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Zip Nada Zilch Review – Legitimate or a Scam You Should Stay Away From?

Welcome to this ZipNadaZilch Review. Chances are you’ve come across the rewards platform and are wondering if it’s worth a shot. Can you really receive iPhones, gadgets, gaming consoles, or sometimes even cash with ZNZ?

Is it a legitimate platform or a scam? How often do they send payouts? It’s only natural to be skeptical of the website and have many questions in mind. Doing some research can take you far since it can help you avoid scams and find legit opportunities that don’t disappoint.

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Let’s get started and explore this site.

What Is ZipNadaZilch?

Zip Nada Zilch, or ZipNadaZilch as it’s sometimes called, is an incentive-based platform that will get you rewards upon successfully completing surveys/sales offers. The affiliate network was launched in 2008 by Jeffery Kocurek.

Zip Nada Zilch Logo

The Texas-based company claims to have paid out nearly $10 million in commissions to date. The doesn’t offer any products, and this is the process they use to make money:

  • They feature advertisers’ offers on the main website.
  • If you or any other website visitor clicks on the offer and completes it, it’s tracked with precision on the system
  • You get paid for offer completion and for referring new users to the platform

The company spends a portion of its profits through advertising on buying gifts. For referring new users, you’re can earn a range of rewards:

Zip Nada Zilch Free Gifts

Refer people and earn rewards for successful referrals

They offer a range of rewards as incentives even to people who land on the main website.

Zip Nada Zilch Rewards

How Zip Nada Zilch Works

The working is pretty straightforward. It’s an affiliate network that will refer users to brands like Disney, DirectTV, and GoDaddy to name a few.

If you’re signing up for ZNZ and sending them referrals through your unique affiliate link, you’re generating leads for the company. Zip Nada Zilch is like a middleman, but a legitimate one.

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Compensation Plans

For referring people to the site, you earn bank credits (depending on the industry).

Zip Nada Zilch Compensation Plans

Once you’ve accrued enough credits, you can redeem them for various rewards:

Zip Nada Zilch Points To Redeem

For receiving Xbox’s payout ($80/referral), you need to collect 2 credits. You’re receiving $0.04 per referral; hence you will have to send 50 successful referrals in total to collect rewards.

You can also complete miscellaneous tasks on the site to earn extra bank credits. To get commissions for referring people to the ZNZ platform, you must qualify for both ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash, two of their partner websites. 

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The Good

#1 They Actually Pay

Unlike most shady rewards platforms, ZipNadaZilch actually pays on time once you’ve qualified for a payout. For marketing purposes, they even display real payment proofs on the main site.

Zip Nada Zilch Payment

The company has a transparent payment structure, and that’s a good thing. The last thing you would want is to get started with a system and then wait forever to get paid.

The Bad

Even though the platform is legit, here are a few things you need to consider:

#1 Not Really Free

It’s free to sign up on the website, but apart from your first name/email address, it will also prompt you to enter your credit card details.

Most offers displayed on the site are free, but the ones offering higher payouts require you to take a free trial. Upon the expiry of your trial period, your card will get charged if you forget to cancel. Unless you really liked the product and wanted to keep it, this can prove to be slightly annoying.

#2 Mediocre Products

Most of the products on the website have little value to offer.

As a result, as an affiliate marketer/promoter, it will be ridiculously hard to market the product and bring referrals. Anyone can market a high-quality product by creating content around them, but for a cable subscription, for example, it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

Moreover, it may take you forever to reach the set payment threshold and claim your reward.

#3 Low Income Potential

You can’t make a killing with it, period.

On some days, you’ll work 2-3 hours and get very few credits for the offer completion tasks you complete. Then, on some days, you’ll get decent payouts, but consistency will be lacking. With surveys/rewards, you shouldn’t expect to earn a lot of money anyway.

#4 Need To Qualify

You can’t just cross a set payment threshold and ask for a payout. You must also actively participate in offers and complete them manually to qualify for commissions. Unless you’re a fan of surveys/offer completion, you certainly won’t fancy this. 

No matter how good of a marketer you are, you have to work for your commissions.

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Final Words – Is Zip Nada Zilch a Scam?

No, far from it. Zip Nada Zilch is not a scam. In fact, it’s one of the very few legit reward sites out there. They pay on time and have a lot of interesting incentives to offer. The website has been in existence since 2008 and has paid nearly $10 million in commissions to date.

Thumbs Up Icon

But that’s about it. The inconsistency is clear with the platform – on some days, you won’t earn many points, and then a lot more on some days. If you’re looking for a consistent income stream, this is not for you. Moreover, the time-to-reward ratio isn’t worth it if you ask us.

For the many reasons mentioned above, we still cannot recommend this platform even though it’s legitimate. If you have some time on your hand and want to earn rewards anyway, by all means, go ahead. If not, if your goals don’t align with the platform, look elsewhere. 

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