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10 Ways to Get Free American Eagle Gift Cards

Who doesn’t want free, shiny gift cards? The American Eagle Gift Card is one of the most popular right now! Sure, you can buy and spend them, but who wants to do that when they can get them FOR FREE?! Stick around this article, and I’ll show you all the awesomely easy tricks to get some rad American Eagle Gift Cards.

Getting a gift card is like being given a guilt-free ticket to spend on a thing you might not have gotten otherwise. But gift cards do not fall into your lap outside the holiday seasons and birthdays.

You must either purchase them yourself or wait for those once-a-year special occasions, except if you know where to look.

How To Get A Free American Eagle Gift Card?

Here are a few ways to get an American Eagle free gift card for your next shopping getaway.

1. Find gift card giveaways on Instagram.

Instagram Giveaway Free American Eagle Gift Cards

It’s time to join in the fun of retail shops on Instagram! They are giving away prizes and free stuff, so why not try your luck with their contests? You might get lucky and win some sweet American Eagle coupon codes – one could only hope!

Make sure you head to AE’s website for extra special surprises, too- it’s a great opportunity that must not be missed!

So you want to win some cool stuff? It’s easy! You must follow the proper accounts and give them a little like on their posts.

If you’re eager to find all the hidden golden treasure out there, try going on the seas of hashtags like #giveaway #contest #sweepstake #freebie and even #freebiefriday!

If you’re too lazy to spend time searching up your favorite hashtags every day, following them on Instagram should do the trick! Once you discover and follow that jamming hashtag, all those posts will come to you.

And if you win that contest? Well, then the sponsor will be the one doing all the contacting. Those fancy-free gift cards of theirs can be yours!

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2. Join Shopkick and scan product barcodes in nearby stores.

American Eagle Bar Code

Have you heard about Shopkick? It’s all the rage! Download the app, and you can get gift cards. Inside stores like Target and American Eagle, your phone will scream for kicks – points that help you snag those sweet gift cards! Plus, scan things in-store to earn even more points so you can start redeeming those rewards.

If your kids get antsy, turn it into a fun family scavenger hunt. They’ll want to stay on task when rewards are up for grabs!

Here’s the deal: rack points by watching videos while queueing or whenever you have free time. Right now, each dollar gives you around 250 kicks – not bad if you ask me.

And here comes the top highlight- score those kicks and redeem them for gift cards from all sorts of stores like American Eagle! The perfect gift when deals are going on!

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3. Refer friends to the services you enjoy.

Refer A Friend

If you find something you love to do, why not flaunt it to your friends?! You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain; think of all those cool rewards or gift cards waiting for you. With the internet’s simplicity, finding a referral link for online transactions or smartphone game apps is as easy as pie.

See if any of your favorite stores offer a referral scheme. And if so, grab your referral link or code and pass it to anyone who will step up their shopping game!

To reap your reward, the person you’ve referred needs to do something specific – like set up direct payment or checkout. To ensure you get what’s coming to you, read through all the details for each shop.

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4. Sign Up for AE Admin Services Co.

Check out AE Admin Services Co. – an online rewards program that offers American Eagle gift cards as awesome prizes! Sign up now and start collecting points to redeem free ae gift cards. Join today and put your survey-answering skills to work so you can be rewarded with unique gifts aside from an aeo gift card!

The smallest amount required to cash out is 480 points, which equates to a $3 gift card. And you can choose multiple shop retailers for your e-gift cards, such as an American Eagle promo code.

Maximum your shopping experience with AEO Rewards Program! With American Eagle’s loyalty program, you’ll scoop up points whenever you purchase an item.

Don’t forget – those points can then be swapped out for AE or AEO gift cards. Plus, there’s a special birthday gift each year and sky-high exclusive deals – don’t miss them!

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5. Make use of a rewards browser extension.

Swagbucks Search Engine

Have you got some searching to do? Get your swag on with Swagbucks! Just switch it up and make it your go-to search engine; you’ll rack up points for every query you make. Now, that’s a bonus!

When you search the internet with Swagbucks, no one’s telling you how many points you may or may not get – but don’t worry! You’ll know when those sweet rewards come in.

Unfortunately, it won’t be some magic gift card vending machine – these things take time and effort! But why not pitch in if you’ve got a few spare minutes and can use your detective skills to uncover promo codes like hidden gems from across the web? Your American Eagle jeans will undoubtedly thank you for all that extra swagger.

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6. Sign-up for Swagbucks

Swagbucks Logo

Ready to shop until you drop? Sign up for Swagbucks for free money to spend at American Eagle Outfitters! All it takes is a few clicks and – voila! – you’ll be playing games, taking surveys, watching videos–whatever suits your fancy.

You’ll soon collect enough points to exchange them for a fantastic gift card that gives you access to the sweet stuff without needing a single cent from your bank account. Do you want to take advantage of those American Eagle discounts but don’t wanna use your credit cards? Get yourself signed up with Swagbucks today!

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7. Sign-up for Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo

Survey Junkie is the best way to get some sweet rewards – without spending any of those hard-earned dollars! When you join in on the fun, you won’t be stuck with crazy options or forced to sit through hours of movie clips to snag a few points.

All it takes is 1,000 points, and you’re good to go! Get yourself an American Eagle gift card. Cash out in PayPal? Or dump those dollars straight into your bank account? Spoil yourself; score something special with Survey Junkie today!

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8. Join Lifepoints

Lifepoints Logo

You can join Lifepoints, another online survey site, to earn free gift cards. Like any other rewards site, complete surveys and make money by providing product feedback.

You can earn virtual points (LPs), which may be redeemed for e-gift cards of your choice, such as American Eagle gift cards, PayPal, and other rewards.

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9. Sign-up for InboxDollars

Inboxdollars Logo Green And White

InboxDollars offers a $5 sign-up incentive to new subscribers. You can join whenever you choose because the service is free to use. 

You can withdraw funds via PayPal, a check in the mail, or free gift cards if you meet the required payout threshold of $30. You can choose to have American Eagle promo codes if you love the brand. 

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10. Join PrizeRebel

Join PrizeRebel and grab some points or discount codes by taking surveys, watching videos, smashing daily missions, and joining awesome deals from their retail partners! Your account will be packed with points once you complete a task. Save those points to get gift cards at stores like American Eagle Outfitters – hey, shopping spree!

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How to redeem online your AE gift card?

Get ready to shop until you drop—once you have your AE gift card, it’s time to treat yourself! All you have to do is add items to your cart, head over to the checkout payment step, and enter that magical code—then the remaining balance will be put towards your order.

Are you an owner of an AE credit account? If so, time to get your money’s worth with that gift card. Splurge and pay the rest with credit – you’ll even get sweet reward points while you’re at it.

And don’t panic if something happens to your American Eagle gift card. Just show them proof of purchase and the original sales receipt. And they will give you a replacement one loaded with all its original balance!

American Eagle customer service is here to help if you got damaged gift cards – contact them, and they can get you a new one! And don’t forget to check the Terms and Conditions, service fees, and expiration dates so that nothing surprises you.

Do all of those offers sound too good to be true? They probably are – but it’s still worth doing your due diligence.

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How Do You Load a Gift Card on

To use your American Eagle gift card, enter the sixteen-digit number and PIN at checkout on You may use up to three gift cards at once to complete an online transaction.

How do I check my AE gift card balance?

Once you’ve input the gift card number, it will be linked to your account until the money on it is empty.

Can American Eagle Gift Cards Be Redeemed Both In-Store and Online?

You can use an e-gift card or a regular gift card to purchase at any American Eagle Outfitters store or online orders through To use your e-gift card in person, you must have it displayed on your phone. Or you can print an e-gift card and bring it with you when you go shopping.

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