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Yoonla Review – Legit CPA Training or a Scam?

Despite an abundance of online learning platforms, it’s often hard for people to make it online because there’s a learning curve involved. Yoonla is one of the newer programs which claims to get you up to speed with Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) marketing.

Is it a scam or a legit training program? That’s what we’ll be covering in this updated Yoonla review.

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What Is Yoonla?

Yoonla is an online learning program that revolves around CPA and affiliate marketing. It was founded in 2016 by Reno Van Boven. To earn with the platform, you will be promoting their Foundation System via email marketing with a landing page (part of a marketing funnel).

The affiliate program is totally free to join; even your card details aren’t required. If their core training is all you’re interested in, this won’t cost you a dime. However, if you want to make money with Yoonla, get ready to shell out some cash.

You will have to invest in a domain, web hosting, an autoresponder, and a tool for building landing pages. The training will walk you through the entire steps via video tutorials. Once the setup is complete, you’ll have a fully-fledged sales funnel in place.

The Yoonla foundation setup required us to sign up for all the tools through the platform’s affiliate links for GetResponse and other tools. If someone signs up for a service through your affiliate link, you’ll earn a referral commission if they become a paying member.

Yoonla Welcome E-Mail

Once everything is up and running, you can complete the CPA training and start to make money with Yoonla. It utilizes the CPA marketing business model, and you can receive commissions simply by referring people to the platform. 

As of this writing, they pay $2-4 depending on the quality of the lead.

Getting Started With Yoonla

As mentioned earlier in the review, it’s free to start the program. Simply sign up, and submit your details. Once your application is approved, you can now promote the platform.

Yoonla Affiliate Program Registration

You will be allotted a username and will be promoted to set a password of your choice. Via the affiliate dashboard, you can track the progress of your promo campaigns. Upon logging in, you can also find your unique affiliate link for use in promos.

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The Foundation Training

Yoonla’s step-by-step video training should add immense value if you’re just getting started with CPA marketing. The elementary training covers various topics from sales psychology to basic online marketing tactics. It’s divided into 5 sections:

  • Preparation – this step prepares you for what’s ahead and throws some light on digital marketing. It also covers the tools you’ll need in great detail. It’s worth noting the company is offering a free custom setup if you sign up for the tools via their affiliate links.
  • Setup Yoonla Foundation software – If you follow Reno’s lead, you’ll have Yahoo Aabaco Small Business as your web hosting. It will be responsible for hosting the Foundation software. If you’ve never set up one before on your own, you need not worry about it. Just watch the videos and follow accordingly.
  • Setting up the tools – this section will show how to set up the tools individually and connect the pieces. By the end of this step, you should have a fully functional funnel ready to go. As a bonus, you’ll be given a few lead magnets (often used as a lure in giveaways). The training also covers some basics of search engine optimization.
  • Automation – with passive income, there’s a lot of automation involved. The training gives a brief introduction to automation and shares why it’s needed in your online business. You will also be granted access to a few sample emails you can use for your future promos.
  • Traffic – in this module, Reno shares a  few ways of getting traffic to your sales funnel. Yoonla recommends solo ads which is a paid traffic source. If you don’t have the required advertising budget, this may not be a viable option.

Don’t want to invest in paid advertising? No problem. Thankfully, there is legitimate beginner-friendly video training that can help you make money online with FREE traffic.

The last section also covers Leadpages which is a landing page software. A lot of marketers use the platform for building squeeze pages. We have been using Thrive Architect since 2016 for all our websites, and we love it. It’s inexpensive and comes feature-packed.

If you purchase all the tools Yoonla recommends, expect to set aside 50 bucks a month for your new online business. Their affiliate marketing 101 training is basic but should be helpful if you’re totally new to the concept. It surely packs a punch if you consider it 100% FREE.

Yoonla Review – Things We Liked

  • It’s free to get started with the platform.
  • Yoonla’s founder Reno doesn’t beat around the bush. The training is short but covers everything a beginner may want to know. Who even wants to watch hours and hours of videos of filler content?
  • Uses legitimate tactics for promotions. The platform never ‘pushes’ its users to purchase an upgrade or buy additional training.
  • Affiliate marketing 101 should be helpful even if you want to promote something else. The training contains some golden nuggets that one would absolutely love. We like how the platform really wants you to succeed as an internet marketer.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The traffic module only covers solo ads which is a form of paid email advertising. If you want to learn how to drive free traffic or use other traffic sources, this training won’t suffice. Wealthy Affiliate is one training that can help you master the art of getting free traffic.
  • If the company sets up identical funnels for all its users, it’s very likely no one will get good results since the landing page is overused/saturated. If people see the same exact thing all the time, they’re not likely to take action (get started through you). 
  • Has an active Facebook group but Yoonla lacks proper email/chat support. This may be rectified in the future, but it’s something you may want to consider as well.

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Conclusion – Is Yoonla a Scam?

So, that brings us to the conclusion of this Yoonla Review.

Yoonla is far from being considered a scam. The program provides immensely valuable free video training to its users, which can help them get started in the right direction. With the tactics they teach, you can learn and apply them in other online businesses you own, too.

Thumbs Up Icon

With that said, they require you to invest in paid adverts to promote your landing page. If you don’t have the required ad budget (or don’t want to invest), the training is not for you. In general, purchasing ads is only a good option if you have a product/funnel that is proven to convert.

Yoonla is legitimate, but we still can’t recommend it to our readers for the mentioned reasons. Not everyone is a paid ad fan, and you don’t have to be either. If you’re relatively new to internet marketing, it’s best to start with training that helps you master free traffic first.

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