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How to Work from Home No Scams – Guaranteed!

Want to learn how to work from home? It seems that work-from-home no scams are everywhere these days! So, we’ve got you covered on how to work from home.

Work from home is a popular and lucrative option for today’s work-from-home parent. This work-from-home opportunity is also open to those who work outside the house but want to spend more time with their children or those who work part-time and are seeking additional work opportunities. It seems that work at home, no scams are everywhere these days!

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We’re here to help you find legitimate ways of making money at home without worrying about getting scammed. We’ve compiled a list of companies that offer great jobs in your area that will allow you to make money while working from your home office.

This work-from-home business will work with you and doesn’t require you to pay for your supplies and equipment and work around your schedule.

You will likely be able to create your schedule. So dig in and start applying for work-from-home jobs! There’s no reason to get scammed when you can work from the comfort of your own home and make money.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the commercials — Make Thousands of Dollars a Week Reading Email! To earn hundreds of dollars a day, click on ads! The offers that appear too good to be true… and they are. Working from home is an appealing concept for many individuals, which makes it vulnerable to fraud.

If you want to work from home but aren’t interested in being scammed out of the hard-earned cash you’ve already made, don’t worry. There are plenty of opportunities out there for anyone who looks.

Things to stay away from in online and work-from-home jobs

Work From Home Meeting
  • Cash up-front: Would you pay a company in bricks and mortar to let you work for them? Of course not! The same should go for internet businesses as well. If an opportunity asks for an upfront payment, flee quickly. They’re attempting to defraud you, so they are not worth your time.
  • Too Good to Be True: Is it feasible to make thousands of dollars reading emails? Where is that money coming from? If you think through an offer and it just doesn’t make sense, chances are it’s a scam. The best-case scenario is that you waste much of your time on pennies. Chances are you won’t even get that.
  • Lots of Personal Information: Any online job will require some personal information. Your name, address, and birth date are pretty standard. However, when sites get nosy, you should probably be wary. If they want to know your bank account information or passwords on other sites, don’t give it to them!

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Things to look for in online jobs and work-from-home jobs

Work From Home Set Up
  • Good Reviews: If you’ve talked to someone who has used a particular site or opportunity and spoke highly of it, chances are it’s a legitimate opportunity. Take some time to research before signing up to find sites that are well thought of. Read into this article a little more to find some work-at-home survey sites that we recommend.
  • Good Payout: What’s the point of working if you won’t paid well for your time? You want to ensure you’re getting enough money to make it worthwhile.
  • A Solid Business Plan: Again, the job opportunity needs to make sense. A legitimate work-from-home job will have an obvious source of income and a clear reason for why you’re doing the work.

Taking all of these points into account, online surveys are one of the best work-from-home opportunities out there.

Best Online Jobs and Work From Home Jobs (No Scams)

Let’s get into our full list of legitimate work-from-home jobs you can do where you please.

Take Paid Online Surveys

Interested in some of the scam-free websites? Here’s a list of the ones we’ve tried and approve of:

  1. Lifepoints – This survey site has over 1 million users and is certified by the Better Business Bureau. Do I need to say more?
  2. Survey Junkie – A website that will send you a $5 survey offer every day. Even make payments through PayPal!
  3. Swagbucks – A global survey site that even gives you a chance to win cars!
  4. Toluna – Yet another fantastic online survey website that is very easy to sign up for and completely free of charge.

There are lots of different online jobs out there, but online surveys are one of the best. Legitimate survey sites will ask for enough information to hook you up with surveys, but never pry for unnecessary information.

Legitimate websites do not need any money to get up and running, but they use it effectively. If you keep filling out surveys, your bank account will receive money. There are lots of reasons that surveys are some of the best legitimate online jobs out there – here are just a few of them:

  • They Make Sense: Online surveys are not only real. Companies that need input to develop new items exist. Companies also want to know how current advertising campaigns are progressing. There are hundreds of reasons someone may pay you for your thoughts, and there’s a good one behind each one. There’s a genuine purpose for you to be doing this job.
  • They Pay Well: Many studies pay you up to $10 or $15 per hour for a few minutes of effort. You could make a fair hourly wage this way and do it in your bathrobe!
  • No Money Up-Front: There’s a catch, albeit a minor one. You might come across a survey website that asks you to pay upfront. This is a fraud! There’s no need to participate in these sites because there are plenty of other reputable survey opportunities available to you.

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Top Work From Home Job: Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants let business managers and small business owners run their businesses and perform daily chores without relying on a manager. Newbies can make as little as $15 per hour, while experienced VAs earn up to $50 per hour.

There are no expenses to get started, which is great news for those who want to start their own business without paying a large up-front sum.

Because most of the skills you’ll need can be learned independently, it’s an excellent online job opportunity with minimal startup costs. It’s also vital to learn how to utilize applications such as Google, HootSuite, Skype, and GoToMeeting.

Virtual assistants jobs work remotely from home as key members of the marketing team, handling marketing tasks that their clients assign to them on a regular or project basis. This work-from-home opportunity gets new virtual agents familiar with the company’s products and services, which helps build trust between customers and employees.

Higher earning levels are earned when fulfilling more important tasks, such as running Facebook ads. VA jobs can be found on typical job listing sites like FlexJobs. If you want to dabble in this type of work, this can be a great way to earn extra money on the side of your current day job.

Virtual assistants must have high-speed internet as you need to be online when your boss needs you (likely during regular work hours) and be very responsive to communications.

Transcription Jobs

There are many genuine work-at-home transcription possibilities available. Transcriptionists must listen to each audio hour and transcribe what they hear.

Legal and medical transcription pay the most; training courses are available to learn these skills. It might take two to five hours to record an hour of audio, depending on how long you listen and type.

You must be a strong typist and work quickly, but you must also transcribe recorded information thoroughly. The work is tedious and time-consuming, so if the thought of doing this work for years on end doesn’t appeal to you, consider working part-time while studying.

There are many good transcription courses available to those who want to work from home. You get paid for each audio hour of transcription that you do. The best places to find transcription jobs are GoTranscript and FlexJobs.

Social Media Management

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting a company’s identity and visibility. Social Media Managers are in charge of maintaining social media presence and strategy, as well as content marketing. You must have a good understanding of their area of expertise and how to increase their internet exposure.

Social media is complicated, so working with an agency that allows you to test a few things before you commit is critical. The typical hourly fee for social media managers ranges from 15 to 16 dollars per hour. Many businesses utilize remote staff for this kind of work, and you could be part of their team.

You can find this work-from-home job on common boards such as FlexJobs and Indeed. You can earn as little as $15 an hour from work-from-home social media management jobs. If you have years of experience, you can earn over six figures. It’s one of the best jobs to earn good money remotely.

Proofreading Work at Home Jobs

Proofreading is one of the finest work-from-home employment opportunities because it’s a project-based rather than a “work for hire” job. This implies that the firm has a limited amount of work for you to complete and will send more work your way if they finish more or you have downtime.

Proofreading audio files is often the case with this type of work. Your proofreading work can be completed from the comfort of your own home. You work when you choose to and take a vacation whenever you choose to.

Proofreading work is usually fairly compensated. While it’s not a lot of money per work unit, you can work as many hours as you want and earn $15 to $25 an hour in the process!

You’ll also get $1 to $5 for each work unit approved by the client, so work often! There are no degree requirements for this work-from-home job.

Gramlee is a fast-growing freelance content provider in the United States that offers editing services at this pay grade. Gramlee provides professional editing services promptly.

For 35,000 words of information, the firm charges $0.05 per sentence. Previous editing and study expertise are advantageous. It’s a part-time position for an independent contractor.

SJL Proofread is a freelance editing company. SJL Proofread provides editorial services in several areas of the field. It’s available to part-time and full-time workers. The position is full-time or part-time, with an annual income of $92 per sentence.

Online Tutor Jobs

When you work as an online tutor, you work remotely with companies like You work with students who need one-on-one or small-group tutoring services. The jobs for this work vary greatly but include work with elementary school students through high school seniors.

You might work in math, English, science, French, Spanish, and other subjects. Be prepared to work in these areas to be useful to the website’s clientele. The work may come in short bursts or longer projects during which you will work around your schedule to fit your needs and the needs of the client’s child(ren).

You should have a strong internet connection since you’ll be using a video. The pay is based on what you charge per hour for your time. FlexJobs work-from-home job listings are the best place to find this work.

Online tutors can work on a full-time or part-time basis. You work as an independent contractor in both instances and set your own schedule.

The hourly pay is about the same with each work-at-home online tutor position — $16 per hour. Online tutors are most successful by finding one-on-one tutoring opportunities with a family for an extended period.

That way, you will be more entrenched with your earnings and work schedule. It’s a great way to get the chance to be your boss. Online tutoring makes for a great scam-free work-from-home job opportunity.

Free Data Entry Work at Home Jobs

Data entry is one of the most popular work-from-home jobs, a type of micro-task. Billing information, customer names, birth dates, email addresses, and so on may all be entered. Excel spreadsheets are frequently used to store data entry tasks.

Several work-from-home job sites provide Data Entry work-at-home opportunities to individuals who perform this function. While the task is generally offered in brief bursts or longer projects during which you will operate around your schedule to meet both your demands and the client’s needs, it does offer a wide range of payment rates per project.

Job boards work the best to find work-at-home data entry jobs because most work-from-home employers post their openings. You can find work-from-home data entry work by visiting the career pages of the major job boards in your field of interest, including FlexJobs, Virtual Vocations, and Monster.

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Freelance Writer Jobs

Many firms offer freelance writers opportunities listed on a free online marketplace. The terms and conditions of the position differ, but you typically work on your own time and are paid per work unit. You decide when to work.

There are several work-from-home freelance writing opportunities, including copywriting for marketing materials, educational projects, corporate text, and other tasks that need a writer.

The compensation for this work varies depending on your experience and reputation. Work travel involves working with independent reps or firms that provide services in other nations.

Many work-from-home writers operate in the healthcare sector. However, there are alternative options for work travel, including entertainment and technology.

The work is not always available when you need it, so you’ll need to hustle your way in finding new potential clients and repeat clients. Depending on your educational background, freelance writing can be a lucrative, flexible job. Most freelance writers also own a blog or website where they can earn extra money beyond their paid client work.

Web Developer

The work of a web developer is one of the most popular online jobs. Web developers operate remotely and collaborate with businesses to develop websites tailored to their requirements and budget.

Because web development requires extensive competence, people with this superior knowledge may work as web developers at any time because there are always work-from-home opportunities available.

Web developers work on projects for clients from their homes. They may also assist startups or individuals who want to develop a website but lack the knowledge to do it themselves. We Work Remotely, SolidGigs, and FlexJobs are three websites that provide freelance web development opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for web developers was $77,200 per year.

Newcomers may spend time learning new programming languages, building their websites, and creating professional portfolios to attract paying clients. Burnout is a possible hazard for those who work from home, as they discover that they must work longer to fulfill client needs and become overwhelmed.

To succeed in this position, you’ll need a work computer, desk, chair, and work clothes. In addition, you should have a powerful computer and high-speed internet.

Graphic Designer

Being a graphic designer is about creating visual graphics that complement a brand’s tone. You get to help companies improve their online experience by using skills to create clear, consistent designs. Here are some responsibilities and things that you’ll get to experience as a remote graphic designer:

  • Create artwork and designs in Adobe Photoshop, create vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator, and work with type in Adobe InDesign.
  • You’ll get to work with clients from all over the world.
  • Graphic designers get to work independently or work together with other people.
  • You’ll always get the chance to work on projects such as social media graphics, posters, flyers, book covers, and so much more.

FlexJobs and SolidGigs are examples of work-from-home websites that provide work-from-home freelance graphic designer opportunities.

Voiceover Jobs

Voiceover work is work that revolves around the creation of voice-overs for commercials, animations, documentaries, cartoons, and video games. A voiceover artist or voice actor performs work in these multimedia areas. Voiceover work is typically done at home with little to no travel necessary, and its completely legitimate work.

The best approach to get started in this industry is to make a portfolio of previous work and distribute it online through your website or on platforms like Voice123 or VoiceBunny.

Once you start, there are two methods for working as a voice actor or voice actress: as an independent contractor or as an employee for an agency. It’s worth noting that there are several dangers connected with this job. It’s ideal if you are looking for flexible jobs that allow you to create your own work schedule.

Search Engine Evaluators

Search engine evaluators assist businesses in optimizing their search engine rankings. A search engine evaluator’s job is to ensure that a firm follows Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engine standards.

The responsibilities of a search engine evaluator include analyzing website text and evaluating various elements that may impact how high or low a website ranks in search engines. The work of a search engine evaluator can vary quite drastically. Some work for large companies, while others work for small mom-and-pop businesses.

Job seekers for this work-from-home job can look for work on FlexJobs, SolidGigs, and Upwork. You can make your hours depending on your client’s work and desire to find new potential clients.

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Tips for Working from Home & Working Flexible Jobs

Finding a legitimate work-from-home job is not hard in today’s age; you can even find one simply by using your mobile phone. But the one hard thing is staying focused while doing a work-from-home job.

Lots of people struggle with work-from-home jobs because they’re struggling with how to work while working from home. The crucial thing is to find a work arrangement and work-from-home job that suits you and then plan accordingly.

Here are a few tips:

  • Give yourself time for breaks/lunch
  • Set the conditions in which you’ll start work – Find an area that isn’t too distracting, or one which doesn’t have the TV on all-day
  • Keep lots of healthy snacks handy in case your energy ever runs out
  • It can take time, but it sure is worth it.

There is plenty of legitimate work-from-home opportunities out there.

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Final Thoughts for Job Seekers of Remote Jobs

Don’t be fooled by the buzz surrounding working from home these days. Stay away from anything that appears too good to be true, and concentrate on reliable sites like those listed above.

This material is ideal for parents who want to spend more time with their children, work part-time, or need a supplementary source of money.

You may earn money doing surveys online without paying a fee upfront, but the best advice is to avoid websites asking you to pay in advance before completing your first survey. There’s no reason anybody should be misled into wasting their time on fraudulent sites when plenty of real work-from-home employment possibilities are available.

Before you know it you’ll have a comfortable and profitable work-from-home job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there any real work-at-home jobs that aren’t scams?

Yes, work-from-home jobs are not scams! You work hard and set up your workspace to be successful.

How can I work from home without scams?

You work from home without scams by finding legitimate work through reputable freelance websites such as FlexJobs, Upwork, Fiverr, and Virtual Vocations.

Can you work from home?

The days of your mother’s dining room table being used as a makeshift office are long gone! There is no limit to what you can accomplish these days – research, write, converse on social media, or utilize several online tools to make your ambition a reality.

Are there any legit work-from-home jobs?

Yes, of course. There are plenty of great flexible and work-from-home jobs, such as becoming a virtual assistant, web developer, consultant, freelance writer, and many more. The options are endless in today’s age.

What online jobs are not scams?

Common remote jobs, not scams, are freelance writing, online tutoring, medical transcription jobs, and even working traditional jobs for a company that supports remote work!

It isn’t easy to work from home, but it can be done.

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