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19 Epic Ways to Get Free Cryptocurrency

Did you know cryptocurrency is one of the most profitable rewards you can collect online? Did you also know, that there are other methods you can try out to earn free cryptocurrency? Interested? Check out my list to learn how it works.

If there’s anything better than free money, it’s free money that keeps increasing in value as time passes. That’s why it’s no surprise that both established cryptocurrency miners and newbies in the market want to know how to get free crypto.

Typically, you can buy the bitcoin you want to collect and store it in an e-wallet to generate a passive income over time. However, there are other ways to get free coins without investing money or putting in any extra effort.

Without further ado, here’s my list of epic ways to get free crypto and make money from home.

How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Get Free Cryptocurrency from Honeygain

Honeygain Webpage

If you’re looking to earn passive income to buy bitcoins online, there are few better places to start than Honeygain. It works just like a typical online rewards site. All you have to do is sign-up for free and start earning!

But, unlike other platforms, there are no tasks or activities to complete on this platform. Instead, you earn money by letting them use data from your device.

It works like this; the app uses your data network to run queries and web searches for their clients. The more data they use, the more money they can earn. Honeygain transfers credits into your account as soon as you share at least 10 MBs with them.

Depending on the quality and speed of your data connection, you’ll get approximately $1-$5 worth of credits every day. Mind you, Honeygain keeps 2% of all your earnings as its commission.

Besides that, the only way to receive your earnings on Honeygain is through PayPal credit or Bitcoin withdrawal. You can also use your PayPal credit to purchase crypto without losing any money to hidden charges or service fees.

Believe it or not, this means you can get all the bitcoin and cryptocurrency you want by simply sharing your extra network data.


Join Coinbase for Free Crypto Mining


Are you already registered as a cryptocurrency trader on Coinbase? You can earn free crypto by educating yourself further using their Coinbase Earn program. For you noobs, Coinbase is a legit marketplace to buy and sell multiple cryptocurrencies, but how to get cryptocurrency for free on the platform? That’s where the Coinbase Earn program comes in.

This section of the platform mainly offers educational resources on topics like Basic Attention Tokens, Zcash, and EOS, among others. These resources include articles, courses, and videos.

To earn free money, you can watch these videos and go through the available resources. After that, you can also answer their test quizzes to earn free crypto. Remember, the site only pays you for the correct answers you provide, so make sure you watch those videos mindfully. Also remember, if you want anonymity, this is not the platform for you.

Furthermore, since Coinbase is a legit crypto trading platform, you’ll have to give in all your details when you sign up. So remember, if you want total anonymity, this is not the platform for you.

Moreover, you can earn more free money by referring to the Coinbase Earn program to your friends and family. The best part about Coinbase is that it deals with multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Fiat.

Furthermore, if you buy their stablecoin or USD Coin, you can earn interest while earning on the platform for free. If you’re interested in free bitcoin, you can sign up to get $10 worth of bitcoin completely free.


Earn Free Bitcoin Taking Surveys

Gold Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Coin

Online reward and survey sites are arguably the most accessible ways to make some extra cash online. However, the main question is how to earn cryptocurrency online for free by signing up for survey sites.

Some microtask sites offer free crypto for conducting certain activities on their platforms. However, you’ll find that most survey sites provide their payments through PayPal.

What we love about PayPal payments is that they’re versatile. You can easily exchange your PayPal credit for Bitcoin without paying any conversion fee.

So if Bitcoin is your go-to cryptocurrency, you can make free money through almost all popular survey sites. Here’s a quick list of survey and micro-task platforms that allow payment in cryptocurrency or PayPal.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo

If you’re interested in contributing to online market research while creating a steady income stream, Survey Junkie should be your ultimate choice.

It is a dedicated survey site where you can make around $1-$3 by taking short surveys. Most of their surveys take about 10-15 minutes to complete, so you can use the small pockets of time you have to earn free crypto.

The sign-up process is free, so no initial investment or specific skill set is required to join the platform. When you become a member, the site will recommend relevant surveys, and you won’t be screened out of any survey when you’re halfway through.

You can redeem your rewards through PayPal when your earnings reach around $10. After that, you can easily exchange the free PayPal credit for bitcoin.


Inboxdollars Logo
InboxDollars rewards

InboxDollars is one of the most accessible platforms, especially when it comes to micro-tasking for easy money. Here, you can take surveys, watch videos, and play games to earn exciting free rewards.

What we love about InboxDollars is that it denotes your earnings in dollars rather than vague points. This way, you won’t get confused while converting your earnings each time you want to redeem your rewards.

Besides that, the site offers multiple redemption options as it partners with several brands and retailers. However, if you’re looking for free crypto, the best way is to redeem your rewards through PayPal and exchange them for bitcoin.

You can earn around $1-$5 for each survey and even get a sign-up bonus of $5. If you regularly use the platform, it will take you no time to reach the minimum payout threshold and get your cryptocurrency.


Swagbucks Logo
Swagbucks rewards

With Swagbucks, you can find lots of opportunities to earn free crypto. The site is available in many countries worldwide, so anyone with a PayPal account can easily earn rewards and buy free crypto.

Apart from surveys, the site lets you earn by watching videos, playing games, and reviewing products. You can also make money participating in sweepstakes and giveaways or by conducting web searches through the platform.

Swagbucks offers prompt PayPal payouts, so you can use the money to get free crypto and plenty of gift cards from other popular brands.

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Stormx Logo

StormX is a mobile app where you can earn benefits the same way as other online reward sites. However, with this platform, you can receive free crypto directly without transferring PayPal credit.

The site lets you take surveys, download new apps, and take up some subscriptions in exchange for Bolt token rewards. You can use these tokens to get their native StromX currency, Ether or Bitcoin.

This online micro-task site is ideal for people who want free crypto besides Bitcoin. On the downside, while you can exchange PayPal credit for Bitcoin without any conversion charges, it’s not the same for Bolt tokens.

Here, you have to pay a variable conversion rate when you exchange your tokens. The charges vary according to the cryptocurrency you choose.

Kucoin Play

Kucoin Play
photo_gonzo /

Kucoin Play is an online marketplace for all types of cryptocurrencies. It offers profitable deals to both buyers and sellers. In addition, it lets users complete social tasks like writing reviews about their sponsored products or sharing content.

You can convert the rewards you earn on Kucoin to cryptocurrency when you make a deal through the platform.

Earn Free Cryptocurrency From Popular Crypto Faucets

Crypto faucets work in the same way as online reward sites. However, the latter has multiple options to redeem rewards from the tasks you complete, while crypto faucets only give small amounts of the currency in return.

You can complete small tasks, including watching ads, playing games, and writing reviews. Although, most of the time, the crypto rewards are relatively insignificant compared to the time you spend completing the tasks.

Still, if you usually scroll across your mobile screen all day for nothing, these faucets might be one of the best options for you to make some passive income.

Here’s a list of some popular free crypto faucets I came across that pay in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Freebitco Logo

Founded in 2013, FreeBitco is one of the most popular faucets for Bitcoin. On this platform, you can earn by playing games and watching ads. You can also create your wallet on the forum and use your savings from your crypto savings account to participate in sweepstakes or maximize your earnings by gaming.


Bitcoinker, a cryptocurrency faucet, rewards users with free cryptocurrency. All you have to do is complete easy CAPTCHAs, and you can win up to 100,000 Satoshi on a five-minute timer.

Bitcoinker provides a 10% fee on all deposits and has an average price of around 7 Satoshi. Seniority benefits of up to 30% may also be available if you use the service frequently.

You need a minimum of 20,000 Satoshi to make a withdrawal from the site, and withdrawals can be made once per week to the wallet of your choice.

Moon Bitcoin

Moon Bitcoin is one of the easiest Bitcoin faucets to use. It takes no time to sign-up for free. And after you become a member, you can indulge in multiple activities to earn free Bitcoin. The site boasts that its users make hundreds of Satoshis every five minutes.

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Get a Sign-Up Bonus on Celsius Network

The cryptocurrency exchange market is highly competitive. Every crypto exchange platform wants you to utilize their space for trading so that they can profit from the trading fees. Most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges provide a sign-up bonus to entice new users. Sometimes, the reward is in the form of a particular cryptocurrency, but mostly it’s a credit to your new account that you can use to purchase any cryptocurrency you want.

With Celsius Network, users can get $10 to $2,000 in Bitcoin after signing up for the service and transferring one of the accepted assets. The lowest transfer required to receive the $10 bonus is $100, but to receive the maximum bonus, you must deposit a large sum.

Loan Your Coins to BlockFi

Loan Your Coins To Blockfi
Rafael Henrique /

Another way to earn free crypto if you already have some coins you don’t use is by loaning them to BlockFi. The platform has profitable interest rates, through which you can earn around 8% percent monthly.

You can loan out any currency you hold, including Bitcoin, Ether, or even USD. Also, BlockFi offers a high withdrawal limit of 100 Bitcoins every week and has a user-friendly interface.

Other Ways to Get Free Cryptocurrency

If you’re still wondering how to earn free cryptocurrency without signing up for survey sites or online platforms, there are many other ways to get free coins. However, most of these methods involve using the Bitcoins or crypto you already have.

An easy way to kickstart your Bitcoin savings is by using the methods mentioned above and then following the techniques I will list below to continue earning free cryptocurrency.

Staking Cryptocurrency

Staking Cryptocurrency

This is perhaps the easiest way to earn free crypto if you already have some savings in your crypto savings account.

Staking your bitcoins is pretty simple once you get the concept. It works in the same way as certificates of deposit in banks. Here, you pledge to keep your cash in your account and refrain from withdrawing it for a specified period.

Now, the bank can use your money the way it wants for loans and funding. You, in turn, will earn a profit on the money you hold in your account.

Similarly, you can keep your cryptocurrency as Proof of Stake (PoS). All you have to do is join a reputed cryptocurrency marketplace and prove the existence of your coins. Once you do that, you can start earning more coins as you would with a certificate of deposit.

It gets better. Staking your bitcoin is more profitable than getting a CD for the cash in your bank account. That’s because cryptocurrency is more speculative and prone to changes.

You can earn anywhere from 6% to 20% of your stakes annually, depending on the currency that you stake.

The trick is to use a conventional currency to maximize your profit rates. Besides that, use a legit staking calculator when choosing the right platform to stake your currency.

While you cannot use the staking method to get free bitcoins if you’re a beginner, you can get more bitcoins for free if you already have some in your digital wallet.

Get Free Cryptocurrency From Online Wallet Airdrops

You never know when you can get lucky! That’s why, when investing in cryptocurrency, you should consider creating multiple digital wallets in case there’s an airdrop in any of your holdings.

In crypto terms, an airdrop is when some blockchain platforms distribute free coins to their users. When an airdrop occurs, and you have an e-wallet affiliated with the blockchain platform, you can get free crypto without doing anything.

For example, when the popular blockchain platform Ethereum launched its ERC-20 token, they airdropped it to everyone with an Ethereum wallet.

Similarly, when Bitcoin Cash separated from the Bitcoin blockchain, everyone with eligible digital wallets received around 1:1 of the Bitcoin they owned in Bitcoin Cash.

However, most times, crypto airdrops come with their terms and conditions. Sometimes they require a specific amount of balance in your e-wallet to become eligible for the airdrop.

It’s not possible to avail all airdrops that occur because you cannot create digital wallets with everyone from the hundreds of existing blockchains. However, you can explore the list of popular blockchains and evaluate each blockchain to see which one has frequent airdrops.

Free Cryptocurrency From Blockchain Forks

Cryptocurrency From Blockchain Forks

This is perhaps the most complicated method to understand if you’re a beginner in the crypto market. But, it is one of the easiest ways to get free money practically, mainly because you don’t have to do a thing.

Let me explain it to you. Primarily, a fork represents separating a group from an established blockchain, usually due to a difference in protocol or opinions. This occurs when the currency founders do not agree on how the currency should operate in the future.

Consequently, the blockchain might introduce a fork to repair a hack or solve its internal differences.

For example, Bitcoin Cash is a hard fork from the Bitcoin blockchain. Similarly, Bitcoin SV is also a hard fork from Bitcoin Cash. While all three may sound the same, they are entirely different crypto networks.

Now, let’s say you owned a fair amount of Bitcoin before the hard fork in August 2017. In this situation, you will have both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin in your digital wallet, even when you didn’t buy any extra Bitcoin.

This means you get free crypto from the new chain, similar to the amount you already have before the fork. So, you now have double the coins you originally had.

However, you cannot consider this a totally efficient way to earn free crypto, as you can never predict when a hard fork will happen. Still, it is beneficial to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies and keep your holdings in different digital wallets to increase your chances of availing benefits from a hard fork.

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Get Cryptocurrency Credit Card Rewards

Cryptocurrency Credit Card Rewards

Using a crypto credit card is one of the best options if you want to generate cryptocurrency while doing your daily activities. Crypto credit cards have an identical format to regular credit cards as they provide cashback benefits for completing purchases.

However, the main difference is that cryptocurrency credit cards pay rewards in digital currencies instead of FIAT.

Several platforms provide cryptocurrency debit or credit cards due to the rapid acceptance of cryptocurrencies. You can use your cryptocurrency holdings to pay for services and goods on several top altcoin exchanges, like and eToro.

The best part is that you can use these cards without the end merchant having to accept crypto because the provider manages the trade. This results in a “win-win” situation for both sides since you can pay using cryptocurrency, but the merchant receives the money in FIAT.

Although the cashback rewards are often issued in the platform’s native token, they differ from one provider to the other. For instance, the credit card offers cashback benefits in Cronos (CRO).

However, once received, you can immediately withdraw the cashback or use it for trading, providing you the opportunity to increase your revenue even more.

Participate in DeFi Lending

The ecosystem of financial apps created utilizing blockchain technology is called DeFi (Decentralized finance). These applications are decentralized. Thus, they don’t depend on a centralized authority to conduct transactions.

With its increase in popularity, DeFi lending allows for a broad range of innovative and creative procedures to emerge. DeFi lending entails transferring your crypto to a specialized protocol, which subsequently lends it to different parties.

You will receive interest in exchange for offering your cryptocurrency—at rates that are frequently far better and higher than the traditional banking system. This implies that you can buy a cryptocurrency to invest in, lend it out via a DeFi protocol, and profit from value growth while creating a steady return.

Yields may differ based on the protocol and crypto assets you utilize, but they can occasionally reach more than 10% annually. Most of the lending agreements are collateralized, which is a fantastic feature of DeFi lending.

This further implies that borrowers must deposit their crypto as collateral—with the collateral having a higher value than the loan itself. As the entire process runs through smart contracts, no one can cheat the system. Also, there is no credit check required.

Play Online and Offline Games

Really? Someone is paying you to play games? Well, yes, that really is a thing and has been for years! You can play hundreds of earn crypto games to earn or win free crypto. In fact, gaming is one of the fastest, most fun, and simplest ways to earn crypto.

Furthermore, several gaming platforms have their in-game currency that you can purchase or convert into Bitcoins. Here are some different types of games you can play to earn free crypto:

Online casino games

You can earn crypto for free by playing several online casino games. As long as you make a deposit, there are undoubtedly many casino or poker games online that provide welcome, sign-up, deposit, loyalty, and other benefits in the form of cryptocurrency.

On some platforms, you may or might not need to deposit to receive a sign-up or welcome bonus. Here are a few gaming platforms you can check out to earn crypto:

Bitvest,, Bitsler, Duckdice, Coinbet24, Blockchain.Poker, and 999Dice are some examples of cryptocurrency casino games where you can win Bitcoins for free. You can earn free Bitcoins by playing these casino games, which include cards, spins, dice tosses, or slots.

Another casino crypto game, FortuneJack provides free spins and a welcome bonus of 5BTC. Furthermore, you can play more than 300 games on the mBit Casino gaming website, including slots, blackjack, and classic roulette. 

The popular RealPoker is also an online casino game that even provides you with a 0.0015 Bitcoin sign-up bonus without asking you to register.

Playing Bitcoin Poker or taking advantage of the 25% reward for referrals are two ways to increase your crypto earnings. Once you earn more poker points, you can exchange them for free Bitcoin. However, it is not as simple to withdraw the free BTC after level 20.

Non-blockchain-based games

These games are combat games or other games that aren’t blockchain-based but use Bitcoin payouts depending on spoils or completed levels. You can have your strategy in these games and participate to earn free Bitcoin.

In another earn crypto game called Spells of Genesis, you can build gaming decks, trade them, and use them to compete against other players for free Bitcoin.

Blockchain-based games

These include mobile-based blockchain games like Bitcoin Aliens, Alien Run, Super Satoshi, CryptoWorld, Abundance, and Free Bitcoin. Since its launch in 2014, Bitcoin Aliens has awarded a total of 1,090 free Bitcoin coins.

Quiz games

By responding to questions from various categories, you can earn free satoshis through quiz games. One such example is Satoshi Quiz, where the awards vary depending on the quiz you take.

In this quiz game, you must be among the top three to give correct answers to split the Bitcoin rewards. You can make a withdrawal after earning a minimum of 11,000 Satoshis.

Join Crypto Referral Programs

Referral Programs

Members of crypto exchange sites have access to cryptocurrency programs. And if you presently own cryptocurrency, you’re probably already a member of one of these exchange websites. Similar to the affiliate program, these crypto exchange sites frequently feature a referral program.

You can get free crypto or other benefits when you convince people to sign up using your referral link. In order to get your referral bonus, users must complete some steps, which may include selling and purchasing a particular amount on the exchange or making a minimum number of transactions.

One of the simplest methods to earn free cryptocurrencies with minimal effort on your part is to use an exchange’s referral program. Always conduct secure and safe transactions to typical frauds.

Final Thoughts

Well, this concludes my list of epic ways to get free cryptocurrency. Some of the options I mentioned will help beginners start their crypto stash from nothing, while some will help established crypto dealers increase their holdings.

Either way, if you’re planning to get free crypto online, make sure you only avail offers from reputed blockchain companies or online reward platforms.

Conduct thorough research before investing your money or time into a platform to avoid falling into a scam. Also, check other aspects before you sign-up, such as currency modes and payment methods, and see if the site fits your needs.


How to earn free cryptocurrency?

You can earn free crypto through several methods, including crypto interest accounts, cryptocurrency gaming, staking, etc. Additionally, you can combine these processes to increase your earning potential.

What is the best and safest way to get crypto?

One of the best platforms to purchase and trade Bitcoin is Coinbase, which has a customer base of more than 13 million users. This exchange platform is available to investors of all skill levels and is safe, insured, easy to use, and regulated.

Does Coinbase offer free coins?

After you sign-up with Coinbase, you need to add a payment method to your account and purchase any cryptocurrency on the platform. You will get $5 in BTC in your Coinbase portfolio once you complete all the required procedures for opening an account and buying cryptocurrency.

Is cryptocurrency risk-free?

Investing in cryptocurrency may involve risk. This is due to its extreme volatility, which frequently fluctuates by enormous amounts in a short time. I mean, the market has been through the wringer this year already.
When investing in cryptocurrencies, like with any other investment, you must be willing to lose the money you put in. But as it’s said, with risk comes rewards!

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