Website ATM Review – Scam or Can you Make Hundreds a Day on Autopilot?

Welcome to this Website ATM Review.

Can you push a button and bring in hundreds of dollars a day all on auto? That's what Website ATM claims. They say you can make up to $500 per day with ease. Yes, you read that right. Just get started with the platform, and use the 100% done-for-you platform.

Unfortunately, a lot of people fall for these schemes since they make things look too easy. Platforms with similar characteristics almost never deliver. Avoiding scams should be a top priority if you're just getting stared online.

We sincerely hope you don't have high hopes from this system. Most programs which rely on hype turn out to be scams. So, is this one legit or a scam? That's what we'll discover in this review of Website ATM. Read on to find the real truth they're not telling you.

Website ATM Review - What Is It?

Unless you've never encountered scams/shady websites, it won't be hard to tell something is not right with this platform. As soon as you land on Website ATM's homepage, it will try real hard to 'sell' you the program.

Pay a ridiculously tiny fee to access a system that can rake in thousands of dollars. You will also notice it says the spots are 'limited'. However, it's unlimited and this is just a trick to improve the chances of a sale. Fake scarcity timers are often used by con artists.

Just refresh the page or visit it after 12-18 hours and the counter will reset. Other than this, if such a system even existed, who would throw it away for some 50 odd bucks?

Website ATM Reviews

Website ATM Review - Sales page relies heavily on false hype

If you've ever owned a business or own one currently (doesn't matter offline or online), you'd know this is simply not true. To reap monetary rewards, you need to put in some work and give it time. This is valid regardless of what you do. With businesses, it's all a result of hard work and patience.

The sales page also shows random testimonial popups from different people. Upon doing a Google search for these people's images, we discovered these were merely stock images. Anyone can purchase a license and use these photos across the web as if these were their own.

How It Works?

Once you land on the product's landing page, you're encouraged to make a purchase. It uses multiple dirty tactics to make a sale - social proof via fake testimonials, fake countdown timers, ridiculous income claims. The list goes on and on.

Apparently, the lone goal of the page is to scam the visitors and take their hard-earned cash. There are many programs which operate in a similar fashion. Some of them include Push Button Profits, EZ Money Team and Click Click Cash.

All these products definitely offer some elementary training on various internet marketing topics, but it certainly won't help you make a dime. Once you're 'into' the system, you may also be spammed to death via endless sales emails, or your personal data could be sold to another company via the owner who 'runs the show'.

Red Flags To Consider

  • You're prompted to make a purchase as soon as you visit the sales page. The website relies on using countless deceptive tactics to close the sale. Use of fake testimonials, false countdown timers, and staggering income claims being few of them.
  • The website also tries to redirect you to random pages if you try to exit the browser. The moment you click on the back button, it will redirect you to a cheaper version of the same product a few times. It's clear the scammer clearly wants your hard-earned dollars.
  • This looks like a data harvesting scam. Not only do you risk sharing your sensitive credit card info with these sites, but also your other personal data including name, address, phone number and email address. This website may even sell your info to other third-party websites.
  • It looks like this website and identical clones also employ a geo-targeting software which detects your location. If you're based in London for example, it will match your Location and show job vacancies in London, which is very deceptive.

Final Words - Is Website ATM a Scam?

By now, you already know the answer. Website ATM sure is a scam. From making insane monetary claims to using black hat marketing tactics, there's no way you could ever profit from the platform. It's in your best interest to avoid this website at all costs.

website atm scam

Like we mentioned earlier, your personal data (e-mail, phone number etc) may also be compromised. Since these websites are anything but legitimate, they may also sell private data to other companies for cash.

If you've found Website ATM reviews that speak highly of the program, those are possibly associated with the scam in some way. Avoid at all costs.

As a rule of thumb, never put in your real information for the sake of testing. It's always a better idea to stay away from something that promises instant riches without lifting a finger. Innocent people fall for this, and scammers make a killing out of it for the same reason.

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