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8 Easy Ways to Get Free DoorDash Gift Cards

Do you enjoy getting food delivery? DoorDash makes it easy to get your favorite foods and grocery items straight to your door. DoorDash offers a variety of participating restaurants in multiple locations, giving you plenty of options for ordering in—which is why receiving free DoorDash gift cards is a dream come true for many of us who hate cooking!

DoorDash is a food delivery service operating in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom that provides takeout and delivery options from your favorite restaurants, as well as alcohol and groceries in certain areas. The DoorDash app connects customers with their favorite foods, which can be delivered to their favorite people for convenience.

The company gives away free gift cards that can be used to pay for delivery fees or purchases at participating restaurants. What could be better than a DoorDash gift card? A free DoorDash gift card! But how do DoorDash gift cards work? And where can you get a free DoorDash gift card?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a way to get a DoorDash gift card free. Keep reading because this article contains all the information you need!

How To Get Free DoorDash Gift Cards?

Obtaining free gift cards for DoorDash is simple, but you must first earn them. Depending on the source, you may be required to complete specific tasks to receive a free gift card. The most legitimate procedures are as follows:

1. Get Free DoorDash Gift Card just by Signing-Up

Free Doordash Gift Cards

Doordash, the on-demand delivery company, is one of the top fast-food and grocery delivery apps. The competition from rival companies is fierce, and DoorDash is constantly looking for new ways to acquire customers.

And you can get a free DoorDash gift card just by signing up. The DoorDash new user promo code is only valid for a limited time so make sure you don’t miss out!

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2. Invite Friends

DoorDash Referral Program

It’s difficult to find someone who hasn’t heard of or used DoorDash. If you don’t know how to get free food online, we recommend you start by encouraging people to use DoorDash.

Referral bonuses are a great way for businesses to retain customers while also reaching out to new users. The system is super easy to implement in an online platform, such as an app.

You can share your referrals and send food credit to family and friends using DoorDash. Not only does the referred customer receive credit, but so does the original customer. The good news is that your credit will be used for delivery option or pickup orders.

3. Get the DashPass Subscription

Dashpass subscription

The DoorDash DashPass service could save you a lot of money. It’s a monthly subscription service for which you pay a set fee. In exchange, you avoid delivery fees (basically free delivery) and pay lower service fees.

If you have a lot of DoorDash orders, DashPass subscribers can save a lot of money. On all DashPass orders of $12 or more, including eligible grocery store orders of $25 or more, there are no delivery fees and reduced service fees. This is essential for regular DoorDash users.

Free DashPass members save $4-5 on average per eligible order. With new restaurants added and more on the way, you’ll spend less time searching for deals across delivery platforms and more time selecting the food you want.

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4. Participate in Giveaways

DoorDash giveaway banner

Participating in giveaways is the first method for obtaining a free DoorDash gift card. Most of the time, these giveaways are organized by the company or some social media influencers.

Participate in giveaways organized by social media influencers or the company itself to win a free DoorDash gift card. To be eligible to win, participants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Like the giveaway post.
  2. Send an email to the company.
  3. Reply to the giveaway post.
  4. Tag your friends under the post.
  5. Post a screenshot of your DashPass savings via the DoorDash app.

The chances of winning a free DoorDash gift card code in one of these contests are slim. It is due to the fact that most giveaways attract a large number of people.

And if you win the giveaway, you can use your prize to get free food delivery from local or national food places.

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5. Join Swagbucks

Swagbucks logo
Swagbucks rewards

Swagbucks is a fine platform to get a free DoorDash gift card. There are numerous ways to earn points, also known as Swagbucks Points (SB), such as watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games.

When you first sign up, you’ll also receive a 1,000 SB welcome bonus. Earn 1,425 SB and you’ll receive a free DoorDash $15 gift card. Swagbucks is one of the best sites for earning free DoorDash gift cards because it provides users with various ways to earn, with something to suit everyone.

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6. Join Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo

Survey Junkie is another survey website that offers free gift cards and vouchers. Survey Junkie is one of the largest paid survey platforms available, and it saves you time and effort by having you fill out a profile, which is then used to match you to the surveys you are most likely to qualify for.

It allows you to earn points by completing surveys, which you can then redeem for DoorDash gift certificates.

7. Join Lifepoints

LifePoints Logo

LifePoints, like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, offers various ways for users to earn points, which can be converted into cash by redeeming them for free gift cards from retailers such as DoorDash. 

This platform has paid surveys, but it also has a number of unique opportunities. Earn money for product testing, tracking your food and shopping habits, and completing short daily quizzes that reward you for logging in regularly.

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8. Look into Reward-Based Apps

Speedway DoorDash

They are the most versatile and dependable method of obtaining free DoorDash gift cards. Unlike survey websites, reward-based apps provide various ways to earn money, such as watching ads, playing mobile games, reading emails, or downloading apps.

Earnings are much more consistent because you are rewarded with a certain number of points for each eligible task completed. Remember that not all reward-based apps are worth the effort. You should select those that:

  • Have a significant number of buyer account and user reviews
  • Provide various earning opportunities
  • Provide your desired gift code as a redemption item, or at the very least cash, checks, or open-loop gift cards (such as Mastercard, American Express, and Visa) that can be used to purchase practically anything.

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How To Redeem DoorDash Gift Cards?

Now that you’ve learned how to earn a free DoorDash gift card, the next step is to use the gift card balance to get the perfect gift: free food delivery.

DoorDash gift cards are available in both digital and physical formats and can be purchased both online and in-store. Physical DoorDash gift cards are available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $200.

When ordering food from any participating restaurant, DoorDash gift cards can be redeemed against the cost of food, delivery, and tips—giving you access to over 310,000 restaurants in over 4,000 cities across the United States.

If you have placed an eligible order on DoorDash’s official website or mobile app in the United States, you can easily redeem your Gift Cards. Remember that Gift Cards do not expire and do not incur any additional fees. Here’s how to redeem DoorDash gift cards:

  • First, create a DoorDash account.
  • Next, click on the 3-Lined menu icon to access your account settings.
  • From there click on the Gift Card option.
  • Redeem your gift card code by following the on-screen instructions. You will be able to do that at the bottom of the screen.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the checkout page appears; after that, you can collect your reward.

Use the DoorDash gift card code only; do not enter any promo codes at the checkout page or you will receive an error message.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Can You Use A DoorDash Gift Card?

You can use a DoorDash physical gift card or electronic gift card during checkout on the DoorDash website or app for eligible orders. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use your gift card when you go directly to the retailer of your choice.

What Can You Buy With A DoorDash Gift Card?

There are more buying options available to you through DoorDash than purchasing constraints. When you use DoorDash to order a meal, you will have access to the menus of all local restaurants that have partnered with the site. It includes delivery on game day, Taco Tuesday, and every other night of the week – as long as your gift card balance is not exceeded.

How Can You Check Your DoorDash Gift Card Balance?

When you’re using the app, it’s easiest to check your DoorDash gift card balance. To determine your standing balance, you must tap the icon in the lower right corner to access your account and select account credits. Your gift card balance will be displayed here.

If you’re checking your balance on a desktop computer, you’ll need to locate and select the menu icon, and select credits and gift card.

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