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Best Weekend Side Jobs: Opportunities for Extra Income

In today’s fast-paced world, many people seek ways to make extra income beyond their full-time jobs. Weekend side jobs have become popular for individuals to boost their finances and utilize their spare time more productively. With a wide array of options available, these side hustles cater to different skill sets and preferences, making it possible for virtually anyone to find an opportunity to earn money that aligns with their abilities and interests.

From online tutoring, various freelance writing jobs, and web design services to event photography and selling used items, weekend side jobs offer countless opportunities to earn extra money; additionally, these side hustles can be enjoyable and flexible, allowing you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Moreover, some weekend jobs require minimal investment or expertise, making them accessible to a broader audience and more feasible to pursue.

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Be it your day job, turning a passion into a profitable venture, or monetizing an existing skill, weekend side jobs have proven to be a valuable source of extra income. By exploring these opportunities further; you may find new ways to enhance your earnings and strengthen your financial position, all while making the most of your weekends.

Best Weekend Side Jobs

Rideshare Driver

Ride Share Driver In Car Using The Rideshare App In Mobile Phone
terovesalainen / Adobe Stock

Driving for rideshare services such as Uber or Lyft can be an excellent weekend side job. These platforms allow you to set your own hours and work as little or as much as you want on weekends. Pay varies depending on location and demand, but drivers can generally expect to earn around $25 an hour.

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Food Delivery Driver

Uber Eats Food Delivery Man On The Bicycle Delivering In The City Center Of Lisbon, Portugal
Armando Oliveira –

Another option for a weekend job is to be a food delivery driver for platforms like DoorDash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats. Like rideshare driving, you can set your own boss’s schedule and work during your own schedule and free time. This type of job typically pays per delivery, and earnings can range between $15-$20 per hour.

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Pet Sitting and Dog Walking

Woman Relax On Couch With Puppy, Happy And Content At Home With Pet, Happiness Together With Peace In Living Room
Reese/ / Adobe Stock

If you love animals, pet sitting or dog walking can be a way to earn extra cash over the weekend. Platforms like Rover and Wag connect pet owners with individuals available to care for their pets.

Pet sitting often involves boarding pets in your home, while dog walking entails walking dogs for payment. Earnings may vary, starting at around $15 per walk or $25 per night for pet sitting.

Freelance Graphic Design

Graphic Designer Working On A Design / Adobe Stock

For those with the creative skillset, freelance graphic design is one more money, another weekend side job to consider. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer connect graphic designers to clients, offering a range of design projects like logos, website design, or marketing materials. Earnings depend on the scope and complexity of projects, but many designers charge anywhere from $20-$80 per hour.

Babysitting and Tutoring

Happy Kid Sitting On Sofa With Babysitter Teen Holding Book
pololia / Adobe Stock

Babysitting and tutoring are often in-demand weekend side jobs. Many parents require childcare services on weekends, and tutors are sought to help students improve in various subjects.

Sites like or Sittercity connect babysitters with clients, while online tutoring platforms like VIPKid and Wyzant are excellent resources for finding tutoring gigs. Tutors can earn between $10-$40 per hour on good weekend jobs, and babysitters typically earn $10-$15 per hour.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopper With Shopping Bags
Baan Taksin Studio / Adobe Stock

Mystery shopping is another weekend side job that allows you to provide valuable feedback for businesses while earning extra cash. Companies like BestMark, IntelliShop, and Market Force hire mystery shoppers to visit businesses and anonymously offer insights into their experience.

Assignments can range from shopping at a store, dining at a restaurant, or visiting a movie theater, with earnings varying depending on the task. Expect to earn between $10-$50 per assignment, depending on the complexity and time required.

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Online Weekend Side Jobs


Young Woman In Glasses Using Laptop
DimaBerlin / Shutterstock

Blogging is an excellent weekend job that allows you to express your thoughts, share your expertise, and make money. As a blogger, you can write about various topics, such as travel, fashion, finance, technology, or personal experiences. With a consistent writing schedule and quality content, you can attract a following and monetize your blog through advertisements, sponsored posts, or affiliate marketing. The earning potential is vast, and the flexible schedule makes it an ideal work-from-home opportunity.

Taking Online Surveys

Close-Up Of A Businessperson'S Hand Filling Online Survey Form On Laptop Over Wooden Desk
Andrey_Popov / Shutterstock

One way to make extra cash during weekends is by taking online surveys. Companies are willing to pay for your opinions on various products and services, making it an easy and flexible side job. Some popular survey websites include Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, where users can take surveys and earn points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Though it might bring in little income, taking online surveys is a quick and straightforward way to make money on the weekends.

Virtual Assisting

Lady Writing Down Something While On Phone
Drobot Dean / Adobe Stock

Becoming a virtual assistant is an ideal weekend job if you have strong organizational and communication skills. Virtual assistants get paid to help businesses and entrepreneurs by managing their schedules, answering emails, conducting research, and providing customer support. This work-from-home job offers a flexible schedule, and the earning potential can range from $10 to $30 per hour, depending on your experience and the services you offer.

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Selling on Amazon

Amazon Seller Mobile App Is Launched On A Smartphone
Tada Images /

Another weekend side job to consider is becoming an Amazon seller. You can start by buying products at a discounted price and reselling them on Amazon to turn a profit.

Amazon’s Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program allows you to store your products in their warehouses, and they will handle the shipping, customer service, and returns for you. Selling on Amazon offers a flexible schedule, and your product selection and pricing strategy mainly drive your earning potential.

Creative Weekend Job

Interior Decorating

Happy Smile, Woman And African Man Love Working On Wall With Partnership Or Collaboration
Lumeez/ / Adobe Stock

Interior decorating is an excellent weekend job for those with an eye for design and a passion for transforming spaces. This job allows you to work with clients who need help elevating their homes, offices, or other areas.

You can make extra cash without interfering with your weekday commitments. To get started, create a portfolio showcasing your work, and advertise your services on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. You can also use free Google Ads credits to promote your business.

Selling Printables

Heat Transfer T-Shirt Printing
Andrey Popov / Adobe Stock

For those with a knack for graphic design, selling printables online course you can be a fun and profitable weekend job. Printables are a popular niche in the digital product market, ranging from art pieces to planner templates, greeting cards, and educational materials. To get started:

  • Choose your niche or product type.
  • Design your printables using software like Adobe Illustrator or Canva.
  • Set up an online store on platforms like Etsy, Gumroad, or Shopify.
  • Market your products through social media, blog posts, or paid ads.

To maximize profits, consider offering customization services or creating printables for small business owners for special occasions, such as holidays or events.

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Flea Market Flipping

Various Goods For Selling At The Counter In The Flea Street Market In Ascona, Lake Maggiore, Ticino Canton, Switzerland
Roman Babakin / Adobe Stock

Flea market flipping is a creative way to earn extra cash by buying undervalued or unique items and reselling them for a profit. This weekend side job combines treasure hunting, fashion, and interior decorating to create a fun and lucrative hobby. To begin flea market flipping:

  • Visit your local flea markets, thrift stores, or estate sales.
  • Look for items with potential for upcycling or repurposing, such as vintage clothing, furniture, or antiques.
  • Clean, repair, or customize your finds to enhance their value
  • Sell your items online through platforms like Poshmark, eBay, or Facebook Marketplace or at local craft fairs or consignment shops.

Flea market flipping allows you to find clients and make extra cash while indulging your passion for finding hidden gems and giving them a new life.

Tips for Successful Weekend Side Hustles for Extra Money

Finding a Niche

The first step in a successful weekend side hustle is identifying your niche. Please look at your skills, interests, and the demands within your local community.

Some popular weekend side hustle options include freelancing (such as writing or graphic design), becoming a pet sitter, joining the gig economy (e.g., ridesharing or food delivery), taking surveys, or doing surveys. You can connect with neighbors and local Facebook groups to identify business opportunities within your area.

Managing Your Time

Efficiently managing your time is crucial for success in the best weekend jobs and side hustles. Balance your work schedule, personal life, and side hustle responsibilities to avoid burnout. Set specific times for your best weekend side jobs and hustle activities and stick to them. You can maximize your efficiency by:

  • Prioritizing tasks and focusing on high-value activities
  • Breaking tasks into smaller, manageable chunks
  • Setting realistic goals and deadlines

Outsourcing and Scaling

As your weekend side hustle or total time income grows, you may need to outsource some tasks to maintain productivity and efficiency. Outsourcing can free up time to focus on revenue-generating activities, such as expanding your client base or developing new business ideas. Consider hiring help within your community or leveraging online platforms to find skilled freelancers.

Scaling your weekend side hustle can eventually turn it into a full-time business. To achieve this, continuously learn from your experiences, identify new opportunities, and adapt your side hustle ideas and strategy as needed. Some steps to help scale your side hustle include:

  • Expanding your product or service offerings
  • Networking and building partnerships
  • Investing in marketing and promotion
  • Providing excellent customer service

By following these tips and focusing on your niche, time management, outsourcing, and scaling, your weekend side hustle can become increasingly successful and grow into a full-time business.

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Skills Needed for Weekend Jobs

For excelling in part-time weekend jobs and full-time income, a few skills are commonly required or beneficial. These skills can help you become highly profitable and ensure a high-paying steady income in various industries, such as customer service, freelancing, and more.

Customer Service Skills

African Woman, Call Center Agent Or Smile With Voip For Consulting, Listening Or Contact Us In Office / Adobe Stock

These are crucial for roles like bartending, serving in a restaurant, working as a customer service rep or at a call center, or traffic management. Excellent communication, active listening, and problem-solving abilities will help you handle customer interactions effectively.

CPR and First Aid

Group Of Diverse People In Cpr Training Class / Adobe Stock

Having CPR and First Aid certifications can be an advantage for jobs like pet-sitting or working as a lifeguard. These skills demonstrate your preparedness to deal with emergencies and provide care when needed.

Real Estate Knowledge

Business Meeting Of Real Estate Broker, Business Meeting Working With New Startup Project
amnaj / Adobe Stock

Real estate agents working on weekends may need strong negotiation and interpersonal skills and an understanding property laws and market trends. A valid real estate license is also mandatory in most jurisdictions.

Online Tutoring

Girl Student Studying Virtual Course With Remote Teacher Or Tutor, Learning Distance Class Training, Looking At Laptop
insta_photos / Adobe Stock

Tutors often benefit from expertise in their subject area, strong communication skills, and the ability to adapt to different learning styles. Online tutors also need basic knowledge of computers and video conferencing platforms.

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Close Up View Of Bookkeeper Or Financial Inspector Hands Making Report, Calculating Or Checking Balance
Natee Meepian / Shutterstock

Bookkeepers often require a solid understanding of accounting principles and software programs. Attention to detail, organizational skills, and the ability to work independently are also crucial for this role.

Computer Skills

Couple Looking At Laptop Computer Together
bnenin / Adobe Stock

Proficiency in computers, software, and digital tools is crucial for many weekend side jobs, particularly freelancing, web design, and online content creation.


Ride Sharing App On Mobile Phone
Kaspars Grinvalds / Adobe Stock

To work as a rideshare driver, you’ll need a valid driver’s license, vehicle insurance, and knowledge of local traffic rules. A clean driving record and good navigational skills can also be beneficial.

Part-time weekend side jobs generally pay well for individuals with the right skills and experience. Identifying your strengths and selecting roles that best align with your abilities is crucial. You can excel in your chosen best weekend side job and maximize your earning potential.

Top picks for part-time weekend jobs

Uber Eats is an online restaurant where food can be delivered, and you can make more money. Survey Junkie: What is a good extra income for surveying jobs. Sell printable – the most flexible creative job if it’s possible to earn money at home.

Freelancers start to find freelance writing jobs for businesses. Online tutors – Earn money teaching children online in their free time. Neighbour – Rent your space and earn passive income at Neighbour.


Cute Girl Studying With Tutor At Home
Pixel-Shot / Adobe Stock

Tutoring is an ideal job in the home for students or parents who want flexible weekend work. Depending on the class, the subject you choose may be taught online. Many internet tutoring companies employ English teachers.

Just go through all Qkids, Landi, SayABc VIPKid requirements, etc. Please submit your application. The timing is flexible, and you can teach during the week. You can join the Course Hero website and get free training.

You could make guides, ask questions or teach live with some extra money for a while. The top tutor earns $600 weekly.

Virtual assistance

Happy Young African Customer Woman Using Laptop And Credit Card
fizkes / Adobe Stock

As online businesses grow, it becomes crucial to have people working on many small duties, such as managing accounts and emails. Virtual assistants offer many services in addition to working entirely from the Internet.

The role is suited to students looking to work online and can be a very flexible job with great rewards. Please make an appointment with a virtual assistant company like Boldly (now Worldwide101) or Fancy Hands to take a VA position and get yourself an opportunity to work as an independent boss using our specialized courses.

Sell dog treats

Homemade Dog Bones Spilling From A Glass Jar.
RoJo Images / Adobe Stock

What does a dog feel like? I’m doing very well. Selling delicious dog food is an easy weekend job to get into. You don’t need any experience for the job.

I love dogs, too, so I’ll start here. The fees for making a treat and acquiring business licenses are relatively small. It’s always easy to start selling these sweets on the weekends and to friends. You could earn $500-1000 a part-time job, even for an early learner. Kristin Larsen tells how to start selling dog treats.

Pet sitting

Pretty Redhead Woman Is Hugging Cute Doggy Sitting On Couch In Apartment Smiling Enjoying Beautiful Day With Beloved Animal
silverkblack / Adobe Stock

I came across so few students opting to work in pet homes in my hometown that I didn’t want to forget it! Animal sitting can be incredibly flexible and fun, provided you love pets. It’s one of the most accessible weekend jobs anyone could find.

It’s a hobby I like to do, but it may only sometimes be considered work. You want to enjoy interacting with dogs and having fun on weekends, so join Rover and Dog vacay. You can enjoy it so much!

Flip thrift store items

Woman Browsing Through Vintage Clothing In A Thrift Store
Gabriel Cassan / Adobe Stock

Can someone go shopping at the Sunday Market? What do you think about it? They should be your thrift shop flippers if you want to buy things on Sundays and find treasure. This FREE seminar is for those curious about this business.

Flipping is easy to do during the weekend and will earn good earnings. Here are interviews with a professional flipper who has earned six figures transforming thrift store merchandise.

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Deliver stuff

Unrecognizable Courier On Bicycle Delivering Food In City
kasto / Adobe Stock

The number of deliveries of food has been increasing remarkably among students. A range of apps can get you involved quickly. You could start a side gig and work weekends delivering food through firms such as Uber Eats, Door Dash & Grubhub.

Instacart also offers delivery of grocery items. Want some extra spending money for the weekend? Another interesting method to deliver stuff is Roadie. Just bring a thing on the road to make some extra income.

Online researcher

Woman Searching On A Website / Shutterstock

Online research can be employed at Wonder or freelance. You’ll provide detailed answers to the user’s question, and the rates are excellent for this firm. If you’re eager to start your own online business, you can apply online for freelancing through Freelancer.

The jobs are much broader, and you may be involved with various projects if you work freelance. These would be great additions to your weekend’s list of side jobs.

Customer service

Successful Customer Service Representative Using Laptop At Office
Rido / Adobe Stock

Working for customers and earning decent money on weekends is possible. LiveOps allows you to work remotely and have flexible weekend work.

You can make calls as often as you like and receive rewards for your good performance in general. You must also be familiar with Customer Service, hospitality, and similar field. After applying online and receiving a selection, there will be background checks.


Female Passenger Texting In The Car
AntonioDiaz / Adobe Stock

Ridesharing can make a big difference when it comes time to earn extra money. Whatever you do in your spare time; you can drive anytime. You may also consider taking cab rides with Lyfting or Uber.

Earn an extra $1,000 if you complete the first 100 Lyft rides. As weekends are busy, you can earn more income from your work when you hustle. How Can A Family Make Money in Summer?

Sell printables

Graphic Engineers Or Workers Checking Imprint Quality In Modern Print Shop
littlewolf1989 / Adobe Stock

Is there a creative side? Alternatively, sell downloadable PDFs at It takes creativity along with research to sell printed materials.

How will I make more money in one week of my job? Julie Berner is optimistic about earning $500-1000. The Etsy seller earns six figures by selling print books her full-time job part-time. This interview gives you a more comprehensive insight into these side gigs.

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Give your opinion

Woman Filling Online Survey On Her Smartphone
MclittleStock / Adobe Stock

You can do these to add extra cash to your business. You’ll have to give your opinion. Log on and post to Swagbucks, view the video, shop, or use your web browser.

So easy. Swagbucks offers many ways to earn money online. You’ll earn $5 instantly when you join this service. Please remember you must be honest with the facts of your opinion. Great weekend activities!

Rent your backyard

Green Large Fenced Backyard With Trees
Iriana Shiyan / Adobe Stock

Can you make an income in your backyard and enjoy the weekend? Sniffspot lets you lease the backyard of your pets. Your pet uses the area to play, exercise, and be entertained while earning passive income.

You’ll be given a full storage space on sniff spot and can rent it immediately. The policy provides a $1M host security cover to protect your safety and property.


Amazon Mechanical Turk Homepage
Amazon Mechanical Turk / Amazon Mechanical Turk

The MTurk is an easy income option, yet it’s an additional opportunity. Amazon uses Mechanical Turk in many areas, including the recording and analyzing data and surveys.

It would be best to always look for a job worth your time. These freelance jobs are flexible and are done at all times – even on weekends. How can I earn good money now from Amazon Mechanical Turk?

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Happy Afro American Woman Relaxing On The Sofa At Home
Davide Angelini / Adobe Stock

Can we have our own home in our own hands? Okay! It’s possible to do this by being the housekeeper. Sometimes a person traveling to another country must find someone to care for their home and animals.

If you’re eager to work in house sitting, please register on or visit another location. This will make for an enjoyable weekend!


Teen Babysitter With Two Kids
Dan Race / Adobe Stock

If you’re eager to earn money as a babysitter, you can get one for free or for just a few dollars while in college. Many companies offer babysitting services, which are available on Sittercity or

This hustle gives an income steady while a student is pursuing studies as a hobby. When we have little kids, it’s purely a hobby!

Rent your car

Portrait Of A Young And Happy Woman Traveling With Suitcase Near The Rental Car Outdoors On The Parking
rh2010 / Adobe Stock

Rent your car on Turo / Getaround. It’s an easy passive way of getting money when doing nothing. The renter will cover the rent and decide the rental rate. It’s the perfect way to earn money in your car while working other jobs.

Summary of Weekend Jobs

Job TitleJob DescriptionPay Range
Dog WalkerWalk dogs for busy pet owners on weekends$15-$25 per hour
TutorOffer tutoring services for students on weekends$20-$50 per hour
Freelance WriterWrite articles or blog posts for various clients on weekends$0.10-$0.50 per word
Delivery DriverDeliver food or packages for companies like UberEats or Amazon on weekends$15-$25 per hour
Event StaffWork at events like concerts or festivals on weekends$10-$20 per hour
Virtual AssistantProvide administrative support to clients remotely on weekends$15-$30 per hour
House CleanerClean homes for busy homeowners on weekends$15-$30 per hour
Personal ShopperShop for groceries or other items for clients on weekends$15-$25 per hour
Fitness InstructorTeach fitness classes at gyms or studios on weekends$25-$50 per hour

Ultimately, weekend side jobs provide excellent opportunities for individuals to earn extra income and make the most of their spare time. These side hustles offer flexibility, allowing individuals to balance their work and personal life effectively.

A wide range of options are available, catering to different skills and interests, making it possible for anyone to find a suitable opportunity. Whether driving for rideshare services, freelancing, pet sitting, tutoring, mystery shopping, blogging, or engaging in creative endeavors like interior decorating or flea market flipping, weekend side jobs can earn money while pursuing passions or leveraging existing skills.

The availability of online platforms and marketplaces has made finding and engaging in weekend side jobs more accessible than ever. From selling products online to providing virtual assistance or participating in online surveys, the digital landscape has expanded the possibilities for earning extra income. Additionally, the option to start a blog, offer graphic design services, or sell printables online opens up even more opportunities for individuals to monetize their creativity and expertise.

Finding a niche that aligns with your skills and interests is crucial to succeeding in weekend-side jobs and a few side hustles. Effective time management and goal setting are crucial for balancing multiple commitments and maximizing productivity. As the side hustle grows, outsourcing tasks and scaling the business may be necessary to maintain efficiency and accommodate increased demand.

While specific skills may be required for certain weekend side jobs, such as customer service skills, real estate knowledge, computer proficiency, or subject expertise for tutoring, there are opportunities available for individuals with various backgrounds and skill sets. Crucial to identify your strengths and select a role that matches your abilities to maximize your potential.

Overall, weekend side jobs offer a practical and rewarding way to boost finances, explore new interests and their own time and turn passions into profitable ventures. By leveraging the available opportunities and following effective strategies for success, individuals can enhance their earning potential and achieve a healthy work-life balance.

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