Is Panel Bucks Legit or a Scam?

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Panel Bucks claims to provide surveys on a daily basis so you can make an income working from home. How good are those surveys and what can you expect from them? In this review, we will throw some light on this paid survey website and share the details with you.

The website even says you will get a $25 credit just for signing up. So, will you make money with this system or lose time which you will never get back?

What is Panel Bucks?

Panel Bucks 'pretends' to be a legitimate survey website which pays users for their opinions. They are not even a survey site at all. All they do is get users to give them their emails, and then ask them to join random survey websites. This is how referral marketing works.

The website will show a list of survey sites (which are their affiliate links). You click on a link, join/make a purchase and these guys make a commission for referring you. As simple as that.

There's nothing wrong with sending referrals to websites you are affiliated with, but at least make the process smooth and remain ethical. Panel Bucks redirects users to a bunch of phishing sites which are anything but legitimate. It's apparent their goal is to make money off you and not really help you make some dough online.

Upon clicking one of their 'legit' survey links, we were presented with this malware.

This is just some junk website pretending to look legit so they can bank on Microsoft's popularity and reputation, and cheat with users. The goal is to get the users to fill a form or download a software.

A general rule of thumb is to always verify the web page URL you are browsing. If the website says something and the URL something else, it's time to close the browser tab ASAP. Those are often infected with malware/viruses and it's never a good idea to continue browsing through them.

How Does It Work?

Unless you skipped straight to this section, you have a good understanding how Panel Bucks works. The only person who benefits from this is the website owner since his website is asking visitors to go to random websites and sign up. The more people he signs up through his 'survey site', the more he earns.

You don't receive any $25 signup bonus either, it's just a fake incentive to the visitors so they share their email address with the owner and he can send you more spam in the future (via emails) and continue to bank hard. The website even claims you can make up to $80 dollars per review which is not true.

Most legitimate paid survey websites like Radial Insight pay between $2-4 per survey. If you see anything which promises big numbers, it's a massive red flag and an indication you should stay away from them. If something is too good to be true, it is.

There are many ways to make money online. Every method works but you need to put in the time and efforts. Affiliate marketing is one of the most promising business models, it has stood the test of time and is going strong for more than a decade now. With surveys, you can't expect to escape the rat race or hope for an early retirement. You just can't.

Is Survey Bucks a Scam?

Technically speaking, it's not a scam. The concept they are using which is referring people to websites is a good marketing tactic but they are doing it unethically. If you consider that one thing alone, it's something you will want to avoid at all costs.

Visiting third party websites can potentially harm your computer and infect it with malware which can steal your sensitive information. It's always preferred to stay in a safe environment and visit reputed websites.

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