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WP Rank Express Review – The All in One Solution To Increase Your Website Rankings?

Can WP Rank Express really help in improving your website’s SEO and get you more traffic from Google or is it a scam? In this review, we take a closer look at the software plugin and share our findings.

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO has been growing in popularity for a good reason. It’s a long-term game plan, but it can help you get more free traffic, more leads, and ultimately more sales in your business. So without further ado, let’s find out if this plugin is worth a shot and if it can boost your website’s performance in the search results.

WP Rank Express Review

To rank highly on Google and get more traffic, you need to take care of several factors. Some of them include finding the right keywords and optimizing your website loading speed & user experience.

In this WP Rank Express Review, you’ll find out how you can do the same without hiring expensive SEOs or companies who charge a hefty monthly fee.

Product Overview

Name: WP Rank Express

Launched: Aug 2019

Type: WordPress plugin

Price: $17-27

Created By: Kurt ChrislerWp Rank Express Logo

WP Rank Express is a WordPress plugin that comes with 13 tools under one shelf. You can use it to achieve the following tasks which can help with your website’s SEO:

  • Create backlinks for your website
  • Optimize the content for the best results
  • Find new keyword opportunities
  • Test the website’s loading speeds
  • Remove/disavow bad links
  • Spin (and generate more unique) content

The software tool is created by Kurt Chrisler who is an affiliate marketer. Some say it has had a decent track record of launching products that deliver on promises. Some of his successful launches include WP Quick Launch and the Product Comparison plugin. (Spoiler alert: This plugin isn’t half as good as other paid reviews claim, read on to find out why!)

The Thirteen Tools

You will get instant access to the following tools if you get the plugin. The owner claims these can save you a lot of time and effort in optimizing your ongoing marketing campaigns:

1. Backlink Generator

Backlinks or links pointing to your site are among one the biggest factors which determine your rankings. With this tool, you can create dozens of links for your website within minutes.

With backlinks, you’d want to take it easy and keep it natural. Too many links at once may look like spam, and it may do you more harm than good.

Head over to the plugin dashboard, and click on the Backlinks generator tool. To create links, simply enter your website URL and hit generate.

2. OnPage SEO Analyser

On-page, also known as on-site includes the changes you register on your website. It includes content curation, optimization for best results, website UX, and loading times. With this feature, you can analyze your website and follow the recommendations for the best results.

User experience, website loading speed, and mobile usability are among some of the most important factors. You can use this feature to fix your on-page SEO.

3. Article Re-writer

You can generate unique content by rewriting existing content with this tool. Unique content is important to rank highly on Google, and this feature will help you out.

Take an article and generate a fresh copy with a click of a button.

4. Long Tail Keyword Finder

This keyword finder will find long tail keywords. These longer keywords are named so because of the long tail attached to them. These often have low competition compared to shorter keywords and are much more targeted.

Kurt claims you can find these within seconds and then rank with little effort. That’s usually not the case; more on that shortly. Simply target long-tail keywords, and you will start getting traffic very soon. To find them, head over to the long tail keyword tab and enter your desired search term. The software will then go out and scrape some long-tail keyword opportunities for you.

5. Search Engine Submitter

This tool will submit your website to search engines. Unless you’re listed, there’s no way you will get traffic from them because you’re not in the search engines’ index. You want to be indexed before you take your marketing campaign to the next level.

With a button click, submit your website to multiple search engines and get indexed with this tool.

6. Keyword Density Checker

It will check for keyword density in your content and help you keep it natural. Having too many keywords in the content will not only look unnatural, but it may also sabotage your web rankings.

Use this feature to fix any issues you may have with keyword overuse.

7. Keyword Typo Generator

Generate a set of typos for a keyword with this tool. They often have less competition and are easier to rank for. It also makes the content look much more natural because of human errs.

Quickly generate a list of typos within seconds and target them on your website.

8. Website Speed Test

If you know about SEO, you probably realize Google hates websites that load slowly. The reason behind it is simple – if people visit your website and it takes forever to load, they get pissed off and leave. This hurts the user experience big time, and Google won’t appreciate that. This may plummet your rankings eventually.

Use the website speed test tool to test your website loading times quickly. Once done, follow the recommendations to optimize it for the best performance.

9. Website Status Checker

This tool will check the uptime of your website. Even if you’re ranking, you won’t like it if your website is offline for some reason. It could be an issue with your web hosting provider or something else which you may need to investigate.

This is an important ranking factor because it affects user experience. Make sure your uptime is good enough (over 98%).

10. XML Sitemap Generator

A sitemap is like a website’s address which allows for easy crawlability for a bot. A bot reads data, and a sitemap will show it a website navigation map in an XML format.

If you provide Google spiders with a sitemap, it improves your odds of getting listed in Google’s index. Once you’re listed, you have better chances of getting ranked. Use this tool to generate a sitemap within minutes and then submit it via Google Webmaster tools.

11. Screen Size Simulator

This tool can simulate different screen sizes. Use it to your advantage and have peace of mind when your website looks great on all devices.

Mobile support/responsive design is as important as ever, and Google will reward you for having a website that looks and works great regardless of the user’s device’s dimensions.

12. Webpage Spider Viewer

You can use this tool to get a better idea of how Google spider sees a sitemap. Discover issues and errors with these tools so you can optimize your sitemap and make sure crawling is a breeze.

If Google has difficulty navigating through your website, you’ll have a hard time ranking.

13. Disavow File Generator

You can create a list of links to disavowed/discounted with this tool. At times, there are bad links pointing to your website that you don’t want.

It’s a better idea to ask the webmaster to take them down manually, but if that isn’t an option, you must disavow the links as a last resort.

Should You Buy It?

The software is somewhat decent, but we don’t recommend it. If you own a website and want to improve your performance in search engine results, there are far better free alternatives that do the job. If you want to rank and get free traffic, start with Yoast SEO (a free plugin we featured in our WordPress Essentials section).

The software is easy to install and use and requires no technical skills. It can do a quick content creation (often with spinning which is a black hat tactic), create backlinks, and take care of several on-page factors. However, the Yoast Free option is miles ahead in each department.

Not only is Yoast backed by a reputed company, but the support is also far better than WP Rank Express should you get stuck. If you’re a website owner, a marketer, or a freelancer, you should check out the free version of Yoast instead.


You can get WP Rank Express at a special early bird pricing for a limited time. The plugin costs $17-27 one-time; this may change in the future. Our WP Rank Express review will be constantly updated, and it will reflect the changes.

Other than the front-end offer, there are also a few upsells/one-time offers up for grabs.

  • OTO1: Developer’s License ($27) – You can get a developer’s license and install it on your clients’ websites and charge a premium.
  • OTO2: Dony for You/DFY Option ($47) – The software creator Kurt or his team will install and set up the plugin for you.
  • OTO3: Marketer’s Club ($4.95 Trial/$149/yr) – Access all vendor’s products with a club membership. It renews at $27/month.

Final Words

WP Rank Express comes with some decent features, but if you take a look at other free options out there, it looks like a total waste of money. You should check out Yoast’s free edition instead if you have an existing website and could use some extra free traffic.

From on-site SEO analysis to link disavow tool to keyword density checker, Yoast has it all, and it’s free. Read our brief review here.

Don’t have a Website (Yet)?

Don’t worry; we got you covered. You need a website in the first place to enjoy the benefits an SEO plugin will have in store for you. If you want to build a website and start a profitable online business, affiliate marketing is our top recommendation. 

We like it simply because of the time and location freedom it can provide with some effort. Our favorite online coaching program teaches just that and has helped hundreds of people make realistic 5-figures online. The training surely works, but you’ll have to put in the effort. Definitely give it a go if you want to change your lives for the better.

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WP Rank Express


Ease of Use











  • Plugin comes with over 13 built-in tools
  • Easy to use, requires no technical skills
  • 30-day money back guarantee


  • Overpriced, there are free plugins which do a better job and come with features as good as WP Rank Express, if not better. This would be worth a consideration if it was free, which it's not.
  • Works only on WordPress
  • Backlinks it creates are spammy, and the content is unique but barely readable from a human visitor's standpoint

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