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Is You Should Be Here a Travel Scam?

A ‘You Should Be Here’ sign is taking the internet by storm lately. If you’re active on social media platforms like Facebook, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered one. Out of curiosity, we decided to explore what it’s all about and will share our findings in this review.

It’s always a better idea to do your own research first before joining a business opportunity. The internet is full of scams, this way you can avoid them.

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The You Should Be Here Sign

The sign reads ‘You Should Be Here’ which is aimed at people who work a 9-5 and rubs salt in their wounds. It’s a way to tell them they should be here and not in their cubicle.

Dreamtrips (also known as World Ventures) was the company that came up with this wicked marketing ploy; this helps their affiliates promote the business opportunity as the sign arouses curiosity. People are given a lot of incentives to join and promote the travel program.

In their words, there’s no better way to make money online than to go on a vacation and just bring the sign with you which will basically do the ‘selling’ on your behalf.

The truth is that most people who promote similar biz ops struggle to make a few bucks, let alone make a living. The trips are not really financed by anyone but the traveler who pulls out a sign to ‘hope’ for some money which rarely happens.

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90% plus people never really make any significant income promoting these companies. Like with anything else, only a fraction of them do well, and out of them, a smaller fraction actually makes a living with this.

The Company

It is not really a ‘business’ as the company claims. You’re merely an affiliate who can promote a travel scheme, and you get commissions on the sales you bring. Not to forget, the program is a little too overpriced for what you get. Other companies which operate similarly include PlanNet Marketing and Evolution Travel.

They have a few membership options:

  • Basic Membership – $29.99 per month
  • Gold Membership – $249.98 one-time, then $54.99 per month
  • Platinum Membership – $399.99 one-time, then $99.99 per month

Each membership level comes with a few travel perks which include hotel booking, cab rentals, flights, and insurance. To receive commissions on a level, it’s mandatory for you to purchase the membership first. This is how most pyramid schemes operate – in a pay-to-play fashion.

To join, you must contact someone who is an existing member and sign up under them. Again, this is something we don’t really like. Referrals should be optional, not mandatory.

Unless you’re consumed by wanderlust and are comfortable holding the sign, this may not work for you, and you will only lose more money with the recurring membership fee and travel expenses.

Is It a Scam?

Dreamtrips can’t be called a scam, but it’s definitely not the best way to earn either, not even close. They sell travel packages, but the pricing is astronomical; there are much better (and cheaper)  savings packages if you know where to look.

Selling the business opportunity is the main focus of the company, and most people you’ll find who hold these signs are actually broke and just hoping to get a few referrals and live the dream.

If you want some dough, there are many better options than joining World Ventures. Using this affiliate marketing training which is also our top recommendation, you can make a living online provided you put in the effort and give it some time.

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