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Clout Pay Review – Legitimate Website for Making Some Extra Cash or a Scam?

Welcome to this Clout Pay Review. As the website claims, can you really be making an excess of $500 per day with it, or is it just another scam out there? That’s what we’ll be addressing today and more.

Doing some research of your own often pays since, with it, you can find legitimate opportunities that work. It also helps in avoiding scams at the same time.

What Is Clout Pay?

The Clout Pay website claims to be an Influencer network that has supposedly paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in referral commissions to date. The site mentions you can earn $10-15 for every referral you send their way.

Clout Pay Logo

Upon some digging, it was discovered it’s simply a clone of other referral scams. They require you to post your links on social media (to spread the scam) and get paid as a result. In reality, no one makes money here except for the website owners.

As you complete these tasks of sharing your links on social media platforms, the amount will start to add up to your account dashboard. When you cross the payment threshold, the platform will go dark and never send payouts.

There’s a reason they offer up to $15 per free referral. No legit platform can afford to send even a third of it to their affiliates. If someone sends over $5 as a payout, you better believe they’ve made significantly more money.

How It Works

The website offers a $25 sign-up bonus just for creating an account. Now, that’s a huge red flag, no legitimate business can afford to do that, or they’d go out of business in no time.

Clout Pay Dashboard
Source: Clout Pay account dashboard

According to the CloutPay website, there are three ways to earn money:

1. Send Referrals

This is the main link that you can use to promote the system. As soon as you log into the system, you shall be greeted by your referral link. There’s no training on how to go about your promotions; all you’re supposed to do is spam on social media with your affiliate link.

The account dashboard mentions you can earn $2 for every click your link gets and $10 for every successful signup. This is a part of the scam, though, since the money will accrue over time, but you won’t ever be receiving any payouts from the company.

2. Complete Tasks

According to the company’s payment terms, you must complete a few tasks before making any withdrawals. These pay $30 per task, and you’d be asked to download apps and wallpapers and also participate in various contests.

Legit sites that use the pay-per-task model pay in cents per successful task and never in dollars. If someone downloads 100 wallpapers, there’s no way they’ll receive $3,000 for that; that’s ridiculous. To complete these tasks, you may also be prompted to sign up with third-party websites.

3. YouTube Video Submission

This is supposedly the third way to the bank with Clout Pay. Just create a video, upload it to the video streaming platform YouTube, and you’re $50 richer.

Things don’t work that way, and you’re not going to make that much for these tasks. Most of the positive videos/reviews you find for this program are probably from people who are unaware of the ugly truth. When they cross the minimum payment threshold, they’ll eventually realize it.

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The Payouts

If you apply for a payout, the website will go dark for a few months. Later on, they will mark your sent visitors as fraud and immediately close your account without a proper explanation.

That’s how these scams operate. They continue to change website names, and domain names and play with site design. However, they rehash the same fake testimonials and the concept. As is evident from the following image, the Clout Pay website is now taken down, and the domain has expired.

Clout Pay Expired Domain

Clout Pay domain has expired

It looks like the original Clout Pay domain has expired as of this review update. However, there’s a very good chance it will eventually come back (or probably already has) under a different name.

Fake Testimonials – Fake Everything

Yes, that’s correct. The website uses fake testimonials to boost social presence and showcases fake payment proof as well. Here’s one of them, everything is visible except for the payment processor.

Clout Pay Fake Payment Screenshot
Fake payment screenshot

Don’t believe everything you see. It’s probably an edited image that is just used as a lure. If people can find payment proof, they’re more likely to get started with the company. For the testimonials, here’s one of them:

Clout Pay Fake Testimonial Video
Fake testimonial video

This guy is, apparently, very happy with the results and talks highly of the platform. After some research, we discovered he’s just an actor hired off a freelance marketplace called Fiverr.

Clout Pay Paid Actor

Not an actual customer of the platform

As you can see, this is a paid video for which someone paid the actor, and they only did their job. For more proof, check the background; it’s the exact same in both the Fiverr gig and the video. All he probably made with CloudPay was some $20-50 one-time for recording this video testimonial.

Moreover, there’s not much good to talk about the platform. On the website, you won’t find any contact details, company address, or other proof that supports this is a real business. It’s probably run by some con artists who are hiding their faces on purpose.

The benefit? Since their identity is unknown, they can re-run the scam under a different name and keep this going for as long as they want.

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Conclusion – Is Clout Pay a Scam?

Clout Pay is most definitely a scam. The website uses fake payment screenshots, fake testimonials, and false income claims to get people to sign up.

Thumbs Down Logo

Not only that, they will never send any payouts even if you’re eligible to receive a paycheck for the efforts you’ve put into your promotions. When you ask for a payout, they will mark your visitors as fraudulent and instantly terminate your account.

That’s because these people don’t have an actual product to promote. All they want to do is collect your information by making ridiculous claims and get you to spread the word for them via spamming on social media websites.

A legitimate pay-to-click website can never offer a payout exceeding a few cents for a click for obvious reasons. $2 per click is as ridiculous as it gets; you can’t receive $200 for 100 random clicks. For completing stupid simple tasks, you shouldn’t be expecting 5-10 cents, let alone $30 per gig.

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