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WP Traffic Guard Review

This WP Traffic Guard Review covers everything you need to know about this WordPress-based monetization plugin. Read on to learn the ugly truth.

WP Traffic Guard is a WordPress-based plugin that claims to save you valuable traffic by monetizing 404 pages with click optimization.

Read on to learn the truth behind this software.

Wp Traffic Guard Plugin

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WP Traffic Guard Review

WP Traffic Guard Review – An Overview

Vendor name:

Matt Garret


WP Traffic Guard



What Is WP Traffic Guard?

According to the product creator, Matt, WP Traffic Guard can make much money by turning 404 pages into traffic-sucking machines.

The pages will be optimized, and we will try to get the user to convert.

However, the plugin isn’t very polished, and there are far better options for optimizing your WordPress sites. Thrive is one of the best all-in-one WP packages, and few come close.

How Wp Traffic Guard Works

It’s easy to install the plugin WP Traffic Guard.

Simply head over to the plugins tab on your WordPress-based website, and click on add new.

Once there, upload the plugin zip file, and it will be automatically installed. It comes with a handful of ad templates/banners that you can use on the 404 pages.

The software will automatically place these on the error pages if a user lands on one. Here are some features of WP Traffic Guard:

  • One-click install like with any other WordPress plugin (This one is more of a WP feature)
  • It comes with multiple ad templates that you can use on your 404 pages.
  • Ability to create your own templates/banners
  • Testing/tweaking your ads is also possible. Monitor results and tweak as needed.
Not Found, Error 404

You can display multiple banner ads on a 404 page. Select the templates, add your links, and you’re ready to roll. Insert the ad code in the plugin, and they will be dynamically placed.

WP Traffic Guard also offers a few upsells/upgrades:

  • OTO1 of WP Traffic Guard offers 50 done-for-you (DFY) banner packs.
  • OTO2 of WP Traffic Guard will get you blog niche tools.
  • OTO3 of WP Traffic Guard will give you access to a mega pack of 100,000 articles.
  • OTO4 of WP Traffic Guard gets you access to WP Toolkit Smart Links, another WordPress plugin.
  • OTO5 of WP Traffic Guard comes with an additional WP Toolkit Smart Links addon.
  • OTO6 of WP Traffic Guard offers WP Toolkit GPL/general public license rights.

Here’s a quick video of the WP Traffic Guard plugin in action:

WP Traffic Guard Review – The Ugly Truth

Even though the WP Traffic Guard plugin works as advertised, it simply isn’t good enough. Moreover, showing random banners on a 404 page is never a good idea.

Wp Traffic Guard Logo

As far as SEO is concerned, it’s usually best practice to send the users back to the homepage.

Displaying random ads isn’t the way to go. You can achieve a lot more with complete plugin packages like Thrive, a software combo we use on this website as well.

You can find a full Thrive review here. Not only can you optimize your site for better speed, but Thrive also lets you add popups/banners on any area of your site and helps you with lead generation.

Using these plugins is just a piece of the puzzle. To get conversions (leads and sales) from your website, you need to master the fundamentals of online marketing.

To achieve that, you should follow a step-by-step action plan, consume the right training, and, most importantly, take action to get the results you deserve.

If that’s what you’re interested in, check out our top recommendation for making money online.

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