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10+ Proven Ways to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards – Redeem Codes!

Who doesn’t love freebies, especially when it comes to gaming? Imagine being able to enjoy your favorite Xbox games and accessories without spending a dime. In 2023, there are countless legitimate ways to earn free Xbox gift cards and codes. This comprehensive guide will walk you through various methods, including reward programs, mobile apps, online surveys, browser extensions, and staying updated on Reddit giveaways and contests. Get ready to discover how you can save money and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience!

Key Takeaways

  • Earn Xbox gift cards through reward programs, apps and online surveys.
  • Utilize browser extensions for savings and rewards.
  • Stay updated on Reddit giveaways to take advantage of free Xbox gift card opportunities while ensuring successful redemption with code validity checks and account resolution.

Earn Xbox Gift Cards Through Reward Programs

Re-Gifting Gift Cards
Gift cards cash

If you are looking for a way to obtain Xbox gift cards without spending money, reward programs may be the perfect solution. Microsoft Rewards, Swagbucks and MyPoints all provide chances to accumulate points through activities such as surveys or online shopping that can later be exchanged into free Xbox Gift Cards. We will explain each of these platforms so you can start collecting rewards right away!

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An excellent option is getting yourself involved in loyalty schemes where it’s possible to gain Free Xbox Gifts by completing tasks and earning points with which users are able to get their desired card amount, this path promises great success when acquiring your much wanted present!

Microsoft Rewards

Using Microsoft Rewards, you can now acquire free Xbox codes and gift cards from the Microsoft Store simply by searching or playing games. You receive points for taking part in quests via the Bing search engine, renting out TV shows/movies through them, as well as enjoying particular new releases and free online titles with their Game Pass library offering. Subsequently trading these points in at the store online will lead to gaining access to a multitude of rewards including those related to Amazon, Starbucks or Uber Eats!

This program opens up opportunities to earn rewards and handy xbox gifts while having fun – such popular options include completing missions associated with bing searches combined participating in exciting challenges. All made easily accessible right here within a few clicks on our website!


Using Swagbucks, you can collect points to redeem for Xbox gift cards that will allow you to shop on the Microsoft Store. This website offers various tasks and surveys which come with flexible hours while still enabling individuals to independently earn their rewards including $10,$15 or even up to $25 in Visa or other types of to redeem xbox gift cards with card codes as well as actual physical xbox gifts like games etc.The advantages include having control over how much one earns plus a work schedule tailored around preferences since there is such an array of options available.


MyPoints is an incredible platform for gaining Xbox gifts. Here’s the process: you can shop online via MyPoints, answer surveys, read emails and click paid links to accumulate points which you can redeem with xbox live gift cards or card codes from more than 75 retailers! Doing regular web activities earns points quickly so that soon enough those same points turn into free xbox presents or simply direct gift cards. What could be better? Start collecting your own reward today – all it takes is a few clicks and effortless activity on your part.

Discover Apps That Offer Free Xbox Gift Cards

Person Holding A Credit Card

The Microsoft Xbox apps Mistplay, Cash Giraffe and MobileXpression make it easy to obtain free or discounted gift cards for an Xbox. Playing games related to the device along with participating in market surveys can be a great way of getting rewards such redeem gift cards such as these which could lead you towards purchasing a new game on your console. Not only is this enjoyable, but it will help save money when looking at different options from the store front selection!

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Mistplay is a fantastic app to get rewarded for checking out new games and apps, no investments are needed! Simply install the program, give some of the available options in different genres a try, and accumulate points that can be exchanged for Xbox gift cards or PayPal money. This way you have fun while getting compensations at the same time.

A great plus about Mistplay is its wide selection of activities so anyone can find something they will enjoy playing while having opportunities to gain rewards as well by collecting their earned points towards purchasing Xbox gifts or cash via PayPal.

Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe is an Android app that enables gamers to get PayPal money and gift cards such as Xbox Gift Cards when they download and play new games. Through a range of activities like taking surveys, watching videos or downloading apps, users can earn points that later can be redeemed for free Xbox Gift Cards or other rewards. It’s possible not only to have fun playing games, but also to receive prizes in form of Xbox gifts!

Cash Giraffe offers a referral program where you will gain percentages from your referrals’ earnings so by inviting people close to you – family members & friends – you may win more points which could mean being faster able to obtain awesome XBox Gifts!


MobileXpression is a market research application that grants users credits redeemable for Xbox gift cards or other gift cards. By downloading the MobileXpression app on your cell phone, you can participate in surveys and accumulate points with no hassle to receive Amazon’s complimentary $5 card after signing up.

It’s simple to make money passively with this convenient program. All it takes is: installation of the app, taking part in marketplace studies and watching those rewards grow so you can get an amazing gaming experience thanks to XBOX gifts!

Participate in Online Surveys for Xbox Gift Cards

Woman Holding A Red Gift Card
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Understanding how to earn Xbox gift cards for free can be facilitated by completing surveys on online platforms. Sites such as Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys and InboxDollars enable people to voice their opinions in return for rewards that are redeemable towards an Xbox Gift Card.

Let’s take a closer look at these survey sites and understand exactly how they allow users the opportunity of acquiring free gifts from Microsoft’s console, the XBox!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie, a well-known survey platform which rewards its users with gift cards for completing surveys, is offering Xbox Gift Cards as one of their options. The minimum requirement to be eligible for exchanging points into reward cashouts on Survey Junkie is only $10 worth in point value. With such low payout limits and various accessible surveys, it’s easy to start collecting Xbox Giftcards using the power of SurveyJunkie!

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys provides the opportunity for you to gain rewards through participating in paid online surveys. Benefits include Xbox gift cards and PayPal cash, both of which can be earned by accumulating points from taking part in said surveys. As you progress Into completing more polls, your rate at achieving these gifts will speed up significantly! To make use of this platform, all one needs to do is register an account and start earning those precious prizes – it’s a simple way to turn opinions into something beneficial!


Using InboxDollars, you can collect cash rewards in exchange for completing surveys, watching videos and playing games. You need to accumulate a minimum of $30 before requesting payment, enabling you to purchase Xbox gift cards.

There’s an opportunity to increase your earnings by referring friends or family. Each referral gives the referrer 10% extra on their referred individual’s money earned from activities like taking surveys etc., allowing them to redeem Xbox gifts faster than before. So sign up now and take advantage of this great chance at obtaining coveted Xbox gifts!

Utilize Browser Extensions for Savings and Rewards

Honey Search Logo On Laptop
Source: Shutterstock / Honey

Browser extensions such as Honey and Rakuten are a great resource to gain discounts, receive cashback on online purchases, and accumulate rewards for Xbox gift cards. Exploring these utilities can help you save money and benefit from acquiring the highly sought-after Xbox gifts.

By using browser addons like those mentioned above when shopping online it is possible to find fantastic deals while also building up your reward points which in turn could be exchanged for an impressive set of Xbox gift cards!

Honey Extension

The Honey Extension is a useful browser add-on that helps you save money on purchases while earning rewards. It works by automatically searching for and applying coupon codes when shopping online, allowing shoppers to benefit from savings without additional effort. Among these rewards are Xbox gift cards which can be redeemed in exchange for various discounts or even used as an alternate form of payment at checkout.

Installing the extension into your web browser is easy – simply follow three steps! Firstly, download it onto your desired platform. Secondly, let Honey do its thing with finding applicable coupons during any online purchase. Lastly, sit back and reap all those sweet reward points (“Honey Gold Rewards”) redeemable against popular items including Xbox gift vouchers!

Shop smarter today using the amazing features within the Honey Extension, make every shop count towards saving money whilst having fun too!

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Rakuten is an online shopping platform that provides a great way to save money while you shop. By creating an account, customers can start taking advantage of the cashback rewards and discounts available through Rakuten for their purchases. The collected rewards from your transactions are redeemable in the form of Xbox gift cards or other sorts of gifts. To benefit from this amazing offer follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on their website/download extension;
  2. Start purchasing products with Rakuten as payment option;
  3. As you buy items your account will be credited with cashbacks which may later convert into awesome xbox gift cards after fulfilling certain criteria ;

And lastly use them towards meeting gaming needs!

Stay Updated on Reddit Giveaways and Contests

A Woman Showing Something To Her Friends On Laptop

Looking for a chance to score free Xbox gift cards or codes? Reddit has got you covered. Numerous subreddits provide users and companies with the opportunity of sharing giveaways, contests, and free Xbox related gifts, just check out these popular ones! From xbox codes to xbox gift card codes and cards that are totally complimentary. Reddit is your one-stop destination when it comes to grabbing some fantastic prizes completely gratis!

XboxLive and XboxLiveGold Subreddits

If you’re looking for free Xbox gift cards, then keep an eye on the subreddits dedicated to Xbox Live and Xbox Live Gold. These online communities are great places to stay up-to-date with news about contests, giveaways and codes that people share from around the web. Participating in conversations here increases your chances of snagging some goodies—just be patient! With a bit of effort it’s very possible to acquire no cost access to games or accessories via these platforms, so make sure not miss out!

Tips for Redeeming Xbox Codes Successfully

Woman Hand Holding Credit Card
Drobot Dean / Adobe Stock

Redeeming Xbox codes can sometimes be a challenge, but with these helpful tips you’ll ensure the process is successful. This section will look at verifying code validity and region plus addressing any account issues before trying to redeem your free xbox gift cards or xbox live codes.

By adhering to our instructions, you should be able to properly use all kinds of Xbox related rewards such as xbox redeemcodes or gifts without issue!

Check Code Validity and Region

Prior to redeeming an Xbox gift card code, it’s essential to confirm its validity and that the region supports it. Make sure the syntax of your code abides by all rules of Xbox platforms. Taking these steps will ensure a successful redemption process with no delays or other issues. To avoid any potential problems. Down the line, double-check your system is compatible with this type of gift card before entering in your details!

Resolve Account Issues

Female Accountant With A Laptop, Phone, And Calculator
makibestphoto / Adobe Stock

If you have any problems with your account like accessing it, verifying passwords or getting locked out due to billing issues, then those must be solved before redeeming an Xbox code. See if the code was already redeemed under another Microsoft account/gamertag and contact Xbox Support for help in case of need.

By dealing with all accounts difficulties ahead of time, you’ll ensure a trouble-free redemption process so that you can get your free gift cards quickly!

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Through different avenues, such as Microsoft Rewards, Swagbucks, MyPoints apps like Mistplay and Cash Giraffe or browser extensions including Honey and Rakuten, among others, 2023 presents a plethora of opportunities to get your hands on free Xbox gift cards. Plus you could even participate in Reddit giveaways for yet more possibilities! To bag those free games and gaming accessories without spending too much cash requires effort, but it’s certainly doable – with the help of surveys (such as InboxDollars) plus Branded Surveys there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy all your favourite games and items at no cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a free Xbox gift card?

It’s easy to get started earning free Xbox gift cards! Just sign up for Swagbucks and receive a $10 welcome bonus. Then complete surveys for the chance to redeem your points towards those amazing rewards, including xbox gift cards. It’s that simple, so why wait?

How do you redeem Xbox free codes?

To redeem Xbox free codes, press the Xbox button on your remote controller and select the Apps and Games section. Then, press on the option that says ‘Redeem a Code’ and paste any of our provided codes in the blank space.
Follow the prompts to add the product to your account.

How do I redeem a $50 Xbox gift card?

Claim your $50 Xbox gift by visiting and inputting the 25-character code you received. Your credit will then be ready to use at Microsoft Store, on Windows devices or an Xbox console. With this card, you can get amazing deals from the online Microsoft store and have a great experience with all their products.

How can I earn Xbox gift cards through reward programs?

You can get your hands on Xbox gift cards by utilizing Microsoft Rewards, Swagbucks and MyPoints. These sites award you with the desired cards as a form of reward for completing tasks, taking surveys or shopping online.

Are there any apps that offer free Xbox gift cards?

Some apps offer free Xbox gift cards when you play games or do market research. This includes Mistplay, Cash Giraffe and MobileXpression – all of which allow you to get your hands on some gratis Xbox gifts!

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