor says:

      Yes, for sure. If you’re willing to put in the work (and a little investment in your business), it may be worth it in the end. Nothing is as straightforward as it seems, it takes hard work to succeed in anything you do. 🙂

  5. Avatar of Johnathon Westcott Johnathon Westcott says:

    Corey Lewis is a scam artist straight up plain and simple he’s always trying to get people to just pay him and pay him more and more and more this whole website is a scam I promise you don’t trust him don’t trust his website

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Agree, Johnathon. Most websites that offer a quick buck without you having to put in any effort turn out to be scams. It’s better to be safe than sorry I guess!

  6. Avatar of Talia Talia says:

    So I they took $47 out my account but I thought it was legit and now they have my card information. What do I do

    • Avatar of Deano_Bambino Deano_Bambino says:

      Seek out pay pal fir a refund and them take your evidence to the closest federal prosecutor. Online crimes are severely frowned on by the Fed.

    • Avatar of Faith T Faith T says:

      Sorry to hear that, Talia. Unfortunately, Wake Up To Cash is a scam. All that you can do at this stage is contact PayPal for a resolution if you used them for payments, or perhaps get in touch with your credit card provider.