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15 Online Surveys that Pay Cash | PayPal & Instant

Are there genuine online surveys that pay cash? If yes, are they worth money-making opportunities? Get these and more answers from this comprehensive list.

Easy and instant cash! Who on earth doesn’t want this?

If you are like me, you certainly want to know how this can happen. How do you make that easy cash without breaking a sweat?

Well, the internet is the answer. With over 3.2 billion users globally, the internet has become one enormous hub for making money. Companies, brands, and individuals are all turning to the internet for products and brand promotion, as well as to research what customers want.

That’s where online paid surveys come in. People and companies spend millions of dollars yearly to get that genuine customer feedback.

Surveys for games, free food, and miles are some of the payments, but cash is the most sought payment in surveys.

But are all online survey platforms genuine? Are they all reliable in giving you the much-needed cash?

Today we look closely at some of the best online surveys that pay cash to help you sort your financial needs.

Top Online Surveys that Pay Cash

1. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie Logo

As one of the paid surveys big dogs, Survey Junkie is an excellent way to get cash for answering questions. Not only that, it offers some of the highest-paying online surveys.

The platform is easy to join and allows you to make good use of your free time. Once you sign up, you can start answering surveys immediately and accumulating money.

Survey Junkie is among the paid survey sites with the lowest cashout thresholds in the industry. Once you’ve earned $10, you can withdraw your cash via PayPal. So, if you want surveys that pay through PayPal instantly, Survey Junkie perfectly fits in that category.

Besides being free to join, Survey Junkie also pays between $1 and $3 for each survey you complete, with some exclusive ones going as high as $50. This means that hitting that minimum threshold is pretty easy. Also, PayPal isn’t the only payout method here.

You can redeem your money via multiple other options, including:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • iTunes
  • Walmart gift cards
  • Starbucks vouchers, etc.

You can sign up here and join the over 10 million Survey Junkie users making money with daily cash surveys.

2. InboxDollars

inboxdollars logo

This is another great platform on our list of online surveys that pay cash. InboxDollars has a massive customer base and claims to have paid over $60 million in rewards to its panelists.

The platform is free and easy to join and even rewards you with a $5 bonus for registering. Once you are a member, you can start answering their multiple surveys and make some money.

And when it comes to withdrawing the cash earned, InboxDollars offers numerous options for that. You can get your money either as cash or redeem it as gift cards from some of the most popular brands around. Each survey here is worth between $0.5 and $5, with some special ones raking up to $20 each.

If finding online surveys that pay cash is all you want, InboxDollars allow you to answer surveys and get paid via PayPal, check, or Visa card.

Earn money from tackling easy tasks like reading emails, watching TV, playing online games, and redeeming coupons.

3. LifePoints

LifePoints logo

Boasting more than 5 million panelists and a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot, LifePoints is undoubtedly a big player in this paid surveys industry. And like several other paid survey platforms, LifePoints offers you an incredible opportunity where you get paid cash to answer surveys online.

One great thing about this platform is that even your effort of signing up gets rewarded. This means you start accumulating money even before you do your first survey.

Each survey in LifePoints is worth around $0.60 to $1, and you need a minimum of $20 to withdraw. I know that the payment per survey might seem meager, but it shouldn’t worry you. The platform compensates for this deficit with its high number of short surveys you can easily complete within minutes.

The more surveys you can complete, the more money you can accumulate. Also, once you hit that $20 threshold, you can instantly redeem your prize. Whether you want your reward as cash or a gift card, LifePoints allows you to make your choice.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks logo

I know that you’ve most likely heard about Swagbucks. This is a popular platform, especially regarding online surveys that pay cash. If you are trying to make some extra cash online, Swagbucks is one of the easy options, with surveys paying between $1 and $3.

It not only allows you to make money from surveys, but it also enables you to earn Amazon gift cards instantly through multiple other simple tasks. These tasks can be anything from watching videos to playing online games. Typically, you can make money here while enjoying your free time.

All you need is to accumulate around 2,500 Swagbucks points (SBs), and you are to redeem them through your preferred payment option.

With Swagbucks, waiting for months to receive your reward is out of the question. Complete your tasks, and receive your cash instantly.

5. Toluna

Toluna logo

Toluna is also a reliable platform for those looking to include surveys for money in their side hustles list.

This paid surveys site rewards you merely for your opinion about various products and services offered in the market. They then give this information to interested companies, which helps them to modify their offerings to meet customers’ preferences.

The types of surveys you get from this platform purely depend on your profile, which you complete during the sign-up process. This means that you receive targeted questions specific to your demographics.

Toluna is among the few surveys that pay cash instantly, with withdrawal options ranging from PayPal to free gift cards. As long as you’ve reached their minimum threshold, you are free to redeem your cash.

The secret to accumulating more points here is participating in all the site’s simple tasks and activities. This way, you have a better chance of earning good cash.

Even better, Toluna offers sweepstakes that can easily earn you 1,000,000 points.

6. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel logo

When choosing online surveys that pay cash, the availability of surveys, ease of completing the surveys, and cashout options are the main factors people look for. PrizeRebel is one survey platform that contains all three features and more.

Firstly, PrizeRebel’s signup process is simple, offering numerous surveys for its panelists. It also has multiple cashout options, PayPal cash and direct bank deposits being some of them. It, therefore, means that if you need your reward in cash, you can have it.

You can also receive your rewards via gift cards, with over 504 gift card options at your disposal.

Activities that earn money in PrizeRebel include surveys, polls, videos, etc. And the minimum threshold for cashout is a mere $5, or 500 points.

This survey platform has over 10.7 million users and is present in more than 24 countries globally.

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7. Vindale Research

Vindale Research logo

While most other paid survey platforms use a points-reward system, Vindale Research is different. This is one of the few online surveys that pay cash, with your rewards reflected on your dashboards in dollars.

After every survey you complete, you earn between $0.50 and $50, which instantly reflects on your dashboard. The amount paid for the surveys depends on several factors, including length, complexity, and various demographics.

Your search for instant cashout surveys can be sorted out by Vindale Research. The platform not only pays you in cash and gift cards but also does it pretty fast. You won’t have to worry about lengthy payment delays experienced with many other survey sites.

However, you must be ready to complete as many surveys as possible each day to enable you to hit that threshold fast. Otherwise, it might take you a while.

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8. PineCone Research

PineCone Reseach Logo

Want to make some easy cash with surveys? PineCone Research is one reliable survey site you can try out. It’s one of the best surveys that pay instantly in the market.

What do I mean?

The platform has no minimum cashout threshold. Also, its reward processing time is pretty fast compared to many other sites. Within 2 to 3 days after a withdrawal request, you’ll have your cash in your account.

Each month, you should expect between four and eight instant cash surveys from PineCone Research. These will make you an average of $3 each and only take 15-20 minutes to complete. You can make up to $24 a month from the platform.

If you combine this with several other survey platforms, you can make good money from online surveys.

What I like most about the platform is that there are no disqualifications from surveys. The surveys are already targeted based on your profile, and thus you’ll only receive the ones that fit you best.

Like what you are hearing? Read more in our full Pinecone Research review.

9. MyPoints

MyPoints Logo

Since its inception over two decades ago, MyPoints has had an impressive record of paying its users on time. It’s not only one of the online surveys that pay cash but also one that guarantees an ample supply of surveys for its members.

The platform has made over $300 million in payments to its panelist, both in cash and other rewards. This indicates that MyPoints doesn’t promise what it can’t deliver.

What I love about the MyPoints survey site is that they offer more than just surveys to help you make more money. Here, you can shop online, watch videos, and participate in polls, to accumulate even more points.

And once you have the required minimum points in your account, you can redeem them as gift cards or cash. Each survey here pays around $2.5, and with just $3, you are ready to redeem your reward.

A $10 sign-up bonus and another $5 for completing your first 5 surveys give you the morale to complete even more tasks.

Like what you are hearing? Read more in our full MyPoints review.

10. Opinion Outpost

opinion outpost logo

The internet is never short of incredible cash-paid surveys, and Opinion Outpost certainly has a spot on that list. The platform makes its payments within 15 minutes or 2 days at most. This makes it one of the quickest online surveys that pay instantly.

Imagine having your reward in as little as 15 minutes. It even gives you the desire to complete even more surveys. With this survey platform, you need not worry about the long waits for payments – finish your surveys or any other tasks, accumulate good points, and redeem them instantly.

Besides fast payouts, Opinion Outpost also allows you to participate in its prize draws, where you can win bigger prizes. Each survey in Opinion Outpost earns you from $0.50 to $2.50, and they require just 10-30 minutes of your time.

Unlike most survey sites that have set their minimum withdrawal quite high, Opinion Outpost does the opposite. You need 100 points or $10 in your account to withdraw.

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11. Branded Surveys

Branded surveys logo

Since it started its operations back in 2012, Branded Surveys has maintained a good flow of surveys for its users. The platform offers multiple instant surveys that can turn your idle time into money-making minutes.

While their surveys are not all that lucrative, their availability makes it worth your while. Each survey rakes in about $1, and you need just ten of those to make a withdrawal.

The incredible thing here is that you can redeem cash even a few days after signing up with Branded Surveys. And if you need online surveys that pay cash, Branded Surveys might be that platform for you.

The sign-up process is as easy as it can get and will earn you 100 points just for completing it.

To get a complete overview of this platform, read our Branded Surveys Review.

12. SurveyTime

SurveyTime logo

With SurveyTime, each survey you complete gets you one buck. This means that every time you take a survey, you are sure of an extra dollar in your wallet. Your efforts here will determine your earnings.

When it comes to payments, this is another platform that sends your rewards instantly. After you complete your task, you don’t need weeks to receive the rewards.

The platform pays instantly via PayPal cash, Bitcoin, or gift cards. You can choose any of these payment methods depending on your country.

The best thing about SurveyTime is that you don’t have to struggle to look for surveys or deal with too many disqualifications. You will receive targeted surveys that are specific to your profile.

Like what you are hearing? Please read our full SurveyTime review.

13. Opinion Bureau

Opinion Bureau logo

With each task earning an average of $2 to $5, and longer surveys up to $10, Opinion Bureau is surely one of the most highly-paying surveys. Its payouts are way above average compared to other online surveys that pay cash.

Even more interesting, the Opinion Bureau pays pretty fast and requires you to accumulate only $10 to make your withdrawal. If you need to make some quick, hassle-free cash, try out Opinion Bureau. It is a great go-to survey site when you need extra money from simple side hustles.

With Opinion Bureau, you get paid cash via PayPal or receive rewards as gift cards.

You can get more information about this platform on our Opinion Bureau Review.

14. Cash Crate

CashCrate logo

Although Cash Crate won’t pay you within hours, you will certainly get your money within a few days. The platform is among the few online surveys that pay cash and that require minimal effort for that.

Its signup process isn’t complicated, it’s free, and you get a confirmation email for your registration almost immediately.

Once you are in, you can pick surveys that fit you from the platform’s survey list and start earning. The pay per task is around $1 to $5, and the minimum withdrawal limit is $20. CashCrate also pays you to complete other simple tasks, including reading emails or watching videos.

Since 2019, the platform also allows you to choose surveys from other best-paying survey sites listed on its website. This means you have even more opportunities to make money with this site.

Payment is via PayPal or gift cards from popular brands and retailers.

You will certainly find this survey platform worth trying out.

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15. OneOpinion

OneOpinion logo

Need to make money with surveys that pay instantly? You might have just found that solution in OneOpinion.

With its easy sign-up process and a payout of $1 to $5 for every survey completed, you can easily accumulate cash in a few days.

However, the platform requires around $25 or 25,000 points in your account before it can accept any withdrawal request. This should, however, not worry you as you need five $5 surveys to reach that minimum.

The best part is you don’t have to wait for days before receiving your cash. Once you’ve hit that limit, you can withdraw the money via PayPal, cash, or Visa. This makes the platform one of the best survey sites for cash you need to try out.

And although it may not have those many reviews online, OneOpinion is a legit platform that will help you earn quick cash.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you do surveys and get paid instantly?

Yes. If you sign up with the above-listed platforms, you can complete surveys and get paid instant cash.

What surveys pay you instantly?

The list of instant paying surveys is long, but our list above has selected the industry’s best. Choose a few that fit you and try them out.

Is getting paid by doing surveys real?

Certainly! Paid surveys are real, and people are making good cash from them. You only need to find legit survey sites, register, and complete surveys.

Does Swagbucks pay cash?

Yes, it does. Swagbucks is among the best online surveys that pay cash. It pays its panelists either via PayPal cash or gift cards.

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