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Why Are Surveys Important? Here’s your ultimate guide

Why are surveys important? Surveys are important because they allow us to get a better idea of what’s going on in the world. We’ll cover all things you need to know about surveying.

Surveys are one way to understand more about people and their opinions, habits, and behaviors. They’re also an important tool for companies who want to know more about their customers or potential customers.

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Surveys are an excellent method to learn more about people and their opinions, habits, and behaviors. They’re also a valuable instrument for businesses that want to understand their consumers or potential customers.

Why Are Surveys Important? The Importance of Surveys

What is a survey? Why does it provide so many valuable insights?

A survey is a type of research. Surveys gather information about people’s beliefs, habits, and behaviors.

Surveys can be used for many different purposes:

  • Companies might survey to find out why their product is selling poorly or why their customers like it so much.
  • Government agencies might launch a survey to discover why people don’t know about their programs and what they need to do to get more funding.
  • Public health officials might survey to discover why people don’t know the dangers of smoking or why they don’t want to quit.

What makes surveys particularly useful is that they allow us to explore the opinions and beliefs of individuals and groups.

As long as we can identify the group(s) that are being surveyed, surveys allow us to get a much better idea of what’s going on in society.

Surveys are not always easy or cheap, so it is important to use them only when necessary.

Examples of Surveys

You can collect data through surveys in a variety of ways. Surveys can be conducted in various ways, including the following examples.

Telephone Surveys

A telephone survey is a survey in which people are contacted over the phone and asked questions.

Telephone surveys can be done by randomly dialing numbers or by using various sampling techniques; these include but are not limited to quotas, random digit dialing, area code screening, etc.

The respondents are called at home, on their cell phones while in public, or at work. The questionnaire will then ask about their beliefs, habits, or behaviors.

Sound quality is an important factor; poor sound quality will lead to incorrect responses and low response rates.

Ethnographic Surveys

An ethnographic survey is a research technique that gathers primary data on culture, subculture, and everyday life.

Ethnography is a social science method of inquiry that seeks to understand human cultures by immersing yourself in the reality of a place.

For example, ethnographic research could study why people buy or do not buy certain products and why they express particular preferences for them.

Exit Polls

An exit poll is a survey in which individuals are asked who they voted for as they leave the polling station.

Exit polls can be conducted by phone or person (at a polling station).

This is useful because it allows people to make predictions about what will happen without waiting until all of the votes are cast.

For example, if an exit poll shows Democrat Joe Smith leading Republican Bob Jones by five percentage points, it can be assumed that Smith will win unless something dramatic happens.

The accuracy of exit polls depends on many factors, including the questions asked, how accurate the people providing information are at recalling who they voted for, and whether the poll is conducted before or after the voting has started.

Paper Surveys

Survey On The Street

A paper survey is a survey that is conducted by filling out a questionnaire. Paper surveys have the advantage that they can be delivered to respondents via mail.

The disadvantage is that it can also be thrown away before being filled or completed.

Consider why they might deny, lie, or conceal information. Consider why people would want to deceive others or themselves and avoid future marketing when developing a paper survey plan to gather feedback.

Online Surveys

Online surveys, also called web surveys, are a form of online data collection. They can be set up and completed by anyone with compatible software and an internet connection. The respondent uses a web browser to answer the questions on the screen.

The respondent fills out the questionnaire themselves, as opposed to answering questions posed by someone else via telephone or paper survey, which makes it easier for people to respond to questions.

Surveys can be designed so that respondents do not know who created them or why they were sent an invitation (an anonymous survey).

Some examples of why businesses might apply this:

  • To find out why their product is selling poorly or who are their most loyal customers
  • To determine why people don’t know the dangers of smoking or why they don’t want to quit
  • To find out why people are buying or not buying their company products, learn more about the success of their marketing efforts, or understand more about their customer demographics.

Lead Generation Surveys

A lead generation survey is a more empirical way to collect data from prospects.

Lead gen can be used by businesses to segment their customers and promote the right products to the right person at the right time.

Businesses may learn why customers do not buy or why they only purchase specific items by conducting interviews with people who are not registered or potential consumers about their preferences.

They can also look into whether someone wants to buy now or later, what role demographics play in purchasing decisions, and how important price is for a given product.

Email Surveys

An email survey is an online data-gathering technique in which respondents respond to questions by clicking on a link in an emailed message. This is advantageous since it allows individuals to answer queries that they would not be able to complete manually.

As opposed to filling out inquiries posed by someone else over the phone or filling out papers, people can respond more readily as they will not feel as though they are being interrogated as to why they do not want to block themselves from future marketing.

Businesses can use email surveys to find out why people buy or why their products aren’t selling well, or why new customers haven’t heard of them.

These surveys provide feedback to businesses, governments, and people worldwide.

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Best Survey Software Companies to Use

There are many software programs to choose from when doing surveys.

There are many software programs to choose from when designing and mobile surveys. They are available for free download on the internet, but some charges may apply if you require a lot of customization.

Some things to consider before finalizing your decision:

  • Does the software offer the features and functionality that you need?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Can you scale up or down as needed?
  • What’s the cost of using the software, and how often can it be used?
  • Does it offer translations for other languages and/or voice input technology, such as speech recognition)?

The following are the best survey software companies currently in the industry.


  • SurveyMonkey is one of the most well-known survey software companies in the world.
  • It has a free tier, which lets you create up to 10 surveys with just their browser.
  • You can also use their program to manage your survey, put it on your website, and send invitations through email.

Microsoft Forms

  • Microsoft Forms is Microsoft’s iteration into the market of survey building.
  • This software comes standard with Microsoft Office 365 suites that offer cloud storage and collaboration tools for businesses, educational institutions, and enterprises looking for software solutions to help them stay organized.
  • The software comes in two components, including the web application and the desktop app.


  • SurveyGizmo is an easy-to-use online survey builder that allows users to create surveys for free.
  • They offer three different plans: Basic ($0), Plus ($25/month), Enterprise($199/month)
  • Data is saved in SurveyGizmo’s cloud, which makes it easy to compare results across devices.

Survey Anyplace

  • Survey Anyplace allows users to create mobile surveys with varying price points for different features.
  • They offer a free plan but with limited features
  • The other two plans are $9/month and $19/month
  • Data is saved on Survey Anyplace’s cloud, which makes it easy to compare results across devices.


  • Zoho offers a free plan that allows users to create up to 10 surveys with their browser.
  • They have three other plans: Basic ($20/month), Plus($50/month), and Premium ($100/month).
  • Data is saved in Zoho’s cloud, which makes it easy to compare results across devices.


  • AdminLTE allows users to create a free website for themselves with customizable features.
  • The other two plans are Basic ($5/month) and Pro ($15/month)
  • Site data is saved in AdminLTE’s cloud, which makes it easy to compare results across devices.

Why Do We Need to Conduct Surveys?

Many people don’t think about why surveys are important, but they can provide valuable information on several topics.

This video was designed to teach you why surveys are important and why we need them worldwide. A survey is necessary when we want to gather information about people’s opinions, habits, and behaviors to get a better idea of what’s going on in the world. Surveys can be conducted on all different kinds of topics.

You might see a survey asking about company products or public health issues; they’re all extremely valuable because they provide insights into current events and situations.

The word “survey” comes from French and Latin roots, which mean “to walk through.”

Why Do We Need Survey Research?

An article by the University of Minnesota discusses why surveys are important. Surveys allow us to see the current opinions of people and become aware of how people think about a particular topic or idea. Surveys also help track trends so changes can be made to protect the public good.

A survey is when you ask people questions. It is important because it allows us to know more about the world. Surveys are used to find out what people think, what they do, and how they act.

Good surveys ask questions that will help you answer your research question and give you insight into the problem at hand.

The best surveys are designed to be unbiased and accurate. When creating good surveys, there are several factors to consider.

The first step is to consider how you want to phrase your questions so that they are comprehensible. You must also choose whether the survey should be done on paper or the internet.

Surveys can be conducted on topics like company products or public health issues.

Surveys are important because they allow us to get a better idea of what’s going on in the world.

Why should I survey my customers? Benefits of customer satisfaction surveys

Customer Satisfaction Survey

You should ask your consumers about your goods/services or pricing to discover their thoughts. It doesn’t imply that anything should change when your customers are involved; it merely implies that your brand should be kept.

Customer satisfaction surveys can be incredibly valuable for companies.

A customer satisfaction survey is a type of research conducted to measure the quality of service given to consumers.

Possible example:

A customer satisfaction survey may be done by surveying consumers who were dissatisfied with a company’s products, services, pricing, or other issues rather than surveying the whole or most of the firm’s customers to learn why they were dissatisfied.

If this data assists the firm to improve its goods or services and gain additional delighted customers while retaining all existing ones, then the price for this information can far exceed its cost.

Customer satisfaction surveys are an excellent way to measure your company’s success.

The purpose of a customer satisfaction survey is to find out why people are dissatisfied with the products, services, or other components of your company.

It’s not always to start gathering customer feedback who may have negative experiences with any aspect of your company—that is why it’s important to conduct surveys to find out why they may be dissatisfied.

Customer feedback is one of the most important things you can receive in business.

If you use survey data, you can use this to measure your company’s success because it tells you how well you’re doing in terms of meeting the needs, wants, and expectations of current or future customers.

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Why should I survey my employees?

It’s important to routinely conduct employee satisfaction surveys because they are the driving force behind any company. Asking employees why they chose your company, why they stay with the company, why they work hard for you, and what you can do better will help boost productivity.

One example would be asking why people left your business. If workers are dissatisfied with their pay, why they feel that way, etc, then management may be able to improve on these issues.

Why is market research survey data so valuable?

When performing a survey, it’s important not to give multiple biased options or ask leading questions that are likely to skew responses, even if respondents provide honest feedback.

The benefits of doing customer satisfaction surveys are pretty clear, so why don’t businesses do more? Most likely, it’s because of the cost.

There are many benefits to conducting regular surveys with employees and customers who use your company’s products or services.

They’re a great way to get valuable customer feedback and improve your business.

It’s important that employees of a company are satisfied with their work environment, pay rates, etc, so why not ask them why they feel dissatisfied?

What it comes down to is money.

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Final Thoughts: Why Are Surveys Important?

Surveys are critical to businesses, governmental agencies, and the general public since they provide a means of gathering information about people’s thoughts and beliefs. They allow us to discover individuals’ and groups’ points of view.

As long as we can identify the group(s) that are being surveyed, surveys allow us to get a much better idea of what’s going on in society.  

Surveys should only be conducted when necessary because it requires time or money to conduct them properly; however, if you want insight into why people think about things like company products or health issues, then this article has provided some insightful information on why surveys are important!

I hope that the information in this video will be valuable to you. If you want to know why surveys are important, please get in touch with us directly!

Why are surveys so critical? Surveys can help us understand what people want. 

The importance of surveying people is to allow them to have their voices heard and for companies to find out how they can improve products or services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main purpose of survey research?

A survey is a great way to know what people think about their community. The survey can give you the health and happiness statistics of neighborhoods. Surveys are also good for hearing different opinions on corporate marketing strategies or public health issues like smoking/drugs/alcohol abuse.

A survey will help you understand more without having to monitor every individual.

Why is survey research important in business?

Surveys can help a company know if they are reaching the right audience. Market research surveys tell people what they need to know. They don’t want to spend money where it is not needed.

Why are surveys good for data collection?

A market research survey is important because it lets you know what people think. For example, it’s interesting to ask teens whether or not they walk and text simultaneously.

You might also ask college students why they chose their school, how it ranks in comparison with other schools in terms of reputation and ranking, why they didn’t apply to a more popular school, why they chose to attend that specific university, and why their friends think it’s a good or bad college.

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