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What is a Focus Group? Here’s What to Know

You’ve probably heard of focus groups, but you’re not sure what they are. You probably looked up “focus group meaning” but got confusing results. What is a focus group? Well, we’re here to help answer your question.

The term “focus group” can be a little misleading. It sounds like you’re going to sit around and focus on something. But what you’re doing is gathering a bunch of people together to share their opinions on a topic.

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What is a focus group?

Focus groups are often used to gather information about products or services companies develop. They can also be used to learn more about the needs and wants of customers or to find out how people feel about specific issues.

Focus groups can be conducted in person or online. They are often used for a market research before new products are launched so that companies can get feedback from consumers. They can make changes before they roll out the product or service through this.

You might have seen focus groups on TV. They’re often conducted by marketing firms to find out how customers feel about products like cars or toothpaste.

More about focus groups

How are the focus group participants chosen?

A Group Of People Listening

A focus group is a way to do research that involves getting a small group of people together and asking them questions in a controlled setting. The group is chosen based on predetermined demographic characteristics. The questions asked are for gaining insight into a subject of interest.

What kind of research is done in focus groups?

Focus groups are used a lot in marketing, library science, social science, user research, and other fields. They can give more natural and insightful feedback than individual interviews. They are also easier to set up than experiments or large-scale surveys!

What is the purpose of focus groups?

The primary goal of focus group research is to collect information about respondents’ thoughts, emotions, and experiences in a more in-depth manner than is possible through other methods, such as observation, individual interviews, or questionnaires.

Different Types of focus groups

In reality, focus groups are much more than what many people in the general public think they are. Yes, a small group of people might talk about a product with a moderator for an hour or two. However, the details of that discussion can change depending on the type of business and research goal. Consider the different kinds of focus groups.

A single focus group

When asked what they think about focus groups, most people say this. A single moderator asks questions and talks about a topic naturally with a small group of people who respond.

Mini Focus Group

A mini focus group only has four or five participants. When talking about sensitive topics, it’s best to talk to a smaller group of people because it’s more personal.

Two-Way Focus Group

In this format, there are two focus groups, each with a moderator. In this setup, one set of people investigates a topic, while another set of people looks on and makes observations. This can give the group watching more things to think about.

The purpose of this focus group is to collect in-depth responses and evaluate participants’ perspectives. The second group can then extrapolate those findings to the factors mentioned by the first.

Dual Moderator Focus Group

In this kind of focus group, two moderators work together. One moderator asks the questions, and the other makes sure the questions are answered. A single moderator is more likely to get sidetracked. Having two moderators helps make sure that the discussion stays on track.

Dueling Moderator Focus Group

This type of focus group also has two moderators. This, however, pits one moderator against the other to look at different sides of an issue. By supporting different points of view, moderators can bring up topics. These can get people to think and come to new conclusions, giving them more insight.

Respondent Moderator Focus Group

To avoid unintentional bias, one or more of the people in the focus group temporarily takes on the role of moderator. Each asks questions of the other people in the group. Sharing the role of the moderator helps get different responses from each respondent. Thus, this makes the information gathered in the end more useful.

Remote focus group

A remote focus group can bring together people from different places who might not be able to meet in person. A face-to-face meeting is more informative because members can respond to body language and tone of voice.

But this type of focus group can give people a chance to be anonymous, which is something that some people like. Because of this, it’s a good choice for companies that want to talk about more personal topics. It’s also great for those who don’t have the time or money for more in-depth focus group techniques.

How focus groups are used in market research companies

A Man Creating Market Research Graphs On A Laptop

What do people think? What’s going on in their minds when they look at a product or service? That’s the question that market researchers have been asking themselves since the dawn of consumerism.

And it’s a question they’ve been trying to answer by using focus groups for decades now. The focus group is a staple of market research, but you may not know all the ways it’s used. Here’s what you need to know.

Focus groups are a way for companies to get a better sense of what customers think and feel about their products. They allow companies to test out new ideas or get feedback on existing products. They can also help companies gain insight into what customers want next from them.

Not only that, but focus groups help companies understand how customers perceive their brand as well as their competitors. For example, if a company wants to introduce a new product line, they might want to see if customers are interested in it. If they aren’t interested in the product line itself, they might be interested in something else—like an upgraded version of the product or an entirely new product altogether!

It’s important to note that focus groups aren’t just used by large companies with lots of resources at their disposal. Smaller businesses can use focus groups too—they just have less money available for them than larger ones do!

How does a focus group work

So what do these focus groups consist of? Well, it depends! Some focus groups may be online surveys where participants answer questions in exchange for money or gift cards. Other focus groups may be small meetings conducted by a market research company at a location chosen by the company. In both cases, the participants are compensated for their time and opinions—and have fun while doing it!

How do in-person focus groups work? Are they useful?

An in-person focus group is a great way to get your brand or product in front of a lot of people at once. The benefits are clear: You can see how people react in real-time, get feedback from multiple people at once, and make sure that everyone who needs to be there is there.

An in-person focus group is a way to go if you want to get the most out of your focus group. When you’re talking about building relationships with customers and getting deep insights into their motivations, nothing beats sitting down together and having a face-to-face conversation.

That’s why we love in-person focus groups: they allow you to get closer than ever before with your target audience. You can talk about topics that are important to them, hear about their experiences firsthand even watch them use your product or service!

In-person focus groups are a great way to get real feedback from real people. You get to see people’s faces and expressions as they talk about your product or service, so you get an unfiltered sense of what they’re thinking.

How do online focus groups work?

An online focus group is a way to reach out to a lot of people in one big swoop, without having to meet with them one at a time. It’s a way for companies to get all the opinions they need from customers and potential customers without having to do something super expensive and time-consuming (like renting out an auditorium or putting up posters).

It’s also a great way for researchers and marketers to get quick answers about things like product preferences or how people feel about advertising campaigns. They can ask questions, get answers, and analyze the data right away—and even see trends develop over time—without relying on traditional methods like surveys or interviews.

Paid focus groups

We know what you’re thinking: “Paid focus groups? That sounds like a scam.” Well, think again! Paid focus groups are real and they can help you whether you are a business owner or a consumer.

Most of us have participated in an informal focus group at some point in our lives, but paid focus groups are different. They’re typically conducted by professional researchers who conduct the sessions under controlled conditions and use scientific methods to ensure that they get valuable data from their participants.

How do paid focus groups work for business owners?

Focus groups are a great way to get feedback from your customers. But they can be expensive, especially if you’re a small business. If you want to get information about your customers but don’t have the resources to pay for a focus group yourself, that’s where paid focus groups come in.

With paid focus groups, your company pays people to participate in a discussion about your product or service while being recorded by a moderator.

The moderator asks questions about things like pricing and packaging and then uses the recordings to create an audio or video report that includes what participants said during their discussions. The moderator also writes up notes about each session so that you have everything on paper!

How can I have a successful focus group?

The key to success with focus group research is having an experienced moderator who can ask questions that allow participants to express their thoughts freely without feeling pressured or judged. \

The moderator should also be able to keep the conversation flowing naturally by listening carefully, asking follow-up questions when appropriate, and summarizing what has been said so far to keep everyone on track.

How do paid focus groups work for participants?

Paid focus groups are a great way to get paid for your opinion. It’s like being a paid consumer, but with less shopping and more talking about the products or services you use every day. You can make money with focus groups!

A paid focus group is a small group of people who come together to discuss a product or service with an expert moderator. The moderator asks questions about the product or service, and the focus group members give their opinions on it.

The focus group is usually conducted in a comfortable room in someone’s home or office. The moderator will be there to guide the conversation and keep things on track, but you’ll be able to talk freely about your thoughts without feeling like you’re being judged by others in the room. The session can also be conducted online.

Focus groups pay participants good money online or in person. So, if you need to make extra money or just make money, join paid focus groups!

Participating in focus groups

People Discussing A Matter Around A Table

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall, listening in on a group of people as they discuss a topic?

That’s exactly what happens during focus groups. A group of people is invited to participate in a focus group, and then they sit around for about an hour and talk about whatever topic has been assigned to them. The moderator asks questions, the participants answer them, and then the moderator asks more questions.

It’s not all that exciting, but it can be very useful—especially if you’re trying to understand how people think about something new or different, like your product or service.

So why not give focus groups a try? You never know what kinds of insights will come out!

Focus group opportunities online

Now, you’re probably interested in making money and you’re looking for legit paid focus groups. You don’t need to find paid focus groups anymore because we already did that for you! Here are a few survey sites where you can join different focus groups and make a few extra bucks.

You’ll need some patience whether you’re signing up for online focus groups or in-person focus groups. All potential participants go through a screening procedure first.

You may not always be eligible because consumer research firms seek participants with extremely specific interests and profiles. You can increase your chances of being accepted into focus groups by signing up with as many companies as possible.

However, before you start filling out forms, take a few moments to verify the legitimacy of the company. You certainly don’t want to throw away your time and money falling victim to an online scam.


Inboxdollars Site Dashboard

InboxDollars is a method for people who can’t find part-time work outside the home to earn some more money without leaving the house. Daren Cotter started InboxDollars in his Minnesota dorm room in the year 2000. Offices for the corporation can still be found in Minnesota, not far from St. Paul.

InboxDollars is a platform that brings together businesses and customers. More people trying new items, providing feedback, filling out questionnaires, and viewing adverts are essential for brands. It would be more efficient for them to leverage InboxDollars’ following than to spend time and energy recruiting thousands of participants many times a year.

You may make money online with InboxDollars even if you already have a full-time job or if you don’t want to leave the comfort of your own home, and there are plenty of wonderful methods to earn extra money with a side hustle outside the home. Anywhere a WiFi-capable gadget can connect to the Internet.

How to Make Money Using InboxDollars

You may make money with InboxDollars in several ways. The number of activities you complete is up to you and your availability and interest.

When you join up for InboxDollars for the first time and verify your email address, the company will reward you with an incentive. The next step is to answer 30 questions about yourself, including your age and the gender you identify as. This survey has a bonus and can take anywhere from five to ten minutes of your time.

There is a minimum amount to cash out your rewards. Take paid surveys, play games, shop for cashback, use coupons, sign up for offers, and upload receipts to keep earning. Other than these primary methods, you can also earn rewards by playing bingo, redeeming WinIt codes, playing Scratch and Win, and introducing friends and family.

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Survey Junkie

You may earn a few dollars by answering online surveys on Survey Junkie, and each survey only takes a few minutes of your time. But they also host focus groups over the phone and in person and provide the option to participate in either.

Survey Junkie offers compensation for participating in one of their paid focus groups, once you answer some qualifying questions. The best part is that there is no cost to join Survey Junkie, so you can keep tabs on new opportunities without spending a dime.

Check out this online survey company if you’re searching for a simple method to make some extra money on the side. The surveys found on this site can be completed online, at your convenience. What’s even better? Money will be given to you in exchange for your thoughts.

How to Make Money Using SurveyJunkie

Taking online surveys can be a great way to make quick money if you have some downtime. Starting is easy, and most people can participate in at least some surveys depending on the information they provide in their profiles.

Anybody may join Survey Junkie by clicking the “Join Now” button on the main page. You can then start your application by either logging in with your Google or Facebook account, or by entering your information manually (including your zip code, date of birth, and gender). After signing up, you can start customizing your profile by completing a few basic questions.

You can expect to be asked basic personal information like where you live, how much money you make, what kinds of things you like to buy, whether or not you have pets, and how many years of schooling you have completed.

Please note that you cannot cash in your rewards until you have reached a certain threshold. You can exchange your points for PayPal money, but you can also choose to exchange them for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon and Target.

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User Interviews

User Interviews Site, &Quot;We Connect Researchers And Participants&Quot;

User Interviews is a community where researchers may find and interview willing individuals for user research. In joining their group, you’ll be able to view available study opportunities and submit an application for any that pique your interest. The best part? You’ll get paid for giving your input!

How to Make Money Using User Interviews

Make an account so you can get started. Providing some basic information will help researchers find a good fit for you in their study. The next step is to either peruse the available studies or wait to be invited to participate in a research study.

As soon as you fill out an application for a study, the researcher will look it over.

If you are selected to participate in a study, the researcher will provide you with detailed instructions on how to take part, and you will be compensated if you follow all of those instructions. As long as you maintain a positive status with User Interviews, you will most likely be invited back for more discussions.


Respondent Site, &Quot;Reach The Right Audience For Your User Research&Quot;

Respondent is a very specific niche survey site. With the help of, businesses can easily conduct their surveys and polls for market research. It does this by matching research organizations looking for “respondents” like you with individuals like yourself who have applied to take part in studies. Participants receive compensation for their time and participation in each study.

How to Make Money Using Respondent

As a Respondent member, you will get access to a dashboard listing all active initiatives in which you can take part. Applying for a project is typically required before beginning work on it. You can expect an evaluation of your credentials from the requesting organization.

It’s kind of like going for a job interview here. To be considered for a project, you will need to pass their screening process. The screener is unpaid, and you can only submit three projects a day. Respondent’s partners use the screener to see if potential participants meet the study’s criteria.

In addition to describing the nature of each project and how much money you may expect to make from it, each description will also include an earnings estimate. Both large and small-scale projects are available. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. You can join their in-person focus groups or online focus groups. Any research conducted will either be one-on-one with a researcher or unmoderated.  

Higher compensation is offered for in-person studies, but participants must travel to an interview site. To increase the difficulty of getting accepted to one, the place it would be hosted in will likely require that applicants be locals.

After a project has been finished to satisfaction, only then will payment be made. If you look in “My Studies,” you can find out if the company has paid you. Every application and qualification you’ve ever made for a project will be displayed here.

Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos I-Say Site, &Quot;Influence The Future. Discover The Difference You Mill Make.&Quot;

When it comes to paid survey sites, Ipsos i-Say is one of the best options for people living in the US and Canada. Ipsos runs i-Say. It is an international market research firm that was founded in 1975. It is based in 88 countries and has more than 16,000 employees. Its headquarters are in Paris, France.

With i-Say, the primary way to earn incentives is to complete surveys. In addition to taking surveys, members of i-Say can engage in contests, refer friends, and earn prizes through the loyalty program.

How to Make Money Using Ipsos i-Say

As I indicated before, i-Say’s primary method of earning prizes is completing surveys. Members may receive up to eight surveys per month. You may access these surveys in two places: your inbox and your account dashboard.

Ipsos i-Say has a loyalty program in which you earn more i-Say points by filling out more surveys. If you take 5 surveys, for instance, you’ll receive 25 bonus loyalty points; if you take 50 surveys, you’ll receive 200 bonus points, and so on.

As a thank you for taking the time to fill out a survey, you will be invited to take part in a poll prediction with the opportunity to win a variety of prizes. 10 lucky panelists are selected at random every 4 months to get 5,000 i-Say points. If your friends join i-Say through your referral link, you’ll both receive 100 points. These points can be converted to cash or gift cards, according to your choice.

20|20 Panel

20|20 Panel Site

If you have an opinion, you can get paid to share it on the 20/20 Panel. A testimonial to their credibility is the fact that they’ve been operating for over 30 years. Yes, they’ve been here since 1986. The purpose of the 20/20 Panel is to deliver useful data to its customers by paying its members to take surveys.

Developing goods and services that are useful to actual consumers like yourself is the best method to boost the economy. Because of this, your feedback is highly sought after by companies all around the globe. You can get paid for your time and effort by taking part in one of the 20/20 Panel’s studies.

How to Make Money Using 20|20 Panel

You can earn points toward a gift card by taking short surveys on the 20/20 panel. Earn gift cards just for taking part in online meetings, chats, and conversations. While surveys are often quick, 90 minutes or more may be spent in an online discussion forum.

You just need to fill out a little profile form to get started. Providing additional details increases your chances of being matched with surveys and focus group discussions.

Paid surveys will make up the bulk of your earnings on the 20/20 Panel. After you sign up, you’ll have access to the member’s dashboard where you may browse surveys and choose which ones you’d want to take. You will be informed immediately of the potential benefits of taking part in a survey.

In addition to free surveys, 20/20 Panel also provides paid studies. There is more to this chance than just filling out surveys for money. If you meet the requirements for a study, you will be contacted via email. It will function similarly to paid surveys in practically every way. The interview process will begin with a series of qualifying questions.

If you meet the criteria, a recruiter will get in touch with you to set up a time for you to take part in the study. Only locals of Charlotte, Nashville, and Miami will have access to the in-person study. That’s because such places host facilities suitable for conducting the study in person. The time investment required means the rewards will be more substantial than with paid surveys. However, these alternatives are significantly more work, and you won’t have access to them frequently.

Recruit and Field

Recruit And Field Site, &Quot;We Got Your Back!&Quot;

A market research organization with American roots, Recruit & Field was founded in 1977. Their website showcases their customer- and client-centric brand by featuring client and participant testimonials, team introductions, and a user-friendly layout. 

They’ve collaborated with some of the biggest names in the digital and entertainment industries, including Apple, Google, Netflix, and Spotify. Their clientele includes not only smaller businesses but also giants in the consumer goods industry like Clinique and Nestle.

In addition to establishing credibility, a company’s list of recognizable brand names they deal with can give you a glimpse into the kind of research they conduct. This company seems like a great fit for those with specific skill sets, such as technologists.

Likewise, from the perspective of a participant, they are the best of the best. Their platforms demonstrate that they are a trusted resource in the focus group industry.

How to Make Money Using Recruit & Field

Most of Recruit and Field’s paid focus group opportunities take place online, however, in-person focus groups do occur on occasion. And you may rest assured that they are not a scam because of the positive reviews they have received online.

Payment is made via PayPal or, if you prefer, via gift cards, and the amount you earn per study is typically sizable. Since Recruit and Field conducts extensive market research in scientific and technological domains, they are always on the lookout for experts in the fields of medicine and law to participate in their focus groups. This suggests that Recruit and Field could be a suitable choice for you if you have experience in these fields.

American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion Site

Over 6 million people use American Consumer Opinion every month, and the site’s main focus is on paying you to take surveys. Signing up for American Consumer Opinion doesn’t cost a thing. Membership is free of charge at all times. The only “payment” required of you is time spent filling out our surveys.

How to Make Money Using American Consumer Opinion

If you join the panel, you can expect to take part in multiple polls each year. The typical survey only takes around 10 minutes to finish, and the questions are straightforward. Members of the panel will get a “screener” (a brief survey) approximately once a month.

Depending on the length of the survey (called a screener), participants can earn anywhere from points to cash to electronic gift cards for their time. No matter how long the follow-up survey takes, you will always be rewarded with Points for your time. Accumulated Points can be redeemed for rewards when some time has passed.

Those that participate in American Consumer Opinion do so because they value having a voice and the ability to shape the world around them. Voting for future products and services is a lot like voting for elected politicians.


Pingpong Site

PingPong was launched in 2017 as a tool to facilitate the collection of user input for product owners and design teams. The company was founded to streamline the UX research process from participant recruiting to data analysis so that you can focus your attention where it belongs: on what the users can teach you.

How to Make Money Using PingPong

Participating in PingPong’s casual video interviews and user tests can earn you a pay rate. For the most part, these investigations take the form of 30-minute video conversations with the option of screen sharing for testing websites. More money can be made with videos that are longer than 60 minutes.

PingPong also provides niche tests for those of you who fall into certain demographics or use certain software for work. These openings pay more than average per interview since they are in high demand but tough to fill.

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