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11 Easy Ways to Get Free Sephora Gift Cards

How can you get free Sephora gift cards? And are they even worth hustling for them? Read on to find out!

Everyone wants to look good – whether for their own self-confidence or to impress someone. That’s why the beauty and make-up industry has ever been mushrooming with each passing day. Sephora, a French multinational beauty and personal care products retailer, is indisputable proof of this fact.

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It deals with beauty and make-up products, including skincare, cosmetics, fragrance, body, beauty tools, hair care, nail color, and even body lotions. The company, which features over 340 brands plus Sephora Collections (their own private label), has a presence in over 30 countries, with over 2,600 store outlets. Over twenty years ago, Sephora opened its first store in North America and has since become a household name.

Sephora has become one of the major players in the global prestige Omni-retail, bringing more into the beauty industry and inspiring the most loved beauty community globally. With such a wide reach, I am sure you have heard about or even bought some of its products. But did you know you can get free Sephora gift cards without paying a dime? Well, this piece explores all the possible ways to do just that.

What Are Sephora Gift Cards?

Sephora Gift Cards Selection

This might come as a shock (although I highly doubt it) Sephora gift cards are not any different from any other store gift cards that you might know. They are simply free cards that allow you to access Sephora beauty products for free. With these gift cards, you can visit Sephora’s official website or any physical Sephora stores and get products worth your gift card.

These cards can be bought online via the company’s website, physical Sephora retail stores, or from 3rd parties like CVS or Walmart. Sephora e-gift cards come in various denominations starting from as low as $10 cards to $250 ones. But you can get even more denominations when you visit their stores.

When it comes to using or redeeming your gift card, there are some rules. For instance, when buying products in-store, you can not use more than two gift cards at a time.

On the other hand, online purchases permit the use of up to 10 cards to make a purchase. Also, it’s possible to combine these gift cards with your credit card or cash if the products cost more than the Sephora gift card balance.

Best Ways to Get Free Sephora Gift Cards

Let’s get into how to get free Sephora gift cards.

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo

When you see us start with paid survey sites, it’s because they are the easiest ways to earn free money and gift cards. Plus, they offer flexible options to make money from anywhere using your phone or computer.

Survey Junkie is a market research firm that pays users to offer opinions or answers to simple questions. In other words, you are paid to complete market research survey questions. Your answers are then forwarded to interested companies and brands who use them to improve their offerings to better suit the consumer market’s needs.

Survey Junkie pays its users through cash (via PayPal) or through gift cards, Sephora gift cards being one of those. All you have to do is join Survey Junkie, which is free, answer surveys and get your rewards.

Each survey on this platform can earn you between $0.5 to $3, and the more surveys you complete, the higher your rewards will be. Also, surveys here are short, ranging from one to twenty minutes each.

What are you waiting for? Join Survey Junkie, start completing surveys, earn those Sephora gift cards, and get your favorite beauty products!

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2. PrizeRebel

Just like Survey Junkie, PrizeRebel is another incredible platform that helps you earn easy cash and gift cards by taking surveys. However, this platform goes even a step further to get you those free Sephora gift cards.

For instance, besides surveys, you can also make money by watching online videos or playing games. Isn’t this easy? The money you earn on the platform can be redeemed as gift cards or PayPal cash once you hit the platform’s minimum withdrawal threshold.

And having partnered with over 500 retailers, Sephora included, your gift card options are almost unlimited! You’ll get gift cards valued from $5 to $50, depending on how much you’ve earned on the platform. Fancy makeup, here we come!

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3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks Logo

With Swagbucks getting hold of a Sephora gift card is pretty easy. This is because the platform offers more than enough options to make some free money and earn rewards.

You can answer paid surveys, watch videos online, browse the internet, play games, or even find Swag Codes. Even better, with Swagbucks, you also earn points when you shop online. That’s something everyone is doing nowadays.

Joining Swagbucks is free, and you can get a free $5 or $10 sign-up bonus, depending on the current offer at the time of registration. Once you’ve registered, answer surveys and complete those other easy tasks to make money.

You can then redeem your rewards through your favorite gift cards or cash via PayPal. Sephora gift cards come in various denominations, such as $5, $10, or even $50. Get a complete overview of the Swagbucks platform by reading this Swagbucks review.

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4. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys

If you don’t have much time to engage in time-consuming side hustles, Branded Surveys offer an excellent alternative. For starters, they offer pretty short paid surveys that you can complete during your lunch break or even on the train as you head to work.

The platform becomes more appealing than most other paid survey sites, as you also get paid for the surveys you don’t qualify for. And when you earn your points, you can redeem them the way you want, either through gift cards or PayPal money, when you achieve at least $5.

And since you are looking for Sephora gift cards, you can get them in increments of $10 starting from $5. Join the platform today, and receive a $1 registration bonus.

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5. Rakuten

Rakuten Logo

Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) is one of the best cash-back sites out there. It’s free to join, and you’ll even get a free $5 to $40 sign-up bonus, depending on your location. Although to get this bonus, you have to make your first purchase of at least $25 or more within the first three months of joining.

Another great thing about Rakuten is that it has a ton of partner merchants, giving you easy options to earn some cash back on your purchases. Sephora is certainly one of their partners, meaning you can earn an extra 3% – 5% cash back when shopping for beauty products online through Rakuten.

You can then redeem your earnings for gift cards once you’ve accumulated enough money. With the platform, you have access to gift cards from over 2,500 online retailers, with Sephora being one of those.

Who doesn’t go shopping? Now, make money from it, and get yourself some great beauty products with Sephora free gift cards. Even better, the minimum cash out is only $5!

6. PointClub

Pointclub Logo

PointClub is another awesome platform for earning gift cards, and one of its major features is the availability of easy surveys. Taking these paid surveys can help you earn good cash at PointClub, including free Sephora gift cards. Plus, you receive a $5 free bonus for registration.

Most surveys on this platform will get you between $0.5 to $2 each, and they are short, with an average length of ten minutes or less. Once you’ve accumulated enough points (100 points = $1), exchange them through your favorite gift card options, such as Sephora’s $25 Gift Card, valued at 25,000 points. What’s more, you can earn even more points by referring friends to join the platform!

PointClub offers an incredible option when it comes to making easy money online. Join today and see what I mean. It might not give you thousands of dollars, but you’ll certainly receive some worthy gift cards.

7. InboxDollars

Inboxdollars Logo

Like Swagbucks and other survey sites mentioned above, InboxDollars is among the best platforms for earning free gift cards for your favorite brands. One of the things that make this site stand out from others is its many options to make money online. These include taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, or watching videos.

In addition, you get a $5 bonus for registering with the app. And when you influence other people to join, you get $1 when they join, plus 30% of what they earn on the platform.

If you love shopping online, InboxDollars should be your cash-back partner. Even better, it also pays back for grocery shopping. This makes it easy to quickly earn some free Sephora gift cards when you need those beauty products fast. All you need is to accumulate at least $30 in your account to redeem your rewards.

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8. MyPoints

Mypoints Logo

MyPoints is a popular cash-back site that also offers free gift cards as rewards. Joining the platform is free, and you can get a $10 worth of gift card as a welcome bonus once you’ve spent $10 within the first 90 days. You will also receive 25 points for any person you refer to the platform, and earn 10% of their qualifying points, henceforth.

One of the easiest ways to earn points on this platform is by taking paid surveys and shopping online (just like most other platforms). Taking surveys can earn you up to 2200 points per survey while shopping online fetches you up to 20 points. You can also play online games and earn up to 4 points per game.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, redeem them for gift cards from Sephora or several other retailers, including Amazon and Walmart.

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Other Unique Ways of Getting Free Sephora Beauty Products

As we mentioned earlier, Sephora has become a global brand, inspiring clients to traverse the world of beauty with confidence. As such, getting some of the company’s freebies will undoubtedly excite many.

Here are more options for landing free Sephora products:

9. Sephora Free Samples

Sephora Beauty Products

If you want to test some new products, the best way to do this is by looking for sample items. And with Sephora, it is pretty easy to get these.

When you buy Sephora products online, you have a chance to get up to 2 free product samples from Sephora. These can be anything on their long list of beauty products.

This way, you get to sample more products without the need to buy the full product. And from here, you can decide whether you want to start using the products or not.

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10. Sephora Beauty Insider

Beauty Insider Rewards

Survey sites are not the only way to get free Sephora products. Sephora Beauty Insider makes an excellent alternative. By joining this free rewards program, you earn points every time you buy Sephora products.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you are free to redeem them for free Sephora goods, unique activities, and access to special events. You’ll also get a chance to enjoy incredible discounts on the company’s products or even receive beauty treatments or lessons for free.

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11. Sephora Birthday Freebies

Sephora Birthday Freebies Selection

Now, this one is an excellent option and a celebration of you, for you, courtesy of Sephora. Who wouldn’t appreciate freebies for their birthday? I know I would. But what do you need to do here? Simply join the Sephora Beauty Insider, and make purchases worth $30 or more within a calendar year. This will give you the best chance of receiving a birthday freebie from Sephora.

When it comes to receiving your freebie, all you need to do is shop at any Sephora store and inform the attendant it is your birthday month and that you are a Beauty Insider. From here, they will require you to confirm your Beauty Insider email address before offering you a present.

While it might not be something extravagant, it will certainly be something worth it. Therefore, if you already use Sephora products, join the Beauty Insider and earn some free goodies. Earning those gift cards or free products is significantly easy.

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