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18 Easy Ways to Get Free Nike Shoes

I love cool shoes, so when I found out how to get free Nikes, I was happy for a chance to change up my style. There are several ways to get Nike shoes completely free, whether you want them for yourself or need to find free kids’ shoes. I tried several different options, including earning free money, giving honest feedback, and serving as a product tester.

Some manufacturing plants have a healthcare program that gives free shoes to employees in the medical field as a thank-you. The shoe companies have a test product or free samples allotted to healthcare workers and often host free shoe giveaways.

Even if you’re not a healthcare worker, there’s not much that feels better than getting free stuff. If you want to get free shoes online, keep reading and find out how to get a free pair of new athletic shoes.

1. Swagbucks

Homepage Of Swagbucks
Source: Cast of Thousands / Shutterstock

Swagbucks gives me a way to earn free shoes by taking online surveys and watching videos. I earn points for each task that I can redeem for gift cards to major retailers, including Nike and Foot Locker. I can also cash out with PayPal or get it via direct deposit and spend the money any way I choose. 

I like Swagbucks because it integrates with my standard lifestyle. I can choose to activate coupons and cash-back offers to earn points or take time to answer surveys. If I want to give gift cards for holidays and birthdays, I can buy them through Swagbucks and earn points on each purchase. 

Since I’m already doing so much online, it’s easy to add Swagbucks to my routine and earn points without doing extra work. I loved how quickly I earned the points necessary to get free Nike shoes. There are so many retailers available for gift cards that you’re sure to find one for your favorite shoe store.

2. Survey Junkie

Surveyjunkie Logo And Mobile Site
Source: SurveyJunkie / Shutterstock

Survey Junkie is a way I can earn more money and free stuff by completing small tasks in my spare time. I started my account by making a profile of my interests, favorite stores, and other personal data that lets Survey Junkie pick tasks that appeal to me. Since I’m answering questions and giving feedback about things I like, the time flies, and points stack up.

Companies use the feedback from my surveys to impact the products and services they offer, so I feel productive when I log into Survey Junkie. And I’m getting compensation, so it’s easy to complete enough work to earn free Nike shoes.

A great benefit to Survey Junkie is that the site doesn’t limit you to gift cards for Nike shoes. You can choose cards from any major retailer, like Amazon, Walmart, or Starbucks. You can trade your points for a shoe store gift card or just get paid out through PayPal.

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3. LifePoints

Writing On A Memo Pad With Lifepoints Logo
Source: LifePoints

I earned free Nike shoes through LifePoints in no time at all. It’s easy to fill out a simple online questionnaire whenever I have a free moment because LifePoints has an app. Any time I was waiting for an appointment or found myself stuck in a traffic jam, I’d complete a survey and earn points.

The app is convenient, but I can also do tasks for LifePoints through their website. When I first created my profile, I saw ten points already in my account. This incentive inspired me to start completing surveys to earn even more points, so it’s nice to get some free deals like that.

The accessibility of LifePoints’ website and app makes it one of my favorite ways to earn money. Like other survey providers on this list, I can choose to cash out using PayPal if I don’t see a gift card that will allow me to get free Nikes. It’s a win-win when you use LifePoints, so sign up and start earning money in your downtime.

4. Honey

Honey Logo
Source: Honey

I love to use Honey because it requires no extra effort. I installed the browser extension and immediately started to save money. Honey checks the site I’m browsing and finds coupons and discounts for that retailer. If there are no savings through the site, it gives me links to similar products from other stores, ensuring I save money no matter what.

Sometimes you might get a discount on shipping costs or find a code that takes a specific percentage off your entire order. Since you don’t have to search for these deals on your own, you’ll save a lot of time using Honey.

I take advantage of Honey’s codes by going directly to the Nike site and seeing how much of a discount I could get on a pair of shoes. Sometimes I’ll see that the shoes are cheaper at Foot Locker, so I go to that site and get major discounts automatically, thanks to Honey.

5. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube
Source: Solitaire Cube

I used to spend hours on the computer playing Solitaire, but I’ve never had as much fun with that game as when I play Solitaire Cube on my phone. While some of the survey sites on this list might end up feeling like work, this app is the best choice if you enjoy playing games.

The app design is sleek and easy to use, with graphics that blow my old PC’s Solitaire program out of the water. When I have a few minutes to myself and want to unwind, I open Solitaire Cube and play to win real rewards.

If you want to earn even more money, you can pay to play certain games and win big jackpots. Skilled players might prefer to do this and earn free Nikes even faster, but I like playing for free and earning real money. I can also earn tickets that I later redeem for Nike gift cards.

6. Kashkick

Kashkick Website
Source: KashKick

Kashkick is a cool survey platform that helped me earn a free pair of shoes, and all I needed was internet access. From this site, I can check out countless tasks that earn points, such as:

  • Watching videos
  • Completing surveys
  • Shopping online
  • Surfing the internet

There’s no limit to how many tasks I can do each day, so it’s easy to visit this site whenever I have free time and earn a few points.

Kashkick has fewer payout options than other survey sites, so I always get paid through PayPal. However, that puts money in my account and I can get free Nikes, so it’s worth the time and effort. Read our full Kashkick review if you’d like to learn more about this online rewards site.

7. Drop App

Drop App Logo
Source: Drop App

When I want to get free Nikes without completing surveys or spending time online or on my phone, Drop App is my choice. I downloaded the app for free, made an account, and linked my debit and credit cards. Every time I used either of those cards to buy something, I earned points through the Drop App. It’s like getting cashback from your credit card provider.

The best part about Drop App is that you can link reloadable Visas or gift cards. I got a reloadable Visa as a payout on another survey site, linked it to my Drop App, and bought a pair of Nikes for free. Since I connected the card to the Drop App, I earned points toward another free pair of Nikes with my purchase.

Beyond earning points when I shop, Drop App also has other boosts. I always check in and take advantage of these incentives to increase my earning potential through the program.

8. Mistplay

Mistplay Logo
Source: MistPlay

Solitaire Cube is a fun app for fans of that card game, but it’s not the only way to have fun on your phone while earning points. Any gaming fan will love using Mistplay to get free shoes. I downloaded the app to my phone and started playing games whenever I had free time. 

The name Mistplay already sounds like a game, but it’s actually a library of mobile games, so I can always find something that interests me. Based on my profile and gaming history, the app will also recommend games I think I’ll like, so it’s fun to try new things as they’re released.

I like to spend some time after work and before bed unwinding by playing games, so I appreciate the chance to earn money toward free Nike shoes when I do something I truly enjoy. Mistplay offers various options to cash your points, including gift cards to major retailers. I usually choose a Visa gift card to buy Nike shoes online or from my local store without issue.

9. InboxDollars

Inbox Dollars Application Download And Cash
Source: Sharaf Maksumov / Shutterstock

I got a pair of free Nike shoes by using InboxDollars. It’s similar to sites like LifePoints, Survey Junkie, and Swagbucks, so I felt right at home when I created an account and got to work. As a bonus, InboxDollars stays true to its name and sends you $5 as soon as you sign up. Seeing that money in my inbox inspired me to start completing tasks instantly.

Instead of feeling stuck answering surveys, InboxDollars provides plenty of opportunities to earn money. I would look for opportunities and read a work summary before accepting it. This approach allowed me to try out new apps for companies, helping them find bugs and streamline their mobile experience.

I also play a lot of games through InboxDollars. Since I often spend my spare time playing games online, I love the ability to earn rewards for that time. I can quickly devote my usual gaming time to InboxDollars and acquire enough for free Nike shoes.

10. Cash App

Fast Cash App New Website
Source: Cash App

Most people know Cash App as a way to transfer money to friends and roommates, but there’s more to it than that. You can use it as a bank account and get perks like cash back and boosts on everyday purchases. If you don’t have a debit card, get one through the Cash App and use it anytime you buy groceries, gas, or even running shoes.

Over time, your cash back adds up, and you can get a free pair of Nike shoes. The app offers bonuses, like $100 back if you make a specific purchase or set up a direct deposit.

11. MyPoints

How Mypoints Works
Source: MyPoints

I got a new pair of free shoes from MyPoints quicker than I expected, thanks to them giving a $5 bonus just for creating an account. While I can redeem my earned points for any gift card, the sign-on bonus was for either Amazon or Visa, which is still an easy way to buy Nike shoes.

On the MyPoints platform, I accumulate points by completing surveys, giving feedback on other tasks, and shopping online. I can use the website on my computer or go through the app when I’m away from home, making it simple to accrue points every day continually.

The platform includes a score browser that displays special ads. If I buy any of those items, I save money on the purchase and earn more from MyPoints, making it a win-win. Unfortunately, this program is only available to United States residents.

12. Opinion Outpost

Man With Laptop At Opinion Outpost Webpage
Source: Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a survey site that has plenty of surveys to complete. I love logging into this site because I can always find a survey to suit my interests. I can also watch ads and give feedback when they end. Opinion Outpost also has a testing platform built into the site so I can try products and leave feedback online.

Every time I complete a task through Opinion Outpost, I earn points. As with similar sites, I can trade these points for gift cards to the Nike store, Foot Locker, or other outlets for shoes and athletic gear. 

Sometimes I still have to pay shipping for my order, but my earnings through Opinion Outpost save me a lot of money overall. Best of all, I can use the gift cards in person at my local Nike store and skip the shipping issue altogether.

13. Slickdeals

Slickdeals Homepage
Source: Sharaf Maksumov / Shutterstock

Slickdeals is a browser extension similar to Honey, but I use them for maximum savings. This site often finds deals that Honey doesn’t, and vice versa, so I recommend double-dipping. Slickdeals displays sales on any retail site you visit, so you can buy the athletic shoes that save the most overall.

I also shop directly from the Slickdeals homepage sometimes. I can type in a search term, like Nike or a specific shoe design, and see a list of all the retailers selling that item. This method lets me look at the price variations from one location instead of visiting each site separately. If I have time to shop around, I do it this way to ensure I get the best deal on new shoes.

14. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel Homepage
Source: PrizeRebel

Prize Rebel is a survey site that stands out from many of the others on this list because of its redemption options. I usually convert my points to a gift card, but I can also transfer them to my PayPal account. That’s standard for this type of site, but Prize Rebel is unique because it offers direct deposit.

Beyond the redemption variety, the service is also quick to pay out. I can request my gift card or cash and have it in my email or bank account within five minutes. That means I can turn around and get a free pair of Nikes without having to wait five days for a payout.

15. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys Logo And Graphics
Source: BrandedSurveys

I got a new pair of free sneakers after spending a little time on Branded Surveys. The market research site has surveys from various companies that need feedback on anything from products, service pricing, and customer user experience on their website or app. 

When I first filled out a survey about my interests and shopping habits, every survey suited me, so I stayed engaged. Beyond earning rewards for each survey I complete, Branded Surveys offers routine perks like daily challenges and polls. I log in every day to take advantage of these bonuses because I earn free Nikes even faster than through other outlets.

Like many other survey sites, Branded Surveys has several payout options. I usually get gift cards for athletic shoes, but PayPal and direct deposit are other choices.

16. Foot Locker Gift Cards

Woman With Shopping Bags And Cards
Source: ViDI Studio / Shutterstock

While I don’t exactly get free sneakers with this approach, I save a lot of money on new shoes when I purchase discounted Foot Locker gift cards. Sometimes, I can find a $50 gift card for $40 or less. When I combine these cards at the Foot Locker store, I save a major chunk of money on a new pair of shoes. Some of my favorite places to buy discounted gift cards include:

These sites break down the financials, so I see the exact benefits of my purchase. For example, I can see that I’m getting a $25 Foot Locker gift card for $20, which is a savings of 20%. Seeing the math like this helps me weigh the value of the gift card compared to other coupon codes I can use online, ensuring I save the most money possible.

17. Find Coupon Codes

Hand With Mobile Phone Finding Discount Coupon Codes
Source: NicoElNino / Shutterstock

Speaking of coupon codes, you can find aggregate sites that pull codes from everywhere online and search in one place for the best deal. While browser extensions like Honey and Slickdeals do that work for me, I always like to double-check and ensure I’m not missing a killer deal like 50% off or buy one, get one.

Nike is such a massive brand that the company often offers coupons. They make a lot of money and know that giving discounts will bring even more customers to their stores. With that in mind, I always make time to visit these coupon sites for special deals:

Remember to read the coupon terms carefully, as some have specific guidelines to follow for the discount. For example, some codes are for Nike sunglasses only, even though it comes up when you search for Nike shoes. Ensure you get the right coupon for your purchase so you can save money.

18. Nike Product Testing Program

Shopping Clothes Online
Source: charlesdeluvio / Unsplash

When I first researched how to get free Nikes, I realized that product testers get free shoes when they provide feedback. You can contact Nike’s two manufacturing plants and let them know you’re interested in product tests. When you get the test invitation, tell them your shoe size and they’ll send a new pair for you to wear for a few weeks, completely free.

The testing period will vary, but the whole idea behind this program is that Nike wants to know how their shoes work in the real world. They have a testing center, but the trials the running shoes experience are different from how I wear my shoes. Just by wearing Nike running shoes and sending them back, the manufacturers get information to improve the design.

That’s the main catch with the Nike product testing program—you don’t get to keep the shoes forever. You have to send them back so the company can analyze how the shoes wear in terms of the interior padding and exterior tread. They want to know if their shoes hold up over time to keep customers loyal.

The feedback you give Nike based on your time wearing their shoes gives them the necessary information to revise existing products or develop new ones. While you might not get free Jordans, you’ll get a great pair of Nike shoes to wear.

One cool thing about this type of approach for free shoes is that you can also test competitor products. That means you can let Nike know you’re interested in other brands of shoes, apply as an Adidas product tester, or become part of the New Balance tester community. You’ll continue to get free sneakers in exchange for honest feedback without spending any money.

If you need new athletic shoes, consider doing product tests. I’ve seen options for all ages, so it’s a great way for low income families to get free kids shoes. Sign up to become a product tester and get free Nike shoes with little to no effort.