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ZenSurveys Review 2024: Is it a Scam?

Not all survey sites are worth your time or effort. With this ZenSurveys review, you’ll be able to determine whether ZenSurveys is one of the worthy ones or if it’s just another scam site.

If you’re like me, you want to get full information about any platform before joining.

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With thousands of survey platforms claiming to offer a chance to make money for simply giving your opinion, it can be pretty challenging to differentiate the legit from the scam.

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That’s why I scoured the internet looking for the truth about Zen Surveys, -a survey site that is gradually gaining popularity.

This ZenSurveys review will help you quickly confirm whether it’s legit.

What is ZenSurveys?

Zensurveys Site

ZenSurveys is a survey platform designed to help companies measure employee engagement through feedback. With Zensurveys, companies can gather employees’ feedback through surveys, which allows them to improve job satisfaction and productivity.

Whether small, mid-sized, or large corporations, Zensurveys software allows these organizations to monitor employee survey responses via a Dashboard. From the given feedback, companies can determine the next course of action.

Zensurveys is also a great survey site that lets you access thousands of quality surveys as a panelist. If you are looking for a way to make some extra bucks, this wouldn’t be a bad idea to try.

However, this platform does not deal directly with the end users. Zensurveys lets you work with over 1000 paid survey sites, but not directly.

It works with rewarding sites that request the “Zen Surveys Router” offer.  Or the sites that accept platforms with an already validated offer.

How Does ZenSurveys Work

ZenSurveys is a survey platform like several others on the internet. Through the platform, you get paid for answering surveys provided on the site.

One significant difference, though, is that the platform doesn’t deal with the end users directly. This means that ZenSurveys uses other rewarding sites to conduct its surveys.

However, this shouldn’t be what hinders you from joining the platform. This will be compensated by what you’ll earn on the site.

That’s because their pay rate per hour is around $3, which translates to $15 an hour, which is quite good pay compared to most other paid surveys. Also, sometimes you can be lucky and get a survey paying you up to $20, though these are expert surveys and are likely to take longer to complete.

The surveys flow in ZenSurveys is great, as you can complete multiple surveys daily, making it easy for you to make more money. However, every time you complete one survey, you have to go back and choose another survey from the available reward sites.

All you need to make easy money with ZenSurveys is to register, complete your surveys, get your rewards, and redeem your money as you wish.

One of my principles is an extra buck in your wallet is always one positive step toward your financial freedom. So, that free time making you zero money can become an earning opportunity by joining ZenSurveys.

Who Can Sign Up

Zensurveys Signup

Zen Survey accepts people from all over the world. Whether in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Asia, or Africa, you can join Zensurveys and earn money by completing surveys.

This is a plus for the platform as most survey sites are limited to certain geographic areas, denying access to other interested people from other regions.

In ZenSurveys, as long as you are above the minimum age, which in most countries is 18 years, you can join the survey site and make some money.

How to Sign Up for ZenSurveys

ZenSurveys sign-up process is easy and free.  The site does not offer a sign-up bonus, but its excellent payout rate makes up for it.

Here is the step-by-step guide for joining Zen Surveys:

  • First, click the login link to access the system and sign up for free.
  • You’ll be prompted to put in your email address to sign-up.
  • After you sign-up, you will be presented with a few questions that will help you qualify for the next top-quality surveys. If you’re ready to go on, you can click continue and wait for 7 seconds.
  • The next step is to enter your language, then your age, gender, and race.

ZenSurveys clearly states that you should put in your genuine information. This allows them to match you up with the right survey questions.

So, if you are a male aged 42 years residing in the US, make sure to indicate so. The kind of surveys you’ll receive will be something you can answer correctly and not guess.

ZenSurveys Sign-up Bonus

Unlike various other surveys like Swagbucks that offer a sign-up bonus, ZenSurveys does not have any specific sign-up bonus.

ZenSurveys, however, offers a handsome amount for every survey, compensating for that.


How Does ZenSurveys Make Payments?

After earning your money through ZenSurveys, how do you receive it in your account?

Well, the platform offers several options for you, depending on the reward site you are using. You will first earn your reward in points, which you can later redeem when you accumulate enough.

You can easily redeem your rewards via gift cards from popular brands like Amazon or withdraw cash via PayPal, Bitcoin, and other platforms like Skrill.

Is ZenSurveys legit or a Scam?

Unlike other survey sites with multiple user reviews, ZenSurveys does not have a long list of reviews or feedback. However, that does not mean that the site is a scam. ZenSurveys is a legit survey platform that pays quite well compared to most sites.

Most surveys at ZenSurveys pay around $3, each taking 10 to 15 minutes to complete. That means that, with ZenSurveys, you can make $15 per hour, which is a fair rate.

Sometimes, the ZenSurveys site offer surveys worth even up to $20, although occasionally. You can complete surveys from reward sites partnering with ZenSurveys, such as Insights Domain,, MyLead, and SuperPay.Me, etc.

How is ZenSurveys Legit?

First, this is a survey site that doesn’t request any form of payment from users. This means that you are losing nothing by trying out their surveys.

Also, the platform doesn’t deal directly with panelists, so it’s difficult to scam you.  The platform uses other paid survey sites to connect with the users.

Although the platform is not accredited or rated by BBB, which is what most people use to gauge legit companies,  ZenSurveys have some positive reviews that uphold its legitimacy.

Pros and Cons of Zen Surveys

Just like any other site, ZenSurveys has both good and bad sides. However, the good side outweighs the bad, which makes me feel that this site is worth trying.

Here are some of the pros and cons  that this ZenSurveys review was able to gather:

Pros of Zen Surveys

  • Excellent payout rate at $3 for every survey
  • The potential earnings per hour are $15
  • Is available worldwide
  • It offers you an opportunity to earn passively.
  • Sometimes, you can get very well-paying that pay up to $20

Cons of Zen Surveys

  • Limited information
  • Does deal with panelists directly
  • Not rated or accredited by BBB
  • Some users regard this platform as a pure scam, citing non-payments

Is Zen Surveys Safe?


As I indicated above, ZenSurveys collects personal information for various purposes. One is to help match you with the right survey. The data also help them improve their service to you.

When using ZenSurveys, they may ask you to provide certain personally identifiable information. This information is used to connect, contact, and identify you. Some key personal data you need to provide an include email address, first & last names, phone number, age, and race.

ZenSurveys can use your data to contact you with newsletters, promotional and marketing materials, and other kinds of information that may be of interest to you.

If you don’t want to receive this information, you can always opt-out of receiving all or any of these materials. You can do that by simply hitting the unsubscribe link or following the instructions provided in any email you receive

ZenSurveys also collects the Internet Protocol address (IP) of your computer’s browser or mobile device when you visit their service.

When you visit their service using a computer, they collect data such as:

  • The computers browser version
  • Browser type
  • Time and date of your visit
  • Visited pages
  • The time spent on those pages
  • The unique device identifiers, among other diagnostic data

And when you use your mobile device, they collect information such as:

  • The mobile device type
  • The unique ID of your mobile device
  • Your mobile operating system
  • The operating system of the mobile device
  • Your mobile device’s IP address
  • Unique device identifiers
  • The internet browser you use

The good thing is that your data is completely safe. The platform never shares this information with third parties or uses it in a way that can expose you. Also, they will never clutter your email inbox with unnecessary promotional emails you’ve not opted for.

It is, therefore, safe to use this platform.


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ZenSurveys Review: Customer Support

ZenSurveys offers customer support through its email address [email protected]. However, they state that if you use the system, you must address your inquiry to your reward site that directed you to them.

Don’t just do nothing with your free time! It’s possible to make more money, even without much hassle. Join ZenSurveys, a great platform offering 1,000 ways to add some bucks to your account.

We hope that this ZenSurveys review has answered the pressing questions you might have about the platform, and you can now start racking some money.

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  • Excellent Payout
  • Available Worldwide
  • Offers Opportunity to Earn Passively
  • The Pay is Very Good
  • The Potential Earning Per Hour is $15


  • Limited Information
  • Does Deal with Panelists Directly
  • Not Rated or Accredited by BBB
  • Users Describe this Platform as a Pure Scam, Citing Nonpayments