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17 Ways to Get Free $50 Walmart Gift Cards

Are you wondering how to get free money for Walmart? Earning Walmart gift cards is one of the best ways to save on groceries and other items sold in Walmart stores.

The good news is that there are many websites where you can earn cash or redeem rewards for a gift card. Walmart gift cards are popular rewards since this retailer is a favorite, and you can earn a gift card for doing something as easy as answering surveys or browsing the web.

Learn more about the best survey websites and other methods to earn a free Walmart gift card!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Homepage
Source: SurveyJunkie

Survey Junkie is a popular platform where users can earn rewards for online surveys. It’s a reliable way to earn free Walmart gift cards. Anyone can sign up for Survey Junkie. You can start by creating an account or logging in with an existing Facebook or Google account.

Once you have a free account, you should take the time to fill out your profile. You can earn 50 points for answering a few questions, and the information you share will help Survey Junkie match you with surveys.

The site will send you invites to complete surveys about products and brands. Sharing your thoughts as a consumer is fun, and Survey Junkie claims that you can earn $40 by filling out three surveys a day for a month.

Surveys can take 10 to 20 minutes, but you earn more points if a survey takes longer. You can also earn rewards by participating in focus groups or sharing your browsing activity with brands.

There are also limited studies where participants can test products. If your profile matches what brands are looking for, these studies are one of the best ways to rack up bonus points fast.

Keep an eye out for monthly special offers. Survey Junkie regularly launches challenges that allow you to earn more points if you complete a specific number of surveys within a timeframe.


Swagbucks Cashback

Swagbucks gives out over 7,000 free gift cards to its members every day. It’s one of the best ways to earn a free Walmart gift card if you don’t mind filling out a few surveys and completing other tasks.

Joining Swagbucks will automatically add $10 worth of points to your account. You’re already a fifth of the way to a free $50 Walmart gift card!

Next, you’ll have to fill out your profile and share details about who you are as a consumer. Brands use sites like Swagbucks to decide whether to launch a new product or enter new geographic markets. They need reliable data from participants who correspond to their target audience.

Besides filling out surveys, you can earn rewards with coupons, promo codes, and cashback offers. Redeeming coupons or purchasing specific items will help you earn the 5,000 points you need to get a free Walmart gift card for $50.

The great thing about Swagbucks is that this survey company also offers a mobile app. The free app is a must-have to keep track of the latest coupons and never miss a survey opportunity. Plus, you can take surveys whenever you have a few minutes to spare and rack up enough points for free gift cards faster.

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Lifepoints Website

LifePoints pays out free Walmart gift cards for taking surveys. It’s not the only option available since you can redeem your rewards for PayPal payments or choose free gift cards online from other retailers. You can even donate your earnings to charity.

Before getting free cash or a gift card code on LifePoints, you have to complete a few tasks. You can earn 10 points for signing up. Once you fill out your profile, LifePoints will send email invites for surveys that match your demographics and other details. The more information you share in your profile, the easier it is to qualify for surveys.

Most offers are about completing surveys with questions about what you think of specific brands, which products you usually purchase, or which future purchases you are considering. Brands use this information to develop new products, create relevant marketing campaigns, or assess future sales trends.

Surveys are shorter than 20 minutes. You can complete them online or on your mobile device if you download the LIfePoints app. This site pays out 100 to 150 points per survey on average, and you need 5,500 points to get a free Walmart gift card.

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Card To Cash Website

Do you have any unused gift cards? You can turn them into cash or, better yet, exchange them for gift cards you want with CardCash.

CardCash is a gift card exchange marketplace. You can get started by looking up the exchange rate for your gift cards. There is a transparent tool you can use without creating an account to find out how much your gift cards are worth.

CardCash accepts gift cards from over 1,000 online retailers. It should be easy to find an old gift card worth something. After testing the online quote tool, you can get 60 to 70% of the value of a gift card in cash. Depending on the retailer, you might have to mail your gift card to the CardCash office, but you can share gift cards online.

Once CardCash has bought your old gift cards, you can request a cash payment or redeem your balance for a free Walmart gift card. You can get approximately 10% more if you opt for a card over a cash payment.

On average, you must sell $70 to $80 worth of gift cards to get a $50 Walmart gift card. CardCash also sells discounted gift cards if you’re looking for a deal. You can also tell your friends about CardCash and use your referral code to earn gift cards.


Honey Search Logo On Laptop

Honey is a convenient browser extension that automatically looks for coupon codes when you shop online. The browser extension doesn’t offer free Walmart gift cards, but there are different ways of saving on your Walmart purchase through discounted Walmart gift cards.

Once you have downloaded and installed Honey, the extension will suggest coupon codes you can enter at checkout when placing an online order with Walmart.

You can also purchase a card from Honey and have the extension automatically apply the balance to your purchase. Honey has a deals section where you can find discounted gift cards instead of free Walmart gift cards and save 5 to 10% on average.


Honeygain Website

What if you could earn cash or gift cards without doing anything? It’s the premise behind Honeygain. Honeygain is a platform that allows you to share your internet connection and earn rewards like free Walmart gift cards. ISPs charge you a monthly fee to access their services. However, you don’t use all the bandwidth available unless you’re online 24/7 to transmit large amounts of data.

Honeygain allows you to earn a passive income by sharing unused bandwidth with authorized users. This platform is popular among data scientists who need additional computing power to work with large datasets, large businesses, and more.

You can earn $5 just for joining. Your earnings will then vary depending on how many users leverage your internet connection and how fast your ISP is. Honeygain is an excellent way to earn free Walmart gift cards for high-speed internet users.

You’ll receive three credits for 10 megabytes of traffic, equivalent to $0.03. You need approximately 16.7 GB of traffic to earn free Walmart gift cards at $50, but you can request a payout and earn a free Walmart gift as soon as your account reaches $20.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Reward Homepage
Source: Fetch

Did you know your shopping receipts are a treasure trove of information for marketers? Your receipts can help brands learn more about your shopping habits, budget, and more.

Fetch Rewards helps you monetize this information and turn it into free cash or a gift card. All you have to do is download the Fetch Rewards app and scan your receipts. You’ll get at least 25 points per receipt. It’s a fun and easy way to earn Walmart gift cards since you get a paper receipt every time you shop for groceries, grab a cup of coffee, or stop at a fast-food restaurant.

There are other opportunities to earn points towards a Walmart gift card since Fetch Rewards offers coupons and special offers from over 500 brands. Redeeming these offers will help you get points faster.

You can also build up your point balance faster by inviting your friends. Fetch Rewards has some fun social features allowing you to connect with friends. Your friends can earn free Walmart gift cards by using the app, and interacting with people in the app will help you obtain more rewards.

You can start redeeming your points for gift cards as soon as your balance reaches 3,000 points. You need 50,000 to earn a free Walmart gift with a value of $50.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser Homepage
Source: BraveBrowser

The average internet user sees thousands of ads a day. Brave Browser lets you block these ads or earn Walmart gift cards and other rewards for the ads you see. It’s a great way to save money on everyday purchases, and you might as well earn a gift card for visiting ads since they’re everywhere.

Brave Browser is available on PC, Mac, and mobile. The browser prevents advertisers from tracking you to protect your privacy.

If you decide to enable ads, you’ll earn Basic Attention Tokens, a cryptocurrency created by Brave. You receive 0.05 BAT for each ad you see, which translates to $0.015.

You’ll need to see approximately 3,333 ads before you have enough BAT to get a free Walmart gift with a value of $50. The great thing about Brave is that you can choose how many ads you see in an hour, and the ads aren’t intrusive.

You can get a free Walmart gift with your BAT or decide to keep the cryptocurrency. BAT might be a worthy long-term investment as more people use this tool. Your BAT balance could translate into more gift cards in the future.

Credit Card Rewards

Woman Sitting In Front Of A Laptop
Paige Cody / Unsplash

Does your credit card come with cashback rewards? If yes, you can likely redeem these rewards for a Walmart gift card. Cashback adds up every time you use your card.

You can get points for online purchases, paying bills, or swiping your card at a store. Most cashback rewards programs start at 1%, but some card issuers offer as much as 5% on some purchases.

Log into your credit card website and visit your cash back portal to see the options for redeeming your rewards. Since Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the U.S., almost every credit card company offers free gift cards for Walmart stores as rewards.

The amount of the Walmart gift card you can get depends on how much you have in cashback. If you have a card with 1% in cashback, you have to spend $5,000 before you can redeem a $50 Walmart gift card. You only need to charge $1,000 to earn a $50 gift card if you have a credit card with 5% cashback.

Your credit card rewards program is one of the best ways of getting a plastic gift card from Walmart since most credit card companies let you choose between a physical or digital gift card.

Next time you think about opening a new credit line, take the time to compare different offers. Pay attention to rewards and look for a card to earn more cashback for the categories where you spend the most.


Inboxdollars Logo Green And White
Source: InboxDollars

InboxDollars is among the best ways to earn gift cards and PayPal cash. This site allows you to collect reward points for taking surveys, redeeming promo codes, watching videos, scanning your grocery receipts, and more.

With so many ways to get rewards, you can consistently earn points and cash them out to get free Walmart gift cards. You can also earn cash and receive PayPal payments.

Creating an account is quick and easy, and you can browse the site or app to find offers you qualify for. Inbox Dollars will also send you email invites as the platform adds more surveys and special offers.

Points toward a Walmart gift card can add up quickly. The site pays out the equivalent of $5 for creating an account, and you can earn another $5 by completing a to-do list that includes tasks like taking your first survey or clipping a coupon.

We recommend Inbox Dollars because you can get a free Walmart gifts if you stay active and complete different tasks every week. It’s a reliable way of earning a Walmart gift card since there are always new surveys and offers, and you’ll receive your Walmart gift card code instantly after redeeming your points for a gift card.


Mypoints Webpage
Source: MyPoints

MyPoints is a gift card site where you can earn points by taking surveys, completing cashback offers, scanning receipts, or playing games.

Anyone can join this site. While survey availability will depend on your profile, you should easily find cashback offers or get rewards by playing games. Surveys pay up to 2,200 points, and you can earn around 20 points for redeeming cashback offers when you shop.

You’ll need around 8,000 points to get free Walmart gift cards valued at $50. It could take as few as four surveys before getting a $50 reward if you’re lucky enough to qualify for high-paying surveys.

On top of earning free Walmart gift cards, you save money by clipping coupons or taking advantage of cashback offers. We recommend MyPoints because it’s a fast way to earn free gift cards if you qualify for the proper surveys.


Toluna Website

Toluna is another excellent option to consider if you want to get free Walmart gift cards. You can earn points by completing surveys that last between 10 and 20 minutes.

The surveys are engaging. They typically include questions about your habits and preferences when you shop online or in stores.

You can earn more points by watching videos, playing games, or simply being an active member of the Toluna community. The social features make Toluna fun to use, and you can find some good deals shared by other members. You can also earn points by inviting your friends.

How many points do you need to get a free Walmart gift? You’ll need around 150,000 points for a free Walmart gift card worth $50, but cheaper Walmart gift cards are available.

Surveys pay anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 points. You can earn 2,000 if you’re a top scorer in a Toluna game and get 500 points per friend you refer. You should be able to get a gift card for $50 within two to three months, but it’s possible to get Walmart gift cards with a lower value faster.


Earnably Website

You can get a free Walmart gift on Earnably by completing daily tasks. It’s a fun way to earn extra money to shop online or spend in stores, and you can raise cash consistently if you’re active on the platform.

You’ll find new offers every day. These offers typically include paid surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, redeeming promo codes, clicking on ads, and more. Most of the tasks are easy and only take a few minutes.

You can get 80 points per survey on average. Payouts can vary for the other task types. You’ll need 5,000 points to get a $50 gift card, which means you can earn Walmart gift cards worth $50 for every 62 surveys you take.

However, you’ll likely get free Walmart gift cards faster since you can get points toward a Walmart gift card by clicking on ads, watching videos, and more. Earnably is a fun and easy way to get a Walmart gift card, thanks to the different task types available.

Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel Homepage

Prize Rebel partners with market research companies to deliver quality data to brands. You can earn Walmart gift cards and other rewards by sharing your Opinion.

Earning free Walmart cards is easy. All you have to do is register for an account, verify your email address, and click on manage account to access your profile. Fill out your profile with information about habits and preferences to qualify for more survey invites.

The more surveys you complete, the faster you’ll earn free Walmart gift cards. You can earn a free Walmart gift almost instantly since the payment threshold is as low as ten cents, but you’ll need to rack up 500,000 points for a free Walmart gift card with a value of $50.

You can also earn free rewards by entering sweepstakes, where you’ll have a chance of winning prizes like gaming systems and more instead of getting a gift card.


I-Say Webpage

If you’re wondering how to get money from Walmart, I-Say is one of the best options. It’s an online survey platform managed by Ipsos, and it stands out thanks to the quality of the surveys and rewards offered.

I-Say offers free Walmart gift cards, PayPal cash payouts, and charitable donations as rewards. You can earn points toward a free gift card by taking online surveys.

Answering surveys is fun and engaging. I-Say matches participants to the profile brands are researching, so surveys usually feel relevant to your interests. Other ways of racking points toward a free Walmart gift card, such as taking polls or watching videos.

You can get a free Walmart gift once you have enough points in your I-Say account. You’ll need around 5,000 points for a $50 gift card, but you can get smaller Walmart gift cards with as little as 500 points.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost Sign In Page

Do you like answering surveys? If yes, Opinion Outpost is a safe and easy way to get Walmart gift cards, free Amazon gift cards, and other rewards.

To get a free Walmart gift, fill out your profile and tell Opinion Outpost a little more about yourself. When shopping online, you can share information about your background, income level, or preferences.

Next, Opinion Outpost will match you with relevant surveys. You’ll get points for completing paid surveys, and you can redeem these bonus points for free Walmart gift cards.

The surveys are engaging and varied. You might give your opinion on an ad campaign, record your shopping habits in a diary, or even test products. It’s an engaging way to earn free Walmart gift cards, and you’ll learn more about how brands conduct market research.

Donating Blood and Platelets

Did you know that a single blood donation could save three lives? Donating your blood or platelets is a simple way to make a difference, and some blood donation centers will even reward you with free Walmart gift cards.

These free offers can vary from one location to another. You can typically get a card worth $10 to $20 per donation, but some places also have sweepstakes where you can earn free Walmart gift cards and other prizes with a higher value.

Contact your local blood or platelets donation center to learn about incentives and rewards. If you’re in good health, you can safely donate your blood up to six times a year or donate your platelets up to 24 times.

Free Walmart gift cards are a great way to save money when shopping online or in grocery stores. If you want to know how to get cash from Walmart, we recommend trying the sites and methods listed above.

Most of these sites allow you to earn money by filling out surveys, but you can also get free Walmart gift cards for simple tasks such as browsing the web, playing games, seeing ads, clipping coupons, or redeeming special online shopping offers.

Remember to do a quick reputation check before sharing your information with a new website, and watch out for sites that ask for too much personal data or promise things that sound too good to be true. If you fill out surveys consistently and complete other tasks regularly, you’ll earn free Walmart gift cards quickly!


These different survey sites and other platforms are excellent options for earning Walmart gift cards and other rewards. However, there are a few things you should know about before you start completing tasks to earn free Walmart gift cards.

How Do Walmart Gift Cards Work?

Walmart gift cards come in two forms. You can get a physical or Walmart e-gift card with a digital code. Physical cards will also have a code you can enter when shopping online. The balance of your card will go toward your Walmart purchases.

Do Walmart Gift Cards Expire?

The answer is no. Walmart gift cards never expire, which means you can save them up for future shopping trips or put them aside for a rainy day.

Where Can You Redeem Free Walmart Gift Cards?

If you get a free Walmart gift online as a digital card, enter the code at checkout when ordering something from the Walmart website or on the Walmart app. You can also print your Walmart e-gift card and give it to the cashier when shopping at your local Walmart.

Can You Use Gift Cards at Walmart Gas Stations?

The answer is yes. Your Walmart gift card code is valid in Walmart gas stations. Again, print your Walmart gift cards if you received a digital code.

Can You Use Free Walmart Cards at Sam’s Club?

You can use Walmart gift cards at your local Sam’s Club store or when making an online purchase on Note that Sam’s Club stores will charge you a 10% fee for using a Walmart gift card if you don’t have a membership.

How Can You Avoid Gift Card Scams?

Unfortunately, some scammers promise you can earn a free Walmart gift in an attempt to steal your information. Before signing up on a new website, always do some background research and be mindful not to share personal information such as your social security number or debit card number.

What Is the Best Way to Earn Free Walmart Gift Cards?

You can earn gift cards by taking surveys, but qualifying for surveys isn’t always easy. It’s usually faster to earn rewards points by accepting free offers, redeeming coupons, playing games, or sharing a referral code with friends since these activities are always available. Try completing different tasks to keep things exciting and maximize your earning potential!

How to Get Money From Walmart?

Walmart stores allow you to win free Walmart gift cards by taking a satisfaction survey. Next time you shop at your local Walmart store, use the code printed on your receipt to take a survey and get a chance to win a $100 or $1,000 free Walmart gift card.